The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

If you own a pet and are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair then you probably know how frustrating it is to get your home “hair-free“. Pet hair gets everywhere especially on carpets, rugs, upholstery and can be the culprit for allergies and respiratory issues.

Vacuum Cleaners specifically designed for pet hair removal get the task done easier and can guarantee a hair-free zone with less stress. It’s truly worth investing in a machine designed to seek out stubborn pet hair for a stress-free cleaning experience.


Lets face it, pet hair around the house is not a good look. To be confident that pet hair is completely sucked up from your floors and furniture you should choose a vacuum cleaner that’s equipped for the job.


What to know Before Buying a Pet Vacuum Cleaner


Most of our buying decisions are influenced by cost and affordability. First decide on a suitable budget before searching for a new vacuum cleaner. You’ll be bombarded by plenty choices which range from basic budget to top end vacuum cleaners.


At this stage its a good idea to consider what functions are required. A costly vacuum doesn’t always equate to a better cleaning experience. In some cases you’re just paying for brand or fancy marketing strap lines.


Bullet-Tick-1Vacuum Cleaner Designreclining-upright-vacuum-cleaner

Would you rather own an uptight upright or canister vacuum cleaner? You might want a portable vacuum or maybe you are not too concerned about size.


If you have a large house with a combination or hard floors and carpets, the suggestion would be to get an upright vacuum cleaner because of their unrivalled filter systems to tackle pet hair effectively.


Canister vacuum cleaners have the advantage of being lighter and more manoeuvrable than larger units. They take up little room and are perfect for vacuuming tight awkward spaces. Having one of these around the house makes it a doddle to clean furniture, stairs, curtains, rugs and plenty other spaces.

Bullet-Tick-1How Big is your Home?



A full-sized vacuum cleaner is not necessary for a small house or flat. You can clean small areas just as effectively with a portable vacuum. The only compromise here is slightly less power than bigger units and a smaller bin but they are versatile, lighter and easier to navigate in tight spaces.


Filtvacuum-cleaner-filterers are an integral part of a vacuum cleaner because they clear the air by removing dust and allergens and keeps them trapped. Filters come in different standards so its important to know what to look out for.


A lot of vacuum cleaners meet the HEPA grade which means they will catch close to a 100% of airborne allergies with no chance of escaping back into the air.


If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, make sure that its HEPA graded.

Bullet-Tick-1Anything Else?


Look out for features such as adjustable height, length and on-board storage of power cable, controlling suction power, accessories provided i.e. upholstery tools, grooming kits etc.


1. Gtech Airram K9 AR09


Dogs and Cats love to be outside and usually venture onto muddy areas. Like it or not, pets will bring a lot of dirt back into the house.
The Gtech Airram K9 AR09 makes light work of hairs and dirt stains caused by pet traffic. Gtech have upgraded the original upright model and included greater suction power.
The Airram K9 AR09 is a tough vacuum cleaner with incredible suction that seeks out pet hairs ingrained deep within the carpet. The clever brush design minimises the amount of hair trapped on its bristles.
The sturdy design can withstand the constant demands of daily usage. Airram K9 AR09 vacuum cleaner can be used intensively without the worry of breaking down.
Additionally, it has air fresheners installed to clear pets odours from the air.
This is the ideal vacuum cleaner if your looking for a machine that can take knock and make pet dirt non-existent.


ticker Pros cross Cons
Great suction power No attachments / accessories provided
Stubborn pet hair wont stand a chance
Cordless vacuum cleaner
Use it on multiple floor types
Great battery life
Tough design
Inbuilt air freshener
Filters can be washed


The Airram K9 AR09 ticks most boxes for pet cleaning tasks. The cordless function makes it a flexible machine to use around the house. The powerful suction doesn’t compromise battery life.


It will leave the house hair-free and makes tough tasks a doddle especially when your pet is shedding hair. A great bonus is the bagless technology and air fresheners that are included.  Its a worthy investment.


Rating 9.6/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-star gtech-logo

Price: Under £330

Click here for the latest prices


2. Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift

vax-u84-al-pe-air-liftVax provides pet owners with yet another great vacuum cleaner to maintain a hair-free living space.


