The Dyson AM10 Hygienic Mist Humidifier is one of the few products that can cool off and cleanse the air in a room. These days you won’t easily find a model that is as efficient as this bladeless fan. Although it’s main use is to humidify the air, the Dyson AM10 can also work as a bladeless fan and an air cleaning tool that can get rid of bacteria.

This offers many perks that can turn your home to a safer, more comfortable, and a fresher place for you and your loved ones. Learn more about this product and know if this is the fan that fits your needs by reading on.

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Summary of Features: Dyson AM10 Bladeless Fan Humidifier 


Humidifies. For places that are hot and dry, getting a humidifier that works can help improve the air and comfort in a room. The Dyson AM10 is equipped with technologies that provide moisture in places that are dry and hot. It doesn’t only produce smooth flowing air, but also a hygienic mist that can improve the atmosphere, as well as the cleanliness of the air.

Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology. Another great highlight about the Dyson AM10 is its ability to clean the air using it’s Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology. This feature gets rid of bacteria using ultraviolet light to the cleansing mist that is projected into the air.

Kills 99.9 Percent of Bacteria. Due to the product’s Ultraviolet Cleanse technology, this product can get rid of 99.9% of bacteria in the air. The Dyson AM10 produces a hygienic mist that is cleansed using the ultraviolet technology and is projected into the air. This vapor released by the fan kills the bacteria in the air.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly. If you or you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergy, the Dyson AM10 is an excellent product that can improve the quality of life. This bladeless fan and humidifier combo is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as safe to use around people with such health conditions. 

Quiet Mark Accreditation. With the Dyson AM10, you will not have to worry about the noise it produces while working. With just low levels of noise, you can use this fan and humidifier in one, anytime you want without disturbing anyone, as well as, you too. 

Parent Approved Seal. The parent-approved seal means this bladeless fan and humidifier from Dyson is trusted by families around the world. It’s parent-tested safe to use around toddlers and the elderly. 

Patented Air Multiplier Technology. The fan’s Air Multiplier Technology allows this fan to work without blades. This feature results in a strong flow of air that is smooth and uninterrupted. Using high-velocity vanes, the Dyson AM10 releases air through its holes across the fan ring. 

Intelligent Climate Control. The Dyson AM10 is intelligent, too. This model can sense the temperature and moisture in a room, and then set the ideal level of humidity for a comfortable atmosphere. 

1.6-gallon Water Tank. This Humidifier and bladeless fan has a tank that can hold 1.6 of water. This amount of water is enough for the fan to work for long hours even during the entire day. 

5.9 Feet Power Cord. The Dyson AM10 is equipped with a long power cord. With a length of 5.9 feet, it allows you to use this bladeless fan and humidifier in areas that are far from the socket. This feature is especially useful and convenient, providing freedom and versatility for you when it comes to choosing the spot of this fan in your home.

Slim and Compact. The AM10 Dyson has a slim and compact body. With a height of 22.8 inches and an amp diameter of 9.4 inches, you can easily place this fan anywhere in a room without taking too much space. Having sleek and futuristic design, this fan looks like more of decoration instead of an appliance inside a home.

17 to 23-degree Temperature. The Dyson AM10 has a range of 17 to 23 degrees. You have an option to set the coldness or warmth of the vapor that is coming out of this fan within that range of temperature.

2-year Warranty. Buying the Dyson AM10 comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty length is more than fair for you to protect your investment as this product doesn’t come cheap.

Dyson AM10 Bladeless Fan Humidifier Review

First, let’s talk about the design of Dyson AM10. Just like most bladeless fans, this model looks like a product that came straight from the future. We love the combination of colors of white, silver, and translucent, which makes this fan sophisticated and clean. This product is slim and compact as well. With the height of 22.8 inches, this fan isn’t too tall that it would hinder a space, but it is high enough to evenly distribute air from top to bottom.


The amp diameter of the Dyson AM10 is just around 9 inches. Meaning, this model is truly compact and won’t take a lot of space in an area. With a compact body, this bladeless fan suits any type of home whether you’re living in a small-size space or a large home.

