The Best Leaf Blowers For All Yard Sizes- Read our Reviews and Buyers Guide for 2019

Clearing up a messy yard is no easy feat. Our 2019 buyers guide comes with lots of advice to find the best leaf blowers for all yards sizes to speed up what normally be an arduous task. It goes without saying that getting rid of leaves from pathways and the lawn is easier and quicker with a leaf blower and if you really want to crank up the efficiency then you should consider a model that picks up and mulches leaves.  

Safely Using a Leaf Blower Vacuum

It’s important to follow safe practices when using your new leaf blower. I’ve included a few handy tips to ensure safe usage of your garden appliance and eliminate any unnecessary risks.


Staying Safe

  • Firstly you should ensure that you purchase your leaf blower from a trusted source. Follow the links in this article to access our shortlist of recommended leaf blower vacuum mulchers.
  • One of the first things to do is to register your new unit with the manufacturer so that it is guaranteed in case of a fault or if a repair is required. Registering the leaf blower will also make it easier for the manufacturer to get in touch with you if the product needs recalling.
  • Always inspect the cord and plug for signs of burns and check that they are not too hot. Seek the help of an electrician if the fuse keeps blowing or the circuit-breaker keeps short-circuiting.
  • Your socket should have RCD (residual current device) protection installed to protect you from electric shock and it minimises the danger of an electric fire. If your sockets are not fitted with RCD protection then you need to look into installing one. This will provide all-round safety and safeguard you and your home from harmful electric faults.

How to Use Your Leaf Blower Safely

  • Before turning on your leaf blower vacuum make sure you remove any obstructions such as stones and debris.
  • Avoid using the leaf blower on wet and windy days. These conditions will make the task harder and longer than it needs to be. Choose a dry day for an easier life.
  • Make sure that loose clothes are tucked in and remove any jewellery that might get in the way.
  • I would recommend wearing goggles to protect your eyes. Invest in a pair of garden gloves, appropriate legwear and a pair of earmuffs to protect your ears from the loud motor noise.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when operating the leaf blower. Make sure that there’s nobody else within a 15-metre radius of the machine during use.
  • Never attempt to use the appliance if you are standing on a ladder or roof.
  • If you hear any abnormal sounds or smell burning then you turn off the machine straight away and get in touch with the manufacturer for advice and assistance.
  • Make sure that the leaf blower is disconnected from the mains when the task is complete. I would also recommend unplugging it when switching attachments or cleaning the unit.
  • Keep the machine in an area that is cool and dry.

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How To Buy the Best Leaf Blower for Your Needs

Now that we’ve covered the safety aspects of using a leaf blower vacuum mulcher we need to decide the best type to use. These handy garden appliances are a must-have during the autumn months. If you don’t already own one or you need to replace your old one then you’ve come to the right place.

I want you to get the most out of your new appliance and to do that you need to know the best type of machine to buy for your backyard. Our leaf blower buying guide will walk you through everything that you need to know to make an informed decision.

What Type of Leaf Blowers are Available?

Leaf blowers are usually tailored for specific jobs and yard sizes, however, they all perform with the same purpose. Each unit can blow away leaves without issues but you might want one that runs at a lower noise level, therefore, you may choose a specific machine over the other.

If you want a machine for larger spaces then you might want to buy a robust commercial leaf blower. If you want to recycle dead leaves for compost then you definitely want to buy a leaf blower with mulching capabilities.


Your machine will come with different accessories for a variety of jobs. You can also get them in different configurations such as a backpack, handheld or walk behind machine.

Handheld Leaf Blower

A handheld leaf blower provides the best movement of freedom to manoeuvre all areas of your backyard. They are lightweight and ideal for smaller lawns and porches. In addition to leaves, they can tackle dust, sawdust and small twigs but might struggle with bigger pieces of debris.

Backpack Leaf Blower

Backpack leaf blowers are equipped with longer running times and provide a higher amount of power over handheld units. They are suitable for larger areas such as fields or garage spaces. They can deal with wet leaves, pebbles and small sticks.


Walk Behind Leaf Blower

A walk behind leaf blower is the most robust machine available. you can use it for mammoth tasks and it comes with plenty of power to get tasks done quickly. These machines are mainly used by professionals to remove heavier debris including cardboard, paper or a huge pile of wet leaves.

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What Should You Take into Account When Buying a Leaf Blower?

How Loud is the Leaf Blower?

It’s important to know the exact capabilities of your new leaf blower before buying it. How powerful is the appliance and how much energy does it consume during use? Is it a corded, gas, battery-powered leaf blower? One aspect that is often overlooked is the machine’s noise.

The noise levels of a leaf blower will depend on the type of unit you choose to buy. You don’t want to upset the neighbours with a loud garden appliance if you can help it. A leaf blower has a variety of uses such as removing debris from the gutter, eliminating dust from the garage, clearing the lawn and mulching leaves (depending on the model). This is clearly an appliance that will be used often, therefore, it should be as quiet as possible.


The typical noise emitted by a leaf blower 50 feet away is between 64 to 78 decibels. At the user’s ear, the noise ranges from about 95 to 115 decibels. The latest models aim to reduce the noise to a decibel level lower than 85 dB. Generally, electric models are much quieter than gas models and the battery model falls somewhere in between. Bigger motors will also produce more noise.

Always check the specific quiet hours for your area to see what times you are permitted to use loud appliances. Be considerate to the neighbours and try not to use your leaf blower too early in the day when people are still in bed.

How Much Power Do You Need?

How much power do you need from your leaf blower? There are 2 features you need to consider when deciding on the level of power required from your machine and these are: Miles Per Hour (MPH) and Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). Both should be high and within close range of each other.


Don’t make the mistake of just looking at a high MPH value only. It’s true that more MPH equates to air travelling faster from the barrel, however, the blower needs to work harder to move a bigger pile of leaves.

Faster speed doesn’t necessarily mean better leaf blowing capabilities, it just means that your machine blows air out quicker. What you need to consider, together with the MPH, is the Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). This is just as important as the airspeed and here’s why…

CFM measures the volume of air that flows from the barrel per minute. This number will determine the distance that the fan can move leaves from one area to another. However, moving a huge amount of leaves from one area is pointless if it takes a long time to carry out the task.

What you want is a leaf blower with a good balance between the CFM and MPH to get the tasks completed effectively and in less time. Plenty of airspeed with inadequate coverage will result in longer periods of moving leaves around.


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How Much Work is Intended for Your Leaf Blower?

We’ve established that leaf blowers all operate in a similar manner, however, the type that you end up buying will depend on the space that you need it to work.

Smaller Tasks

If you intend to use your leaf blower in a small backyard or to clear leaves from the patio then a handheld unit is ideal for the job. The benefits of a handheld machine are easier storage and lightweight to carry around. A handheld unit is not as powerful as other model types, therefore, it wouldn’t be suitable for larger jobs.

Medium to Larger Tasks

Bigger backyards require a robust machine and for this task, you want a backpack blower. With this model, you get longer running times and a higher rate of power but still get similar movement benefits as handheld models. Backpack leaf blowers come with comfortable straps to ease the burden of carrying around the machine for extended periods. You can power through difficult tasks in very little time.


Commercial Tasks

The most powerful unit out of the bunch is the walk behind blower. This appliance comes on wheels and is perfect for industrial scale tasks such as clearing parks, farmland or yards that are larger than 1 acre. A wheeled blower is strong enough to blow away big pieces of debris, therefore, it’s important that the area you are working on doesn’t have animals or people close by.

A wheeled leaf blow is not as mobile as a handheld or backpack blower, however, it is designed with a good level of movement and flexibility. The wheels ensure that the unit can be manoeuvred easily and quickly between areas. These appliances are often used in parks to get rid of a large number of leaves.