The Vax U84-AL-Pe is designed to swiftly lift animal fur and leave a delightfully clean floor. Suction power is a given, but where Vax excels itself is in the design…


This machine is capable of detaching from its base to convert into a handheld cleaner for added convenience when cleaning, the car after long journeys with the pets, or vacuuming sofas and furniture.


vax-u84-al-pe-air-lift-vacuumWhen in handheld mode the canister is light enough to carry around the house- it never feels strenuous. A leading function of this machine is its steering capability.


It provides you with a steady motion even on the most demanding carpet. You never need to muscle the machine across your floors to get rid of pet hair. Gentle motions are more than enough for an effective clean.


Strong suction is delivered through cyclone power and ensure that the Vax U84-AL-Pe copes with any situation, no matter how demanding.


Cyclone technology doubles up to provide efficient air filtration by sucking in dust and allergens which are then captured by the HEPA filter.


tickerPros crossCons
Converts from upright to portable handheld Main cleaning head is smaller than rival products potentially elongating cleaning sessions.
Strong efficient cyclone power
Great steering
Low noise output (85 dB)
HEPA Filters to clean surrounding air
Flexible multi-floor cleaning


Overall the Vax U84-AL-Pe vacuum cleaner offers a good level of flexibility and will keeping roaming pet hairs at bay. It’s a sturdy machine which is much lighter than it looks and is built to give you many years of stress-free cleaning.


Rating 9.5/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starlogo_vax

Price: Under £130

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3. HV320UKT Shark Rocket

hv320ukt-shark-rocketThis portable vacuum provides all the benefits and power of an upright unit in a compact design.


The HV320UKT is 100% handheld and comes with unrivalled craftsmanship from Shark.


If storage space is an issue but you still need a powerful pet hair vacuum then look no further.


But wait, this vacuum has a trick up its sleeve. It can transform into a full vacuum cleaner with the extendable shaft provided, expanding its functionality.


The great thing is you never feel a compromise of power. It’s an awesome vacuum for sucking up pet hair and light enough to move between rooms and furniture. The unit has a clever dirt disposal mechanism which is bagless.


tickerPros crossCons
 Ideal for pet owners with limited storage space.  Materials can seem a bit fragile although they are not.
 Clever dirt disposal mechanism.
 A-rated energy consumption.
 Easily manoeuvres awkward areas.
 Similar power to an upright vacuum.
 Can convert from handheld to upright.
 Stylish design.
 No bags required.


If you are struggling for space to store your appliances but still want the benefits and power of an upright vacuum cleaner then the HV320UKT shart rocket is the solution.


Switch between handheld and upright modes and do all of this whilst enjoying low energy usage. You’ll find it a dream to get into tight spaces and seek out hidden pet hair. It one of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy.


Rating 9.4/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starshark_logo_-_black

Price: Under £145

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4. Vax U85-ACLG-BA Air Cordless

vax-u85-aclg-ba-airThe Vax U85-ACLG-BA Air is a full sized upright vacuum cleaner that is cordless.
Don’t be intimidated by its size because you will find a generous supply of accessories that will help get rid of unwanted pet hair on furniture, floors and awkward tight spaces.
If you’re still put off by its size, it has another clever trick….

This lightweight machine doesn’t require dust bags and can convert into a portable vacuum cleaner by lifting off the canister from its base to give you greater flexibility.


If you’ve recently travelled with pets in the car and need to clean pet fur from the car seats or the boot then this vacuum is the perfect choice.



tickerPros crossCons
Generous supply of accessories Slightly heavier than its rivals
Easy to switch between full-size and portable
Great battery life (up to 60 mins)
Washable filters
No dirt bags required.
Cordless unit
Great Steering around corners



The Vax U85-ACLG-BA Air is one of the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It has bundles of power and is cable-free which eliminates the restrictions of navigating to rooms with a limited supply of plug sockets or using it outdoors to clean the car.


Vax provides a great range of tools to tackle demanding cleaning chores around your home. Take advantage of its long battery life to see you through deep cleans and makes scattered pet hair a thing of the past.


Rating 9.4/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starlogo_vax

Price: Under £200

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5. Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog

miele-complete-c3-cat-and-dog-2The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog is a corded bagged vacuum cleaner that provides a surprising oomph of power for such a small unit.

It’s sleek retro design further adds to its appeal.

This tiny vacuum diligently focuses on the task of sucking up animal fur from your carpets and floors.

