Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum Buyers Guide 2019

Maintaining your garden can often be a drawn out task especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools. One of the biggest and most time-consuming gardening chores is clearing leaves from paths and lawns. It’s a task that has to be done or else you will end up with slippery or waterlogged areas.

Thankfully a leaf vacuum blower can take care of this mammoth task in very little time and with the right model you can even turn those leaves into nutrient-rich mulch to fertilize your plants. Win-win. Why should you rely on a manual tool such as a rake when you can make your life much easier with a garden vacuum? These handy tools perform impeccably to restore your garden or yard back to its former glory.         

Most modern leaf vacuums allow you to switch between the vacuum and the blower function. This way you have the choice of blowing the leaves to a designated location or vacuum and collect them as you go along. Don’t forget that some of the available models are equipped with a mulching feature that cuts the leaves in smaller pieces, therefore, reducing their volume considerably.  


The Benefits of a Leaf Blower/Vacuum

If you’re fed up of sweeping up leaves with your rake and are trying to figure out how to dispose of huge leaf piles, it’s time you considered investing in a leaf vacuum blower. Our buyers guide will highlight the essential functions to look out for as you search for the ideal garden appliance. Do you need a leaf blower, a leaf vacuum or a combination of the two? 

Think of a standalone leaf blower as a motorised rake that assists you to shift leaves into a neat pile in an area of your choosing. This tool can help clear up driveways and pathways much easier than using rake. Leaf blowers are perfect for small to medium sized gardens; however, you still need to figure out what to do with the gathered leaves which is where a leaf blower vacuum comes in.

A leaf blower vacuum does all the same things as a standalone leaf blower with the additional benefit of actually collecting the leaves in a bag for disposal. The ultimate leaf-elimination tool is a combination leaf blower vacuum mulcher which cuts up the leaves as it picks them up and reduces them into a fraction of their original size. The best units can reduce the equivalent of 18 bags of leaves into just 1 bag.


The best advice here is to opt for leaf blower vacuum at the very minimum and if your budget permits it, you should go for a leaf blower vacuum with mulching abilities. You’ll be amazed at the time and effort that it saves you and in addition to this, you can actually end up saving money by creating your own compost instead of buying it from the garden center.  

Helpful advice: For optimum performance I’d always recommend using your leaf blower vacuum in dry weather when the leaves have dried up. This way you will avoid clogging your beloved machine and reduce the chances of rust forming inside of it.

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What Type of Leaf Blower Vacuum Should you buy?

Corded Type

Its worth considering the power source of your new leaf blower vacuum because each one performs differently. First up is the electric variant which is an ideal option for frequent garden upkeep- simply plug it in and off you go. These units usually weigh less than the alternative types, however they are better for smaller areas depending on the length of the cable. 

When working outdoors it’s essential to use a safe power source that is fitted with an RCD i.e. a residual current device, which is a life-saving device designed to stop you from getting electrocuted. Always check how long the cord is prior to purchase as the length varies between models. Naturally, bigger yards need longer cords. Alternatively, you could plug the machine into an outdoor extension cable to widen its reach.


Petrol Types

Petrol leaf blower vacuums are fitted with a 2-stroke engine that utilizes an oil and petrol mixture and are a practical solution for huge gardens with a lot of plants. These models are the strongest option, therefore, make large jobs easier to complete in very little time.

If you decide to buy a petrol-powered leaf blower vacuum, you should note that they require more maintenance than alternative models and you will also need to factor in the fuel expense. You also have to empty the fuel tank when storing the machine for extended periods. Ensure that you’ve always got a supply of fuel readily available to use the machine. Make sure you get yourself a well-made fuel can and funnel to simplify fueling up and avoiding spillages.  

Cordless Type

If an electric cable seems restrictive then a battery powered leaf blower vacuum is a great solution. These models weigh a bit more than the corded types, however, they are still much lighter in weight than petrol units. Cord-free garden vacuum blowers do away with the limitations of cables and can be used in bigger gardens or areas that lack a power source.


Wherever possible, search for units with high quality Lithium-Ion batteries for better performance. These battery types also hold their charge whilst not in use and provide the benefit of longer running times. 

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Important Features to Consider When Buying a Leaf Blower/Vac

Whether you are buying a leaf vacuum for the first time or upgrading your old one, these important features will give you a clearer picture of the type of machine that will meet your gardening requirements.

Should You Buy a Battery, Electric or Corded Unit?

As mentioned earlier, gas leaf vacuum blowers are usually fitted with 2-stroke engines, however, you can also get a 4-stroke engine and I’ll explain the difference between the two. A 2-stroke engine uses a specific blend of oil and fuel mixed together. You should always refer to the machine’s instructions to ensure that the correct mixture is poured into the tank.   

4-stroke engines are kinder to the environment than the 2-stroke variants. The advantage of a 4-stroke engine is that it doesn’t require a blend of oil and fuel, therefore, it expels less exhaust fumes. The drawback of a 4-stroke unit is than it weighs a bit more than a 2-stroke and it requires oil changes frequently.   


A gas leaf vacuum blower packs more of a punch than other models making it a favoured choice for bigger spaces and professionals. Corded models suffer from range limitations and are only as good as the length of cable unless you intend to plug them into an outdoor extension lead. 

Corded leaf vacuums are greener to the environment than petrol-powered units and emit less noise which means you won’t annoy the neighbours come autumn. They are easier to handle owing to their lighter weight.

Battery-powered leaf vacuum blowers are the perfect balance between movement freedom and efficiency. You don’t need to worry about cable restrictions or the cost of fuel to run the appliance. If your unit comes with an extra battery, then you are never short of power.   

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Should you buy Handheld or Backpack Leaf Blower Vacuum?

A backpack leaf blower vacuum eases the strain that can result from prolonged usage because the weight of the machine is distributed across your back and shoulders. Padded straps increase the comfort and protection of your shoulders.   


Handheld leaf blower vacuums are the most popular choice for domestic use because of their portability. Backpack units are normally used by professional for commercial applications.

Backpack models are highly efficient and come into their own when undertaking mammoth tasks and it’s for this reason that they were initially made for landscapers. They clear up leaves in less time and are fast becoming a popular choice for domestic use as well. We’ll help you find the best machine for your needs whether you prefer a handheld or backpack unit. 

Noise Guidelines

The noise that a leaf vacuum blower emits can be very loud depending on the type you decide to buy. Some areas even limit their use due to noise levels, therefore, it’s important to know the rules for your area before purchasing your new leaf blower. Below are a few restrictions that might be in place:

  1. Time limitations– there could be seasonal restrictions on the times and days that you can use your leaf blower.
  2. Sound limitations– the loudest decibel level permitted at specific times.
  3. Model Type– Gas leaf blower vacuums are the loudest and are banned in certain areas. Always check the regulations in your area.
  4. Distance limitations- Local rules may stipulate the maximum distance that you can operate your leaf blower vacuum from your property.
  5. How many can you use? There might also be restriction on the number of leaf blowers that can be used simultaneously. This won’t usually be a problem for domestic owners, but could be an issue for landscapers and professionals that might work in teams on bigger jobs.
Toro-51621-UltraPlus-Leaf-Blower-Vacuum-Variable-Speed-up-to 250-mph

Typically, Corded and battery powered leaf blower vacuums emit considerably less noise than gas-powered units. Electric motors are quieter than combustion engines when producing the equivalent power output.  

Safety Measures

Twigs, stones and other types of debris could shorten the life of your leaf vacuum, therefore, you should use the blower function to move leaves to a suitable area, free from other types of debris, before vacuuming the leaves.

I’d recommend wearing overhead ear muffs to protect your ears from loud noises, specifically when using a gas-powered leaf vacuum blower. Don’t forget eye protection to shield your eyes from stray objects.

Some models are equipped with features to minimise vibrations, therefore, reducing the effect on your hands, wrists and arms. A lower vibration provides better comfort which is essential for bigger spaces that will see you using the machine for longer periods. 


Safe practice is important when operating garden appliances, this will reduce chances of injury or damage to the machine. Make sure that you wear robust footwear and protective garden gloves to guard you against debris and vegetation that should scratch or cut you.

For gas-powered leaf vacuum blowers, you should use a basic choke to start up the motor with ease.

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Clearing Speed

The rate at which you can clear the area is important. For the best speed you should choose a leaf blower vacuum instead of a standalone unit with just one function. A unit such a blower/ vacuum with a combination of features means that you can move the leaves into a convenient pile where they can be vacuumed all in one go. This technique is the most efficient and fastest way to get rid of leaves.  


Power and Efficiency

If you intend to clear large areas or operate your garden appliance for extended times then you should think about the power inside the machine’s engine. The power ranges between 2500 – 3000 Watts (W). Powerful leaf vacuum blowers will come with more wattage and as a result, you can work faster.      

If you’re thinking about composting fallen leaves, then a leaf blower with a mulching feature is highly recommended, however, you need to think about the mulching ratio as previous mentioned. The leaves are shredded as they are vacuumed into the machine. The best units come with a minimum mulching ratio of 16:1. You want a unit that shreds leaves to the smallest possible size to help them compost faster and take up considerably less space than their original size.

When choosing a leaf blower vacuum you should also consider the size of the collection bag. A bigger bag means that you have longer intervals between leaf emptying, however, a larger collection bag will be heavier to carry as it fills up.


Some appliances come with wheels fitted at the end of the blower tube to ease the manoeuvrability of the vacuum whilst working. The dimensions of the appliance i.e. height, length and depth, are important not only for ease of use but for storage purposes as well, especially if the space in your garage or shed is limited. Most units are detachable; therefore, you can separate the blower tube from the main body.  