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What Type of Fuel is Best For Your Leaf Blower?

It’s important to know beforehand what type of fuel is best for your cleaning requirements. Leaf blowers will either be gas, electric or battery-powered. Each fuel type has its benefits and drawbacks, therefore, you might fare better with one over the other.


Battery-Powered leaf Blowers

If this is the first time you are buying a leaf blower then a battery powered appliance is one of the best choices to get. If you have a brand preference then it would be useful to get a similar brand so that you can share existing batteries between machines.

If you are a newbie to a leaf blower and have never worked with a gas or oil model, it can be daunting which is why a battery-powered appliance is best. It comes with the convenience of simply attaching the battery to the appliance and switching it on. These models are low-maintenance too, the motor requires very little upkeep and adds to the appeal of the battery-powered leaf blower.


  • Battery leaf blowers are easy to set up and very user-friendly.
  • Perfect for newbies.
  • They can often utilise existing batteries that you already own.


  • Running times can be restrictive depending on the model that you buy.

Electric Leaf Blowers


If you aren’t already invested in a particular brand and like the idea of unlimited power then you can’t go wrong with an electric leaf blower. These corded units are a happy medium between battery and gas because you are provided with more power than battery units but you don’t need to worry about handling oil or gas.

The only setback with an electric leaf blower is the power cord. Though you get more power, the cord can limit the range that you are working on and it often gets tangled up and snagged. If your yard is average sized then an electric model is ideal, however, it wouldn’t be practical for larger yards.


  • Unlimited power and it eliminates the hassle of flat batteries.
  • Electric models are lightweight and easy to handle for long sessions.


  • The cord can restrict the range and also get tangled up.

Gas Leaf Blowers

A gas leaf blower can be daunting if you’ve never used one, however, if you are willing to learn how to work with one or if you’ve owned one previously, this appliance can provide one of the most thorough results in your yard. Gas blowers provide the highest amount of power over other models though they need a lot more maintenance and they’re also louder than alternative models.


These type of blowers need the right amount of mixture of gas and oil to be poured into the tank before use. The oil is needed to lubricate the motor during and after use. The amount can vary based on the size of the gas tank, however, the ratio of gas to oil will always be the same.

These days, you can buy a premixed fuel which helps to eliminate the risk of pouring the wrong mixture into your tank. It’s possible to buy a gas blower that runs purely on gas thus simplifying the process of adding fuel to the tank. Simply pour in the gas, close the tank and you’re up and running.


  • They provide the longest running time offered by a cordless leaf blower.
  • Gas blowers are more powerful than alternative models.


  • Gas leaf blowers are louder than battery or electric blowers.
  • Require a lot more maintenance than other models.
  • Gas prices could increase depending where you live.

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What else should you know about Leaf Blowers?

Leaf blowers come with various accessories for different tasks. Generally, you are provided with disposable or reusable collection bags, gutter kits, blower head tips, extensions and vacuum kits. Your prized leaf blower can be used throughout the year to keep the yard looking its best.


If you like the thought of reusing leaves and turning it into fertiliser for your plants and garden then it would make sense to buy a leaf blower that can mulch as well. Turning leaves into mulch is kind to the environment and it helps you to save money on the cost of buying expensive fertiliser.

If you experience bad weather, your leaf blower can be particularly handy with helping to blow away the snow from the driveway and walkways rather than battling to remove it with a shovel. The leaf blower will also prevent slippery ice from forming.

Maintaining Your Leaf Blower

Your leaf blower will be designed to handle different jobs around the yard and garden but eventually, you will pack it away in the colder months. There are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that the unit is stored safely to prolong its shelf life.


If the leaf blower is stored in the garage, you should switch on the unit at least once every 4 weeks in a ventilated area to keep the motor and carburettor running optimally. If you intend to store the leaf blower in a shed or an area that isn’t easily accessible then you should follow the steps below for long-term storage:

  • Add a Fuel Stabilizer– This applies to the leftover fuel in the tanks of gas and oil leaf blowers. Simply add the stabilizer to the fuel and stir it in then empty the tank. The stabilizer lengthens the life of the fuel and makes it suitable for long-term storage.
  • Run it– Before emptying the tank, make sure that you run the leaf blower for about 2-3 minutes. This process lets the stabilised fuel flow through the motor and applies the solution to its interior. After this, empty out as much fuel as you can.
  • Switch it on again– Once the fuel has been emptied, run the blower again and keep it running until it runs out of the leftover fuel. This ensures that the machine is totally empty.


There are few factors to consider when buying a new leaf blower and we hope that this article has answered all of the questions that you might have been unsure about. The best leaf blowers reviews and buyers guide for 2019 doesn’t end there, be sure to follow the links provided in this post to browse through our shortlist of the leading recommendations. You will find a selection of models from household brands such as Toro, Black & Decker, and Worx.


Are you considering buying a leaf blower vacuum mulcher or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Pond Vacuum Cleaners To Remove Muck & Algae- Read Our 2019 Buyers Guide

Dirty pond stressing you out? This pond vacuum cleaners buyers guide for 2019 has all the information needed to speed up the removal of muck and algae to get your lagoon crystal clear in record time! The best thing is that you don’t need to disturb the fish whilst you clean their aquatic sanctuary.

It’s amazing to think that manufacturers have modified the conventional vacuum cleaner so that it can clean out the watering hole in your backyard. A pond vacuum is a handy appliance that saves you the hassle of draining out your entire lagoon just so that you clean it. You can remove sludge, algae, leaves and dirt whilst the body of water remains where it is.

Pond vacuums are versatile machines capable of cleaning small and large ponds, fish ponds and green ponds. The leading appliances are powerful enough to cope with most situations and will remove built-up debris effectively and thoroughly.


Just like a normal vacuum, a pond cleaner works in a similar manner and is very easy to operate. You should ensure that you buy a pond vacuum with the right tools for the job- most come with additional nozzles, extension cables, collection bags and transparent tubes for easier visibility.

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What Should You Consider When Buying a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Installing a pond in your backyard is a great idea and adds to the garden’s appeal, however, owning a water feature means that you need to maintain it so that it remains looking at its best. It should be cleaned regularly to stop debris and muck from accumulating and contaminating the water.


The cost of hiring a professional cleaner to purify your pond is not cheap especially when it’s a task that needs to be done often. The best affordable solution is to get your own pond vacuum that can be used when duty calls.

Before buying a pond vacuum you should consider the below factors to ensure that you get the most out of your new appliance:

  • Don’t waste your time looking at models from cheaper inferior brands. Stick to brands that specialise in pond cleaning units such as Oase or Matala.
  • Pond cleaning is better with a lightweight and portable machine to ensure that the task is carried quicker and with less effort. Make sure that you check the weight of the machine prior to purchase. Ideally, you want an appliance that weighs around 25 pounds or less. Always go for a machine with a longer cord to improve the cleaning range.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a nozzle. There are various types available including specially adapted nozzles that can get in between rocks and suck up hidden algae. Depending on the brand and model you go for, you should be supplied with a kit of accessories to deal with muck and sludge effectively.
  • How long are the handle and tube? Remember that you need them to be long enough to reach corners and the other end of the pond without you physically needing to get into the water.
  • What type of collection bag does the machine come with? You get the choice of a disposable or reusable bag or both. Disposable bags are quicker to use as you simply need to detach and throw them away whereas reusable bags need to be cleaned out when the job is done to stop dead leaves from rotting inside the bag.
  • Check the product description to ensure that your chosen model is the right one for your pond or pool. Some come with a 2-chamber design to improve suction power, other models are equipped with a dual pump system to run for extended times without pausing for a break.
  • How big is the collection bag? You want the biggest possible sized bag that doesn’t add bulk or compromise performance. A bigger bag reduces the frequency of dirt disposal.
  • Alway get a machine that doesn’t require a complicated setup. The recommended pond vacuums in our shortlist are all easy to get started and are a joy to use.

