Ecovacs Winbot 880 Robot Window Cleaner Review- Intelligent Cleaning

Are you thinking of buying an automated robot to clean your glass doors or windows? The Ecovacs Winbot 880 Robot Window Cleaner is a clever gadget for the job. It uses strong suction to attach to glass surfaces and cleans muck with its onboard high-elastic squeegees and a 5-layer microfiber cleaning pad.

The robot will clean all 4 corners of your window and repeats the process over each surface 4 times to ensure that the glass is gleaming. Sounds good?

Ecovacs has fitted their Winbot with a feature named WIN-SLAM™ 2.0 which cleverly guides the robot across windows using the most efficient method by calculating the best route and steering clear of obstructions. The gadget is also smart enough to go back to its starting point, therefore, you can place it in a low area, send it to higher sections and it will return back to the starting point where you can safely reach for it.

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The Winbot 880 comes with a cutting-edge system to detect edges, which means that the robot can detect unframed and framed glass, it will then adjust its course and avoid falling off an edge or bumping into something.


Onboard the Winbot is 2800Pa of suction power, a safety tether (in the unlikely event that the robot falls), a load-bearing suction cup, and a backup battery that lasts half an hour. The joint effort of each accessory provides a safe window cleaning experience. A remote control is provided to instruct the robot when to commence or end a job, direct it to a certain area of the window or change the direction altogether.

Ecovacs Winbot 880 Full Product Review

The Winbot 880 Cleaning Process

The Winbot 880 takes things a step further over its predecessors by offering a four-stage process when cleaning glass. The robot diligently passes each part of the window four times to make sure that it is immaculately clean. For this, it uses 2 squeegees along with the integrated microfiber pads. It never misses a spot.

To start off, the robot applies some detergent on the cleaning pad, it then begins to wipe the surface with the damp pad to scrub to moisten dirt sat on the window.

From there, the first squeegee takes over and begins the process of wiping away the loosened dirt. The second squeegee gives a double dose of cleaning to tackle any remaining bits of dirt that are tougher to remove. At the last stage, the dry section of the cleaning pad begins wiping the window dry and the result is a gleaming window.

Prior to cleaning, the little robot starts off by assessing the window to determine its size and work out the optimum cleaning route. Onboard are a bunch of sensors to cleverly map out the area and help the robot to navigate smoothly across windows while steering clear of obstructions such as window frames. Once cleaning is complete, the Winbot goes back to the original beginning point and it wait there until you come to collect it.


Ecovacs Winbot 880 Features

  • Product weight: 3.96 pounds
  • Route Guidance: Path planning technology
  • Cleaning Accessories: 5-layer microfiber pad & Squeegees
  • Sensors: Edge detection technology
  • Multiple safety systems included: High elastic rope, load-bearing suction cup, 2800PA suction power, 30-minute backup battery
  • Connectivity: Remote control
  • Guarantee: 1 Year Warranty

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Winbot 880 Product Performance 

As you can probably tell by now, the Winbot 880 is a great time-saving gadget that provides convenience to properties with high glass windows or glass doors. It automates the task of cleaning windows, however, it does have a few drawbacks.

Yes, this robot cleans windows autonomously and does need your input with the actually cleaning process, but it does need you to move it from one window to another. What we’d like to see for future robots is a truly automated experience where you can program it and not need to worry about it until the job is done, however, the problem of a robot moving across two different window frames is rather complicated, therefore, we won’t be seeing this feature for a long time.

My favourite feature has got to be “return to home” which means that when the machine is cleaning a high-reaching area and you’re concerned about how you’re going to retrieve it, this is not a problem because the robot will come back to its original starting point within easy reach.


Is it any good at cleaning windows though? For such a small gadget, the Winbot 880 cleans windows exceptionally well. The machine is thorough and operates at a very low noise level, meaning that you can carry out your usual daily activities without noise disturbances. As with any other robot window cleaner it comes with its flaws, however, it’s a great little resourceful gadget to add to your cleaning arsenal.

The Winbot window cleaner is a high-performance robot, but they are a few things that could be better. For example, it occasionally leaves behind streaks and it can’t be used if the temperature outside is too hot or too cold.

We like that it’s an easy gadget to use and it doesn’t require a complicated setup. The controls are laid out in an easy format so that anyone can learn how to use it very quickly.

To begin, simply position the robot anywhere on the glass surface within easy reach, connect the tether to the safety pod, press start on the remote control and away it goes.

If you are not satisfied with the results of a certain section of the window, simply use the remote to direct the Winbot to the area of concern and it will spot clean the area.

After a task is finished, all you need to do is remove the robot from the window. It comes with a firm handle to safely move the appliance and either place it on a separate window or pack it away.

The machine weighs a little less than 4lbs (1.8kgs) which is on the heavier side for a robot window cleaner, therefore, make sure that you are at a safe and comfortable height when placing or removing it from windows.


  • Multiple safety features to keep you and your robot safe.
  • A thorough 4-stage cleaning process.
  • Comes with strong suction.
  • Control your robot with the remote control.
  • It cleans at a very low noise level to minimize disruptions.
  • The cleaning pad is washable.


  • Pricier than other models.
  • You can’t use it if the weather is too cold or too hot.
  • It needs to be move from one window to another, but this is a common issue with all window cleaning robots.

How Reliable Is The Winbot 880?

With the Winbot 880, you can outsource the burden of window cleaning to a robot but how reliable is it? For starters, the Winbot is a well build appliance and outperforms most of the competition.

It combines multiple functions simultaneously to complete tasks to the highest standard. The unit itself is effective at removing dirt, however, on a few occasions it can leave streaks.

Ecovacs is a reliable brand that builds sturdy machines. Their range of robot vacuums are tried and tested, (we love them) and as such, I would expect the same reliability from the Winbot robot. If you encounter any problems, the company has a brilliant responsive customer service team to help with any product issues

Maintaining The Winbot 880 

How easy or difficult is it to maintain the Winbot 880? The main 2 items that you need to look after are the cleaning pad and the squeegees. The cleaning pad is washable and can be used repeatedly but will need replacing eventually.

Ecovacs advises that you should wash the pad after each use and leave it to dry out completely before using it again. You should not attempt to turn on the robot with a damp cleaning pad attached to it. The squeegees, side rollers and sensors just need a gentle wipe with a dry cloth after each use.

Try not charge the battery in a room that’s too hot or too cold as this reduces the battery’s lifespan. As mention earlier, try not to use the robot when the weather is really hot, humid or cold.

