Black Decker Lawn Mower 140cc Review

Proper mowing is one of the most critical techniques for keeping your lawn healthy and attractive. Grass, like other plants, grows quickly and requires clipping of the growing points. It gets more difficult to keep the grass clean and in good shape as the plants branch out and become denser over time. 

As a result, lawn mowing is necessary for the upkeep of your lawn. The advantages of lawn mowing serve as a motivation to mow your lawn on a regular basis.

The majority of homeowners aim to have a beautiful lawn. Being the envy of the neighborhood because of your immaculately maintained lawn is reason enough to be proud.

Why You Need to Mow Your Lawn

Did you know, however, that there are various reasons why you should get your grass mowed on a regular basis? We’re here to explain why it’s critical to keep your grass trimmed and not let it devolve into a jungle. The advantages you’ll notice go far beyond the visual ones.

Stronger Gass


Mow your grass as often as necessary to keep it at roughly 3 inches in height for the best results. The healthiest grass shoots will develop when you regularly trim your grass, while it left behind weaker shoots. The more you mow your lawn, the more healthy grass shoots you’ll have, which will eventually result in a more lush and healthier lawn.

Balanced and Even Growth

We’ve all seen yards that are spotty and uneven, and I think we can all agree that they’re a pain to look at. This typical lawn problem causes uneven growth, but mowing on a regular basis can help you avoid it. 

When you regularly cut your grass’s growth to a short, consistent level, you’re actually enhancing overall growth since resources from the sun and water are distributed and absorbed evenly. Maintaining a beautiful yard requires consistency in growth.

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Grass Mulching is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn because it replenishes nutrients lost during mowing. Mulching can be done with shorter grass blades if mowing is done routinely. 

Because longer grass blades are weaker and less nutrient-rich, returning shorter grass blades to your lawn is far healthier than waiting for the grass to grow longer. Most lawn mowers include a basic mulching feature, and if your grass isn’t overgrown, you can mulch it every time you mow.

About Black + Decker 140 cc Lawn Mower


With the BLACK+DECKER 21 Inch 140cc, you may have the lawn of your dreams. This ready-to-use mower features a powerful engine that makes rapid work of anything in its path.

It comes with six adjustable height settings to handle everything from moderate lawn mowing to heavy-duty cuts on 4-inch growth. Continue reading to learn more about this incredible yard equipment.

What it has to Offer

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers are popular among those who don’t want to deal with the weight of a gasoline engine but yet want the power it provides. 

If this seems like something you’re interested in, then you should consider BLACK+DECKER 12A-exceptional engineering and build quality. They make a statement about material quality right away by providing a full 2-year warranty.

You get a 140 CC gasoline engine right away, which offers enough power for the cutting blades and the self-propulsion mechanism. It was created and tested with the intention of starting simply using the recoil igniting mechanism.

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-self-propulsion A2SD736’s mechanism is front-wheel drive. The advantage is that you gain a higher level of control and agility.

Simply flip the mower back on its rear wheels if you get into problems or need to rapidly stop forward motion to avoid hitting a buried stick or rock.

What’s More?

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 was also created to be extremely adaptable, having the ability to offer a personalized cut based on the qualities of your grass and the underlying turf. The cutting deck’s 21-inch diameter can be changed to one of six cutting heights.

In addition, the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 is a true 3-in-1 gasoline-powered push mower. For times when you can cut it regularly enough to prevent thatch buildup, you can leave it set to side discharge.

You can simply set it up as a mulching or bagging lawn mower if you’re concerned about remaining grass clippings drying out into stifling thatch. The purchase price includes the grass collection bag.

Primary Features

  • Front-wheel drive with self-propulsion
  • Cutting deck of 21 inches
  • Gasoline engine with a displacement of 140 cc
  • Mulch, bag, or 3-in-1 side discharge
  • There are six different cutting height settings.
  • Warranty period: 2 years


The 140 CC gasoline engine in the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 is more than powerful enough to power both the cutting blade and the front-wheel-drive self-propulsion system under the 21-inch diameter cutting deck.

