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When getting a top-loading washing machine, you must ask yourself a few questions first to be able to get the right product for you. Factors like budget, features, cubic feet, and power consumption, are just some of the points you must be able to identify before your purchase. In this section, we’ll help you answer all these parameters. We’ll also share with you our list of the best rated top loading washing machines 2021, where you might find the product you’re looking for. Read on to know more.

Factors to Consider


The right size of your top loading washing machine

When buying a washing machine, you must know whether it’s better to opt for a top-loading or front-loading type. Most consumers see more perks from top-loading washing machines, as this kind of model won’t need you to bend over, and it’s good for families with small kids. Current models we have today vary in dimensions depending on the manufacturer or model raw.

If you’re looking into getting a compact model, you may see options that are 24 to 26 inches in width. On the other hand, the average size for top-loading washing machines is around 27 to 27 ½ inches. Typically, the available options in the market have approximately the same width, but they differ in the tank capacity. You might find washing machines with capacities from 2.8 to 5.2 cubic feet.

The best ones usually have dimensions of about 41 to 43 inches, and are 25 to 27 deep. Before you buy a top loading washing machine, however, you must first measure the area of where you will place the machine. Therefore, you can get the right model that fits the bathroom, the laundry room or the location to store the product. Knowing these specifications can help you avoid mistakes when buying a new top loading washing machine.

Water consumption


When getting a top-loading washing machine, the amount of water the machine consumes is one of the most crucial factors to consider. To know how much water the machine needs for every use, you can find information about it by reading manual instructions or consumer reviews. Usually, the average water consumption of a top loading washing machine will be around 15 to 30 gallons of water.

The washing machine’s brand, amount of laundry, as well as available machine settings can affect the model’s water consumption. You can know the best options for a top loading washing machine by evaluating the product’s capability to automatically handle laundry weight and adjust its water requirement. The best options are easy to operate, especially when it comes to water consumption.

There are models that can determine the amount of water needed for optimum washing and rinsing of laundry. Although there are machines that offer customization, these models are not always the best choice. It’s rare to know the precise amount of water needed for a satisfying wash outcome. Models that can automatically measure laundry weight versus the water are a staple feature in top-tier options. With this capability, the machine can offer optimum water consumption. The amount of water needed may vary depending on the machine’s different washing cycles.

Where to get the best top loading washing machines

Once you find the best model for your needs, the next step is to find where to purchase it. You can find the best deals on different online platforms. However, the price varies depending on the machine’s condition, manufacturer, options, brand, features and so on. More recent options are typically pricier than the older models due to the materials used. However, older washing machines can still be a better choice depending on your budget and needs.

Many consumers look for cheaper options that can still perform at optimum. Yet, you can still find models with great functionality at a fair price.

Finding the right size

Top loading washing machines that can bulkier laundry are usually always the best choice. Ending up with the right model, especially the ones with large cubic meters can help you avoid bringing your comforter to the laundromat. still , the right washing machine size for you still depends on a few parameters.

Basically, models with 3.8 cubic feet capacity can wash a king-size comforter, but a machine with minimum 4.5 cubic feet is the safest option. Depending on the size and thickness of your comforter is the capacity of the top loading machine machine to go for. The bulkiest comforters may require models at about 4.5 cubic meters as the rule of thumb.

Filling up your top-load washing machine


For best washing results, do not fill up the tub of your machine for more than ⅔ way up. Filling up the entire tub could ruin the motor of your machine. Overfilling the tub may not only ruin the machine, it won’t as well be efficient for washing. Doing it may cause your clothes to come out soiled as the parts that can clean the laundry might collide with items, and block the agitator. Overloading the tub will impede motion, and the clothes will just sit there.

Most manuals don’t offer instructions when it comes to how much you can fill the machine’s tub. The best thing you can do is to make sure not to overfill. Do not load past the agitator, and avoid packing the items too tightly. Although modern options lack agitators, but impellers or plates, which work best when the tub is not filled more than ⅔.

Top Load Washer Maintenance


Top-loading washing machines may be less demanding when it comes to maintenance compared to front-loaders. Front-loading washers have a higher tendency to form mold and mildew, still top-loading models require effort and proper care to work for long years. Whether you opt for a machine with an agitator or the newer models with impellers, there are steps you must do to keep your washer in good condition.

If the model you’ll go for has a sanitize cycle, you would want to utilize it. Otherwise, manual sanitation can be done by using water, vinegar and baking soda. Set the water temperature to the hottest, then add vinegar and about 4 ounces of baking soda in the tub. You can as well use 2 cups of lemon juice for this process. If you opt for baking soda, wait until it’s dissolved after a cycle, and wait for at least 30 minutes, then repeat another cycle. You can also do this with bleach.