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Additional & Ongoing Costs

The robot comes with everything that you need. No extra accessories are required and as such, you can take it out the box and set it up to start cleaning windows straight away.

Similar to rival window cleaning robots, the Winbot 880 is very low maintenance. In the box you will find squeegees and microfiber pads that are washable and reusable.

When extra accessories are required to replace the old ones you can buy them for under $20.

Winbot 880 Frequently Asked Questions

Can the cleaning pad on the Winbot 880 be replaced with a different cloth?

The robot is equipped with a set of customized microfiber cleaning pads specifically for Winbot 880 model. Swapping these with a different non-approved cloth could ruin the robot or reduce performance. You should always use Winbot microfiber cleaning pads. The pads can be washed and used again and again.

Do you need a special cleaning solution for the Winbot 880?

Ecovacs offers a special detergent for the Winbot range, however, you don’t need to use it if you’d prefer to use a different cleaning solution. You can use just water or a standard detergent.

Does Winbot 880 work on angled windows? 

Yes, this clever little robot can clean virtually any type of window including angled ones. The Winbot 880 will clean any surface as long as it’s flat. No problem!

Is it okay to squirt my window with detergent or water before attaching the robot?

It’s not advised to attach the Winbot to a wet surface or squirt detergent or water to the window. If you attach the robot to a wet window you risk the possibility of it slipping and getting ruined.

Winbot 880: Our Verdict

The Winbot 880 is a much needed update for Ecovacs given the poor performance of the Winbot 950 and Winbot X. This robot is premium and delivers a high standard of performance to match. The safety features are robust and the “return to home” feature mitigates the need to go retrieve it from areas that are out of reach.


This robot is the perfect addition to a household with tall and wide windows that would either require a ladder or extension tool if you were cleaning them manually.

Setting up the Winbot 880 is a doddle and there’s no high maintenance involved. If you encounter any problems with the 880, the Ecovacs support team are always available and happy to assist you. Overall customer reviews are high and the Winbot 880 is generally well received although the robot is a bit expensive for those looking for an affordable option.

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How to Get the Best Window Cleaner Robot for Your Needs | Buyer’s Guide

It has been a few years since the launch of the first-ever window cleaner robot in the market. Since then, the products have improved fast, and so is the number of choices you will find. Various types of robot window cleaners differ in size, shape, weight, features, technology, and how they work.

You can base your decision when getting an automatic window cleaner on these factors, as well as, where you will use it and your budget. In this section, we will help you get the best product for your needs. This way you can protect your investment as these devices don’t come cheap. Below are a few tips on how to get the best robot window cleaner.

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Features to Consider


Just like every device offering several features, robotic window cleaners have highlights where you can base your decision when buying. Carefully considering and learning about the product’s highlights, abilities as well as drawbacks can help you get the best option for your needs.

It’s important to learn about these features and what they do, how they affect and contribute to the product’s potentials and efficiency. These are just a few of the many factors to consider when buying a robot window cleaner, but the ones below are the most crucial points you should keep in mind.


There are actually two ways how a robot window cleaner attaches itself on a surface: by suction or using magnets. In the early days of these machines, magnets were more often used as a method for attachment than vacuums. However, as time progressed and so did technology, suction-based models improved greatly and became more prevalent than magnetic window cleaners.

Today, almost all products in this category use vacuum for the robots to stick on the surface. It’s the reason why suction is one of the most crucial features to check when getting a robot window cleaner. The model you’re getting must have powerful suction for the robot to remain where it’s adhered.

You don’t want a product with weak suction or else it will be useless. Typically, the quality of the product’s machine determines the suction power. You will know if the robot window cleaner has a good vacuum by reading the product information. Looking around the feedback section can also help you know if the robot you’re getting has no issues about its suction power.



The size of the robot window cleaner is another crucial factor you must take into consideration when buying. There are compact and bigger models in the market. If you have small windows, it’s just right to get a robot with a small size. These models are typically the ones preferred for home-use.

For bigger robots, these products might work better for cleaning large surfaces such as glass windows and business establishments. Robot window cleaners also come in different shapes. Some look like boxes, while the dual-spinning models are typically more compact. The shapes may also determine the robot’s ability to clean nooks and hard to reach areas.

So when getting a product, make sure the size and shape of the robot you’re getting fit the type of glass window or door it will work on.


Most of the time, the weight of the robot plays a crucial factor on your purchase if you’re going to use it on delicate surfaces. For instance, you don’t want to put strain on a thin glass that’s easy to break. Thus, for such cases, you’d want to opt for robot window cleaners that are lightweight. Furthermore, the heavier the model is, the greater is the risk for it to fall off and break, especially if the back up safety feature like the rope or the tether is not durable enough.


Robot window cleaners have varying cleaning speed. In some cases, the larger the size of the unit, the faster it can complete a task. However, that’s not always the case. Some smaller models can be quicker than the larger robots. It depends on its mode of movements such as if it’s using wheels or rollers. Sometimes, the robot’s cleaning speed also depends on how powerful its machine.

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Most models work using power cords. You will also find a few cordless robots. The cordless ones, however, typically have shorter battery life. Most of the time, the batteries of these robots are safety back-up if ever the it loses power. The back-up batteries will serve as a temporary power source of these machines, so they can remain adhered to the surface and then send off an alarm for a few minutes until it completely detaches.

Cable length

Because most models have power cords, you must take into consideration the length of the robot’s power cable. Especially if you have to use the robot window cleaner for large areas like offices and business establishments. Clearly, you will need lengthy power cords in such cases.

However, if you only need the robot for small spaces such as for home-use, perhaps you won’t need long power cords as sometimes if it’s too lengthy, there’s a chance it will get tangled in the middle of the robot’s chore.

Safety features


Safety features are one of the most important factors you should look for when getting a robot window cleaner. Most models come with multiple safety features to assure the robot won’t fall off and hit the ground. Because typically the robots work at a high area, it’s clear these machines must have back-up safety features if ever one of them fails.

Most robot window cleaners come with ropes or tethers that can hold them in case they lose suction and fall off the surface. Some models are equipped with technologies like UPS or uninterrupted power supply, which will act as the back-up power source if the main source runs out or runs low. Because these machines don’t come cheap, it’s important to look for these features to protect your investment.


As technology progressed, more and more robot window cleaners add AI features to improve the product’s efficiency. Many models today are equipped with smart technologies that can improve its cleaning quality. These technologies are behind the robot’s ability to detect edges, as well as the best path for cleaning.