Have you considered turning your garden waste into compost? If you decide to compost then you will need to buy a compost bin. Once your leaves are mulched and thrown into the compost bin, they will transform into nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used on soil beds and borders in spring. Making your compost is the greenest way to get rid of garden waste and a cost-efficient way of acquiring fertilizer.  

Leaf Blower Vacuum Warranty

The length of the warranty is different between brands and models. For example, you might get a lengthy conditional warranty that lasts up to 5 years or shorter comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers any type of repair. Be sure to check the duration of your warranty and what it entails.

Motor Speed

The most important elements that influence the efficiency of a leaf blower vacuum are volume and speed. The machine’s speed will define the rate at which it can vacuum and blow leaves and debris.


The rate of airflow is calculated in miles per hour and the majority of leaf blower vacs will produce a speed that ranges between 110 to 180 mph with higher-end models producing up to 250 miles per hour. You can also buy leaf blowers with an adjustable speed, therefore, a lower speed can be used in areas with delicate plants.    

The volume of the machine will give you an indication of how easy it will be to clear the area from debris and leaves. The rate at which air moves through the vacuum tube is calculated in cubic feet per minute or CFM. This measurement demonstrates the true power of your chosen appliance.  

Typically, the CFM in leaf blower vacuums will range between 150 to 600 cubic feet per minute. Ideally you want to buy a unit with at least 400 CFM which is suitable for most tasks in gardens of various sizes. Bear in mind that a leaf vacuum with a volume that is too big could end up picking branches that could block the machine.

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Collection of Mulch

The collection bag on a leaf blower vacuum tends to get full very fast and as a result, emptying the bag is a frequent occurrence. If you opt for a machine with mulching capabilities this would mean that the inner blades will shred the leaves and vastly reduce their size. The mulcher will also improve the quality of your compost.   


Whilst the description might state a reduction of 12:1 or 18:1, it is usually less than that in reality. Damp leaves and debris can hinder achieving the optimum results that occur in dry conditions. As mentioned earlier the reduction rate is the amount of leaf bags that the machine can reduce into a single bag.   

Whether you choose to use the mulch as a fertilizer or not, the convenience of lessening the disposals is a great advantage. Depending on where you live, you might be allowed to burn the leaves but it’s always best to check the regulations around this.    

Another handy feature to look out for is a leaf blower vacuum with a refillable collection bag that is lined with disposable bags, therefore, you don’t need to wash the primary bag every time it’s used- instead you can just throw away the disposable bag and keep your main collection bag from collecting bad smells that result from leftover leaves.

How To Choose The Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

Choosing the ideal leaf blower vacuum will mostly depend on your individual requirements and the size of your garden or yard.  


Small versus Large Gardens

  • Always choose a model with adequate power for larger spaces but not too much power to render it useless in smaller yards.
  • For smaller yards always go for either a battery powered or electric model.
  • If your yard is more than 1 acre in size, then it’s advisable to buy a backpack leaf blower vacuum to cover more ground without causing strain to your arms and hands.
  • Small yards measuring ½ acre or less can be maintained with a machine that houses a 30-cc engine.
  • Small yards will require an airflow between 150-200 Miles per hour.   

Countryside versus City

  • Putting aside the drawbacks of a gas-powered leaf blower vacuum, it still remains a firm choice for big countryside yards.
  • Cord-free battery models are the best choice for big gardens in urban areas.
  • You will want a leaf blower vacuum with adjustable speeds for gardens with delicate flowers in urban areas, therefore, you can reduce the airflow to avoid damaging your beloved flowers.
  • Noisy leaf blower vacuums are a nuisance to neighbours which is why I’d always recommend a quieter electric model rather than a gas model for gardens in the city.

Tackling Exceptionally Leafy Areas

  • For yards that prone to excessive leaves, I would always recommend to buy a Leaf blower vacuum mulcher. The 3-in-1 functionality will help to minimize huge piles of leaves in less bags with the help of mulching.
  • By now you will have a good understanding of the benefits that comes with a mulcher. It saves time and space by shredding leaves into a fraction of their initial size.
  • A slower speed is recommended for big leaf piles to avoid the machine from clogging up. Ideally, you want a mulcher with adjustable settings for different scenarios and pile sizes.

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We’ve reached the end of our leaf blower vacuum buyers guide for 2019. Hopefully by now, you should be confident about the type of model that best suits your requirements. There are various elements to ponder over when choosing a suitable garden appliance to get rid of leaves in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible.

If you’re after a gadget that will enable you to meticulously clear small to medium sized spaces, then your best bet is an electric unit. If your requirements are more robust and you need a machine that can clear larger spaces, then a gas-powered appliance would be better suited for this.

Are you thinking of buying a standalone leaf blower, a combination unit or do you already own either of these? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you. If there is something that we’ve not covered that you are unsure about feel free to get in touch. We’d also like to know what you consider to be the most significant feature on a leaf blower vacuum.    

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances


Best Window Vac for 2019: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Struggling to see through the grime gathered around your windows? Let’s help you find the best window vac for 2019. Our reviews and buyer’s guide will ensure that this arduous task can be done in the least amount of time so that you can actually get on with the things that you love.

If you rely on traditional time-consuming window cleaning techniques then I’ve got good news for you. I’ve sourced the best battery operated window vacuums that money can buy and you can find everything that you need right here for streak-free windows the easy way.

Portable window vacuums are designed to eliminate debris and dust from window panes with minimal effort. They are thorough, efficient and can achieve great cleaning results in very little time. The added bonus of using a window vacuum cleaner is that it can take away built-up condensation on windows. Neat huh?


Before you rush out and buy a window vac you need to separate the good ones from the bad. What should you look for? First and foremost, you need a unit with a decent battery operating time and shorter charging times. Look for machines with a minimum running time of 25 minutes.

The next thing you need to think about is the cleaner head shape and if it has been designed to reach the tight corners of window frames. If not, does the appliance come with extra accessories to handle awkward nooks?

The last thing you want to consider is your budget and if it can stretch to buy a premium appliance. My advice is that if window cleaning is going to be a regular occurrence then it’s worth investing in a good quality gizmo, especially if your house has a lot of windows, glass doors or a conservatory. That’s a lot of glass to keep clean and you need a unit that can cope with the workload!

Without further delay let’s take a look at the best window vacs available to buy today. We’ll start with the highest performing gadget and work our way down:


If you’re after the best of the best, the Karcher WV5 Premium window vacuum cleaner is leading the race. Its a great lightweight all-rounder weighing just 1.1 kgs or 2.4 Pounds.


It operates non-stop for 35 minutes and is supplied with a cleaning fluid, a 170mm suction nozzle to reach awkward corners and edges and a microfiber cleaner head. Karcher is a German brand that manufactures appliances to an exceptionally high standard.

Why should you buy the Karcher WV5? It cleans windows fast, including shower screens and mirrors. The unit can also remove condensation and pick up spills. Karcher has built this product to provide optimum results for tasks that would normally take much longer to complete. The WV5 is a comprehensive window cleaning solution that cleans and dries surfaces in next to no time.

This model comes with the guarantee of clear-view windows when used with the branded cleaning fluids, however, many users have reported that the product can be used with any non-branded window cleaning fluid for the same results, which could work out to be cheaper in the long run.



Check out the latest prices for the KARCHER WV5 PREMIUM 2ND GENERATION WINDOW VACUUM CLEANER here.


Next up is the Leifheit 51107 window vacuum with an extended running time of up to 45 minutes and fast battery charging. It is one of the lightest window vacs weighing a mere 739g or 1.6 Pounds

Why should you buy the Leifheit 51107 window vac? It’s incredibly efficient at removing water and condensation from windows and it can get into nooks that would normally be difficult to clean.


The Leifheit portable gizmo ensures leak-free cleaning from any angle and as a result, skylight windows will not be a problem to clean. Gone are the days of water dripping all over you as you try to clean overhead windows.

Owners of the Leifheit 51107 are satisfied with the product’s cleaning results and have left plenty of positive reviews, however, some owners have reported that the cleaner head can occasionally find it difficult to reach into window edges.

The Leifheit cleaner costs a bit less than the leading Karcher WV5, however, you will need to pay extra for some of the attachments. I’d advise purchasing the optional click-system telescopic handle that extends the reach of the unit to enable the cleaning of conservatory roofs and windows that are higher up.


Where can I buy the LEIFHEIT 51107 WINDOW VACUUM?

Check out the latest prices for the LEIFHEIT 51107 WINDOW VACUUM here.


The Karcher WV2 is the smaller brother to the WV5 at the top of our list. The compactness of the unit doesn’t compromise its performance, this little guy is powerful. As far as weight goes, the unit weighs 1kg or 2.2 pounds and it gives a total running time of 25 minutes.


Why should you buy the Karcher WV2? Often, the best things come in small packages and the WV2 is one of them. This gadget is smaller, therefore, easier to clean with. Streak-free results come as standard. You will find a generous supply of accessories including a narrow cleaning head, wide cleaning head, cleaning fluid, microfibre cloth and a spray bottle.

Its 10% smaller and lighter yet it still performs at a high level and gives an impressive finish that you would normally expect from a bigger appliance. The Karcher WV2 excels when it’s needed to reach tighter spaces that larger units would struggle with, such as decorative glass panels found on entrance doors.

The only drawback of the WV2 is a shorter running time of 25 minutes, however, the battery charge time is much shorter than the WV5 and as a result, you can get on with the job with minimum disruption. You should be able to clean multiple windows throughout your home with little hassle. Similar to its big brother, the Karcher WV2 has enjoyed plenty of positive feedback from satisfied owners.


Where can I buy the KARCHER WV2 WINDOW VACUUM ?

Check out the latest prices for the KARCHER WV2 WINDOW VACUUM here.