Using and Maintaining Your New Pond Vacuum

Owning or installing a pond or pool enhances the appeal of your home and often increases your estate’s worth. A water feature is a fun addition that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Regular maintenance of your beloved watering hole is vital in keeping it healthy and looking its best.

Investing in a pond vacuum cleaner will help you eliminate dirt such as dead leaves, sludge and muck that has settled at the bottom of the pond. It will remove hidden bacteria that can’t normally be spotted. The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the pond- some users clean their watering holes monthly or weekly. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for recommended maintenance intervals and best practices.

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Below is a quick summary of handy suggestions of how to use your pond vacuum optimally-

  • Depending on the model you buy, you should be able to open the handle ring to widen the range of suction. If you’d prefer a higher rate of focused suction close the ring.
  • Always position the tank of the machine at a higher level than the hose to improve drainage. Ideally, you want the drainage hose to be positioned lower than the base of the tank.
  • For the best suction, you should always use a smaller cleaning head for better performance.
  • The drainage hose is equipped with a flapper valve which should be inspected often to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged up and any debris stuck in the valve should be removed.

Proper maintenance and care of your new pond cleaner will extend its life considerably. A well-maintained machine will always deliver the best possible results. Ensure that all parts are individually checked, cleaned and completely dry once the task is complete. Ideally, you want a dedicated space to store your pond cleaner after each use to ensure that all its parts are kept in one place and it’s easier to access.


Even the best-kept ponds and pools are prone to muck and sludge accumulating down below. Cleaning them often will ensure that dirt and algae stay at bay. As mentioned earlier, cleaning your pond with a pond vacuum is a cost-effective solution to keep the water looking crystal clear but before you do this, you should learn how to get the most out of your machine during use. Here are a few tips:

  • Securely connect the cleaner head to the rigid tube. Usually, you will need to screw the accessory in place but that will depend on the model that you buy. Check the user guide for proper fitting instructions.
  • Similar to a conventional vacuum, the vacuum hose needs to be securely fitted to the vacuum head. It’s easy to do and will stop the hose from getting tangled during use.
  • To clean effectively, the cleaner head needs to be completely submerged whilst the handle stays out the water. There’s no need for you to get into the pond, you can remain completely dry whilst using the appliance.
  • The extension pole should not be submerged into the water.
  • Water will rush through the hose whilst the cleaner head simultaneously travels down to the base of the pond.
  • If you use the pond cleaner to clean your swimming pool, make sure that the filter is switched off whilst you operate the machine.
  • The vacuum hose needs to be connected to the skimmer-basket adapter and positioned above it. Form a seal at the end of the hose by placing your hand over it and then attach the vacuum port at the end of the hose. The hose must remain submerged to ensure that it’s full of water.
  • After this stage, you can switch on your pool filter again.
  • A good cleaning technique is by starting along the sides of the pond and working your way towards the centre. Move the handle slowly so that the tube and cleaner head have enough time to pick up muck effectively.
  • When the job is complete, switch off the filter and detach the adapter of the skimmer basket, then take out the tube, hose and cleaner from the pond and leave them to dry out.
  • Inspect the skimmer basket for debris and clean it out carefully.
  • You can now switch on the pool filter again.

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Pond Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

How do you eliminate algae effective from your pond?


Algae is unsightly and it grows in virtually every pond. Here are a few handy tips to keep it at bay-

  • Using your new pond vacuum to physically suck up algae is a great space to start.
  • The best way to deal with algae effectively is to use a two-fold approach. First, purify the water with natural chemicals that are kind to the fish and plant life residing in the pond then remove the remaining algae with the pond vacuum.
  • Place fresh plants into the pond to provide more oxygen. You should also remove dead plants that could promote the growth of algae.
  • If the algae are growing rapidly you should test the quality of the water to establish the cause.

Is it SAFE to use a Pond Vacuum in a pond with fish?

It is totally safe to use your new pond vacuum alongside the school of fish in your pond. The best technique to clean effectively is to use your pond vacuum combined with your pond pump for the best results. Mucky water will soon be crystal clear and free from debris and dirt.


Be cautious when using your appliance near fish just in case one of them gets vacuumed into the hose. Make sure that the discharge hose is close by so that the fish can safely swim back out into the pond.

What is muck and how do you get rid of it properly?

Pond muck is an unpleasant smell at the base of the pond. It smells like gone-off eggs and is an indicator that the pond water is deprived of oxygen.

What can you do to remove muck? Your pond vacuum is well equipped to address this issue. It pumps fresh oxygen into the pond by suck up dirty water filtering it and pouring the clean oxygenated water back into the pool.


Removing muck from the pond is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a clean pond and it also helps to keep it smelling fresh. The absence of muck means that the water in your lagoon is healthy.


We’ve reached the end of our pond vacuum cleaners buyers guide for 2019. We’ve demonstrated the importance of regularly cleaning ponds and removing persistent algae and debris. Pond vacuum cleaners are your best weapon in the fight against unwanted debris in pond water.

A pond vacuum is a great investment and will actually save you money the long term. Why hire an expensive professional when you can do the job yourself?

Use the links provided in this article to access our shortlist of the best pond vacuum cleaners currently available to buy today. Our leading recommendations get the job of pond cleaning done effectively. The best bit about pond vacuums is that they are long-lasting and affordable, therefore, a popular choice among the community of pond and pool owners.


Are you considering buying a pond vacuum cleaner or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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5 Best Commercial Leaf Blower Vacuums To Tackle Dead Leaves & Debris (2019)

It’s hard work to keep your garden and lawn looking at their best which is why we’ve summarized 5 of the best commercial leaf blower vacuums to tackle dead leaves and debris in 2019. These lightweight garden gadgets simplify the mammoth task of getting rid of dead leaves that have taken refuge in your backyard throughout autumn.

Leaf blowers come in all shapes and sizes and are powered by electric, battery or gas. They are one of the best tools to maintain your backyard, garden and even the garage. Use one to blow out or vacuum debris from the areas mentioned above and it is much quicker to use instead of the time-consuming task of raking leaves.

In this review, I’ll walk you through the leading commercial leaf blower vacuums currently available. We’ll delve into the features and conveniences of each model as well as things you should be aware of before parting with your cash. I’ll then provide you with a handy buyers guide at the end of the review.


Best Commercial Leaf Blower Vacuums for 2019- Product Reviews

1. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

At the top of our list is the Toro 51621 UltraPlus, which is a high-performance leaf blower that delivers plenty of power and adaptability for most garden maintenance requirements. The model comes with variable speeds, thus, offering the flexibility to increase or lower the speed and the power to take care of both demanding and delicate tasks.

One of the best features you will find on the Toro 51621 is the tube that attaches to the machine to focus its power on specific areas, therefore, allowing you to shift or vacuum wet leaves easier. The range of power at your disposal is impressive and it goes all the way up to 250 miles per hour. With such power at your disposal, you can tackle any large or small jobs without worrying that your machine can’t cope.



  • It achieves some of the best speeds that are found on a leaf blower. Enjoy up to 250 MPH speeds to deal with heavier damp debris such as soggy leaves.
  • The Toro UltraPlus is a highly capable machine that combines blowing, vacuuming and mulching abilities to give consistent performance throughout.
  • Leaf blowers that come with just one speed are limited to a few jobs. The Toro UltraPlus comes with the capability to vary the speed allowing you to control the power required for each job. This improves performance and provides the flexibility to work on tough tasks as well as delicate ones.
  • You get plenty of accessories. The Toro leaf blower includes a vacuum tube, a storage hook, zip bag, a time-saving oscillating tube and a shred-all shred ring.
  • You’ll find a quick-release latch that lets you quickly adapt the machine from a leaf blower to a vacuum mulcher.
  • One thing that you will find highly useful is the blower tube that comes with the Toro UltraPlus. The tube concentrates the power to the exact location it’s needed, therefore, making it much easier to blow away or suck up soggier leaves that are heavier than dry debris.