Several robot window cleaners are app-integrated, too. For these models, you will have an option to use a smartphone app to control the machine or customize its cleaning modes and schedule. However, there are still many window bots today that are less high-tech, which are simpler to use. It depends on your preference. In most cases, too, the more advanced the technology the robot has, the pricier they can be.


No matter what size, shape or weight of the robot you’re getting, you should always know if it has a quality motor. An excellent motor also means powerful suction, fast cleaning, and a durable robot window cleaner. You can’t always read the details about the motor in the product information provided by the manufacturer. To know about it, the best way is to research and look around the customers’ feedback section.

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Reasons Why to Get One


Save time. If you want to save time from cleaning your glass windows and doors, getting a window bot is the best way to do it. Of course, you can hire a person who can do the job, but opting for a robot window cleaner is much more convenient as you won’t have to reach out to people who can do the job. With just a press away, you can get the robot working, and for quality products, you can leave them alone with minimal monitoring. Meaning, you can proceed to using your time on more important tasks.

Save money. Buying a robot window cleaner is an investment. You can save money from getting such device as you will not have to hire people for the task. All you need to do is plug in the robot, or recharge it if it’s cordless, and leave it to work on its own. You must, however, make sure that you’re investing on a good quality product, so you can get the most out of what you paid for.

Prevent accidents. Cleaning vertical surfaces like walls, glass windows and doors can put your life at risk. Especially if it’s an office or a business establishment at a high floor, you don’t want to risk your life just to have clean windows. That’s where robot window cleaners get the handiest. You can just stick it on the surface you want to clean and leave it. Many advanced models today even have smart AI which allows it to go back to the location where it started, so you wont have to get it from where it completes cleaning.



A window cleaner robot can either be a good or bad investment. These machines are usually not cheap, so getting the best product for your needs is a must. If you’re able to get the right robot window cleaner for you, you will reap many benefits from it such as you can save money, time, energy, and you can even save yourself and other people from potential accidents.

We hope we have provided valuable insights on getting the best window robot for you. Keep these points in mind, and you will get the best product. If you think we helped you learn more about these machines, let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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Hobot 268 Robot Window Cleaner | How To Know If It’s The Best Robot to Keep Your Glass Windows Clean

For large windows and doors, this Hobot 268 is a great choice due to its size and speed. Equipped with a smart AI, this robot window cleaner can navigate paths for efficient cleaning. You will also have an option to choose the program you like among its three cleaning modes.

The robot boasts multiple safety features to assure it stays undamaged if ever it detaches from the surface it cleans. The Hobot window cleaner is versatile, too. However, it comes with a few drawbacks such as it doesn’t have a mobile app and has tendencies to get a tangled cord. Know if this is the right product for you by reading on.

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Summary of Features: Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 268

  • 3 automatic cleaning programs. The three automatic cleaning modes give you an option of the path you want the robot to use. You can also control the robot manually using the remote control. Manual mode is especially useful for spot-cleaning. No matter what option you pick for cleaning, this robot can efficiently tidy up dusty surfaces.
  • AI Technology S1.0. With the Hobot robot’s AI technology, it can follow a systematic path for cleaning. It can as well avoid edges, frames, or obstacles on its path. This AI technology doesn’t only make the robot efficient, it also keeps the unit safe.
  • One square meter per 2.4 minutes of cleaning speed. The Hobot robot window cleaner like we mentioned, is a good choice for cleaning large windows and doors. Not only because of its size, but also due to its cleaning speed. It can wipe off dirty surfaces at a speed of 2.4 minutes per square meter, which is pretty decent for a robot window cleaner.
  • Built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply). The built-in UPS is probably one of the robot’s greatest highlights. It’s a safety feature, which keeps the robot attached on the surface if it runs low on power, and gives off an alerting sound for 20 minutes.
  • Versatile. This Hobot window cleaner doesn’t only work for glass surfaces but for tiled walls, cabinets, and floors, too. With the product’s powerful suction and versatility, you can maximize its potential and use it in other areas apart from windows and doors.
  • Safety ropes. The Hobot robot comes with a strong tether (150 Kgf) to keep the unit safe if ever it detaches from where it’s attached. You can leave the robot with no worries even if it runs out of power in the middle of its task.
  • Laser sensor. The Hobot window cleaner is equipped with laser sensors, which allow it to detect edges and obstacles. These high-tech lasers keep the robot safe and follow an efficient cleaning path.

Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 268 Review


Let’s start with the product’s design. Looking at the model is a white and black, square-shaped device that’s clean and straight-to-the-point. We like that it has only a few buttons and a small screen on its top part, which appears minimalistic. The power button is beside the power jack, and just move a bit and you’ll find the safety ropes. The ropes, however, don’t look too fancy, and we think Hobot can improve it more, aesthetic-wise.

The Hobot robot has a smart AI, which allows it to efficiently navigate a smart cleaning path. With this AI, the robot window cleaner follows a cleaning algorithm to make sure it targets all areas of the surface it cleans. Equipped with lasers, the robot can also detect edges and obstacles, keeping it safe from falling. It works well on frameless windows, and you won’t have to worry about the device falling off.


Another highlight of the model is its cleaning speed. Although, of course, cleaning would still be faster if done by a person, the cleaning speed of this robot is decent enough to complete heavy tasks and save you a lot of time. We love the built-in uninterruptible power supply, which acts as an added safety feature of the robot. Using this technology, the model remains attached on the surface if it runs out or runs low on power. The robot will give off a sound alert for 20 minutes before it completely detaches itself from the surface.

Another safety feature of the Hobot window cleaner is its strong supporting tether. With 150 Kgf, you won’t have a problem or concerns about the unit falling and hitting the floor if the suction power reduces. This rope will keep the robot safe at all heights. Furthermore, the Hobot cleaner is versatile. It can clean glass surfaces as well as tile walls, cabinets, and floors. With its powerful suction, it can work virtually anywhere.

The downside about this product is sometimes it leaves marks when cleaning. It can be an issue if you’re particularly fussy about having extremely clear and sparkly glass windows and doors. The long power cord tends to tangle up as well due to its length. It can be a bit annoying when it happens as you can’t totally leave the robot alone when it does its job.

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Who Needs a Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 268

People on the go. Busy people don’t have time to clean glass windows, doors, or basically anything. Yes, they can hire someone who can do the cleaning chores for them, but having a robot window cleaner like the Hobot model is much more convenient.