4. BLACK+DECKER BDH100WW Powered Squeegee Cordless Vac

The BLACK+DECKER BDH100WW window vac is designed to provide comfortable window cleaning without straining your hands or wrists. The high-grade lithium battery provides consistent power to the squeegee to achieve crystal clear windows.


The integrated spray and motorized squeegee both improve the cleaning process. To further enhance its cleaning prowess the unit features a swivelling head that utilizes a microfiber pad to scrub away difficult dirt. Use it to clean any type of glass panes including mirrors, glass tables, car windows and so on.

The squeegee head is 11 inches and is designed to get through multiple windows in a fraction of the time that it takes to clean manually. The Black + Decker window vac is conveniently portable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It powers through window cleaning incredibly quickly without leaving behind drips. You can clean both sides of a large glass door in less than 5 minutes. Impressive huh?

B & D Powered Squeegee vacuum is the ideal portable tool for rapid window cleaning at an affordable cost. It’s one of the easiest devices to remove dirt effectively from mirrors and windows one-handed.


Where can I buy the BLACK+DECKER BDH100WW Powered Squeegee Cordless Vac?

Check out the latest prices for the BLACK+DECKER BDH100WW Powered Squeegee Cordless Vac here.

5. Alfawise WIN660 Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot?

If you want to automate your window cleaning rather than doing it yourself why not get a robot to do it for you? The Alfawise WIN660 magnetic window cleaning robot cleverly cleans windows of all sizes. The remote control supplied can be used to guide the robot if you need it to clean specific areas.


It does need help when it encounters different surfaces such as rubber edges, therefore, the unit will stop because of the resulting friction. Overall, the robot is perfect for small cleaning tasks and the performance is fairly consistent, although sometimes it doesn’t follow a specific cleaning routine and will clean randomly, however, it gets the job done to a high standard.

The inbuilt safety system is designed from German technology to ensure that the Alfawise WIN660 robot stays attached to windows throughout the cleaning process. The robot is equipped with a back-up power mechanism which enables the unit to remain safely attached to glass for approximately 25 minutes without a power source.

If the robot accidentally loses suction and falls from the window, it comes with a strong safety rope to catch it and avoid damage to the appliance. The Alfawise window cleaning gadget comes with onboard sensors to keep you updated on the robot’s status. It uses a combination of audio signals and warning lights to grab your attention if the robot gets into trouble.


Where can I buy the Alfawise WIN660 Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot?

Check out the latest prices for the Alfawise WIN660 Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot? here.

6. FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot

The Fengrui R-C901 is another window cleaning robot that helps to keep the glass around your home spotless. Using a robot saves time and cost, thus, you won’t need to fork out money for a professional window cleaner. On top of that, it’s much safer to send a robot up high reaching areas rather than climbing up a ladder to do it yourself.


When placed on a window, the Fengrui R-C901 will initially work upwards then change direction from left to right. It achieves over 99% coverage which is impressive for an automated cleaner. It comes with an extension cord that measures 5 meters, therefore, enabling the robot to clean glass in high places.

Once placed on a window the R-C901 robot stays firmly fixed to the glass to carry out its task. You don’t need to constantly monitor the machine, simply set it up and let it do its thing.

The unit can clean various types of smooth surfaces and is suitable for all types of glass including mirrors, glass tables and doors. As with all other robot glass cleaners, ensure that you attach the safety rope to the machine before it starts cleaning to protect it from damage in case it accidentally loses suction.


The robot has been designed to provide a higher amount of suction whilst reducing noise levels, therefore, it doesn’t interrupt you or the family when it’s cleaning interior windows or disturb your neighbours when it’s working on exterior windows. This robot provides an economical practical solution to a job that most people either hate or don’t have time to do.

It comes with replaceable cleaning pads that efficiently remove persistent stains and dirt. To start it up simply press one button and the robot springs to life. You’ll also find an infrared remote control to guide the robot if it encounters obstacles or gets stuck. The inbuilt smart sensors enable the robot to gauge window boundaries.

If the length of the charging cable isn’t long enough all you need to do is contact the manufacturer and they’ll send you a longer cable free of charge!


Where can I buy the FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot?

Check out the latest prices for the FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot here.

Buyers Guide for the Best Window Vacs

Spotless windows enhance the look of your home but window cleaning is often a task that is overlooked. Most of us avoid it because we can’t bear the thought of scrubbing and drying whilst worrying about persistent window streaks.

If you want an easy path to streak-free windows then it’s time that you invested in a window vacuum cleaner, which guarantees crystal clear results. Simply apply the cleaning fluid and the unit’s squeegee will do the rest. By the cleaning this way you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment- you won’t need to use a copious amount of paper towels. You can also say goodbye to bits of lint clinging to the windows.

The range of modern windows vacuums is constantly improving to quicken cleaning times and cover more area in less time. There’s now a choice of robot window vacs, that work with minimal assistance, and appliances with extendable accessories to help users clean higher up. This small investment will save you plenty of time especially if your home has a lot of windows.


If you’ve decided that it’s about time you got a window vac, to keep your house looking immaculate, then why not look through our shortlist of recommended gadgets to help you decide what’s best for you. Simply scroll further up to view our recommendations.

Remember, a window cleaner can also remove condensation from surfaces which is very important to stop the growth of mould that can potentially cause a host of health issues. Your portable gadget will diligently draw out condensation and keep mould away.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Window Vac?

Window Vacuum Type

Conventional Handheld Window Vac– these models are similar to standard handheld vacuums and share the same dimensions but the difference is that they are designed to lift moisture and dirt from windows without causing smudges or streaks. Rather than using a motorised brush, the unit focuses its suction to suck up dirty water and ensures that nothing is left behind.


Telescopic Window Vac– The cleaning process is identical to handheld units, however, this variant is equipped with an extendable handle to clean windows on higher floors that would normally require a ladder to reach. These units provide the convenience and safety of cleaning high reaching areas from the ground level without causing any undue strain to the user.

Robotic Window Vacs– These have got to be one of my favourite appliances because I love automating domestic chores. This hands-free gadget simply needs to be placed on the glass and it will give you streak-free windows. All you need to do is pour cleaning fluid into the machine, attach it to the safety rope and press the start button. These units do require some supervision, however, if the robot runs in trouble it will alert you.

Window Vac Water Tank

Window vacuums house a water tank that collects dirty water and condensation and stores cleaning fluid. The tank needs to be big enough to pick up fluids without distracting you partway through the job to be emptied. The average tank size of a window vac is between 100ml to 300ml although larger models often come with larger capacities.


How High Are Your Windows?

Windows higher up are not easy to clean as they need you to get onto a ladder, however, it’s very uncomfortable trying to balance on a ladder and clean at the same time. A telescopic handle is the best solution to reach distant windows. Wherever possible, you should opt for a window vacuum that comes with an extension attachment or the option to buy one in future should it be required further down the line.

Window Vacuum Nozzle

The nozzle usually has the dual function of vacuum and squeegee. All you need to do is squeegee the glass whilst the vacuum collects the water into the tank.

The size and shape of the nozzle are hugely important as they determine the cleaning efficiency of your unit. A slim nozzle is great for targeting smaller areas such as bathrooms or front door windows. If you need to clean bigger areas such as glass doors then it’s best to buy a window vacuum cleaner with an interchangeable nozzle, therefore, you can swap between slim and wider nozzles. You will get through tasks quicker with the right nozzle.


How Heavy Is the Window Vac?

The weight of the unit needs to be comfortable enough for prolonged use if required. Remember that these units are used with just one hand, therefore, you want yours to weigh 1.1kgs (2.4 Pounds) or less.

Can The Window Vac Be Used Indoors and Outside?

In addition to indoor use the majority of window vacuums can be used outdoors as well, however, if you’re after a robot vacuum that can clean exteriors windows make sure you check that its designed for outdoor use. It needs to be waterproof and able to withstand the elements, especially if you live in an area that always rains like I do (sigh).

Handy Tips

Don’t panic if your window vacuum starts to leak whilst in action. The best thing to do is check the tank as it might need emptying. If the leaking persists, even when the tank is not full, then you should contact the manufacturer.


Similar to a standard vacuum, your window vac will emit some noise from the motor. Be sure to check the product specification for the audible decibel levels before purchasing, if your concerned that the noise might disrupt the people around you.

Be sure to clean the nozzle frequently, preferably after each use, to stop debris from passing back from the nozzle to the glass.

Features To Look Out For

Window Vac Accessories

Most windows vacuums come with a decent kit of accessories for different tasks. As a rule of thumb, make sure you get one with interchangeable cleaning heads for both small and big windows. Most models will come with a spray bottle and microfiber pads to get rid of debris whilst achieving a clear-view finish.



Portable window vacuums generally run on rechargeable batteries and the operating times are usually around half an hour. This might not seem like a long running time, however, the appliances are optimized to clean multiple windows in very little time. You can clean both sides of glass door in under 5 minutes. When the battery runs flat simply recharge it with the supplied
AC power adapter or micro USB depending on the model.

Extendable Attachment

As mentioned earlier, a telescopic attachment is a must-have for a 2 or 3 story home or dwelling with glass roofs. It’s much safer and convenient to use an extendable handle for high areas and tall windows instead of attempting to use a ladder. I recommend measuring the highest point that you intend to clean and check that the tool can extend to that point.

Battery Charge times

The battery charge times varies between models. High-end window vacuums are usually equipped with a fast charging feature to minimize delays when you’re carrying out bigger jobs such as spring cleaning.

Window Vacuum Pricing

Premium models normally come with longer running times to help you clean several windows in one go, however, you will need to shell out a bit more money for these although they are still very affordable for most budgets.


Wherever possible, try to buy a window vacuum cleaner that comes as part of a kit, therefore, you will be supplied with a good range of accessories to tackle multiple tasks. premium models are approximately priced between $100 to $199 and robotic window cleaners are around the $150 to $220 price point.