If there’s one criticism of the 140 CC engine in the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736, it’s that it lacks an auto-choke or other type of ignition aid system. While this gasoline-powered self-propelled lawnmower starts readily straight out of the box, it will require regular care and storage as it ages to guarantee that it continues to start reliably.

Cut Quality & Options


For homeowners who want to accurately dial in the length of their grass to the prevailing weather conditions, the 21-inch cutting deck’s six various height settings are undoubtedly a great addition. 

If the current weather has caused your grass to grow quickly, you can use the dual lever system to slow it down and remain ahead of it. 

If your area has been very hot and dry, you can raise the 21-inch-diameter cutting deck to assist shade the lawn and retain some of the moisture that has remained in the soil.


Ease of usage and accessibility influences the design of the BLACK+DECKER 12A. The front-wheel-drive system is agile, making it simple to come to a halt at any time by simply tipping the cutting deck back onto the rear wheels if a problem arises. Dual-adjustment levers make it simple to alter the cutting deck as well.

Despite the lack of a visual indicator on the bagger itself. If it is allowed to overfill, it may become heavy or clog the rear discharge outlet. To avoid this, you should keep a close eye on it and discard it frequently in the yard or compost pit.

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Unique Features

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-3-in-1 A2SD736’s versatility allows you to configure it for the best thatch management. When it’s convenient, you can side discharge. You can easily switch to mulching or bagging instead if you’re worried about thatch buildup.

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-self-propulsion A2SD736’s technology uses a front-wheel drive. 

This not only makes the lawnmower more maneuverable but also makes it easier to stop if you detect something in the long blades of grass, such as a missed stick or a rock. It’s also useful for a lawn with some intricate landscaping elements.


As a gasoline-powered self-propelled lawnmower, the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 will naturally need seasonal oil changes, as well as an oil change every 50 hours of operation. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions will also go a long way toward ensuring that the 140 CC gasoline engine fires up just as easily in year five as it did on day one.

The steel used for the cutting blades is robust and will handle a handful of careful sharpening sessions before it needs to be replaced. If you aren’t comfortable with using a fine-toothed mill file, the replacement blades for the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 are relatively inexpensive.

Safety Features

All of the normal hand control safety features you’d expect to see on a gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mower are included with the BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736. The fact that it is front-wheel drive comes in useful when you need to make a quick halt to avoid an unexpected impediment.

Black Decker Lawn Mower 140cc Specifications:

  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.38 x 23.88 x 18.13 inches
  • Cutting Width: 21 inches
  • Tires: 8 unches
  • 3-In-1 Cutting Deck: Side Discharge, Mulching, And Rear Capabilities
  • Engine Power: 140cc
  • Item Weight: 77.8 pounds


  • Instructions are simple to follow.
  • It starts on the first pull without priming.
  • The height can be adjusted for various terrains.
  • Large, comfortable push handles


  • Mower strips do not seem to be overlapped by the cutter.

What Kind Of Gas Does The Mower Require?


Because there are fewer fumes and it is easier to start. It is advised that you purchase a gas mower with an ethanol-free engine. Nonetheless, this type is that they are more expensive than other models on the market; however, if you are concerned about emissions, this is an advantage.

Additionally, only buy machines that have had their emission levels approved by the EPA or CARB, as these engines emit fewer pollutants and run cleaner. These types require zero maintenance. If it hasn’t already passed any certification tests. Check to see if it incorporates air filters to decrease fuel vapors before they reach your home.

Final Verdict

When looking for a lawnmower, you should look for one that is compatible with your grass’s requirements. Lawn mowers use engines ranging from 140 to 190 cubic centimeters. This lawnmower from Black and Decker would not disappoint you.

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 is a low-cost self-propelled lawnmower fueled by gasoline. The 140 CC gasoline engine is relatively fuel-efficient when properly maintained. 

The bagging and mulching feature also aids in the prevention of thatch. Which could save you money in the long run on seasonal aeration and in-season fertilizing costs.

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