You can use it anytime you want, unlike when hiring a person, you’d have to contact and reach out to them which takes time, and in some cases, not always available. With this Hobot cleaner, you’re just a press away to cleaning all the surfaces you want. The robot also requires minimal monitoring, which means you can go ahead and do more important tasks than cleaning.

Physically unable. When cleaning surfaces like glass windows and doors, it means you will have to be physically able to get a ladder and wipe off the areas. Not all people can do it, especially if you have back problems, you’re injured, or if you’re elderly.

That’s why robots like this Hobot machine is a huge help to people who are physically unable to do such tasks. It won’t only save you from doing cleaning chores, it can also save you from potential accidents that can happen when cleaning high areas.


Heavy amount of work. Due to the product’s size and cleaning speed, we can recommend the Hobot cleaning machine for people who have lots of cleaning tasks to do. For instance, if you have an office with huge glass windows and doors, you can opt for this machine rather than hire someone to do the cleaning. It will help you save money and time. Plus, you won’t have to manage people, too. Having a robot that will do the work is simpler and easier.

For large homes and spaces. The Hobot machine is 15 x 15 inches. Its speed, as mentioned, is 2.4 minutes per square meter. These features make it an excellent choice for large homes and spaces, as the robot can finish tasks faster than the smaller models. The speed is quite decent, as well. Although still, manual cleaning is faster than using a robot window cleaner, you would still prefer assigning your household chores to a robot than doing it yourself. It won’t only help you save time and energy, having a robot window cleaner also keeps you safe from potential accidents that can happen when you clean vertical surfaces.

Easy to use. You won’t have to access a smartphone app for the Hobot robot window cleaner to work. Although some people might think it’s a drawback, for those who prefer machines that are simple to use, it’s a positive factor. The Hobot cleaning robot is straight to the point. You can make it work using a remote control or just by pressing the physical buttons. It doesn’t require fancy set-ups, unlike the more advanced models.

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Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 268 Specs

  • AI: S1.0
  • Cleaning speed: 2.4 minutes per 2 meters
  • 3 automatic operation modes
  • Stops automatically upon completion of cleaning
  • UPS-Equipped (Uninterrupted Power System)
  • Equipped with laser sensors to detect edges
  • Anti-falling control algorithm
  • High strength tether (150Kgf) and buckle
  • Remote control operated
  • Power consumption: 72W

Below are the pros and cons of Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 268


  • AI integrated
  • Good for large glass windows and doors
  • Multiple safety features
  • Fast
  • Detects edges and obstacles
  • Easy to use
  • 3 options for cleaning modes


  • Occasionally leaves streaks
  • Has tendencies to get tangled cords



The Hobot 268 is an innovative cleaning machine that can help you save time, money, and energy. It’s a great choice for cleaning large surface areas, and it’s versatile, too. Apart from glass windows and doors, you can use it for tile walls, cabinets, and floors. It boasts strong suction power, as well as multiple safety features to keep the robot from falling.

It’s also good to know that though this robot cleaning machine offers lots of perks, it still comes with a fair price. Compared to other expensive models, this Hobot cleaner is relatively cheaper. We hope we have provided valuable information about the Hobot cleaning machine, and we were able to help you decide if this is the model you want to have for your home.

If you think this product is the one you’re looking for, let us know in the comment section below! We’d love to hear from you!

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Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner | Is This The Most Compact and Budget-Friendly Robot Window Cleaner?

Sometimes robots pose as a threat. They are slowly taking on the cleaning jobs only humans can do before. It won’t be a surprise when fully working robot maids will be created soon and do all the household chores for you. For now, however, let’s focus on this kind of robot cleaner available in the market today – robot window cleaners.

The Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is one of the models in this robotic bracket. More and more people are getting a robot window cleaner because why not? Wiping the windows and glass doors isn’t only time consuming, it can be dangerous, too. So if you’re thinking of getting this type of cleaning tool, check out what the Gecko Robot has to offer.

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Summary of Features: Gladwell Gecko Robot

  • Intuitive Cleaning Technology. The Gladwell Gecko is equipped with an AI, which allows it to follow a certain path. This cleaning technology also keeps the robot safe as it can detect edges, preventing the model to fall off the surface it’s attached.
  • Safety features. The Gecko Robot comes with several safety features, including ropes as well as its intuitive navigation technology that can detect edges and prevent the model from falling off the surface.
  • Application-integrated. With Gladwell Gecko Robot you have an option to use an application that you can download on your smartphone. It’s a convenient highlight, especially if you can’t find the physical remote control and you want to customize the cleaning settings of the robot.
  • Strong suction. The Gladwell Gecko uses suction, a powerful centrifugal fan to attach itself to the glass. Powerful suction is a crucial factor to consider when getting a robot window cleaner, as it doesn’t only determine the product’s efficiency, but safety, too.
  • Washable pads. The Gecko Window Cleaner comes with washable pads. Having washable pads is a positive feature of this product as it can help you save money from buying new ones. If you’re budget-conscious, this highlight benefits you.
  • Versatile. The Gecko Cleaner isn’t only an effective glass cleaner, it also works on different surface types. It’s a multi-functional robot cleaner that you can also use for tiled walls, floors, and cabinets.
  • Automatic notifications. Another noteworthy feature of the Gladwell Gecko is its buzzer. When the robot completes its task or if ever it experiences any problem in the middle of its chore, it will send you notifications to the app.
  • Budget-friendly. The Gecko Robot is one of the most affordable robot window cleaners in the market. Its edge, apart from being budget-friendly, is it works efficiently, too. You may find cheaper products than the Gladwell Gecko, but these robots could be less durable or not as efficient.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Cleaner Review


The Gladwell Gecko is a great choice for a robot window cleaner especially if you have smaller windows or glass doors. The product’s compact size makes it versatile and functional on different surface types and dimensions. It’s a suction-based robot window cleaner, equipped with smart AI for intelligent navigation.

This Gecko might be small, but it’s multi-functional. Apart from glass windows and doors, you can also use it on different surface types like tile walls and floors. With its intuitive cleaning technology, it can detect edges and clean areas that are hard to reach. Using an advanced algorithm, it efficiently removes dirt and not miss scrubbing any part of your glass window or door.


You will have three options for cleaning such as automatic, manual, and the intelligent path. You can access and choose these modes using the application in your smartphone or remote control. This device is lightweight, too, so you won’t worry that much about it falling or damaging a fragile surface.