  • A slight drawback of the Toro UltraPlus is the power cord which isn’t as long as the cords found on rival units. You’ll need to invest in an outdoor extension cord if you don’t already have one.
  • The blower tube is not the easiest accessory to use because of its long length.

Where can I buy the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum here.

2. Black & Decker BV6000 High-Performance Blower Vacuum

The Black & Decker BV6000 is a remarkable versatile garden appliance that can switch between a blower, vacuum or mulcher. With this unit, you get 2 interchangeable speed settings allowing you to change the power between 180 mph or 250 mph to tackle a variety of jobs.

Switching the power settings is a doddle and this nifty Black & Decker blower comes with a disposable bag feature to speed things up even more. It has one of the best mulching ratios that grinds 16 bags of debris into just 1 small bag. Clever huh?



  • Similar to our leading recommendation, The BV6000 produces speeds of up to 250 mph and provides the capability to switch the speed to a lower speed to cater for different garden maintenance situations. Simply lower the speed down to 180 miles per hour for smaller jobs or ramp it up to 250 mph when extra power is required for bigger tasks.
  • A time-saving function of the Black and Decker BV6000 is the disposable leaf bag. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have the time to clean out a reusable bag. All you need to do is chuck the bag into the trash when you’re finished. Simple.
  • The Black and Decker machine handles each of its functions with a consistent level of power thanks to the 12 amp motor which ensures that the blower, mulcher and vacuum perform with vigour.
  • The mulcher function found on the BV6000 appliance is a sophisticated piece of kit that reduces a huge load of mulch into a fraction of its original size. It grinds 16 bags into just 1 bag to be exact. This is one of the best mulching ratios you will find on a mulcher and is hugely convenient for large jobs as you can reduce a huge pile of debris to a very small size. This saves time and money i.e. less time spent changing collection bags and less money spent on replacing them.
  • The machine is very user-friendly and is simple to switch between blower, mulcher and vacuum features.


  • The Black and Decker BV6000 blows better than it vacuums. The vacuuming feature could do with delivering a bit more power especially when picking up wet leaves.
  • This model is heavier than some of the alternatives, therefore, you should ensure that the strap is fastened securely and comfortably to avoid straining your shoulders and back.

Where can I buy the Black & Decker BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the Black & Decker BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vacuum here.

3. Worx WG507 12 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

The Worx WG507 is a dependable and powerful 2-speed electric leaf blower appliance. You can also use it for vacuuming and mulching leaves.

Similar to the BV6000 the Worx machine can switch between 2 different blowing speeds, however, the speeds are slightly slower at either 160 mph or 220 mph. The benefit of the WG507 is that it’s not as heavy as the competition. It’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre and use for extended periods.



  • The Worx WG507 proves to be powerful and versatile maintenance tool equipped for blowing, vacuuming and mulching. The 12-amp motor provides the option to select 2 different speeds to cater for various tasks around the garden and tackle both dry and wet debris without causing you to break a sweat.
  • I like the handy feature that lets you change the machine from a blower to vacuum and vice versa in a matter of seconds. It simply requires you to press a button and the appliance does the rest.
  • You can easily change the speed from 160 miles per hour to 220 miles per hour and switch from one speed to the other whenever you move onto a different section of the yard.
  • With the Worx WG507, you get the advantage of using a lightweight unit that is portable to move around with, therefore, making tasks easier to handle.
  • This model also comes with a user-friendly handle that is made for comfort especially when operating the appliance for extended periods. It reduces the usual fatigue that comes with long use.
  • Another convenient aspect of the Worx WG507 is that it doesn’t require complicated assembling. You can take it out of the box, clip it into place by hand and head straight to the garden. It couldn’t be any easier.
  • You also get a disposable bag system that is easy to use and it conveniently reduces leaves and debris for quick disposal once the job is complete.


  • The Worx WG507 has lower speeds than our top 2 recommendations, however, it still delivers adequate performance.
  • A drawback of the unit is that it doesn’t come with specific accesories for vacuuming, blowing or mulching. You get a single universal nozzle for all jobs.

Where can I buy the Worx WG507 12 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the Worx WG507 12 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum here.

4. BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac

The Black and Decker BV5600 comes with a good set of features to help address demanding maintenance scenarios. The machine is equipped with mulching, vacuuming and blowing capabilities and is a handy appliance for avid gardeners.

Similar to its sibling, the BV5600 is designed to utilise a grinding mechanism that whittles down mulch from 16 bags to just 1. You can toggle the speed between 2 different settings and can enjoy speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. This is the perfect tool to clear and get rid of big piles of leaves and debris.



  • This leaf blower delivers a powerful blast of up to 250 miles per hour to move heavier wet leaves in less time.
  • Similar to its sibling, the Black and Decker BV5600 has a mulching feature that is incredibly effective. It comes with one of the highest mulching ratios of 16:1, therefore, it can reduce 16 large bags of leaves into a single bag thanks to the robust grinding system found inside this machine.
  • The Black & Decker BV5600 seamlessly converts between a blower, vacuum and mulcher to provide the ultimate level of adaptability to handle different-sized debris and a variety of cleaning scenarios.
  • You’ll also appreciate the quietness of this Black and Decker leaf blower. It operates at a lower noise level than most of its rivals which means fewer disruptions to those around you especially the neighbours. Leaf blowers are generally very loud machines but with the BV5600 you get high-performance at a pleasantly lower noise level.
  • This model is equipped with disposable bags to get rid of waste much easier and saves on time that would be spent cleaning out a reusable bag after each use.
  • With the BV5600 you can effortlessly switch between each of its features. You can convert from a blower to vacuum or mulcher within a matter of seconds by simply flipping a switch and getting on with the job.


  • The vacuum tube is susceptible to clogging up, however, this depends on the volume and the type of leaves you are picking up i.e. are they dry or damp leaves?

Where can I buy the BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower/Vac?

Check out the latest prices for the BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower/Vac here.

5. Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum

Last but not least is the Toro 51619 Ultra blower vacuum which is equally as strong and adaptable as the competition. This multi-purpose garden appliance can transform from a blower to vacuum or mulcher. It comes with favourable reviews from plenty of satisfied owners and for good reason.

The Toro 51619 blower is a portable workhorse that blows away the most challenging types of debris thanks to the powerful motor that achieves airspeeds of up to 250 miles per hour. It is supplied with separate accessories for each task and when you’re done, everything can be neatly stored away inside the convenient storage bag.



  • The Toro 51619 is a dependable machine that utilises a metal impeller to whittle down debris into the tiniest possible size. It scores top marks for durability because the impeller is made from metal instead of plastic, therefore, extending the machine’s shelf life considerably longer than its rivals.
  • Similar to high-performing leaf blowers, the Toro 51619 can reach up to 250 miles per hour of airspeed.
  • This model is provided with a great range of accessories. Within the package, you will find a zip bag to store the machine and its bits, a cord storage hook, a vacuum tube, a blower tube, a power insert and a concentrator nozzle.
  • This nifty gadget is not only powerful, but it’s also one of the easiest units to change between functions. You can transform from blower to vacuum to mulcher in very little time.


  • The power cord is not as long as alternative machines and this unit is not supplied with an extension cord. This isn’t really a problem if you’ve got a small backyard/ garden or if you already own an outdoor extension cord otherwise you might have to purchase one separately.

Where can I buy the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum here.