Other Useful Information about
Window Vacuums

  • More than just window cleaning you can use a window vacuum on mirrors, shower screens and tiles.
  • These gadgets are particularly good at getting rid of condensation from bathrooms.
  • Always ensure that the appliance is fully charged prior to using it.
  • If your windows are particularly grimy you will need to apply a detergent to clean them before using the vacuum. Most window vacuums are supplied with a cleaning fluid and spray bottle for this.
  • For best results, spray some cleaning fluid across the whole window and spread it with a microfiber cloth or squeegee then clean in a downward direction with your window vacuum. Job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Do all window cleaning vacuums come as part of a set?

Ans. Unfortunately not. Some brands provide the basic unit, therefore you will need to buy additional accessories as optional extras. These units are often cheaper, however, I think it’s worth buying a window vacuum with a range of accessories to handle different tasks and various sized windows.


Ques. What’s the benefit of a robot window vacuum cleaner over a manual one?

Ans. Robot units provide a good level of automation, therefore, you can set it up and leave it to clean while you get on with your day although I’d recommend checking on the machine periodically. I’m a big fan of automated domestic cleaners and you’ll see that I’ve written plenty of reviews about robot vacuums throughout this site. Robots are not perfect but manufacturers are constantly improving them and the biggest advantage of owning one is the time that it frees up.

Ques. What type of cleaning fluid can I use with my window vacuum?

Ans. I’d always recommend using a window cleaning solution because the mixture is made to stop streaks. As mentioned earlier, some models are supplied with cleaning fluid, however, once that runs out you can purchase any type of window cleaning fluid of your choice.

Are you considering buying a window vacuum from our list or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher for 2019

Hello and welcome. So you’ve decided that you want to get your hands on the best leaf blower vacuum mulcher for 2019? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These outdoor leaf gizmos are designed to rapidly pick up the hordes of unwanted leaves lying around outside. The machine utilizes interior blades to cut leaves into tiny pieces. The resulting mulch can be disposed of or used as compost. Job sorted.

In addition to getting rid of those unsightly leaves, you also get the benefit of saving money, as you no longer need to buy expensive mulch from the garden center. With the right leaf vacuum, you can transform fallen leaves into nutrient-rich compost which is a great fertilizer for the garden. Before you go out and buy one in a hurry, let’s take a quick look at the different types of leaf mulchers available to buy today-


Range of Leaf Mulchers

Currently, you can buy 3 types of leaf mulchers. Let’s see what’s available-

Electric Mulchers

Electric Mulchers need to be connected to a power supply via a power cord. These models are not as heavy as gas mulchers and operate at a lower noise level. They are also kinder to the environment.

Electric units don’t have the issue of leaking gas, therefore, are easier to store. It’s worth noting that they operate best in smaller areas and often struggle on bigger lawns (depebding on the model).

Gas Mulchers

The benefits of gas mulchers are that they provide movement freedom, therefore, are not restricted by the length of a power cable. You won’t need to fiddle with charging batteries or replacing them.

The advantage of gas-powered mulchers is that they excel at clearing up sizable areas although the units themselves are heavier than electric and battery mulchers. It’s also a no-no to use them when the temperature is too hot outside. These machines contribute to air pollution, however, newer models are designed more efficiently.

Battery Powered Mulchers

These units house a compact battery that is used as the main power source. You’ll need to fully charge the battery prior to use but the benefit is that it can be used to clear bigger areas than an electric mulcher, however, the running time is not as long as alternative models.


It’s possible to operate certain models even whilst the battery is charging, therefore, you are not inconvenienced with stopping partway through a job if the battery runs flat. These units are considerably quieter, in fact, they are noiseless. If you choose to buy an electric mulcher you would be doing your bit for the environment plus they are easier to use as you are free from the burden of cables.

Features to consider when searching for the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Here is a summary of the foundations that make a great leaf vacuum mulcher-

Variable Speed

Wherever possible, you should buy a leaf mulcher with an adjustable speed. At the very least, you should buy one with a quick and slow speed. The option of switching to a slower speed gives you the advantage of clearing huge leaf piles whilst minimizing clogging.

How Good are the Blades?

Blade quality contributes to the machine’s shelf life. Substandard blades are often made from plastic materials and frequently need to be swapped for new ones. High-quality blades will be made from metals and will last much longer.


How Powerful is the Motor?

The power inside a leaf vacuum’s motor is calculated in Amps. As a rule of thumb, you should buy a leaf mulcher with at least 12-14 Amps of oomph! Anything lower than that will give you an unnecessarily hard life.

What is the Reduction Ratio?

The reduction ratio sounds like a fancy term- it simply means the ratio of the initial leaf volume (prior to mulching) compared to the volume of the resulting mulch. Ideally, you want a mulcher that can reduce leaves on a ration of 16:1 – 18:1.

Leaf Holding Capacity

Naturally, the capacity of your leaf mulcher should meet the requirements of the space it needs to clear up. Bigger lawns or yards will require bigger capacities and vice versa.


Seamless Mode Adjustment

You want to buy a mulcher that can convert from vacuum to leaf blower whilst in action. This will allow you to rapidly move leaves to the desired location then proceed with mulching all in one go.

Product Reviews of High Performance Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Now that we know the types of features to look for, lets run through the best leaf vacuum mulchers on the market available to buy right now and help you find a suitable appliance-

1. Worx WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp Electric Vacuum/Mulcher/Blower –

If you’re after the best of the best you should seriously consider the Worx WG509 TRIVAC. This 12 Amp leaf vacuum excels at mulching and leaf blowing, whilst providing all of this in a compact body measuring just 15 x 9 inches. The list of features packed inside this machine outshines the competition and earns this mulcher top spot.


The motor is extremely powerful, at 12 amps it can shred leaves efficiently and can tackle sizable leaf piles without clogging up the machine. The benefit of using the Worx WG509 TRIVAC is that it gets the job done quicker without causing you to break a sweat.

The lightweight body minimizes fatigue to your hands and arms. It’s so light that you can use it with just one hand, therefore, freeing up your other hand to multitask with other mulching duties.

The Worx WG509 TRIVAC is made from superior materials and is equipped with a metal impeller that boasts an insane mulching ratio of 18:1 and as a result, the unit has a staggering capacity to hold more than 100 gallons of dry leaves. The leaves are collected into a huge bag that is supplied with the machine. Leaf reduction doesn’t get any better than this.


When switched to the vacuum function, the Worx appliance can deliver up to 350 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air volume. This can be achieved even when the unit needs to reach areas that are harder to access.  

When using it as a blower, it provides consistent performance whilst allowing you to seamlessly change the speed from 75 mph (miles per hour) to an impressive 210 mph.


  • The Worx WG509 TRIVAC is a versatile appliance capable of vacuuming, mulching and leaf blowing.
  • The lightweight body can be used with just one hand (if required).
  • The power inside this machine allows it to forge ahead without needing you to stop partway to swap tubes.
  • Electric use means that you don’t need to deal with the pungent smell of gasoline. It’s cleaner.
  • The large capacity bag allows you to undertake bigger tasks without the need to halt halfway through the job to empty it.


  • It’s not the best for mulching wet leaves. Some leave might get stuck within the unit’s propeller.
  • It needs to be completely dry after use or else it will start to get rusty over time.

Where can I buy the Worx WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp Electric Vacuum/Mulcher/Blower?

Check out the latest prices for the Worx WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp Electric Vacuum/Mulcher/Blower here.

2. BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 BackPack Leaf Blower Vacuum & Mulcher

The BLACK + DECKER BEBL7000 is a truly versatile machine that works as a backpack vacuum, leaf blower, mulcher and vacuum all in one appliance. How about that!

Simply hoist it on your back and you’re good to go. The high capacity bag can hold twice the amount of leaves than most of the rival mulchers, therefore, making it the ideal accessory for owners of large yards.


Emptying the collection bag couldn’t be any easier or quicker as the BLACK + DECKER Backpack mulcher is equipped with a zipper-less bag designed for rapid disposal.

The compactness of this machine doesn’t deter it from providing a high volume of airflow. It’s capable of achieving 250 mph to 400 mph CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air volume. Not many leaf vacuum mulcher blowers can provide this.

The unit is optimally designed to switch effortlessly from a leaf blower to vacuum to mulcher so that you spend less time fiddling with settings and more time concentrating on the task at hand.

You will find that the BLACK + DECKER backpack leaf blower vacuum comes with a flexible tube to improve maneuverability around the areas its needed whilst diligently picking up and mulching leaves.


Another clever feature that you will find on this machine is the boost button that ramps up the power of the machine whenever you encounter a difficult task that requires that extra bit of oomph. You won’t find the function in alternative mulchers and it simply requires you to press a button to unleash the extra power.


  • The big advantage of this unit is the backpack design which eases the burden of carrying the machine around. The load can be distributed across your back.
  • I like that it’s equipped with a boost button to deliver extra power when required.
  • The Zipper-less bag is great for quick disposal and collection of leaves.


  • There’s a tendency of wet leaves getting stuck within the appliance, therefore, you need to ensure that it’s cleared out.
  • The hose can be a bit difficult to remove from the machine after use.

Where can I buy the BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 BackPack Leaf Blower Vacuum & Mulcher?

Check out the latest prices for the BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 BackPack Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher here.

3. WORX WG518 Electric leaf blower vacuum

Worx features yet again on our list- they are obviously doing something right. The machine incorporates a 12 Amp motor that reduces large leaf piles into nutritious mulch. What sets this mulcher apart from the rest is that its a commercial grade mulcher, leaf blower and vacuum suitable for professional use. The unit can achieve speeds up to 250 mph to perform a thorough job.