When it comes to the design, the Gecko has a unique shape. It’s a dual-spinning model with two pads for cleaning, and due to its shape, it may have a hard time cleaning corners. The actual unit has LED indicators, a safety rope hole, power switch, bottom light, buzzer, air vent, a power jack slot, and a power switch.

The Gecko Robot boasts strong suction, which allows it to attach itself on different surface types. The powerful vacuum of this product also aids in the product’s safety, in addition to the back-up ropes that will hold the unit in case it falls off from the surface. We also like that the Gecko comes with washable pads. Not only that these pads work well for deep-cleaning, being washable also means you can save money from buying a new set.

Another notable feature of the Gecko is its buzzer. It sends notifications to the application on your smartphone when it has completed its task. The buzzer also works when the robot experiences problems such as if it gets stuck and other issues.

Most robot window cleaners especially the more advanced models can be pricey. So for people with a tight budget, Gladwell Gecko is a good choice as it’s relatively cheaper than most brands. It can get the work done without costing you an arm and a leg.

The downside, however, due to the product’s shape, it can struggle with cleaning corners. Typically, the pads can’t reach the nooks of the surface it’s working on. Still, we think the Gladwell Gecko is one of the best options for a robot window cleaner that you can get at a fair price.

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Who Needs a Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner?

Busy people. Cleaning the windows takes time. For big houses, especially, just imagine how many windows you have and each one of them, you should clean yourself. That’s why getting a robot window cleaner can help you save a lot of time. You won’t need to hire a person to clean your windows and doors if you are a busy person.

Just stick the robot on the surface you want to clean, and with Gladwell Gecko, you will just receive a notification on your phone when it has completed doing its work. You can leave it alone while you proceed with other things you need to focus on. This buzzer notification feature is especially useful for busy people who have important things to do. You can keep your glass windows and doors clean without sweat and with just one press of a button.


Budget-conscious. We have mentioned a couple of times that this Gecko fits the budget of a budget-conscious. It’s probably one of its main selling points. The Gecko robot may not be the most advanced model that you can find, but it does a satisfying job. It offers quality work without you needing to break the bank.

If you have small windows. Although some customers say the actual unit looks a bit larger than what they expected, this Gecko is still compact and smaller than other models. Meaning, it’s a good option if you have small windows. It also works better on surfaces with no sharp corners due to its shape. Being compact, it also means it’s easy to store and keep. You won’t have a problem where to place it since it doesn’t take that much space.

Easy to use. The Gecko window cleaner is easy to use. You can start it using the physical buttons on the actual unit, with the use of remote control or by using the app on your phone. Any way you like it, it’s pretty straight forward. The remote control and the app interface are similar. Using these controls, you can choose between different cleaning modes. You can manually control the robot, too, as well as get notifications from the robot when it completes its task. Unlike more advanced robot window cleaners, this Gecko is easy to handle and control.

For small spaces. Because of the Gecko’s compact size, and battery limitations, we recommend this product for people living in small spaces. The unit’s battery life lasts about 50 minutes, and after that, you will have to use the backup battery to make it work, while charging the primary one. For people living in smaller houses, it won’t be a problem. However, it could be an issue for people living in larger homes.

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Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner Specs

  • 4.97 pounds in weight
  • Intuitive cleaning technology
  • Equipped with safety ropes
  • Can be controlled with a remote control
  • Smartphone app-integrated
  • Can perform a thorough cleaning
  • 1 Year Warranty

Below are the Pros and Cons of Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner


  • Compact
  • Intuitive cleaning system
  • Equipped with ropes for safety
  • App integrated
  • Works on multi-surface types
  • Budget-friendly


  • Has tendencies to struggle cleaning corners



If you’re looking for a budget-friendly robot window cleaner, no doubt, the Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner is one of the best options in the market. It has an intuitive cleaning technology with great navigation. It can detect surfaces, and its smart algorithm allows it to efficiently clean surfaces without missing a spot.

However, it might struggle with cleaning corners due to its shape. Still, we like that it comes with safety features, and you have a choice of using the remote control or the app to customize the settings of the robot. You will feel assured that the model will remain safe with its multiple safety features like its ropes and its powerful suction.

If you think we offered valuable information about this robot window cleaner, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. Do you think the Gladwell Gecko robot is the product you’re looking for? There are a lot of other options in the market today. Make sure to learn as much as you can about the product you’re getting, as robot window cleaners are a hefty investment.

Surely, however, the Gecko robot is worth every cent. It may not be perfect, but it comes at a fair price, in return for a ton of perks that you can get from this machine.

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Best Robot Window Cleaners For Glass Doors 2021 | The Ultimate HandsFree Glass Cleaning

Best Robot Window Cleaners For Glass Doors 2021

Affiliate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commissions. Eventually, I may earn enough to buy a beer or two 🙂 

Wondering about which came first, robot vacuums or robot window cleaners is like trying to understand which came first, the chicken or the egg? We’re not fully sure if robot vacuums came first in the market or the robot window cleaners, but one thing is certain: we’re enjoying the perks of technology especially when it comes to reducing our household chores. In this section, however, we’ll talk about robot window cleaners.

First, we’ll discuss a few tips on how you will get the best product for your needs. It’s a crucial part of this article, as it’s also where you will base the features to check when getting a robot window cleaner. After you learn a few points on how to get the best model for you, we’ll share a list of the best robot window cleaners for glass doors this 2021.

Features to Check

Robot window cleaners vary greatly. You will find models of different size, shape, weight, offering different features, strengths, as well as drawbacks. It’s important to know the differences between the robot window cleaners and how it affects how they work. You must look into these features to know if the product you want to buy fits your needs.

These features also determine if they can work well on the type of windows you have. For you to get the right product, it’s important to learn about a few crucial factors like the ones we’ll discuss below.

Attachment Method

Yes, we also wondered about it – about how these robot window cleaners stick to the glass and do its job. There are two ways how these robot cleaners attach themselves to the window and that’s by suction or using a magnet. Most models available today are suction-based. In the early times of window bots, however, magnet-based models are more prevalent than the ones that use vacuums.

As technology progressed, the number of suction-based models increased as the machines and the vacuums used for the devices improved as well. 

Magnet-based models come with limitations when it comes to which kind of glass it can attach itself. These products work by attaching a magnet on the other side of the glass, which is not always viable in all situations.

Magnetic window bots, however, are more secured than suction-based products. You will not worry about the robot window cleaner falling off when it lost power or suction. However, suction-based cleaners are now more common than magnetic units as machines and the vacuums have improved greatly over the years.