Leaf Blower Vacuum Buying Guide- Finding The Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum For Your Needs

When searching for a commercial-grade leaf blower, that vacuums and mulches, there a few features you need to consider to ensure that you get the best possible appliance to meet all of your maintenance requirements.

For starters, at the very least you need to assess the amount of power that the motor delivers. Although you might not use the unit’s highest power setting all the time, you want to know that it’s readily available when you are faced with a mammoth task (a huge pile of wet leaves!).

A powerful machine might cost a bit more but it will save you time in the long run. Bear in mind that not all machines come with an equal amount of peak power for the vacuum and blower features. This could make the difference between a high-performing machine and an average one.


When looking for the ideal leaf blower you want to make sure that it’s capable of switching between different power settings. Some users assume that a single power level is enough, however, they might not factor in different situations that might need less power such as when clearing leaves from areas with delicate flowers that could get destroyed by powerful airspeeds. Switching between higher and lower speeds is incredibly useful.

Another consideration that is often overlooked when searching for the best commercial leaf blower is the variety of accessories that are supplied with a chosen model. You want to get a machine that is supplied with a generous set of attachments such as separate tubes for the blower and vacuum, nozzles, impellers, storage kits and so on. A good range of accessories ensures that the job gets done easier and quicker.

What are the Strong Points of Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher?


If you’ve never used a leaf blower vacuum mulcher you will notice that from the onset, this appliance vastly reduces the amount of time it takes to get rid of dead leaves and debris cluttering your garden.

If you are tired of manually raking leaves into garbage bags, you’ll be surprised at how quick you can do the same job with a leaf blower vacuum in less time. Without one of these handy appliances, you are probably using up a lot more time to clear up your lawn and garden. Save yourself the time and hassle!

What are the Most Important Features to Consider When Buying a Leaf Blower Vacuum?

I’ve summarised a list of the most important features you should look out for when searching for the perfect leaf blowing appliance. You can refer to this list when looking at the product descriptions of potential machines:

  • Always check the peak airspeed or horsepower. Higher speeds equate to higher performance.
  • Can the machine change between different airspeeds when using the blower feature? I’d always recommend getting a unit capable of this.
  • Does the machine come with time-saving disposable bags or the option to chose between a reusable or disposable bag?
  • Can you easily convert the machine from blower to vacuum and vice versa? The leading leaf blowers can do this by simply pressing a single button.
  • How heavy is the leaf blower? If you plan on using it for extended periods of time you should ensure that it comes with a shoulder strap to avoid straining your back and arms.
  • As mentioned previously, you want to buy a leaf blower that comes with a good set of accessories. The more the better.

Using Your New Leaf Blower Vacuum

It goes without saying that a leaf blower shifts dead leaves away from undesired areas, however, you can get so much more from these appliances if you choose wisely. Ideally, you want it to vacuum leaves up and the best case scenario is a unit that mulches the waste as well.


The advantage of a leaf blower with mulching abilities is that the waste takes up less space and it can be recycled into nutritious mulch, therefore saving you the cost of buying fertilizer.

Cleaning Range

If you are considering a corded leaf blower vacuum mulcher then you should check the length of the cord. Some cords are shorter depending on the machine you decide to buy, however, you can always buy an outdoor extension cable if required.

There’s the option to buy a battery or gas-powered leaf blower for the ultimate movement freedom and convenience.


You’ve reached the end of our buyer’s guide of the best commercial leaf blower vacuums for 2019. By now you should have a good idea of the type of appliance to go for.


The Toro 51621 proves to be the top dog as it comes with everything required from a commercial-grade unit and it’s an affordable option when you take into account its rich set of features. It delivers plenty of power for large tasks but can handle small jobs thanks to the adjustable power settings.

Are you considering buying a leaf blower vacuum mulcher from our list or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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9 of The Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners To Remove Debris (2019)- Reviews & Buying Guide

If your pond is looking mucky and you’re wondering how to get it clean, we’ve got a list of the best pond vacuum cleaners for 2019. Our reviews and buying guide will help you choose the recommended machines to breathe some new life into murky lagoons and pools.

Before you buy a new pond vacuum cleaner there are a few factors to take into account. After all, you want to get the best performance for the money that you’re willing to spend. Thankfully there is a great selection of brands to choose from.

What is a pond vacuum? In a nutshell, a pond vacuum is a suction machine that clears the muck from a lagoon without needing to drain the water. Most pond owners swear by their pond cleaners as it takes away the hassle of removing water from the lagoon and purifying it every year.


How Does a Pond Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Pond vacuums work in the same way as a regular vacuum cleaner. Suction is provided by the motor, however, the system is specially adapted to collect algae, sludge and any other type of muck and separate it from the water. Additionally, you can recycle the collected muck and use it to fertilise plants and vegetation.

The advantage of a pond vacuum is its capability to pick up and break down sludge and muck. A regular vacuum cleaner excels at lifting lose dirt, however, it can’t collect 100% of the dirt that is embedded in the carpet fibres. This is why manufacturers have designed standalone carpet washers and steamers that are capable of dampening and loosening stubborn dirt which is then easier for the machine to suck up the dirty water.


A pond vacuum cleaner combines all of the above, therefore, it performs similar to a wet vacuum by breaking up the dirt and lifting it into the collection bag. It uses a pump to move the water which is then filtered back into the lagoon. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to interrupt the fish when cleaning the lagoon. You can leave the fish in the pond and avoid the stress that they experience when moved out the water for the annual maintenance, with a pond vacuum you no longer have to disturb the fish.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best pond vacuum cleaners available to buy today.

1. The Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner: Recommended dual-chamber suction design

If you’re after a robust pond vacuum cleaner that is low maintenance then this is it. The Oase Pondovac 4 comes with a 2-chamber design that delivers non-stop suction power to collect muck from all areas of your dirty pond.

Clearing sludge from your pond can easily become a tough task if you use the wrong equipment. Save yourself the hassle!

Without the right tools, you could easily end up spending a lot longer cleaning the pond and at the end of it all, still find remnants of stubborn muck lurking at the bottom of the lagoon.


The Oase Pondovac 4 easily gets rid of sludge thanks to the built-in powerful motor that whacks out 1800 watts to agitate dirt and ensure that it gets dislodged from the bed of the pond. You also get a variety of tools to help reach every crevice.

In addition to cleaning ponds, this nifty machine can also be used to clean swimming pools and as a wet vacuum for the home interior.


  • Dual tank system for the efficient collection of sludge.
  • It reduces pond cleaning times and simplifies maintenance.
  • It’s easy to put together and clean out.
  • The machine is equipped with self-emptying technology.


  • The hose has a tendency of getting blocked.
  • The suction power could be slightly stronger.
  • Occasionally turns off after prolonged use.

Where can I buy the Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner here.

2. The OASE PondoVac Classic: Recommend Compact Pond Vacuum

Now you can address your pond cleaning requirements with this portable Oase machine. The PondoVac Classic is fitted with a 1200-watt motor that provides fade-free power to see you through any job. There are multiple attachments that help deliver the best possible cleaning of your lagoon.

The ease of use from a vacuum cleaner is only as good as the attachments that come with it. Without the correct attachments, a quick job could end up taking considerably longer.


It’s good to know that the PondoVac Classic is supplied with an arsenal of great tools to help you get on with the job of sludge collection and even cleaning inside the house if needed. Investing in one of these vacuums provides you with the benefit of both outdoor and indoor cleaning.

The unit is cleverly engineered with a sole chamber that combines the task of picking up muck and draining the water back, therefore, you don’t need to drain the body of water before you can clean.


  • Completely cleans a standard sized pond in just 3 hours.
  • Great suction power eliminates algae to a high standard.
  • The secure collection bag stays put.
  • It’s capable of picking up sludge up to a depth of 3.5 feet.