You may also want to wipe your washer clean and dry after use. Grime, dust, dirt and other particles can build and spread on the surface of the machine. Thus, it is important to regularly clean your washing machine regularly. Especially for automatic dispensers, sticky grime can easily build. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to it.

Best 7 Top Loading Washing Machines 2020

1. Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine

The Panda PAN6320W boasts a space-saving and efficient design, which can make washing your clothes easy. It can be the product you’re looking for especially if you live in a small space such as apartments, condominiums, dorms or RV. It’s equipped with built-in rollers, making this model portable. Despite its compact design, this washer can hold up to 10 pounds of clothes. Know if this is the product for you by reading on.

Panda PAN6320W Specs

  • Space-saving design
  • 2 built-in rollers/casters
  • Large 34 cubic ft capacity
  • Up to 10lbs of cloth
  • 3 prongs 110 Voltage
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • 10 washing programs
  • 5 water levels
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Quick connect adapter kit
  • 800 RPM
  • 20 x 19 x 34 inches
  • Inlet hose: 39 inches
  • Drain hose: 55 inches
  • 51 pounds

With dimensions, 20 x 19 x 34 inches, the Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine can be the best option for consumers with limited space such as dorms, apartments, and condos. This model offers a large capacity that can be up to 11 pounds at maximum. With an electronic touchpad for controls and an LED display, you can program its settings easily.

This model also boasts built-in casters for easy movement from one place to another. The washer’s transparent viewing lid is also a noteworthy highlight, which allows you to check your clothes. The Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine has a 3D waterfall feature, providing you an option for strong or wear water flow to serve your different needs.

The Panda PAN6320W portable machine boasts 6 programs for varying cleaning options. This model is easy to operate as well. You can simply connect the machine directly to the faucet using the model’s kit for an adapter and multiple hoses. The drawback, however, is this washer can be a bit pricier than the standard models.

Check out the full review for Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine



  1. Electronic controls with LED display
  2. Quick connect adapter kit
  3. 2 built-in rollers/casters
  4. Highly portable
  5. Large size capacity


  1. Little bit costly

Where can I find a Panda PAN6320W?

2. Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer


The Black + Decker BPWM09W is a popular model among people living in cities that’s perfect for small spaces. It’s easy to use and set up, which you can use at once just by connecting to the sink. You can easily store this model, tuck it in any corner, as it only takes a small amount of space. This washer is so compact that you can even bring it on trips or use it in an RV. This washer is a good option for dorms, or as a mini washer for baby and kids clothes.

Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer Specs

  • Portable
  • 0.9 cubic feet tub
  • Can handle up to 6.6 lbs. of laundry
  • 17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 inch
  • LED digital display panel
  • Clear top window
  • 5 Cycle Program
  • 3 Water Settings
  • Adjustable water level based on load size
  • Built-in lint-filter
  • Designed for high efficiency (HE) detergents only
  • Automatic unbalance detection

The Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer offers three water levels and 5 choices for cycles. It also has a digital display and a drain hose, which you can quickly connect to the sink adapter. This model may be small but it’s efficient. It also boasts safety features that are especially useful for families with small kids.


This model offers options for different modes: gentle, heavy, rapid, normal and soak. You can choose from its 3 water levels: high, medium and low. The product’s LED display projects cycle status, allowing you to know your laundry’s state. With the model’s Auto Unbalance Detection, Auto Shutoff, and features like child lock safety, you can have peace of mind as you use the machine. It also offers an option for Delayed Start, which lets you set up the cleaning up to 24 hours.

The machine’s stainless steel wash tub with a transparent watch window, allows easy monitoring of your items. The Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer is also equipped with adjustable front legs to position your machine anywhere you want. The model’s drain hose as well as quick-connect sink adapter is convenient to use, too.

The Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer can be efficient for high efficiency liquid detergent, powder detergent or detergent sheets. It has a timer and an option for water control. This model can complete washing its clothes in just 52 minutes. The product’s shutoff feature for safety works by automatically shutting off when the washer’s lid is opened. Once the lid’s closed, the machine will resume the cycle.

The model’s automatic unbalance detection adjusts the washer’s tub when too much vibration occurs. The washer’s adjustable front leg even improves its stability during use.



  1. Automatic shut off for safety
  2. LCD digital panel
  3. 5 washing cycles
  4. Automatic balance detection


  1. Two small back wheels don’t move smoothly on wooden floors

Where can I find a Black + Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

3. COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine


The COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine is a fully automatic model with 5 programs to choose from: Soft, Heavy, Normal, Rapid, Soak. This model also has 3 water levels for your different washing needs. You can customize your programs after the load size, wash time, spin time, and rinse time. This washer is compact which has a width of 18.1 inches, depth of 17.7, and height of 31.5 inches, making it easy to store. This model can be for you if you’re looking for a top-loading washer that you can keep in your dorm, RV or apartment. It’s also a portable option with its wheels and handles. Know if this is the model you’re looking for by reading on.

COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine Specs

  • 5 programs
  • 3 water levels
  • 18.1 inches in width
  • 17.7 inches in-depth
  • 31.5 inches in height
  • Transparent lid design
  • Durable rust-resistant steel inner tub
  • Lint filter
  • Drain pump
  • LED display
  • DOE (Department of Energy) certificate
  • 87.5% less energy consumption
  • 700RPM spin speed
  • Auto Unbalance Detection (AUD

Being fully automatic, the COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine 5 washing programs and 3 water levels you can choose from. It’s a compact model that you can easily store anywhere, and a great option if you live in a home with limited space. This washer is energy-efficient, too, which uses 87.5% less power compared to other models in its class.

If you’re looking for a durable washer, you can rely on the COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine. It has a rust-resistant tub that can last for years. With the model’s drain pump, you easily dispose of dirty water. This model is also equipped with an LED display, which shows how much time is left for it to work on your clothes.

The COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine, though compact, boasts a powerful yet durable motor that can spin up to 700RPM. Despite the speed, it can work quietly while it runs. Another noteworthy highlight of this washer is its Auto Unbalance Detection (AUD), which fixes any balance issues during use. This feature will also alert the use through allowing more water to come in. It’ll also alert the user if the problem can’t be fixed. With this highlight, the machine is protected.



  1. Compact
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Auto Unbalance Detection
  4. 5 programs
  5. 3 water levels
  6. DOE (Department of Energy) Certificate


  1. Parts durability issues

Where can I find a COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine

4. Panda PAN6360W


The PAN6360W washing machine is a fully automatic washer, designed to keep your life easier. Though this model features a moderate laundry capacity, it still has a compact and with a space-saving design. You can place it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and any small-spaced area. If you have limited space at home for a top-load washing machine, this model can be for you. Know more about it by reading on.

Panda PAN6360W Specs

  • Space-saving design
  • Larger size 1.54 cubic feet capacity
  • Can hold up to 12 pounds
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • 3 prongs 110 Voltage
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • 8 washing programs
  • 4 water levels
  • Quick connect adapter kit and hoses
  • 20 x 19.5 x 35 inches
  • 67 pounds

The Panda PAN6360W has a compact design that can fit easily any tiny apartment. It boasts 1.54 cubic feet wash capacity, which allows the machine to handle up to 12 lbs of laundry. With this capability, this compact washer can still be a great option for a joint family even up to 10 to 12 members. The manufacturer has increased its washing capacity without hampering its compact size. This mode can also be a great option for dorms as well as vacation homes.

This model has a deep gray lid that is transparent, allowing you to check your clothes easily. The Panda PAN6360W has a length of 20 inches, width of 19.5 inches, and height of 35 inches. With these dimensions, you can place the machine even in a narrow space. This model weighs 67 pounds, which makes it easy to transfer from one place to another, too.

The Panda PAN6360W boasts an easy to use control panel with LED display. The model’s 8 washing programs and 4 levels for water settings can help you serve your different washing needs. This washer also has a s water level detector, which can stop and refill water automatically. The spin dryer is another great feature, which can help you easily dry up your clothes.



  1. Folding transparent lid
  2. Quick connect adapter kit
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Stainless steel wash drum


  1. This washer lacks have wheels. Needs movable base or movable dolly for easier use

Where can I find a Panda PAN6360W

5. Minolta CTW84X0W-IS Avanti Top-Loading Washer


The Minolta CTW84X0W-IS is a portable washing machine by Avanti that is perfect for people living in a small apartment or any small living. This model features 8 Automatic Auto-Power Off, Cycles, Control Lock Out, Safety features and Splash Guard Lid. It also has 3 Load Size Selections, which are small, medium, large, for convenient use. Know if this is the washer for you in the next section.

Minolta CTW84X0W-IS Specs

  • Capacity 0.84 CF
  • 8 Automatic Cycles
  • Portable
  • Freestanding Application
  • Cold Water Inlet
  • Auto-Power Off & Control Lock Out
  • Bottom Pulsator Wash Action
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Electronic Controls with LED Display
  • 3 Load Size Selections
  • Safety / Splash Guard Lid
  • 18.25 x 17.5 x 31.25 inches
  • 48.2 pounds

The Minolta CTW84X0W-IS has dimensions of 18.25 x 17.5 x 31.25 inches, weighing 48.2 pounds. It boasts 8 Automatic Cycles for your different needs namely Normal, Heavy, Gentle, Speed Wash, White, Spin, Cotton and Tub Clean. It’s portable model with auto power off, and control lock out for utmost efficiency and safety.