Suction-based robot window cleaners can work virtually anywhere. Although it’s usually louder than their magnetic counterparts, these units are more versatile. Window bots with vacuum, however, need safety ropes to avoid an accidental fall.

These robot window cleaners work faster, too, and they can work on various types of surfaces. The attachment method of the product you’re getting is one of the most crucial factors to consider when getting a robot window cleaner.

How It Works


Robot window cleaners move from one point to another using wheel. Some models travel in a circular motion but most window bots have microfiber pads underneath them, which allow it to clean more efficiently. More advanced models are equipped with automatic sprayers and are app integrated, where you can customize settings of the path and other customization options.

Therefore, it’s up to you if you will choose simple robot window cleaners that can work with just a press of a button, or the more advanced models that are app-integrated and allow more flexible customization.


The size of the model you’re getting must be fitting to the size of your window or glass doors. The size of robot window cleaners varies. You can find small models that are just right for average-sized windows. These smaller models, however, finish cleaning slower, too, compared to the larger counterparts.

The larger window bots, on the other hand, can be heavier than the smaller ones. Due to the weight, the larger models have a bigger chance of falling. Bigger window bots, though, most likely finish cleaning faster than the smaller models.


The weight of the window robot you’re getting may not be an extremely critical feature on your purchase. Although, you must still consider the model’s weight especially if you have a delicate and thin glass. The weight of the model you’re getting may cause damage to your glass doors or windows as these devices attach itself on the surface using suction or magnet, which could strain a fragile surface.

Some products also use ropes to assure safety and not fall off. Meaning, you should also consider this factor, and look around if it’s a safe area for you to be assembling the ropes.



Window bots vary in shape as well. You will find dual spinning models, square types, or circular robot window cleaners in the market. The shape of the product you want to get must fit the shape of the surface the robot will work on. Dual-spinning models may not be the best choice for doors or windows with corners, but it may work better on surfaces with round edges.

Typically, for large glass doors, a box-shaped model is the better choice, so it can reach the corners of the glass. Square shaped models are also more prevalent in the market as these robot window cleaners are bigger as well, meaning, it can complete a task faster.


The quality of the window bot’s motor you’re getting will determine its suction power, speed, and its noise. Check the power of the machine when getting a unit especially if you worry about the robot falling off. Strong suction power and high-speed model is always preferable in case you’d opt for suction-based robots.

We always want a model that can finish a task fast, as it won’t only let you complete more house chores in a short span, it will also reduce the chance of the robot falling off the glass. The quality and the power of the machine also dictates the loudness of the robot window cleaner.

If you want to relax while the robot is working, you must take into consideration the noise of the machine. More advanced models today have improved technologies that allow the machines to be powerful yet silent.

Safety Features

A robot window cleaner can be pricey, and there’s always a chance for these devices to fall off from the surface it’s attached. Meaning, looking for safety features is an important factor to check to make sure your investment will be protected as well. Great models are equipped with safety features like extra batteries, LED indicators, voice alerts, and so on.

Extra batteries keep the devices safe as they act as a back-up power source when the suction power of the robot lowers down. LED indicators are also a helpful way to know when you need to recharge the device, as well as voice alerts, allowing you to have more freedom and fewer worries about the robot falling off.

Technology Used

Some models are equipped with AI technologies for more cleaning. Other manual window robots do clean surfaces on a random route, which can complete a task in a decent span. More advanced models with cutting edge AI, however, can perform better and faster. These robot window cleaners are equipped with sensors to track the areas that it already cleaned.

Thus, reducing the amount of time for cleaning. Some models even provide a multi-step cleaning system, which leaves an extra-sparkly finish. Meaning, techy or not, you will enjoy the perks of a device that’s equipped with AI technology that can further improve its performance.

7 Best Robot Window Cleaners for Glass Doors

Now that you know the features to consider when getting a robot cleaner, it will be easier for you to find the exact model you’re after. There are a bunch of choices in the market today, and looking at the tags, getting a window bot sure is a hefty investment.

Therefore, it’s just wise to be careful in getting the model for your needs. Below are just 7 of the best robot window cleaners we think you might like. We’ll share with you every model’s features, highlights, pros, and cons. 



The ECOVACS WINBOT W830 has a powerful machine and can work on vertical glass surfaces whether textured, tinted, or frosted. With its powerful machine, it provides great suction to attach well on the window or glass door. It’s easy to use and has back-up batteries for safety as well as pods and tether. This model costs less than other leading window bots. However, it leaves streaks on textured windows, and it can be fairly loud.

Summary of features: ECOVACS WINBOT W830

  • Dual suction cups
  • Comes with back-up batteries
  • 2.14 pounds in weight
  • 3-Step Operation: Spray, Power On, Start
  • Pathfinder navigation
  • Smart suction fan
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Fair price

With dual suction cups, you wouldn’t worry about ECOVACS WINBOT W830 falling off from where it’s attached. Not to mention it’s also equipped with back-up batteries, assuring its safety if ever the robot runs out of power in the middle of its task. We love that this unit is lightweight, only weighing 2.14 pounds. The ECOVACS WINBOT W830 is also easy to operate. It will only take you a three-step process to get it starting. First, you will have to spray a cleaning solution on the surface, turn on the window bot, and let it do its job.

The navigation of the ECOVACS W830 is also excellent, which can calculate a cleaning path, supporting efficiency and speed. It can also avoid obstacles and edges, meaning, it can also work safely on its own. This product can work on different glass types, too, whether frosted, textured, or thermopane. For us, the best selling point of the ECOVACS WINBOT W830 is its price. With this product, you can get the same perks you can have from more expensive units and save a couple of bucks when you chose this robot.

The downside, however, is it can be a bit loud when working. It also leaves streaks when cleaning, which can be a huge drawback if you’re after spotless, sparkly cleaning.

Below are the pros and cons of ECOVACS WINBOT W830:


  • Powerful machine
  • Back-up batteries
  • Lightweight
  • Smart pathfinder
  • Works on different glass types
  • Fair price
  • Easy to use
  • Strong suction vacuum


  • Can be loud
  • Leaves streaks

Product rating: 5.8

Where can I buy ECOVACS WINBOT W830

#2 Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot


This bad boy is smart and sleek, and we’re not talking about that overly-confident office guy everyone loves. We’re talking about the Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot. This robot, too, is loved by a lot of consumers due to the performance it offers. It’s an efficient window bot that can work through a mobile app or its remote control. The catch, on the other hand, is it’s a bit slow and it’s on the expensive side.