The vacuum is remarkably effective at collecting different types of debris in addition to leaves, it can collect twigs, pine needles and so on. The leaf reduction ratio is up there with the best of them at 16:1 and the high-grade metal impeller reduces clogging as it mulches.

The machine is electric powered and weighs a mere 10.8 pounds, therefore , minimizing strain to your wrists and arms. Cleverly, the variable dual speed is a big bonus for users with a yard that consists of various elements such as flower beds, lawn, gardens and so on. The Worx WG518 can tackle multiple surfaces without fuss.


  • I like that it’s fitted with a robust impeller that mulches efficiently.
  • The powerful 12 amp motor can provide an impressive 250 mph speed.
  • The variable speed can be adjusted to ensure that the machine works around delicate flora.
  • Switching between functions is a doddle.


  • The Worx WG518 electric powered mulcher is a bit restrictive for users with larger yards as the power cord can limit the range, however, there is the possibility of using an extension lead if needed.

Where can I buy the WORX WG518 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the WORX WG518 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum here.

4. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum–  Best Leaf Blower Mulcher

Next up is the Toro 51621 leaf blower which comes with a strong 12 amp motor and speeds of up to 250 mph.

Use it for mulching, leaf blowing and leaf vacuuming combined in one machine plus you can change between each function without interrupting the job. The high-quality metal impellers last longer than plastic ones.

Toro-51621-UltraPlus-Leaf-Blower-Vacuum-Variable-Speed-up-to 250-mph

The Toro mulcher comes with a proprietary shred ring that can be attached to the machine to work in conjunction with the impeller to cut down the leaf volume to an absolute minimum. The zipper is smartly located at the base of the collection bag for easier disposal of mulch as opposed to detaching the entire bag every time it needs emptying. It comes with tube attachments specially adapted for damp leaves and areas that are difficult to reach.

The unit weighs a comfortable 8.9 pounds to eliminate back or shoulder strain after prolonged use. This electric powered leaf gizmo is a great addition to any yard cluttered with leaves and in need of clearing out.


  • The collection bag doesn’t need to be detached from the machine to be emptied.
  • The tubes are cleverly adapted to deal with damp leaves.
  • The “shred-all” attachment improves the impellers leaf-reducing efficiency.
  • The machine combines leaf collection, mulching and leaf blowing in one appliance.
  • The robust 12 amp motor achieves an impressive speed of 250 mph.
  • The adjustable speed is ideal for yards with varied styles.


  • The electric cable can limit the machine’s range in bigger yards.

Where can I buy the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum?

Check out the latest prices for the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum here.

5. Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc 1.3 HP

The Tanaka mulcher is a strong appliance suitable for commercial use. It’s ideal for domestic use as well as professional applications. The unit can reach volumes of 393 CFM. The functionality found on this device prioritizes convenience. The handle has extra cushioning for a comfortable grip and there is a cruise control feature.


The electric cruise control gives you the option to turn on the machine with the push of a button, therefore, allowing the blower to expel air continuously at the desired speed for ease of use.

The handle feels soft and extra comfy in your hand and alleviates discomfort when undertaking long tasks.

The appliance comes with a fan nozzle which smartly increase the air volume to improve efficiency. The shredder blade is an optional extra and is capable of blowing leaves in the desired direction easily from areas such plant beds and gardens.



  • The Tanaka Mulcher is a dependable outdoor appliance that is ready to clear debris cluttering your yard.
  • The ergonomically soft grip ensures comfortable usage when undertaking big jobs.
  • The fan nozzle provides high-volume efficiency for improved mulching.


  • It’s a bit more expensive than its rivals.

Where can I buy the Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc 1.3 HP Leaf Blower?

Check out the latest prices for the Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc 1.3 HP Leaf Blower here.

6. DEWALT DCBL720B Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower 

This Dewalt battery-powered leaf mulcher houses a distinctive axial fan configuration that optimizes the air output and battery efficiency.

The trigger works on variable speeds and can be locked to the required speed so that users can take advantage and make best use of the blower’s control. The maximum air volume is 400 CFM and 90 MPH air seed.


The Dewalt DCBL720B is pleasantly lightweight and user-friendly, weighing just 7.1 pounds.

It is also one of the quietest leaf mulchers on the market producing just 61 decibels of noise thanks to the brush-less motor, therefore, making it suitable for early birds that prefer to work before everyone else gets out of bed.



  • This is one of the best battery powered leaf mulchers that provides speeds of 90 MPH and 400 CFM of air volume.
  • The lightweight machine is compact enough to use for an extended period without causing fatigue.
  • The brushless motor is robust and optimizes performance. The trigger lets you control the speed and lock it where required.
  • The Dewalt DCBL720B operates at a low noise level without interrupting those around you.
  • It’s a dependable appliance that delivers the power required to mulch and vacuum leaves quickly.


  • The battery is sold separately and comes as an optional extra.

Where can I buy the DEWALT DCBL720B Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower?

Check out the latest prices for the DEWALT DCBL720B Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower here.

7. BLACK+DECKER BV5600 Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher

The Black + Decker BV5600 can pick up leaves and mulch simultaneously, making it perfect for a range of jobs around the yard.

Its leaf reducing capabilities are nothing short of astounding. It can minimize 16 bags of leaves to 1 bag making it a prized choice for users wanting to eliminate a large volume of leaves whilst keeping the frequency of disposal to a minimum.


The blower function reaches speeds of 250 MPH to shift leaves and debris with ease. The noise produced by this machine has been reduced by 50% compared to its rivals.

The metal fan is powerfully configured to prevent the unit from clogging up during mulching. The adjustable speed is handy for delicate areas such as garden plots in which flowers are grown.


  • The blower reaches speeds of 250 mph for quicker movement of debris.
  • It works at a quieter noise level of just 68 decibels.
  • Switching between blower and vacuum is a smooth process.
  • The integrated cable retainer keeps the cable fixed and plugged in for continuous operation.


  • The appliance doesn’t pick up other types of debris effectively such as twigs.

Where can I buy the BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High Performance Blower?

Check out the latest prices for the BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower here.

8. Black & Decker BV3600 12-Amp Blower Vacuum

The Black + Decker BV3600 is a robust blower vacuum that features a 12 amp motor to get rid of pesky leaves and clear out your yard.  

There is the choice of a mulcher, blower and vacuum at your disposal. The maximum airflow is 230 mph and as a result, its ideal for cleaning up various types of debris, in addition to leaves, from medium to big yards.


The variable speed allows you to move debris from fragile flowerbeds, however, it has enough power to remove huge piles of heavy leaves. The engine comes to life at the push of a button and offers reliable performance every single time.

Similar to its siblings, it benefits from a lower noise output of only 69 decibels for a comfortable user experience. Converting from blower to vacuum and vice versa is effortless. You’ll be glad to know that the collection bag can be emptied in record time allowing you to get on with the job.

The Impeller is designed with an anti-clogging mechanism to prevent blockages whilst mulching. The unit can reduce 10 bags of leaves down to 1 bag! Impressive or what?



  • The weight of the machine is evenly balanced, therefore, improving handling.
  • The leaf mulching process is remarkably powerful.
  • On a low setting, the machine is silent.
  • The unit is great for medium and bigger sized areas.


  • The Black + Decker BV3600 is a bit heavier than it counterparts and could require a shoulder strap to use.

Where can I buy the Black & Decker BV3600 12-Amp Blower Vac?

Check out the latest prices for the Black & Decker BV3600 12-Amp Blower Vac here.

9. Husqvarna 320iB, 40-Volt 412 CFM 103 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower

If you’re not too bothered about a mulcher and simply need a leaf blower, then the Husqvarna 320iB is a worthwhile battery powered blower that operates quietly and is extremely effective at clearing up debris and leaves where it’s not wanted. This machine stands out for its balanced performance and ability to direct the air exactly where it’s needed plus its quiet enough to use both outside and indoors.


Battery powered blowers have a tendency of under-delivering on running times, however, the Husqvarna 320iB comes with an optimised battery efficiency that provides a runtime that is equivalent to a gas-powered alternative, therefore a single charge will run just as long as one tank of gas. A spare battery will ensure that you can continue with the task without delay.

The battery-powered Husqvarna appliance costs slightly more than some gas-powered machines but it will save you money in the long run because you never need to pay for gas to run the unit. If you’re after a longlasting low-maintenance electric leaf blower then you should consider the Husqvarna 320iB. The electrically driven system delivers less downtime and as a result, you can spend more time focusing on getting the job done.


  • The wind speed is a breeze to control.
  • The machine is extremely compact and lightweight, thus, can be used comfortably for extended periods.
  • There’s a choice of different nozzles to tackle a variety of jobs.
  • It is available with two types of nozzles that can handle various kinds of tasks.


  • It costs slightly more than gas-powered blowers, however, it’s cheaper to run in the long term.

Where can I buy the Husqvarna 320iB Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower?

Check out the latest prices for the Husqvarna 320iB Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower here.


There you have it, a comprehensive summary of the best leaf blower vacuum mulchers for 2019. These machines save you time and effort when you’re undertaking daunting outdoors tasks. I’ve included a range of gas, electric and battery options to suit any budget and job combination.

Whether you’re after a mulcher, vacuum, blower or an appliance that combines all three, you’ll find everything that you need right here. Ideally, you want a machine that can cope with your yard size and volume of debris that needs collecting on a regular basis. Once you’ve considered your budget and outdoor requirements simply select your perfect unit using any of the above links.


Are you considering buying a leaf mulcher vacuum from our list or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner Guide for 2019- Read Before Buying

A clean garage isn’t always easy to maintain. It could be harbouring debris leftover from drilling or sawdust scattered all over the floor from sanding furniture. Whatever type of mess you’re dealing with, the level of difficulty to remove it is amplified when it’s around the garage.