This model is durable, too, equipped with a stainless steel tub. With the washer’s convenient electronic controls and LED display, programming the model is easy. It also has 3 load size options to fit the different weight of your laundry. This washer also has safety features and a splash guard lid, which may sound simple, but a helpful highlight for easy use.

If you’re looking for a portable top-loading washer, this can be an excellent option. It has hand grips and it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move around. The inner locking for the lid is also helpful for homes with young kids, too.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in hand grips/handles on sides
  • Ready for use
  • Inner locking lid
  • Auto-power off


  1. Tub is quite small

Where can I find a Minolta CTW84X0W-IS

6. Portable Washing Machine TG23


The TG23 Twin Tub from ThinkGizmos is compact and lightweight that is easy to carry from one place to another. It’s a great option for homes with limited storage space. This model also has an all-inclusive package with all the needed accessories. It’s easy to use yet efficient. Know if this is for you by reading on.

Portable Washing Machine TG23 Specs

  • Portable washing machine
  • Two tubs for washing and for spinning
  • 7.9 pounds wash capacity
  • 4.4 pounds for spin
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Does not require plumbing
  • Wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes
  • Spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes
  • Simple to use
  • FREE added Lint Filter
  • Water Fill Hose, and fully translated manual included
  • 23.62 x 14.96 x 27.17 inches

The TG23 Twin Tub washing Machine has two tubs, which one works for washing and the other one is for dry spinning. This model can handle loads of up to 3.6 kgs, while spinning dry can be up to 2 kgs. This washer has a compact and lightweight design, which can be ideal for people living in limited spaces such as dorms, camping, and apartments. Another great advantage of this model is it does not require plumbing. Just access the drainage and you can easily dispose of water.

The ThinkGizmos’ TG23 is also easy to operate as well. Just add clothes to the tub, water, and detergent and set to wash. Once the washing is done, you can then spin the timers to dry your clothes. The lint filter is also useful, which you can use by placing it in the wash section. This model has a filter that floats and collects the debris, which can prevent blockages.

When you opt for this washer, you will get an all-inclusive-package with all the necessary accessories. You will get a water lint filter, fill hose, and a fully translated instructions manual together with the unit.

Check out the full review for the Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine TG23 Twin Tub



  1. Compact
  2. Lightweight
  3. Easy to maneuver
  4. 7.9 pounds capacity
  5. Simple and easy to operate


  1. Noisy

Where can I find a Portable Washing Machine TG23

7. Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA


With the Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA, you can conveniently move the washer anywhere you want. It has a 1.0 cubic feet capacity yet it’s extremely portable. This model has a washing capacity up to 7 pounds. It also boasts 7 wash programs and it’s easy to use too, just hook it up right to your sink. Know if this for you by reading on.

Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA Specs

  • Portable
  • Up to 7 pounds of clothes
  • Easy to use
  • Digital controls with LED display
  • 6 wash programs
  • Premium metallic silver design
  • Transparent tempered glass lid
  • Stainless steel interior tub
  • 6 water levels
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Powerful 800 RPM maximum spin speed
  • Child safety lock function
  • No water leakage
  • Overflow tube
  • 18.4 x 19.8 x 31 inches

The Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA is a top-loading washer that can handle up to 7 pounds of clothes. It’s a goop option especially if you don’t have a dedicated washer area at home. This model is easy to use, too. It’s equipped with digital controls with Led display, giving you an easy check at the controls.

This model also has 7 wash programs such as, normal, heavy, gentle, speedy, soak, wash, and spin. With its premium metallic silver design, it gives an elegant appeal added with chrome decoration. This model also has a soft closing cover that is made with transparent tempered glass. With this lid, you can easily get a clear view of the items as they undergo a washing process.

The Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA is equipped with a stainless steel interior ensuring durability. This model boasts 6 levels for water settings and a feature for energy saving. With the washer’s powerful 800 Rpm spin speed at maximum, drying your clothes will be fast and easy. The Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA also has a child safety lock for added safety features.



  1. Portable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Digital controls with LED display
  4. 6 wash programs
  5. 6 water levels
  6. Energy-saving mode


  1. Durability issues

Where can I find a Farberware Professional FCW10BSCWHA


We hope we have provided valuable insights regarding the best rated top loading washing machines 2021. There are a lot of options for this kind of product in the market today. This list is just a few of the great options that you can choose from. These models having strengths, and drawbacks. Look closely and weigh out the important factors before your purchase to have the right model for your items.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can have the most fitting top-loading washer. If you think the product you’re looking for is here, let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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