Summary of features: Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot

  • 2 pounds in weight
  • AI integrated
  • 4 minutes per 2 meters cleaning speed
  • Anti-falling control algorithm
  • Auto-detects edges of the window
  • High sensitivity pressure sensor
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • High-strength safety rope and buckle
  • Remote control
  • Mobile App Available
  • 80W power consumption
  • 4-meter power cord

First, let’s talk about Hobot 198’s design. As mentioned, it’s a sleek and compact unit that travels in a zigzag path. You will find most of the buttons on the top part of the unit, as well as the holes where you can attach the safety strings. You will also find the vent, light indicators, power switch, and the power jack. The bottom part is the cleaning rings, where the microfiber pads are attached. Overall, the aesthetic appeal of the Hobot 198 is quite unique. Unlike other square-shaped models, this model is somewhat circular, supporting its efficiency in cleaning.


We like that this model gives an option to use the remote and a smartphone app. Although there’s not a lot of difference between the physical remote and the interface of the app, having these options bring convenience. The window bot utilizes a strong centrifugal fan to attach itself to the surface. With a strong suction power, it’s typically safe from falling, still, the robot has strings to assure safety if ever it detaches from the surface.

We also like that the Hobot 198 doesn’t have driving wheels to move from one point to another. Rather, its cleaning wheels with microfiber cloths allow it to move, leaving no trace when cleaning glasses. This model also works great on different surface types whether it’s rough glass, mosaic, plain glass, and so on. The downside, however, is it can be a bit slower than other models when it comes to finishing tasks. It’s also quite expensive, so if you have a tight budget, you might want to consider other products.

Below are the pros and cons of Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot:


  • Smart window robot
  • Comes with added safety features
  • Can detect edges and obstacles
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • App integrated
  • Anti-fall technology
  • Works on different glass types


  • Relatively slower than other models
  • Corded
  • Expensive

Product rating: 6.6

Where can I buy Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot

#3 Hobot 268 with Remote Control


The Hobot 268 is smart and efficient. With its size, it can be a great choice for large glass windows and doors. This model is AI-equipped, though it doesn’t have a smartphone app that you can use for controlling. It has, however, a remote control that you can use from afar to make the robot work. This model is versatile, too, it performs well on different glass and surface types. It’s built with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for added safety in addition to the tethers in case it detaches from the surface. No doubt, it’s a great robot window cleaner. However, if you’re after a sparkly-clean finish, this might not be the product for you, as it leaves marks after. The power cord also has tendencies to get tangled, which can be a bit annoying.

Summary of features: Hobot 268

  • Safe to use for any thickness glass
  • AI-equipped S1.0
  • Offers speed of 2.4 minutes per 2 meters
  • 3 automatic operation modes
  • Stops automatically upon completion of cleaning
  • Equipped with UPS (Uninterrupted Power System)
  • Laser sensors can detect edges of windows
  • Has an anti-falling control algorithm
  • Comes with high-strength safety rope (150Kgf) and buckle
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 72W power consumption

The design of Hobot 268 is pretty straight forward. It’s a square-shaped model with microfiber pads underneath and caterpillar rollers for movement. It uses air suction to attach itself on the surface with the power-on button and an indicator on top of it. We like that the color is white and black, which appears clean and minimalistic. The model’s shape also aids in getting into the sharp edges of the glass.


You will get three cleaning modes from Hobot 268. Equipped with AI, the robot cleans in a systematic pattern moving from left to right, then up and down. You can also use the manual mode for spot cleaning, where you will have to use the remote control or press the buttons of the model. Equipped with a durable tether, you won’t worry about the robot falling off. The product also has an anti-falling control algorithm, which adds to its safety features.

The Hobot 268 works well on different glass types whether it’s a window film, mirror, rough glass, mosaic, tiles, and so on. The robot is pretty quick, too. It can complete cleaning a 2-meter area within 2.4 minutes, and it automatically stops when it has finished its task.

The downside, on the other hand, the model has tendencies to trip over its long 4-meter power cord. It also leaves subtle marks on the areas it cleans. Meaning, it may not be the best product if you’re after a gleaming finish. You might also experience some difficulties using the remote control due to the location of the remote control sensor.

Below are the pros and cons of Hobot 268



  • AI integrated
  • Good for large glass windows and doors
  • With multiple safety features
  • Cleans fast
  • Can detect edges
  • Easy to use
  • 3 cleaning mode options


  • Leaves marks after cleaning
  • The power cord tends to tangle up

Product rating: 6.8

Where can I buy Hobot 268

#4 Mamibot iGlassbot W120 Robotic Window Cleaner


The Mamibot iGlassbot W120 Robotic Window Cleaner is probably one of the underrated and overlooked models in the market that deserves to be noticed. This robot window cleaner is smart, slim, and effective. It works well on different surface types, not only glass but also tiles and marble. The Mamibot iGlassbot W120 is a smart window bot, equipped with multiple safety features as well as AI for efficient cleaning. The drawback, however, for extremely dirty windows, with thickly caked dust, you will have to manually reduce the amount of dirt first before using the robot.

Summary of features: Mamibot iGlassbot W120 Robotic Window Cleaner

  • 4.96 pounds in weight
  • 75W power
  • 600mAh battery
  • 1 hour charging time
  • less than 65dB noise level
  • 3000Pa Suction Power
  • 2.5 minutes per sqm cleaning speed
  • AI integrated
  • Smartphone app available
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Anti-fall sensors
  • Equipped with safety ropes
  • 9.5 cm slim
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fast, efficient, and smart – seems like the Mamibot iGlassbot W120 Robotic Window Cleaner has everything you’d ask for a window bot. It’s 9.5 cm slim, perfect for cleaning corners and windows with limited spaces. You can control the robot using a remote control or a smartphone app. Three cleaning modes are available: APP, One-touch Key, and Remote. This robot window cleaner is fast, too, with a speed of 2.5 minutes per sqm.

When it comes to the design, we love the clean and minimalistic white, gloss finish. There’s a light indicator on top of it for the battery, as well as a power button, the power source, and a safety lock hole for the ropes. The Mamibot iGlassbot attaches itself on the surface using suction with a powerful 3000Pa. This robot also has a built-in UPS battery, which allows the unit to remain attached on the surface for 20 minutes and sends an alarm when it runs out of power.

The Mamibot iGlassbot W120 works quietly, too, producing less than 65dB noise level. There are many things to love about this robot window cleaner, however, it also comes with a minor drawback. It can’t completely clean extremely dirty surfaces with stubborn caked dust. In such cases, you will need to help the robot by doing slight pre-cleaning to remove the dirt.

