Medify Air MA 40 Air Purifier Review

In a crowded environment, experiencing a headache, unease, or sudden nausea is a regular concern. These issues can occur even in an air-conditioned room. What’s the reason? There aren’t enough negative ions in the room.

Negative ions are neither negative nor unhealthy, despite their name. Positive ions are damaging to the human body, whereas negative ions are healthy. In fact, natural, clean air has the highest quantities of negative ions. 

Ions are charged particles in the air that are invisible to the naked eye. They are either molecules or atoms that have an electric charge. Some particles have a positive charge, whereas others have a negative charge.

To put it another way, positive ions are molecules that have dropped one or more electrons, while negative ions are oxygen atoms that have electrons that are extra-negatively charged. 

Negative ions abound in nature, particularly around waterfalls, in the ocean surf, at the beach, and following a storm. They can be found in both mountains and woodlands.

Negative ions can be found in the air we breathe and in our bodies. Negative ions have been scientifically established to help to overall well-being and health:* 

  • They neutralize free radicals.
  • They improve immunological function
  • Invigorate cell metabolism 
  • And clean the blood.
  • They promote deep sleep and healthy digestion by balancing the autonomic nerve system.

Ionic Air Purifiers


As part of your usual chores, you wipe, mop, and vacuum the precipitant. This may appear to be a filthy method of air purification, yet many machines are really good at it. There are fans on some ionic air purifiers and none on others.

Depending on the brand, fans can be very loud or very silent. Those without fans rely on existing air currents to deliver the ions to the different nooks and crannies of the space, which are created by ceiling fans, human movement, and other factors. 

If you buy one without a fan, make sure you place it correctly. If you get one with a fan, clean the grille like you would a ceiling fan once in a while.

The electrostatic air purifier is a variation on the ionic air purifier. It works by pulling air through a carbon or HEPA pre-filter that traps bigger particles like dust and pet dander.

Filter systems are not what ionic air purifiers are. Ionic air purifiers function by discharging negatively charged ions into your home’s air. 

Ions attach themselves to chemicals and particles like dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen, causing them to attract each other and your home’s interior surfaces. As a result, they just fall out of the sky. 

In this article, we look at the Medify MA-40 v2.0 air purifier, including its specifications, main features, benefits, and drawbacks. We also provide some maintenance advice about this air purifier.

About Medify MA 40 Ionic Air Purifier

Modern air purifiers are fairly effective, but producers are also putting a greater emphasis on aesthetics. The Medify MA-40 Air Purifier is made by Medify Air, a Kickstarter company based in the United States that has released a number of attractive yet functional air purifiers in recent years.

After the MA-112 and MA-50 models, the Medify MA-40 is the third highest coverage air purifier in Medify’s floor standing air purifier range. A 3-in-1 filter is included, as well as an optional ionizer.

For many years, the Medify MA-40 has been the ace of this brand, thanks to its exceptional performance that can only be found in high-end machines. So, in today’s Medify MA-40 Review, we’ll go into the details.

See Where Medify Air MA 40 Ranks in Our Best Air Purifier with Ionizer

Slim but Tall

The white Medify MA-40 is a tall air-purification tower that is 26 inches long. Its 11-inch-wide frame also makes it slim enough to fit into a tight place.

With a weight of 15 pounds, the MA-40 will not wobble when children or pets run by it, and corner feet on the bottom keep the purifier from sliding on hard surfaces. There’s also a built-in grip on the backside of the housing to assist in lifting.

Medify Air MA 40 Air Purifier Filters


The Medify MA-40, being a mid-range air purifier in the Medify Air family, features a signature 4-stage air cleaning method, as seen below.

  • Pre-filter — A layer of pre-filter sits on top of the True HEPA filter, extending the life of the core filter by collecting big particles like fur, hair, and dust.
  • True HEPA Filter – The True HEPA Filter (rated H13) collects 99.97% of allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungal particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – Removes harmful smells and formaldehyde using a large carbon filter with carbon pellets.
  • Ionizer – Creates negative ions in order to charge particles and trap them inside the device. It can be turned on and off.
  • The Medify MA-40, like many other air purifiers in the Medify Air range, including the Medify MA-18, Medify MA-440, and later, the Medify MA-112, uses a high-quality H13 True HEPA filter, which is reinforced with an anion generator to catch allergens as small as 0.01 microns.