  • The collection bag could do with being a bit bigger.
  • It occasionally turns off temporarily partway through cleaning.
  • The hose could be larger.

Where can I buy the OASE PondoVac Classic Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the OASE PondoVac Classic Vacuum Cleaner here.

3. The OASE 37230 PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

The OASE 37230 PondoVac 3 comes with two chambers and is designed to deliver constant usage. The advantage of a machine with more than one chamber is that it reduces cleaning times considerably by allowing you to collect sludge quicker and it takes away the need to empty the machine part way through the job.

Algae can be disposed or recycled into nutrient-rich fertiliser for plants. The PondoVac 3 machine doubles up as a pool cleaner and it filters the water that is collected. If you are looking for a robust machine that can stand the test of time and is user-friendly then this is the best pond vacuum to get. A convenient set of wheels provide seamless transportation to different sides of the pond.


The PondoVac 3 is supplied with various nozzles and a tube that extends to 1.6 inches. Utilising the attachments provided ensures that you can efficiently assess progress to make sure that nothing mucky is left behind.


  • Competitively priced yet it offers plenty of great features.
  • The unit is built from high-quality materials.
  • The transparent tubes improve the cleaning experience.


  • The cleaning results are not as thorough as alternative machines.

Where can I buy the OASE 37230 PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the OASE 37230 PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner here.

4. The Matala Pond Vacuum II Muck Vacuum

If your pond has a capacity of 3000 gallons or less then the Matala Pond Vacuum is perfect. The unit has been dubbed the Muck buster and the title is highly appropriate. The Matala cleaner diligently gets rid of debris, sludge and algae nesting at the base of the pond. It will also pick up tiny pebbles.

The cleaning action is simplified further with the auto fill and drain cycles and as a result, water is recycled back spontaneously. The machine is designed to simultaneously vacuum and self-empty thanks to the latest suctioning technology.

The Matala unit utilises its time efficiently, therefore, in every minute it will vacuum for 40 seconds and drain for 20 seconds. Clever huh? It comes with 5 extending tubes measuring 15 inches each to give a combined length of up to 6 feet. There is a suction hose measuring 16 inches and can be extended to 16 feet. An 8-foot long draining hose is supplied together with a mesh collection bag.



  • The unit is supplied with multiple pipe extensions.
  • You will find 3 separate attachments to improve reach and accessibility.
  • Great suction to eliminate algae and sludge in less time.
  • The Matala vacuum is ideal for cleaning and draining your lagoon.
  • The machine is highly durable.


  • The outlet hose can be temperamental and takes a bit of practice to connect just right.
  • It has a tendency of turning off whilst draining.

Where can I buy the Matala Pond Vacuum II Muck Vac Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the Matala Pond Vacuum II Muck Vac Vacuum Cleaner here.

5. The Matala Power-cyclone Pond Vacuum with Dual-Pump System

If you’re searching for a powerful pond vacuum for difficult jobs then the Matala Power-Cyclone pond vacuum will not disappoint. The machine can clean for long sessions without stopping for air, therefore, it minimises disruptions.

The Power-cyclone machine is equipped with well-founded dual-motors and it houses a pre-filter bag that optimises the cleaning process.

The pump evenly distributes its power to help utilise the available performance, therefore, you get consistent suction and uniform results throughout the job.


The unit is fitted with an extension pipe made from durable plastic and a suction hose with a reach of up to 26 feet. The outlet hose that is provided measures a decent 32 feet in length. The Matala Power-Cyclone has a much higher capacity of up 13 gallons of muck and blows the competition out of the water. If you’ve got a big pond then this is the perfect device for you. The integrated pre-filter bag traps large debris to stop it from getting into the collection tank.

The standout feature of the Power-cyclone vacuum is the 32-foot outlet hose which allows you to pump mucky water with greater efficiency making the recycling process much easier.


  • High-performance suction comes as standard.
  • Robust motors are designed to help collect sludge hiding between rocks.
  • See-through pipe aids with visibility.


  • You will have to turn off the pump to cool it down.
  • Cleaning a big pond takes a while.

Where can I buy the Matala Power-cyclone Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the Matala Power-cyclone Pond Vacuum Cleaner here.

6. OASE Pondovac 4 Vacuum for Ponds and Water Gardens: Recommended All-purpose vacuum

The OASE PondoVac 4 is engineered to tackle both pond and swimming pool cleaning. The all-purpose unit is equipped with multiple attachments that simplify picking up algae, sludge and other types of dirt.

The PondoVac 4 is built with longevity in mind. It is made from rugged materials that can withstand demanding scenarios, therefore, this machine is designed for the long haul.

The aluminium design can be seen throughout the machine and it comes with more tubes than its rivals to amplify its suction range.


If you’re searching for a reliable and user-friendly pond vacuum then you should consider the OASE PondoVac 4.


  • It gets rid of sludge and algae in less time than the competition.
  • It excels at cleaning between rocks.
  • The suction is one of the best that you will find on a pond vacuum.


  • The hose is a bit narrow therefore it is susceptible to clogging.

Where can I buy the OASE Pondovac 4 Vacuum for Ponds and Water Gardens?

Check out the latest prices for the OASE Pondovac 4 Vacuum for Ponds and Water Gardens here.

7. Oase Pondovac 4 Professional Koi Pond & Water Garden Vacuum

The Oase PondoVac 4 Professional vacuum is designed for commercial applications. It comes with 3 functions making it one of the most adaptable pond vacuums available. You can use it to clean ponds, purify your swimming pool and as a wet vacuum indoors.

This machine is incredibly robust compared to its predecessors and it is equipped with a powerful 1800-watt motor and a dual chamber design for speedier dirt collection.


The suction power is consistent even when you reach the deeper depth of your swimming pool or pond. You will not be disappointed.

In the box, you will find 5 different nozzle accessories specially designed to eliminate debris, algae and sludge lurking in your pond. You also get 4 aluminium tubes to extend its reach. A transparent pipe is supplied to help assess cleaning progress.

Moving the machine from one side of your pond or pool to the other is a doddle thanks to the clever wheel and user-friendly handle. In addition to this, the handle can be used a caddy, therefore, simplifying storage. The machine collects up to 2.6 gallons of muck.



  • One of the easiest pond vacuum to operate.
  • It removes larger debris, such as leaves, effectively.
  • It operates quieter than other machines.


  • Performance isn’t great in bigger ponds.

Where can I buy the OASE Pondovac 4 Professional Koi Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the OASE Pondovac 4 Professional Koi Vacuum Cleaner here.

8. Jebao EC-1 Pond Vacuum Cleaner


The Jebao Pond vacuum delivers stronger suction that speeds up the entire process of cleaning your pond.

Cleverly, you can use the machine from the comfort of your home and control it with the supplied remote that lets you activate and switch off the unit.

The machine is equipped with an extendable telescopic handle that can be lengthened up to 8 feet long.

The Jebao EC-1 houses a reliable motor that provides 120 watts of performance combined with a hose measuring 20-feet to access areas that are harder to reach.


  • Great suction power, provided that the water pressure is adequate.
  • The machine is portable and easy to store.
  • Unique design allows for hands-free use.


  • It struggles to pick up larger items of debris.
  • Suction fades if water pressure is low.

Where can I buy the Jebao EC-1 Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the Jebao EC-1 Pond Vacuum Cleaner here.

9. Oase Pondovac 4 Pond & Muck Vacuum Cal Ponds Exclusive Pond Cleaning Bundle Package

For the ultimate pond cleaning experience, you should think about buying a package. Within this bundle, the PondoVac 4 provides you with the assurance of better results over earlier models and you will also get a set of gloves but that’s not all. This cleaning system combines ponding cleaning with indoor usage as a wet vacuum as well as pool cleaning.

