Craftsman M215 Lawn Mower Review

Gas lawn mowers are available in a range of brands and sizes, and diversity is a big selling point. This is because, while they may be slightly more expensive than other mowers, there is typically one to suit every budget. It’s simply an issue of determining the brand and size. It is a user favorite because of the variety of options available.

Gardeners and landscape professionals continue to favor these mowers. There are various reasons for this, one of which is that they are extremely efficient machinery.

Advantages of Gas Lawn Mowers


The freedom of movement that these gas-powered mowers provide is a significant benefit. They are easy to move from one end of the lawn to the other because they are not electric or corded. This is especially significant if you have a medium to large lawn and need the flexibility of a cordless lawnmower.

Another benefit of these mowers, and the main reason for their continued popularity, is that they are quite dependable. Despite the fact that they require regular maintenance, you can use them for several years before you replace it. 

This is even more surprising because they are normally for heavy usage because they are more powerful than electric mowers, which is why landscape professionals and gardeners are faithful to them.

Drawbacks of Gas Lawn Mowers

These mowers have some drawbacks, such as the high expense of gasoline and the difficulty of cutting tight corners and edges. You should also consider the noise generated by these mowers, as they are noisier than, say, electric lawnmowers. However, the benefits far exceed the drawbacks.

About Craftsman

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “Craftsman.” They manufacture a variety of lawnmowers, yard equipment, tools, and other items. They are a well-known brand that is known for their value and quality. 

They’ve supplied high-quality, dependable products for over a decade. The M215 159cc 21″ 3-in-1 Self Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower is one of them. 

The Craftsman M215 lawn mower is a fantastic choice for medium to large yards that require the maneuverability of a gas-powered lawnmower.  It’s a versatile self-propelled lawn mower that provides precision and power while being maneuverable.

About Craftsman M215

In the lawn mower industry, Craftsman has long been a trusted name. They’re known for their excellence, and the M215 is their newest gas-powered mower.

This mower has a lot of cool features. It has a 159 cc engine, which is one of the most powerful in this class. It’s also a self-propelled variant, which is useful for larger lawns with uneven surfaces. It also comes with a 21-inch cutting deck and a collection bag.

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Engine/Power System

With a 159cc gas engine, the Craftsman M215 is a versatile lawnmower. It’s a three-in-one mower because it has a rear discharge, side discharge, cut-and-collect, and mulching function.

It starts quickly and easily every time thanks to the recoil start with auto choke.

It features front-wheel drive and is self-propelled. The variable speed option makes mowing the lawn even more convenient. The dual lever allows for quick adjustment of the six-height settings. Mobility is also aided by the 7-inch front wheels and 11-inch rear wheels.

For medium to sized yards, the 21-inch cutting deck is excellent.

Craftsman M215 Design & Build Quality

While the design is simple, it is functional and effective. It has a 21-inch cutting deck and weighs 83 pounds. It’s made for medium to big yards and is designed to be agile and efficient.

Craftsman stands by the build quality and materials used in the lawnmower with a two-year warranty.



The Craftsman M215’s performance, according to most users, is more than adequate for medium to large yards. The power-to-weight ratio is favorable, and the fact that it is self-propelled and has variable speed makes it simple to maneuver. 

The wheels, particularly the huge 11-inch rear wheels, aid this as well. Even on relatively rocky terrain, it glides smoothly and easily. The auto choke works well and makes starting the engine with the recoil starter a breeze.

The 21-inch cutting deck is the perfect size for the target market. It allows for quick work without sacrificing mobility or precision. The cutting height options are more than enough, and the twin lever arrangement makes it simple to modify them.

All of the features, including the rear discharge, side discharge, and mulching, work as they should and are effective.

Craftsman M215 Unique Features

All of the M215’s regular features are good, but there is a handful that is exclusive to the model. These features help it stand out among Craftsman’s many possibilities. Two of these characteristics are shown below.

Choke on demand

Nobody wants to have to wait for the engine to start because they forgot to prime it. The M215 is equipped with a smooth-recoiling automated choke. The addition of this to the lawn mower’s design makes it easier to start.