Below are the pros and cons of Mamibot iGlassbot W120:


  • Fast
  • Slim
  • Versatile; works great on different surfaces
  • AI integrated
  • Smartphone app available
  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • Strong suction power
  • Silent


  • Cannot handle heavy dirt

Product rating: 8

Where can I buy Mamibot iGlassbot W120

#5 Ecovacs Winbot 880


The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is one of the best choices for large glass windows and doors that come with minimal drawbacks. It has intuitive remote control and is equipped with Ecovacs WIN-SLAM™ 2.0 Technology, which allows it to navigate intelligently across the surface it cleans. It can also detect edges for both framed and unframed surfaces with its advanced Edge Detection Technology. The catch, however, sometimes it leaves streaks that are visible on the glass.


Summary of features: Ecovacs Winbot 880

  • 3.96 pounds in weight
  • Path planning technology
  • 5-layer decontamination pad
  • Edge detection technology
  • Multiple safety systems
  • 2800PA suction power
  • 30-minute backup battery
  • High elastic rope + load-bearing suction cup
  • Remote control
  • Smartphone app available
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is a smart robot window cleaner, equipped with multiple smart systems for efficiency and safety. The 5-layer decontamination pad and squeegee work great for thorough cleaning of surfaces where the robot passes an area four times to assure a satisfying finish.

With the product’s Win Slam 2.0 Technology, it can travel across surfaces intelligently, choosing a path that’s the most efficient while also avoiding obstacles. The robot can also return back to where it started, which is useful when cleaning high areas, so you won’t have to get it from where it finished working.

The Ecovacs Winbot 880 features multiple safety systems including elastic ropes and a 30-minute backup battery in case the robot suddenly runs out of power. It’s easy to use, too, using the remote control and a smartphone app, which are both intuitive. The only drawback we noticed about the Ecovacs Winbot 880 is it leaves streaks occasionally that are visible on the glass.

Check out the full product review for the Ecovacs Winbot 880 here

Below are the pros and cons Ecovacs Winbot 880


  • Intuitive controls
  • Powerful suction power
  • Multiple safety features
  • Smart path cleaning
  • Can detect obstacles and edges
  • App integrated


  • Leaves streaks occasionally

Product rating: 7.8

Where can I buy Ecovacs Winbot 880

#6 Ecovacs Winbot X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot


The Ecovacs Winbot X is a winner of the 2018 CES Innovation Award, and that probably means something. This advanced robot window cleaner is equipped with a four-stage cleaning system for thorough cleaning. It also has a strong suction power, allowing it to attach itself on the surface safely. The product’s Ball Sensors allow the model to detect edges, reducing the risk of the robot of falling. It’s no doubt, an advanced efficient cleaning tool for glass doors and windows. However, it still comes with small drawbacks like it’s a bit slow, and requires you to buy additional pads and solution.


Summary of features: Ecovacs Winbot X

  • 4.85 pounds in weight
  • Four-stage cleaning process
  • The powerful suction of more than 3.5 kpA
  • Automatic safety system
  • Safety pod and tether
  • Easy to use
  • Can detect edges
  • Smart Drive’ pathway system

Let’s talk about design. The Ecovacs Winbot X has sophisticated and clean aesthetic features, which seems fitting for a modern home. However your home looks like, this robot can still be the product you’re looking for if you want a robot window cleaner that’s efficient and simple to use.

The model boasts a four-stage cleaning process, allowing thorough cleaning of your glass windows and doors. It uses powerful suction to attach itself on the surface and keep the robot safe from falling. It also has back-up tether and pods to further improve its safety features if ever it detaches from the surface.

The Ecovacs Winbot X has a Smart Drive’ pathway system, which allows it to intelligently navigate across the area it cleans. It also works with minimal noise, which is an excellent feature, allowing you to use the product any time without thinking of disturbing anyone. The drawback, however, this product is pricey for the perks it offers. There are also occasions that the robot gets stuck in an area it cleans.

Below are the pros and cons Ecovacs Winbot X



  • Strong suction power
  • Navigates intelligently
  • Multiple safety features
  • Relatively more silent than other models
  • Detects edges
  • Can perform a thorough cleaning


  • Expensive
  • Has tendencies to get stuck

Product rating: 2.8

Where can I buy Ecovacs Winbot X

#7 Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner


The Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is the perfect model for smaller glass windows and doors due to its compact size. It’s also a great choice for a robot window cleaner if you’re looking for a simple yet AI-integrated window cleaning machine. However, this model seems to experience issues when cleaning corners.


Summary of features: Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

  • 4.97 pounds in weight
  • Intuitive cleaning technology
  • Equipped with safety ropes
  • Can be controlled with a remote control
  • Smartphone app-integrated
  • Can perform a thorough cleaning
  • 1 Year Warranty

This compact robot is equipped with an intuitive cleaning technology, allowing it to detect corners, edges, and other obstacles that could cause it to detach from the surface. When it comes to safety, the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner has ropes to assure it won’t fall in case it loses power.


We also love that the Gladwell Gecko has two options for control: using a remote control and an integrated smartphone app. You can also make it work by pressing the buttons on the unit, which also gives you the option to choose a cleaning path. This robot window cleaner uses powerful suction to attach itself on the surface it cleans. However, you may need to moisten the area it will work on if the amount of dirt is heavy. With its washable cleaning pads, you will get to save a couple of bucks as you won’t need to purchase such materials every now and then. This robot works great not only on glass but also on other surface types like tiled walls, and floors.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly window bot, you must consider the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner. The downside, however, is it can struggle with cleaning corners due to its shape and cleaning pattern.

Check out the full product review for the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner here.

Below are the pros and cons of Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner:


  • Compact
  • Intuitive cleaning system
  • Equipped with ropes for safety
  • App integrated
  • Works on multi-surface types
  • Budget-friendly


  • Has tendencies to struggle cleaning corners

Product rating: 8.2

Where can I buy Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner


We know how hard it is to clean glass windows and doors, especially if you have large ones that go from the ceiling to the floor. You will need to get a ladder and a few safety measures just to keep your glasses clean. That’s why robot window cleaners are a great addition to your cleaning tools.

These devices will help reduce your household chores and also keep you safe from possible accidents. We hope you find this list of the best robot window cleaners for glass doors 2021 valuable. Let us know if you think you found the product you’re looking for among the models we talked about here. We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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