Once that mess accumulates to the point where you need to do something about it, you’ll probably reluctantly take out the broom to try sweep as much of it out whilst avoiding the use of your lovely house vacuum, fearing the risk of breaking it.


The fastest method of cleaning up your garage, workshop or vehicles is to buy a wall mounted garage vacuum. This machine will provide you with a space-saving solution that will save you time and unnecessary hardship.

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes with a wall mounted cleaner. You can work on your project guilt-free knowing that the resulting mess can be picked up quickly and effectively. Your garage can be a comfortably clean area to do the jobs that you love.

Throughout this guide, we’ll point out the most important features to be on the lookout for when searching for the perfect wall mounted vacuum for your garage. Once you are confident with the functionality required from your potential appliance, you can head on over to our shortlist by clicking the link below to discover the crème de la crème of garage vacuums.

The tank size and hose length, among other things, are often at the forefront of the deciding factors when choosing an ideal vacuum. They are other features that are just as important, however, this will all hinge on your usability requirements and what’s important for you.

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Vacmaster-5-Gallon-5 Peak-HP-with-2-Stage-Motor-Wet-Dry-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wall-Mountable

Advantages of a Top-Rated Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

The abilities of wall mounted garage vacuums extend beyond just cleaning the garage. If your garage is a sanctuary for your prized car, you can valet the interior to a very high standard, therefore, cutting down the cost of professional cleaning.

Your new vacuum will come handy for any type of messy task undertaken in your workshop or garage, such as vacuuming debris caused by sanders, power saws and any other type of power tools used for heavy-duty DIY projects.

Keeping your garage clean and clutter-free will usually speed up the rate at which you can get through work projects. Your garage vacuum will take up a very small footprint of the work area and it will always be readily available when needed.

If liquid substances form a part of the mess, in addition to dry debris, then you will want to consider a garage wall mounted vacuum with wet and dry cleaning functionality, however, if fluid substances are not an issue then a standard wall mount vacuum will be more than adequate for picking up dry mess.


The filtration fitted in high-performance garage vacuums is better than the average vacuum and often includes HEPA filters to catch airborne allergens, therefore, are a huge benefit for allergy sufferers.

The Makings of a Good Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

Above all, you want a garage vacuum with the strength to clean the challenging mess that results from a busy work area. It would be annoying to try clean with an appliance that has weak suction power, therefore, cannot pick up debris after a big job, you’ll end up tiring yourself out more than you need to.

The size and weight of wall mounted vacuums differs between different models. bigger machines are often equipped with robust wall brackets. The ideal unit should be powerful and cleverly designed to be space-saving whilst housing a large capacity tank with an easy disposal process.

The tank for your new appliance will either be bagged or bagless. If the model is bagged, be sure to check the cost of replacement bags to ensure that they are affordable, or check if the bag is reusable and if so, how many times can it be reused before it needs replacing? If the tank is bagless, check how easy it is to empty, how much time it takes to empty and whether the process is messy or hygeinic.


Some garage cleaners are fitted with filters that need replacing after a specified time or number of uses whilst others are equipped with filtration that will last the lifetime of the machine.

There are also models that cleverly utilise self-cleaning technology and as a result, you never need to remove the filters and clean them yourself. It’s always a good idea to know the capabilities of the filters prior to purchase to see if it meets your expectations.

Ideally, you want a vacuum with a long power cord so that it can be mounted in a convenient location regardless of the power source location. The machine also needs to come with a long hose measuring at least 30-ft. Remember that the main unit stays in one place whereas the hose needs to be able to reach all four corners of the garage and possibly the driveway.


It’s now common to find wall mounted garage vacuums that can convert into a blower to help shift outdoor mess that makes it’s way into your garage such as grit or leaves.

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Hose Length

As mention before, when the unit is fixed to the wall, the length of the hose needs to be adequate. If the machine is stationary there’s very little that can be done about a short hose. The cleaning range will be stunted by a hose that isn’t long enough, which is why you need to consider if the length will cover where you need it to go.

I will talk extensively about the hose length because of it’s importance to the performance and convenience of the overall cleaning experience. Be careful when looking at the various models as some will define the vacuum’s reach as the length of the power cord combined with the length of the hose e.g. a manufacturer might state that the hose is 20-ft and the cord is 10-ft thus giving you a combined range of 30-ft, which is not entirely true.


The above statement can’t really be applied to a wall mounted vacuum cleaner. If the unit is fixed to one place and it comes with a 20-ft hose, this would make the cleaning range 20-ft. The length of the power cord is insignificant when factoring in reachability.

Where Should You Mount Your Vacuum Cleaner?

It might not seem like a big deal but the location that you choose to mount your garage vacuum is important too. If you choose to mount it in a central location, on one of the side walls, it will be midway between the garage door and the back.

It can be mounted in the centre of the rear wall giving it an even reach between the left and right areas of the garage or you can place the unit in a corner of the garage.


Below is an example of the reachability that can be achieved by a garage vacuum cleaner with a 20-ft hose in a standard sized garage that fits 2 cars:

If the unit is placed in the centre of a side wall, a 20-ft hose length should comfortably reach the rear and front garage entrance.

If the machine is placed in a rear corner, a hose with a similar length should be able to extend to the entrance.

And finally if the unit is mounted on the wall by the front entrance, the 20-ft hose will be able to stretch to the driveway or the rear of the garage.

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How Long Should Your Hose Be?

Taking into account the above example, what is a realistic hose length to reach all sections of the garage including the driveway?

Vacmaster-5-Gallon-5 Peak-HP-with-2-Stage-Motor-Wet-and-Dry-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wall-Mountable

To get a clearer picture of a suitable hose length needed for your work area you should measure the length from the mounting location to the opposite side of the room or from corner to corner.

Let’s say the measurement is 25-ft, for example. You then need to measure the distance from the mounting location to the floor, and a separate measurement from the mounting location to the ceiling.

Once you’ve got both measurements always use the larger of the two. In this case, if the location is 3.5-ft from the floor and 4-ft from the ceiling then use 4-ft and add that to the 25-ft (wall to wall measurement), therefore, your hose length should be a minimum of 29-ft.

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Does an Extra-long Vacuum Hose Provide Good Suction Power?

A 40-ft hose provides a great cleaning range, however, a longer hose can reduce the suction power, especially when used with an average performance units. For this reason, you will only find a handful of top-performance wall mounted vacuums that come with a long hose length more than 40-ft.


Ideally, its best to buy a garage vacuum with a hose as close to 40-ft as possible to give the best possible coverage without neglecting areas of your garage that are further away.

Is the Length of the Power Cord Important?

We touched on this subject a bit earlier and concluded that the length of the power cable doesn’t contribute to the cleaning range of a vacuum that is fixed to the wall.

If the hose is 25-ft and the power cable is 20-ft, you won’t get the benefit of the cable length if the machine is mounted to the wall. You can only take advantage of the combined 45-ft range if the machine is on wheels and you’re dragging it around.

Personally, if I had the choice I’d always opt for a garage vacuum with a longer hose and an average length power cord instead of a shorter hose that is equal in length to the power cord.


Why Should a Wall Mounted Vacuum Come With Wheels?

If your garage vacuum is going to be wall mounted why should it have wheels? For starters, your hose length might fall short of the area you want to vacuum.

Additionally, if you use the machine to collect wet substances, the weight of the machine will increase considerably because liquids are heavier than dry debris and as a result, the wall bracket might struggle with the heaviness. In this scenario you can unmount the machine and leave it on it wheels whilst collecting fluids.

Even though the wheels might not be used often, it’s good to have them there as an option should they ever be required.

Does the Vacuum Come With a Bag For Accessories and Hose Storage?

A good vacuum should either be equipped with a holder to place the various attachments or a bag to keep the attachments in one place and within easy reach. Without either of these, you’ll soon misplace your attachments in the abyss of your garage never to be seen again.


A decent wall mount garage vacuum should provide a neat storage solution for your attachments instead of leaving them to roam free and contribute to the clutter of your garage.

A small accessory bag is the most practical solution particularly if you need to valet your vehicles and require multiple attachments for different sections of the interior. Be on the lookout for the attachment storage that comes with your new garage vacuum.

What about the hose? Where does it go once it’s finished cleaning up? A long hose can become unsightly and get in the way if it’s not stored efficiently. Preferably you want to buy a wall mounted vacuum that comes with storage for the hose, wands and accessories as well as cable management for the power cords.

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Is the Appliance Bagged or Bagless?

This was a topic that we looked at earlier and it deserves another mention because many users get stuck when deciding whether to buy a bagged or bagless garage vacuum.


A vacuum cleaner dirtbag can be described as the final filtration stage for dust because it catches debris that could possibly escape back into the atmosphere. Bagless units are more cost-effective as you don’t need to worry about buying replacement bags.

The best wall mounted vacuums are bagless. The on-board filtration system separates the dirt efficiently into the tank for easy disposal once it’s ready to be emptied.

Does the Vacuum Covert into a Blower?

If nature has a tendency of getting into your garage then it might be time that you considered a wall mounted vacuum that doubles up as a blower. With this function, you can blow out dust and leaves that find their way into your garage space rather than trying to vacuum them.


The benefits of this are that blowing mess out is much quicker than trying to vacuum it, additionally, outdoor debris won’t take up unnecessary space in your machine’s tank.

Most modern garage vacuums are fitted out with a blower feature to improve the convenience further. One of the advantages of a leaf-blowing wall mounted vacuum is that it saves you the cost of buying a standalone leaf blower and it saves space where another appliance would have taken up room.     

Is a Retractable Cable Important?

You wouldn’t think that a retractable cable bears any importance if the machine is going to be fixed to the wall. If your new vacuum comes with wheels and you intend to use them then it’s a very good idea to think about cable management. The best solution for this is a retractable mechanism that keeps things tidy and prevents you from tripping over excess cord.   