Dust Control

A dust-control system is included inside the bag. This will decrease the amount of pollen and dust that can escape from a bag while it is in use. By including this method in the design, the user’s eyes will be less irritated and the lawnmower will be more comfortable to operate.

Cut Quality and Available Options

The good deck we mentioned earlier in this section helps this device to cut greater swathes of grass at once, which speeds up the cutting process.

The blades utilized under that 21″ cutting deck are also of great quality, so you’ll be able to cut with a single pass and get the desired height and precision.

Its adjustable height is ideal for precision cutting because it makes it easier for the mower to tackle difficult or uneven terrain. 

There are three discharge choices available on the M215 as well. If the grass is a little longer, you can go with the traditional side discharge or the mulching option.

You have the bagger as your third choice. This is ideal for individuals who have a compost pile because the cuttings may be recycled into it for additional nutrients to nourish your garden.

Craftsman M215 Product Specifications:

  • Tool Type: Gas
  • Cutting Path: 21 inches
  • Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Cutting Heights: 1.25-3.75 inches
  • Transmission Type: Single Speed
  • Engine Brand: Craftsman
  • Engine Displacement: 140 cc
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • Speed Control: Variable-1 Speed
  • Cut Width: 21 inches
  • Mower Deck Width: 21 inches
  • Number of Deck Positions: 6
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Self-propelled
  • It is simple to start.
  • Offers functionality in three ways
  • Affordable
  • Warranty of two years
  • 6 height adjustments make it simple to adjust.
  • Wheels that have a lot of traction


  • This is not feasible for larger yards
  • The grips aren’t the comfiest.

Ease Of Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty

There will be some maintenance required with any gas-powered mower. You’ll need to change the oil every now and again, and you’ll need to inspect the air filters and other engine components to make sure they’re in good working order.

Every couple of years, the blades will need to be sharpened and replaced.


A 2-year limited warranty is included with this mower. Any damage caused by flaws in the components or materials used in the M215’s construction is covered by the guarantee. It excludes the following:

  • Wear and tear are inevitable.
  • Damages incurred as a result of poor maintenance
  • Issues resulting from the use of non-compatible parts or fuel
  • Repair and maintenance

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Your tiny engines, like your car, require routine maintenance to keep them operating smoothly for years to come.

I’ll show you how to take care of your lawnmower to keep it in good working order and extend its life. You’ll learn a little more about how it works in the process, which is both useful and intriguing to know. Let’s get this party started.

Changing the Oil in Your Lawn Mower

Your owner’s manual will come in helpful when changing oil. The placement of the oil drain plug varies for every mower (if it has a drain plug at all). It’s usually under the deck, or below and to the side of the dipstick (in which case the mower has been turned on its side to drain).

If there isn’t a plug, simply flip the mower over and let the water drain into a container. Refill the oil reservoir once it’s been depleted.

If you don’t feel comfortable (or simply don’t want) to handle this step yourself, many local hardware stores will do it for you for a fair amount.

Cleaning the Deck

After each mow, clean under the deck. Brush out grass with a broom or a gloved hand if it’s extremely chunked on. Always tilt the mower with the air filter side up, and brush out grass with a broom or a gloved hand if it’s badly chunked on.

When grass or dirt is severely caked on under the deck, give it a more thorough clean as needed. Scrub away with a wire brush, soap, and water.

Replace Spark Plug as Needed

Some people recommend changing the spark plug once a year because it’s an inexpensive and simple maintenance item, but unless your mower starts slowly, there’s no reason to do so. It’s fine to replace your mower every 2-3 years, or even longer if your mower starts easily.

To remove and replace the plug, you’ll need a specific tool. Don’t worry, you can acquire one for less than ten dollars. This is another chore that you might outsource to a hardware store for a mower tune-up, but knowing how to do it yourself is a good thing to know, and it’s sometimes just more enjoyable.

Should You Invest in This Model? Our Final Verdict


Craftsman mowers have a good reputation and are among the best-selling lawnmowers. The M215 159cc offers excellent value for money and is ideal for medium to large yards. It has three functions, one of which is a mulching feature.

The self-propelled lawn mower is simple to operate. The 21-inch cutting deck and overall design will make yard upkeep quick and simple. With six cutting possibilities, you’ll be able to cut to the precise height.

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