The machine takes advantage of the 1800-watt motor to eke out the best possible performance. It comes with 5 professional tools that target stubborn sludge and algae.


Within this package, you will also find a clear pipe that provides 10 feet of range and visibility as well as 4 aluminium extendable tubes. The machine is compact and is fitted with a set of wheels and handle that makes it easier to transport and store. It can collect up to 2.6 gallons of debris.


  • It rapidly cleans sludge in just one session.
  • Efficiently gets rid of algae that have accumulated over the year.


  • The holding capacity is a bit low.

Where can I buy the Oase Pondovac 4 Pond & Muck Vacuum Cleaner?

Check out the latest prices for the Oase Pondovac 4 Pond & Muck Vacuum Cleaner here.

The Pond Vacuum Buying Guide

In many ways, a pond vacuum works very similarly to a regular vacuum cleaner but it’s specially adapted so that you can clean sludge from your pond without the need to remove water from the lagoon. It’s a godsend for anyone that owns a pond but doesn’t want the hassle of periodically draining it to clean it.

How Does a Pond Vacuum Work?

These units use the same system suction system as a conventional household vacuum, therefore, the suction power is produced by the motor and the machine uses a unique mechanism to separate muck from water. The pond vacuum will pick up various types of debris including algae and sludge which can be used as plant food in the garden.

A pond vacuum incorporates the function of a wet vacuum by extracting dirt and sending it straight to the collection bag. The difference is that a pond cleaner uses a pump to move water through it and filters out the muck before the water is expelled back into the pond. The benefit is that you don’t need to move fish from the pond to clean it.

Now you can clean with the peace of mind that you don’t need to transfer fish to a temporary home to clean the pond. The fish are therefore less distressed and can remain in their sanctuary thanks to the pond cleaner that makes this viable.

Things to Consider in a Pond Vacuum

The type of pond cleaner you decide to buy will depend on how big your pond is and how often you intend to clean it. If you own a small body of water and clean it every half year then you can opt for the smaller standard machines. If your lagoon is a considerable size and you intend on cleaning it every fortnight then you will require a robust powerful cleaner that seeks out stubborn muck.


The majority of pond cleaners will turn off momentarily partway through a job to allow the motor to let off some steam. This isn’t really an issue for owners of small ponds, however, it may become a bit of an annoyance for bigger jobs when the machine has to take regular breaks and as a result might end up elongating the cleaning session. If you own a sizeable pond that requires regular maintenance I would recommend that you buy a commercial pond cleaner that can operate for longer periods without overheating the motor.

Your new pond cleaner should come with handy nozzle accessories. These attachments are absolutely necessary to aid with dislodging debris, sludge and algae from the pond’s bed and rockery that has been building up for many weeks or months.

Most leading pond vacuums come with a minimum of 4-5 nozzles which are handy for different cleaning scenarios. The best machines will come with attachments uniquely built to use between rocks, a favourite hiding place for algae.


High-performance pond cleaners come with a set of extending tubes as standard. You will find that these machines often have the dual function to clean ponds and swimming pools. But even if a machine is powerful, it’s only as good as the supplied accessories, the more the better!

Extending tubes are vital and help to deliver a comprehensive clean by getting to the furthest reaches of your pond or pool and picking up muck. If your pond is deep you will need to ensure that your new machine comes with the lengthiest tubes. A standard pond vacuum comes with an average sized pipe that might not be able to get to the floor of big ponds.

A transparent tube is needed to give you a visual indication of water quality whilst cleaning it. The water should gradually turn from murky to clear. Our recommended pond vacuums come with transparent pipes that allow you to see debris as it travels into the machine.


Clear water travelling into the pipes is a good indication that the section you are working on is now clean, therefore you can focus on another area of the pond. It might not seem like much but a transparent tube is important and you will soon see its benefits once cleaning begins. It reduces the job’s time as it stops you guessing whether a section is clean or not.

Make sure that you opt for a pond vacuum with strong blades. Doing so will pay off in the long run as it will eliminate the risk of your machine’s performance suffering when it picks up a heavier rock. Your machine should be capable of coping with pebbles or harder pieces of debris and break them up if they get in the way of suction.


That concludes our handy guide and reviews of the best pond vacuum cleaners in 2019. Cleaning your lagoon annually is important because it helps to maintain a healthy body of water. Pond cleaners offer a solution to remove muck, sludge and algae from the lagoon without interrupting your fish or draining the entire thing to clean it. Why not choose an easier life and let the machine do all the hard work for you.


Are you considering buying a pond vacuum cleaner from our list or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Stick Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Modern stick vacuums are a popular household appliance. Our stick vacuum cleaner reviews & buying guide for 2019 reveals everything you need to know before buying one of these time-saving gadgets. At the top end of the range, we are seeing brands such as Dyson making huge leaps with handheld battery technology and digital motors to deliver suction power that is virtually equivalent to a full-sized vacuum.

Models such as the Dyson V10 can match and in some cases surpass the suction performance of an upright model without needing to fiddle with restrictive power cables. It’s amazing to see the amount of technology that can be crammed inside a small lightweight stick vacuum.


Once you get your hands on a stick cleaner you’ll be asking why you didn’t buy one sooner. But before you make that purchase let’s take a look at some of the features to consider:

What Makes a Good Stick Vacuum?

  • Can it convert? Nowadays, you will find that most stick vacuums can convert to handheld models thus extending their functionality even further. Most designs will allow you to remove the wand or cleaner head and attach tools directly to the unit to use as a handheld. This allows you to clean stairs, upholstery, mattresses, car interiors and many areas above floor level.  
  • Corners and Edges: One of the main advantages of a stick vacuum is the convenience it gives to access areas such as edges and corners that a larger vacuum might struggle to reach. The best sticks will deliver edge to edge cleaning directly from the cleaner head without the need to connect additional accessories.
  • Powerful suction: I’m sure you’d agree that there’s no point in getting a portable lightweight stick vacuum with poor suction. The leading brands have set the standard and shown the capabilities of small vacuum cleaners, even cheaper models should deliver a decent amount of suction power to pick up dust, animal hairs and crumbs.
  • Cord length: If you decide to buy a corded stick vacuum you will need to ensure that it comes with a decent cable length to avoid constantly looking for a power socket. Aim for a cable that measures at least 20 feet to clean a wide range.
  • How big is the nozzle? Wider nozzles reduce cleaning times as they can pick up more dirt with fewer passes. Smaller nozzles are easier to steer into areas that are harder to reach.
  • Dirt disposal: Stick vacuums are equipped with a bagless canister that is usually transparent, making it easier to see when the bin is full. Make sure you get a model with an easy-emptying system for a quicker disposal process. 
  • Battery time: The battery power for cordless stick vacuums ranges from 15 to 60 minutes but this will heavily depend on the brand and model you choose. Modern Dyson cordless vacuums come with longer battery times, however, the batteries are not swappable. Other brands might have shorter run times but you can buy a spare battery to swap around whilst the other one is charging.

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What Is the Right Stick Vacuum for Your Needs?

How big are your rooms? If you intend to use your new stick vacuum as your primary cleaning appliance then it might be best to by a corded model so that you can vacuum the whole house without worrying about the battery dying.

If you prefer to buy a cordless stick then try to find a model with swappable batteries or if your budget permits, you can buy a premium Dyson stick with longer running times. If you just need a stick for spot cleaning and smaller messes, you can choose an entry-level appliance that provides basic cleaning.  

Floor type– Stick vacuums work optimally on thin carpets and hard flooring. Higher-end models can tackle thick carpets as they are usually equipped with motorised brushes that agitate stubborn dirt from carpets and suck it up. Beware of cheap models with motorised attachments- they don’t often live up to the performance claims.


