Bonsaii Evershred C149-c Paper Shredder Review

Your confidential documents falling into the wrong hands is the last thing you will not want to happen. What if an unauthorized individual gained access to your account or bank details, personal information, residential address, credit card information, and other sensitive data?

You’d be devastated if you didn’t feel insecure. Many people, however, put themselves at risk by inappropriately disposing of bank statements, credit cards, bank cards, and other materials. They rip or tear them into big pieces, revealing the majority of the information. Some will attempt to burn them, but this will not always result in a full burn.

Despite society’s tremendous technological advancements, 73 percent of businesses with fewer than 500 employees still print papers at least four times per day. 

Benefits of Paper Shredders


Many of these documents contain confidential or sensitive information, such as client account information or office information. These pages should not be thrown away in the trash, but where should they be instead?

Although paper shredding may not appear to be the most spectacular solution, the advantages it gives to individuals and businesses are far too valuable to be disregarded.

By selecting a reputable shredding machine, you can ensure that the documents are sliced into the tiniest bits and fragments and are impossible to reassemble.

Reduce Safety Risks 

A few sheets of paper might not seem like much of an issue, but what about rows of filing cabinets loaded to the brim with documents? Storing these documents – simply because you don’t know how to get rid of them properly or effectively. 

It might not only take up valuable floor space, but it also poses a safety risk. Employees may be compelled to navigate a maze of cabinets in an emergency, or they may run into mounds of documents or rubbish cans that should have been temporary.

Paper shredding quickly and securely removes these obstacles. 

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Guarantee Comply with Federal Privacy Laws

Certain professions, like law and medicine, have nationally mandated obligations when it comes to the secure disposal of personal data. 

A professional paper shredding service ensures that you and your company comply with HIPAA regulations and that papers are disposed of appropriately for their information and physical makeup.

Boost Workplace Productivity

Individually shredding documents in-house causes a slew of issues, the most serious of which is the frequent disturbance of your staff’s work schedules. When journeys to and from the workplace shredder suck up crucial minutes, it’s difficult to stay focused on a task. 

Hours per week could be wasted on an unproductive task over time. Outsourcing the labor allows your firm to recoup that time and focus on completing assignments on time.

Saves Money

Standard office shredders are costly to purchase and may require considerably more costly repairs if they break down unexpectedly. When you consider the value of staff efforts, the result is completely inefficient, costing you up to $6,600 each year. 

Professional shredders are extremely cost-effective in terms of both money and time, and you’ll get a quick return on your investment because you’ll be able to continue working uninterrupted.

Automation in the Office

When we talk about office automation, we don’t just mean the automation that comes from the usage and installation of machines.

Bonsaii EverShred Review

Are you seeking a paper shredder that can handle medium-duty jobs? It’s not going to be light. And it shouldn’t be so expensive that you can’t afford it. You want something that offers a lot of value while remaining reasonable.

Look no further. The machine you’re looking for is the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-sheet cross-cut shredder. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a one-hour runtime, 18 sheets every pass, a 6-gallon wastebasket, and casters below!

It’s a Cross-cut Shredder

Identity theft has progressed in sophistication. It has gone digital, just like everything else. The high-tech trash diver can retrieve all the information you thought you had safely shredded with good computer software.

If you use a strip-cut shredder, that is. Strip-cutting shreds paper into strips the length of the paper. Even without the computer application, a dumpster digger with tenacity could piece the records together after days of tedious work.

However, you may put your fears to rest by purchasing the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder.

Paper isn’t torn into strips in cross-cut shredders. They rip in a cross-sectional direction. Paper is shredded into confetti-like particles by the cross-cut. Is it any surprise, then, that it’s known as the confetti shredder?

This machine produces shred pieces that are 14 inches by 1-23/50 inches in size.

It’s impossible for an experienced con artist to decipher anything from such small fragments. The shredder ensures that your shredded documents have a high level of security.

Multi-purpose Shredder

This shredder will also accommodate you if you have information stored on CDs. CDs, DVDs, and credit cards will all be shredded.

So you can get all those CDs and outdated credit cards out of the cupboards and boxes of crap you’ve been hoarding.

Loads 18 sheets

Single digits per load will be achieved by smaller shredders. When you use the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder, you can load up to 18 sheets each batch for shredding.