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Room Coverage of Medify Air MA 40 Air Purifier


The big news in terms of performance is that Medify Air has opted to significantly improve the performance of the Medify MA-40. It has a 400-square-foot coverage area, which is better than the more expensive Medify MA-440.

Medify MA-40 has an ACH of 2X to 4X. The Medify MA-40 can cover an area of 800 square feet in one hour if it simply makes two exchanges. The room coverage with an ACH rating of 1X is 1300 square feet.

Extremely High Airflow Rates

The MA-40 air purifier delivers outstanding results in rooms up to 800 square feet. Dirty air is drawn through the rear intake and clean air is discharged into the front outlet at a 2-ACH rate in this size area.

This implies that in one hour, it circulates all of the air in the room twice. The purifier also produces clean air at a rate of 330 cubic feet per minute, which is towards the top of the CADR scale.

Medify MA-40 has a CADR of 186 Dust/ 206 Smoke/ 246 Pollen (cfm). At the same price, the Inofia PM1539 and Winix U450 both have more fan power.

Features for Convenience

Medify included two additional convenience features on the MA-40, in addition to the previously mentioned sleep mode and auto mode. If you don’t want the air purifier to run 24 hours a day, use the timer to save electricity. 

The timer can be set for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours. When the timer runs out, the purifier shuts down on its own. 

You’ll also like the purifier’s child lock if you have inquisitive children who like to wander, especially when you’re not looking.

While you’re in the restroom, cooking in the kitchen, or sweeping the house, hold down the lock button to prevent your youngster from changing any settings.

Efficient Particle-Grabbing Ionization

Even the most powerful air purifiers can’t always gather germs and allergens because they’re too small. An ionizer comes in handy in this situation.

The MA-40 contains an ionizer, which releases anions that cling to airborne particles. As a result, the particles become large enough for the purifier to suck into the inlet, improving the air quality even further.

Medify MA-40 Specifications

  • Net Weight: 15.6 lbs 
  • Product Dimensions: 22” x 9.9” x 10.9”
  • Power Wattage: 54W
  • Fan Speed: 4 
  • Particle CADR: 380m3/h
  • Standard Coverage: 420 sq ft 
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: 66dBA (Maximum)
  • Rated Input Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz

What We Like About Medify Air MA 40 Air Purifier

  • The touch control panel is easy to use and has a modern look.
  • HEPA filter H13, with an extended filter life.
  • A pelletized activated carbon filter in the shape of a honeycomb is used to eliminate odors.
  • Filter pack with three filters in one
  • The ionizer does not emit any nasty odors.
  • CADR values in the moderate range
  • Sleep mode, three customizable fan speeds, and a child lock feature are all included.
  • It’s simple to keep up with and transport between locations.
  • Lifetime WARRANTY

What We Don’t Like About Medify Air MA 40 Air Purifier

  • Even at the lowest fan speed, the fan is a little louder
  • The particle sensor has been deleted from version 2.0
  • Strong scents are impossible to get rid of
  • There isn’t a separate washable pre-filter

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Purifier


Place the air purifier on a flat area to allow for easy air circulation. Make that the air inlet and/or outflow are not blocked. Maintain a distance of at least 50 cm from the wall. Please do not use it on the same outlet as the television. To avoid any disturbance, keep it at least 3 feet away from the TV.


Replace the filter every 6 months or 3000 hours of use, whichever comes first. Only use the genuine replacement filter. A dust collector can be used to gently clean the filter surface. You should also clean the back cover on a regular basis.

Maintain with Care

To clean the air purifier, just use a dry dusting cloth. Before doing maintenance, always unplug the equipment. When it isn’t in use, unplug it. When it comes to monitoring, always refer to the owner’s manual.

Final Verdict


If it satisfies all of your requirements, the Medify MA-40 2.0 might be the correct air purifier for you. It’s a great indoor air purifier because of the high build quality and performance. It effectively eliminates airborne allergies and minor home odors. The most vital aspect is that you should be pleased with it.

We can’t deny that the replacement air filters for this air purifier are a little on the pricey side. However, based on the performance of this air purifier, this is worth the investment.

We can suggest the Medify MA 40 as one of the most powerful mid-range budget air purifiers available today. This unit could be a good investment if you have respiratory problems or reside in a location with high levels of air pollution.

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