What’s best, Cord-free or corded? This is one of the oldest debates in the world of vacuum cleaners. Cord-free machines offer a greater level of movement freedom but you need to be careful to get one with decent run times and short charging times. Corded units offer endless cleaning time and often last longer than their cordless counterparts.

Storage of your stick vacuum– If you live in an apartment or if storage is limited then you want to buy a unit with a folding handle. Certain models are equipped with mounting stations that can be attached to the wall or allow the unit to be positioned horizontally on the floor. These mounts usually come with additional storage for accessories. Make sure you install the mount next to a plug socket to charge the battery when the stick is mounted.

Will you be cleaning above floor level? Stick vacuums that convert into handhelds are wonderful for cleaning furniture, couches, windows frames, cobwebs and awkward spaces. Make sure you get a model with plenty of versatile attachments such as crevice tools, dusting brushes, turbo tools and wand attachments.


What is the Best Stick Vacuum?

By far, the most sought after vacuum cleaner is a cordless upright vacuum or a cordless stick vacuums as most people know it. We’ve covered the convenient features that can be enjoyed by these portable appliances, but above all they are time-saving. Cleaning sessions are shorter and often.

Budget models can be used to clean hard floors whereas advanced units perform adequately on multiple floor types including carpets. If your home is mostly carpeted then it’s best to invest a bit more in a unit with a motorised brush.

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Can Stick Vacuums Clean Pet Hair Effectively?

Pet hair is a nuisance! Not all stick vacuums are powerful enough to pick up hairs as they might claim, especially cheap models. Hairs need powerful suction and if you’re vacuuming thick carpets, a unit with an effective motorized cleaner head is a must.


For this task, the Dyson cordless range is well suited to take on the challenge. The Dyson Absolute and Animal range come with a motorised cleaning head and various attachments that can eliminate pet hair from carpeted areas, stairs, car interiors and furniture.

Dyson remains unbeaten when it comes to delivering sheer suction from a stick vacuum and in addition to this their filters last for the lifetime of the machine. If you’re are a pet owner looking for a cordless vacuum to take on pet hair then I’d recommend clicking here.

A HEPA filter comes as standard on their Absolute range which leads me to my next topic…

What is a HEPA Filter?

HEPA filters provide the best filtration you will find on a vacuum cleaner. This filter specialises in separating small particles from the surrounding atmosphere so that you can breathe cleaner air which is why it is recommended for asthma sufferers and those susceptible to airborne allergies.


HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and for a filter to make this grade it needs to be able to remove at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Are Stick Vacuums Heavy?

One of the advantages of owning a stick vacuum is their ease of use owing to the lightweight. If you’ve never used a stick vacuum you’ll immediately notice the difference over a full-sized vacuum.

Sticks are quicker to steer around the room and cut down cleaning times considerably. Most stick vacuums weigh less than a third of an upright unit, therefore, they are easier to carry between rooms and up the stairs.

Stick Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

When thinking about buying a stick vacuum for hardwood floors you need to ensure that the model you choose doesn’t end up scratching your floors, it needs rubber wheels that prevent marking the surface. Hardwood floors need powerful suction as they are prone to dust and they need the right type of cleaner head that actually picks up dirt instead of spreading it.


Dyson is always thinking of ways to tackle problems so they created a Roller attachment specifically for hard floors. The tool is designed with fluffy material that catches dust and debris of all sizes. It addresses the issues of dirt spreading and it excels at lifting dirt effectively. You will always need powerful suction for hard surfaces especially when collecting dirt hiding between the grooves of floorboards.

Stick Vacuums for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the most difficult to clean out of all the floor types. You need a motorised brush to clean them thoroughly. Stick vacuums are flexible enough to reach underneath couches and furniture to clean areas of your carpet that are often neglected.

Machines with stronger suction power will normally triumph at the task of vacuuming thicker carpets whilst lower power units will require more passes to clean the same area. If you decide to buy a cheap stick vacuum you will most likely notice a dip in performance when vacuuming carpets. Choose wisely from the link below.


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Swanky Stick Vacuums

If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for a stick vacuum you will not be disappointed with the Dyson V11 which comes with the latest technology and is equipped with a handy LCD display. The screen lets you switch between different modes and provides a running time for each mode. When it’s connected to the charger, the screen will display a percentage status of the battery.

During use, the screen also shows a countdown timer for the remaining battery power. It also warns you if the machine accumulates blockages or if maintenance is required, such as washing the filter.


Are Stick Vacuums Noisy?

The quick answer is yes, stick vacuums tend to be noisy! This is because of their small motors that need to rotate at a very fast speed. The Dyson V10 model produces only half the amount of noise of earlier models and is noticeably quieter from the moment you turn it on. If machine noise is going to be an issue then it’s worth opting for models such as the Dyson V10 or V8.

Handheld Vacuums

As mentioned before, most stick vacuums are capable of converting into a handheld vacuum by simply detaching the wand and attaching accessories directly to the unit, therefore, it makes sense to buy a stick that can covert instead of a standalone handheld vacuum. This way, you always have the choice between the two.

The flexibility of switching between stick and handheld extends the functionality of the machine beyond floor cleaning. You can clean upholstery, car seats, furniture, shelves, mattresses and stairs. It’s also easier to store as you can simply detach the wand so that it takes up less space. Some models come with a folding feature so that the machine uses the least amount of space- this is useful for city pads with limited space.


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Battery Life

We’ve briefly looked at the battery times for cordless sticks earlier but I’d like to go into a bit more detail. We’ve already established that cheaper cordless sticks have a run time of about 15 minutes, however, some can be as low as just 10 minutes. Top of the range models boast running times of about 40-60 minutes and this is constantly improving with the advancements in battery technology.

Lithium-ion is a high-grade battery and currently the best type available. They hold more charge and can be charged quicker than Nickel Metal Hydride and Nicad batteries found on low-end stick vacuums. Bear in mind that battery times are lowered when motorised attachments are used or a turbo function is engaged. Manufacturers will usually list a run time for the lowest setting to increase appeal.

Bin Capacity

All stick vacuums come with bagless bins with a smaller capacity than full-sized models. The capacity ranges from about 0.5- 0.9 litres, therefore, you will need to empty the machine regularly. Most modern sticks come with an easy-emptying feature to speed up dirt disposal times and keep the process hygienic.


Cyclone Technology

Before Dyson created the cyclone system for their vacuum cleaners, old units utilized suction that travelled in a single direction with a filter at one end. This meant that suction power would significantly decrease because the filter was more susceptible to clogging. The introduction of cyclonic action changed all of that. The cyclones separate the dirt from the air and trap it in the bin instead of the filter.

This optimises suction power so that your stick vacuum never loses suction even when the bin is nearly at full capacity. It’s not an obvious feature but it’s hugely important as it eliminates the nuisance of cleaning your filter after just several uses.

Spinning Cleaner Heads for Stick Vacuums 

The cleaning head of a stick vacuum will either utilise direct suction or a more sophisticated spinning brush head usually found on advanced models. A spinning brush is perfect for carpets because it can draw out stubborn dirt hidden deep in the carpet fibres. Manufacturers have different variations of this tool with some of the best types boasting multi-floor coverage thanks to the use of soft carbon fibres.


Beware of Inferior Stick Vacuums

To wrap up our stick vacuum cleaner reviews and buyers guide I’d like to end with a word of caution regarding cheap stick vacuums which might seem attractively low cost but could end up becoming more of a hassle than they are worth.

Many of these models have a short shelf life and come with poor suction performance. They are often made from poor quality materials and are not sealed sufficiently. Most models lack cyclonic power, therefore the filter gets clogged up very quickly. My advice is to keep away from cheap sticks and spend a bit more money on a vacuum that actually works. Find our best recommendations using the link below.

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