Compact wall mounted vacuums are easier to dismount from their wall brackets and tend to come with wheels to extend their versatility, therefore, the retractable cord feature will spare you from dealing with tangled cables and tripping hazards. 


Sadly, a retractable cable is not a common feature found in garage vacuums mainly because they are designed to stay put in one place once mounted to the wall. It’s also common to find a model that sits on wheels but does not come with retractable capabilities. You often have one feature but not the other. Having said that, they ae a few units that provide the convenience of both. Check out our shortlist in the link below to find your ideal garage vac.

Is It Easy To Get Replacement Parts For Your Garage Vacuum?

How easy is it to get spare parts for your machine further down the line? Your hose might tire out and need replacing after a few years or perhaps the filters are clogged up and need swapping for new ones?

The easiest way to circumvent the issue of finding replacement parts is to buy your potential machine from well-known brands such as Shop-Vac, Vacmaster, Hoover, Bissell, Prolux. Stick to the big brands as their parts are readily available and there’s often a customer service team on hand to help you find what you need.

If you decide to buy your new vacuum from a smaller company there is always a risk that they might go bust which would then leave you high and dry when your machine needs maintenance. Always check the health of the manufacturer if you decide to buy from a smaller less known brand.


Should You Buy a Wet & Dry Garage Vacuum?

You’d be surprised how handy it is to vacuum liquids from the floor with a wet and dry garage vacuum. For starters, it’s a lot simpler than trying to mop or using a towel to wipe the floor. Use this feature to collect water after washing the car, to remove winter slush or water that results from a leak.

Before using the wet feature on your new garage vacuum it’s crucial to know how to use it properly to avoid damaging the unit. Below are a few tips for proper usage:    

  • Wet and dry vacuums do not perform to the same level as submersible pumps which are designed to drain flood water, clean ponds and pools.
  • Always detach the unit from the wall bracket before using it to collect liquid. Fluids are heavier than dry mess and will put a considerable amount of strain to the wall bracket.
  • Always use the correct filter when collecting fluids. Your machine will come with separate filters specifically for wet mess and dry mess.

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Can You Download The Instruction Handbook Online? We Can Help You Find it.

An instruction manual is one of the easiest things to misplace, and at some point you will probably need it to use one of features on your vacuum. Perhaps you need to change the filters but can’t figure out how to get to them or maybe you need to use the wet feature. When you need the vacuum manual, to figure something out, you can download it online using a simple shortcut to find it easily.

First you need to filter the Google search results to show PDF file types. Use the Google “filetype” search to limit your results to the PDF file type. Type the vacuum name, then type : filetype:pdf.

Caution: Be careful when downloading files from the internet. Always make sure that the file is from a trusted website to avoid downloading malicious files and viruses.

Certain Brands Advise Against Using Extension Cables

Some brands now advise against connecting their garage vacuums to an extension lead and as such, you are limited to the locations of the plug sockets in your garage which will determine the mounting location of your new garage vac.


The reason for manufacturers deterring customers is most likely to do with faulty extension cables that could be potential fire hazards or perhaps they could compromise the machine’s performance. As mentioned earlier, research cord length prior to purchasing your wall mounted vacuum to ensure that it is long enough to reach plug sockets from the desired mount location.

Which Is the Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum To Buy?

We’ve simplified the process of finding the perfect garage vacuum for you. The hard work has been done and we’ve handpicked the best performing machines from a market that would take hours to research. Our garage vacuum review includes portable machines, wet and dry units, bagged or bagless and anything else you might require.

Our selection caters for all budgets from high-end premium models to affordable value vacuums. We’ve narrowed down the list to just seven machines. All you need to do is visit the link below to access the best garage vacuums available to buy today.

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At first, wall mounted garage vacuums don’t seem like an essential purchase but once you’ve read through their capabilities you’ll soon discover the benefits of installing one in your garage. In addition to car valeting you can use it to clean work areas after an extensive DIY project and blow away stray leaves that make their way into your garage. 

My advice would be to buy a wall mounted vacuum cleaner with an adequate hose length of at least 30-ft or longer and a cord that is long enough to mount the unit wherever it’s needed the most. You should consider a unit with a wet feature and whether your budget can stretch to pay a little extra for one of these models. And when it comes to accessories, the more the better!

Overall, the benefits of achieving fast cleaning results around your garage, without stress, will mean that you’re more inclined to keep it that way. Are you considering getting your hands on a backpack vacuum cleaner or do you already own one. Please leave your comments in the section. I’d love to hear from you.     

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Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide & Reviews 2019

If you’re in the market for a backpack vacuum you’ve taken a step in the right direction. They provide incredible agility and freedom of movement that most other vacuums can’t offer. As the name suggests, this appliance is designed to be worn on your back with the use of a harness that can adjust to the perfect fit.

he hose extends from the machine to the front of your body and is flexible enough to clean virtually all surface types. Use it to clean confined spaces, stairways and high-reaching areas.    

Top rated backpack vacuums are equipped with suction power strong enough to vacuum various floor types in most scenarios. Modern advancements in battery technology has seen a growing market of cordless backpack vacuums that deliver the ultimate cleaning freedom, without the hassle of power cables.


These units are user-friendly and most of them provide an adequate amount of power suitable for commercial cleaning. Domestic users will enjoy a higher level of cleaning results throughout their homes.     

From the onset, a backpack vacuum might seem like a daunting appliance to use or might appear difficult to operate but it’s not. At first it might feel a bit awkward simply because you are more familiar with a conventional upright or canister machine.

I can assure you that a backpack vacuum will help you to deliver a thorough clean much easier and quicker. The simple way to look at it is that you are carrying the equipment on your back (except the hose and wand) rather than pushing or dragging it on the floor.


Throughout this buyer’s guide we’ll help you to get accustomed to a backpack vacuum, its features and go through the advantages over other vacuum types. We’ll pop the hood and explain everything you need to know and hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll see that backpack vacuums aren’t as complex as you thought they were. 

Reasons to get a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuuming usually takes up a lot of time and is a mundane chore, which is why an appliance that reduces cleaning times and takes away the hard work is a welcomed solution whether it’s for industrial or home cleaning. Office cleaning companies or janitors, for example, would massively benefit from the convenience of a backpack vacuum, however, its uses extend beyond commercial applications. 

The increased mobility means that nothing gets in the way and as a result, you can target areas that are trickier to reach with a standard sized vacuum. A backpack cleaner affords you the ability to deep clean sections of the room that an upright or canister vacuum would struggle to.

Helpful tip– make sure that you a buy a backpack vacuum with a good range of attachments, this not only speeds up cleaning but it allows you to target multiple surfaces and tight gaps as well. 


For homes or businesses with limited storage, a backpack vacuum is the ideal solution as it takes up little room and is easier to transport than other vacuum types. The majority of these units are designed with compactness as a priority therefore, making them perfect for mobile vacuuming requirements.

The best rated backpack vacuums place expedient functionality right in front of you but this will also depend on your usage requirements, the environment it needs to vacuum and the model that you decide to go with. We’ve done the groundwork and sourced the best backpack cleaners available to buy today, simply use the link below.

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

When choosing a backpack vacuum stick to well established brands such as Hoover, Proteam, Powr-Flite or Bissell. These brands come with a good track record and have been making vacuum cleaners for decades to give you a better cleaning experience.  

It’s a worthwhile investment to opt for an appliance from a household brand, even if it costs a bit more money. You will get peace of mind that your new machine will give you many years of reliable service even with heavy usage.


Personally, I think the extra cost is justified as it will cut down on cleaning times thus saving you money in the long run whilst maintaining an immaculate standard of cleanliness.

The Advantage of a Backpack Vacuum

If you were to observe a commercial cleaner in an office, school or hotel, chances are they’ll be using a backpack vacuum. How come? Because this appliance is lightweight, compact and delivers stronger suction than rival vacuum types.

Generally, you’ll find them used for industrial cleaning but they are equally suitable for household cleaning. If you struggle lugging your cumbersome vacuum around you’ll benefit from hoisting on of these machines on your back. 

What Should you take in account prior to buying a Backpack Vacuum?

Make sure that you take your time when choosing a backpack vacuum as it’s usually a big investment. It’s crucial to know which features you need and features that are just nice to have.


Once you know the type of surfaces you’ll be mostly be cleaning and how often you’ll be moving the machine from area to the other, you should consider the points below.  

Cleaning environment

  • Which areas will your backpack vacuum get the most use?
  • Will you be vacuuming places such as restaurants or hotel rooms that need cleaning more than once a day?
  • Are you a workman requiring a backpack cleaner for picking up sawdust, cement dust or other types of dirt from commercial projects?

Depending on the type of cleaning you need to perform, domestic or professional, it’s a good idea to consider the types and sizes of spaces that your new machine needs to operate in. This will give you a clearer picture of the power needed from your appliance to carry out the required tasks. It will also help you decide which tools and accessories are required to make the job easier.       

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Backpack vacs focus on pure suction power and resourceful vacuuming instead of the fancy features found on canister or upright vacuums, but don’t mistake this with a basic vacuum cleaner that only provides the minimum essentials- The capability of a backpack vacuum is far from basic. Look for a model that comes with a varied collection of accessories to transform it into a versatile cleaner.   


Some of the attachments that you can expect to find are a crevice tool to clean small spaces and gaps, a glider for vacuuming rugs and carpets, a brush duster to clean upholstery and curtains. If your new machine can be transformed into a blower, it will be supplied with the relevant accessories for sweeping duties. Some models will come with angled wands to simplify reaching into awkward areas.