As a result, the shredder is excellent for use in an office setting. You’ll be able to quickly get through a large stack of documents with 18 pages per pass, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

60 Minutes Run Time


Many shredders for the home office feature a four-minute duration. You’ll get 15 times more runtime with the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder. Consider that for a moment. The shredder has been operating nonstop for an hour.

By the way, those four-minute shredders typically take thirty to forty minutes to cool down. So, with this shredder, you can do in eight minutes what would have taken the other shredder three-quarters of an hour.

Your productivity will soar to new heights. A 60-minute runtime allows you to shred a significant amount of material in a short amount of time, with 18 sheets per load.

If you’ve been worried about how much time the workplace paper shredder queues are taking away from your core business, the Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder will help.

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Patented Cooling System

The engine of a paper shredder will overheat if it is used excessively. This will eventually have an impact on the performance and longevity of your paper shredder. Monitoring and controlling how you use the machine is one approach to avoid this.

The Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder is another option. The complex controls on this shredder are protected from overheating by a proprietary cooling system.

You will be anxiety-free with this shredder. There are none of the nagging uncertainties or anxieties that come with inferior electrical items.

Quiet Operation


Most shredders have a noise level of over 70 decibels, so 62 decibels is quite low. The quiet motor that dampens the grinding and shredding noise is responsible for this.

For a home office, loud shredders are acceptable. If you’re looking for something for a regular office, however, you’ll want something quiet.

The productivity of an information worker is negatively impacted by loud noises. To fully reflect on challenges and exercise imagination to come up with innovative answers, you need silence.

The Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder will blend in without drawing attention to itself in the office. With a continuous playtime of 60 minutes, it’s no surprise they had to make it extremely silent!

Jam- Proof System

Shredders, by jamming frequently, unintentionally lead to low output. If you manage a business or an office, you’ll want something that boosts productivity rather than depletes it.

Bonsaii Evershred C149-c 18-sheet Specifications

  • Brand Name: EverShred
  • Cut Type: Cross-Cut
  • Shred Ability: CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Staples
  • Cut Size: 1/4 x 1-50/87 inches
  • Max Pages per Load: 17-18 Pages
  • Continuous Run Time: 60 Mins
  • Cool Down Time: 10 Mins
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Basket Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Basket Type: Pull-out


  • High-security level
  • The motor is silent.
  • Cooling system with a patent.
  • Casters make moving around much easier.
  • The runtime is long.
  • Credit cards and CDs can also be shredded.
  • System to prevent jams
  • All components come with a one-year warranty.


  • Feeding papers into the shredder’s input slot is a difficult task.

How to Deal with Paper Shredder Jams

If you have a paper shredder jam, use these procedures to fix it:

  1. Examine the warning lights. These can sometimes indicate whether the bin is full, jammed, or simply hot. Unplug the machine for an hour to allow it to cool down before plugging it back in and testing with one sheet.
  2. Whenever you open the shredder, turn it off and unplug it.
  3. Empty the trash can.
  4. Restart the shredder and change the direction to reverse. This can help you get out of a jam.
  5. If it becomes stuck in reverse, gradually shift it to forward or auto.
  6. Changing directions a few times may help you get out of a bind.
  7. Using tweezers or a pair of pliers, clean out the blades. Only use your hands if you’re certain the shredder’s power has been turned off and the unit has been disconnected. (Many shredders have a safety feature for the top, but none for the bottom, which contains the blades.) If necessary, use a flashlight.
  8. Remove jammed plastic from a credit card or CD with pliers.
  9. Cut through the loops and pull out each piece of looped paper jam.
  10. Always pull slowly and steadily, rather than yanking.
  11. As a test, run through a reduced paper load.
  12. Use a single sheet of heavy cardstock and cautiously push it through a 7-page shredder or higher if the blades are slowly moving.

Final Thoughts

If you run a small business from home or in an office, you’ll need a shredder that can handle the volume of documents you need to shred. Personal information destruction is critical for both you and your clients, so you’ll need a machine that can perform the job.

This shredder is ideal for use in the home office. It’s also perfect for a small to medium-sized office. Most of us are seeking features like a high level of security, a lengthy runtime, an 18-sheet per pass capacity, and a quiet engine in a good office shredder.

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