The air pressure that the Dyson AM10 can provide is pretty strong, too. At maximum settings, you’ll get 460 l/s, which is satisfying enough for you to feel refreshed in front of the fan. This model is equipped with Air Multiplier Technology, which allows it to produce a breeze without the need for dangerous blades. Dyson AM10 is parent-approved, and it even possesses a seal that can certify families feel safe when using this fan. 

If you have a family member or if you suffer from allergy or asthma, the Dyson AM10 is for you. This model has been approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as a product that can improve the quality of life of people who have such health conditions. This bladeless fan also works as an air purifier. With the Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology, this humidifier can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in the air. Using the hygienic mist that is projected and spread out across the room, it can improve the quality of air in an area.


The Dyson AM10 works quietly as well. It boasts a Quiet Mark Accreditation, assuring that this model produces low levels of noise. Meaning, you and your loved ones can have a peaceful time and sleep all-throughout your use of this bladeless fan and humidifier. This model is equipped with intelligent technologies as well. It can sense the level of moisture and temperature in a room, and then set the ideal levels of humidity and temperature to provide a comfortable environment.

You have an option to set the temperature of the vapor that is coming out of the fan within the range of 17 to 21 degrees. This fan also has a lengthy power cord that is almost 6 feet. This length allows you to use the fan in areas that are far from the socket.

The oscillation of this fan is about 90 degrees, which is more than ideal. This range of oscillation allows it to have a wider airflow reach. This bladeless fan works excellently when it comes to cooling off and area and improving the circulation of air in your home. However, it is such a hefty investment for a fan. It can be expensive, but the price that you will pay will be protected by the two-year warranty that Dyson provides.

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Who Needs a Dyson AM10 Bladeless Fan Humidifier?

People with allergy. If you have or you live with family members who have allergy or asthma, the Dyson AM10 the perfect bladeless fan for you. Apart from being accredited safe for use for people with allergy and asthma, approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this product can also clean the air. Using a hygienic mist, it can provide a safer and more comfortable environment for people with health conditions. 

Living with toddlers and the elderly. Most people’s main reason for buying bladeless fans is for safety. If you have a toddler or elderly at your home, getting a fan like this Dyson AM10 can help protect your loved ones from potential accidents.

Because this model doesn’t need blades to produce air, you can be certain that your loved ones will be safe from injuries that can happen when they get in contact with propellers. Opting for a bladeless fan than conventional electric fans can give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your household.


For a cleaner environment. As mentioned, this model is equipped with an Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology, which can kill 99.9% of bacteria. This also means that using this fan which has a cleansing vapor, you will get to have a cleaner environment for you and your loved ones. 

For a modern-looking home. Apart from being a powerful bladeless fan and an efficient humidifier, this model has an aesthetic design as well. It can fit any kind of home especially if you have a house with a modern design, as this product also looks like a decoration in addition to its use. 

Dyson AM10 Bladeless Fan and Humidifier Specs

  • Humidifies
  • Ultraviolet Cleanse technology
  • Kills 99.9 Percent of bacteria
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly 
  • Quiet Mark Accreditation 
  • Parent Approved seal 
  • Airflow at the maximum setting: 460 l/s
  • Patented Air Multiplier technology
  • Intelligent Climate Control 
  • Daily humidifying output: 1.6 gallon
  • Cord Length 5.9 feet
  • Total Height 22.8 inches
  • Temperature: 17 to 23 degree
  • Amp diameter: 9.4 inches
  • 2-year warranty

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Pros and Cons of Dyson AM10 Bladeless Fan and Humidifier


  1. Humidifying
  2. Powerful
  3. Allergy and asthma friendly
  4. Cleans up the air


  1. Expensive
  2. Frequent water refill


We hope we have provided useful information about the Dyson AM10 Hygienic Mist Humidifier and bladeless fan. This product offers many perks when it comes to improving the comfort of an environment as well as purifying the air of a room. It has a beautiful design, besides being efficient.

However, we can’t deny the fact that this product is not for consumers who have a tight budget as it can be a hefty investment. Still, it’s worth every cent, especially if you’re after having a fresher and safer air to breathe inside your home. If you think this is the product for you, let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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