As mentioned earlier, you should think about the type of debris you’ll be cleaning regularly and whether you’ll vacuuming mostly hard surfaces or carpets. This will help you to decide the attachments and nozzles that should be supplied with your new appliance. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about accessories: 

  • Are you vacuuming dusty shelves, ceiling fans and high-reaching areas?
  • Do you need to clean challenging mess such as pet hairs?
  • Are you cleaning mostly on hard surfaces or carpeting?
  • Does your new backpack vacuum need to have a hypoallergenic cleaning feature?


One of the most important aspects that influences your purchasing decision is the cost of the vacuum. The secret here is not to go too cheap and compromise the cleaning performance, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend big bucks for a decent machine.

The budget that you set aside for your new backpack vacuum should correlate with the amount of use that you expect from the unit; therefore, a commercial cleaning business would require a much stronger premium appliance compared to a builder that would vacuum less frequently.

Maybe you’re a domestic user that wants a backpack vacuum for the occasional big jobs around the house, you wouldn’t need a premium machine for this. Check out the link below to find the best backpack cleaner for your budget.   


Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

Motor Power

Whether you need a backpack vacuum for professional purposes or household cleaning, you want the task to be completed in the least amount of time whilst retaining a high standard of cleanliness.

Thankfully backpack vacuums are fitted with some of the strongest motors found on a vacuum cleaner, these motors are stronger than the ones on cumbersome upright machines. The result is sheer suction power that speeds up cleaning times and efficiency.


Your backpack vacuum is always there, right behind you, wherever you need to go. It provides the most comprehensive movement freedom, whether it’s cleaning stairways or navigating different rooms in the house, a school or hospital, you can do this without lugging or pushing around the unit.

It reduces fatigue and strain to your back whilst allowing you to clean for extended periods of time. The machine also frees up both of your hands therefore allowing you to move furniture or other objects during vacuuming without causing delays. 


Multipurpose Backpack Vacuum

Don’t worry if the house or building, that needs cleaning, has a combination of hard floors and carpets. The backpack vacuum is designed to tackle numerous surface types as a result of the powerful suction provided by the motor.

It can thoroughly clean any type of hard floor without causing scratches. Additionally, a backpack vac usually comes with a flexible hose that stretches to a good length, giving you the convenience to reach areas that other vacuums can’t get to.   

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

User Friendly

The advantage that a backpack vacuum has over other vacuums is that it allows you to keep your back straight unlike an upright or canister. Your new unit will come with its own customised harness with various adjustable straps that spread the weight of the machine evenly to eliminate any type of strain. It is much easier to manoeuvre around the house or building.


Backpack vacuums are very convenient for domestic use, however, the bulk of them are designed to accommodate the requirements of professionals. This is win-win situation, especially if you’re a residential user because you will benefit from the robust materials used to make them, which are much stronger than standard vacuum cleaners. The minimalistic design means they are less parts prone to damage and less maintenance to worry about. 


Backpack Vacuum Capacity

Though they are compact machines, backpack vacuums can collect a large amount of dirt before reaching full capacity. Whatever brand or model you decide to buy, a large holding capacity is a universal feature that can be enjoyed across the board. The advantage for you is less frequent emptying and more time spent cleaning, it will also minimise the cost of spare bags.

How Much does a Backpack Vacuums Weigh?

The weight of an average backpack vacuum is not much at all. One would think that these appliances weigh a tonne because of the strong suction but you’d be wrong! The weight ranges between 10 to 15 pounds which feels like nothing on your back.

We’re all different and what might be comfortable for me could be a lot for someone else, therefore, I’d recommend choosing a weight that won’t strain your back. 

Does a Backpack Vac Contribute to Air Pollution?

When consumers research a backpack vacuum and read about horsepower (HP) and motor amps they could easily assume that efficiency is been compromised to make way for motor power, however, this is a misconception.


The fact is, backpack cleaners are equipped with some of the best filter systems to improve efficiency and cope with the high expectations required by professionals. Typically, this type of machine houses 3 to 5 filters.  

Usually, a backpack vacuum is fitted with a HEPA filter that has the ability to catch 99.97% of dust particles and allergens floating in the air. With certain models, the filtration is integral to a sealed system. If your new vacuum houses a sealed system, it will stop dirt particles from escaping once picked up.  

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

Do Backpack Vacuums make a lot of Noise?

The noise limit set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is 90 decibels in an 8-hour day. Manufacturers are cautious about maintaining a noise level well below this limit and will often equip their units with noise diffusers to achieve comfortable volumes.

Backpack vacuums need to operate at lower noise levels especially in commercial environments such as hospitals or hotels where a loud motor could disrupt patients or customers.  


The noise diffusers are made from sound-dampening materials which form part of the machine’s body. Another noise-reducing technique is fitting the appliance with a brushless motor which is quieter than a conventional motor and as a result, you will find that the noise of most backpack vacuums is between 60 to 70 decibels which is comparable to the sound of a hairdryer. 

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Maintenance advice is different between models; however, they are several best practices that you can follow to maintain your backpack vacuum at its optimum working condition. To start off, avoid operating your machine if it doesn’t have all of its filters or dirt canister attached to it.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding filter maintenance and stick to the cleaning intervals. I’d recommend setting yourself reminders to clean the filters, it might seem like a hassle, but it will prolong the life of your machine in the long run. Avoid overfilling the dirt bag or letting it exceed 75% capacity, to reduce the chances of overheating the unit.

If your backpack vacuum is corded, you should get into the practice of inspecting the cord every week to ensure that it’s in good condition. Like other corded machines, be careful not to pull on the cable excessively while vacuuming. Follow these simple steps to extend the life of your new vacuum cleaner. 

Which Type of Bag should you buy?


Not many backpack vacuums use a bagless container to collect dirt and dust. Most of them are designed to utilise either a cloth or paper bag. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks.

Cloth bags can be used more than once. Once full, you can tip the debris out into the garbage can, give the bag a good shake and place it back into the machine ready for the next job. The benefit here is the money saved from not needing replacement bags. The drawback is that cloth bags are untidy to empty.

Paper bags are for one-time use. A full bag will need to be chucked away and a new one attached to the machine. You’ll need to buy spare bags and keep a supply of them readily available. The advantage of paper bags is that they are a lot more hygienic and easier to dispose of.  

Dust has a tendency of escaping back into the atmosphere even when precautions are taken, but the chances of this are reduced if you use paper bags instead of cloth. What type of bag should you get? This boils down to the expense of bag replacements versus the convenience. What is more important to you? 


Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

What Are The Most Important Features of a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

Backpack vacuum cleaners are unique to other model types. They are powerful machines and are designed for longevity. Unlike cheap vacuums that tend to lose suction after the first few months, a backpack vac will perform consistently and maintain unfading suction power.

Your new vacuum will last you for many years and for this reason, you want to ensure that it provides the desired performance.

Here are some of the features to be aware of before you buy your new backpack vacuum cleaner:

Backpack Vacuum Motor

As mentioned earlier, suction power is key to the performance of a vacuum cleaner. The stronger the motor, the higher amount of suction it will generate. The power of a motor on a backpack cleaner is calculated in watts, the more the better. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you choose a machine with a minimum of 1000 watts.


Don’t worry if you find a vacuum specifying two different watts for its motor. It means that the machine is fitted with a two-stage motor that generates cyclone power. The advantages of a cyclone system is that it’s more effective at separating small dust particles and keeping them from the motor.


Suction power is measured in various ways, one of the most common measurements is the rate of water lift which is calculated in inches. Water lift is central to the vacuum’s performance, however, a more important metric for a backpack vacuum is the airflow which shifts debris and dust sucked up by the unit.

A low airflow rate will negatively affect the suction power. Aim for a minimum airflow rate of 100 cubic feet per minute for better cleaning performance.   

The airflow rate should be at the forefront of your purchasing decision and should be one of the determining factors when choosing your machine. Even if you find a machine with 10 cubic feet per minute less than your last consideration, this could mark the difference between a great machine and an average one.  

Cleaning Range

The cleaning range of a backpack vacuum will be determined by several factors. For starters, the power cable needs to be long enough and should preferably measure about 50 ft. You also need to consider the length of the bendable hose which should ideally be 4 to 6 ft long. Most backpack cleaners are supplied with a wand.


Some wands are retractable and can be adjusted to the desired length. You can also find angled wands that can be combined with various accessories for better reach when vacuuming large floors and high-reaching areas. Generally, a vacuum should come with plenty of accessories to help extend its reach.     

Bin Capacity

The dirt bag should be large enough to reduce the number of trips to the garbage can. Ideally, you want a high capacity bin that doesn’t add much bulk to the machine. The capacity will vary between models, however, the bin should be no smaller than 1 gallon. Most modern backpack vacuums are equipped with generous bins that can hold a capacity of 2.5 gallons or more.     

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Harness

A backpack vacuum needs a harness to secure the machine into a good position and improve its stability. The harness should have a minimum of one waist straps and a strap for each shoulder. Ideally, you want a strap that goes across the chest as well, but not all models come with one.   


The ultimate harness should be fit snuggly on your back whilst providing a great level of comfort. The straps should be padded and designed from material that is breathable. In addition to this, be on lookout for a waist strap that doubles up as storage for attachments for easy accessibility.  

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019

To Conclude

You’ve come to the end of the best backpack vacuum cleaner buyers guide and reviews for 2019. If you’ve made it this far then you are serious about buying a backpack vacuum and hopefully by now you are armed with all the right information to pick the right appliance for your requirements.

Overall, a backpack vacuum is highly versatile and focuses on large scale cleaning whilst minimising fatigue to the user. It provides the best suction power on a vacuum cleaner of its size and is robust enough for commercial use.


Are you considering getting your hands on a backpack vacuum cleaner or do you already own one. Please leave your comments in the section. I’d love to hear from you.     

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2019    

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

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