The suction power found here would match up to a full sized vacuum cleaner but uses less energy and takes up less storage space. You will look forward to super clean living spaces that are free of allergens, dust and hair. You have the added bonus of large bag sizes for less replacements and multi-floor cleaning.


tickerPros crossCons
Great for cleaning all types of hair. Bag replacement should be factored into long term costs.
Stylish retro design A bit on the heavy side
A rated energy consumption
Power on par with a full sized vacuum cleaner
Small vacuum, large bag capacity
Multi-floor controls
Telescopic accessory for easier cleaning



Although the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog has the added expense of replacing the dust bags, it makes up for this through the outstanding cleaning results.


Its designed to blitz annoying pet hair that gets everywhere along with the accompanying pet odours. This is a fantastic reasonably priced vacuum cleaner.


Rating 9.3 /10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-star

Price: Under £210miele-logo

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6. Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog Powerline


miele-complete-c2-cat-dog-powerlineMiele have made it onto our list twice and with tonnes of great feedback from pet owners, it’s definitely a positive sign. The C2 Cat & Dog Powerline model has been hailed for its practicality and user friendliness.


This tiny bagged machine will surprise you with incredible suction which comes in at almost double the power of models twice its size.


The 1600W motor combined with its portability makes this machine a great affordable purchase.


miele-complete-c2-cat-dog-powerline-vacuumUndoubtedly, the extra punch of suction power leaves no straying animal hairs behind. Dust and allergies are filtered out of the air efficiently as the vacuum moves between rooms. If you struggle to clean tight spaces, such as behind furniture, then I’d recommend that you consider the C2 powerline.


You also have the extra convenience of a lengthy10 metre power cable and multi-floor cleaning thanks to a good supply of adaptable accessories. If storage space, in your home, is limited don’t hesitate opting for this machine.


tickerPros crossCons
Practical and user-friendly Requires dirt bags
Lengthy10 meter cable for extended reach
Gets rid of pet smells
Light and easy to handle
A-rated efficiency
Upholstery and dusting tools provided
Best suction power in the range


Rating 9.2/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starmiele-logo

Price : Under £150

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7. Sebo Airbelt K1 Pet ECO

sebo-airbelt-k1-pet-ecoIt can be very frustrating when you vacuum your floors and still find animal hairs lingering. The Sebo Airbelt K1 Pet ECO deals with stray pet hairs the way I deal with a piece of cake- no crumbs are ever left behind.


This premium machine will reach deep into your carpet and free it of tucked away hair and dirt. Its robust wheels ensure than the cylinder unit can steer easily on any type of floor.


Fluff and pet fur don’t stand a chance thanks to the incredible 1,200-watt suction.


This small cylinder vacuum cleaner has one of the best air filtration in the business, to expel fresh odourless air. If your pets enjoy playing underneath furniture and bed frames, you are supplied with an extending tube to easily reach those areas.


It’s equipped with a wide cleaning tool to clear a larger area when working your way across your floor. A large 3 litre dirtbag prolongs the times between bag changes. The suction power rotates the onboard brushes included on the cleaning tool to clean a variety of surfaces, rugs and sofas.


A “bumper” function means that when knocked to the wall, the machine will gently bounce of the wall preventing marks or damage. Clever.

tickerPros crossCons
Low noise output 75 dB Added cost of replacing dirt bags
Good range of turbo tools and upholstery  brushes provided
Extended 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty on all labour and parts at no extra cost
Powerful suction 1,200 watt
Great air filtration
“Bumper” System to avoid scuffing or marking walls



The SEBO Airbelt K1 Pet ECO is a tough cylinder vacuum cleaner that will give stray pet hairs a hard time. The brand are known for producing hardy machines that provide long years of service. The manufacturer even throws in an extra warranty that is extended to 5 years for peace of mind.


Rating 9.1/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starsebo-logo

Price : Under £195

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8. Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet

bosch-bch6petgb-athletBosch are known for producing some of the most reliable home appliances. The BCH6PETGB Athlet is a cordless durable vacuum cleaner that wont let you down. It’s designed to efficiently clear out difficult pet hair and airborne allergens leaving your home feeling brand new and smelling crazy fresh.


The nozzle is designed to reach pet hair that gets stuck in corners and on your sofas. The included brush accessory has firm bristles made for gathering animal hair.


The battery offers great performance and lasts up to an hour. The superior rechargeable batteries can be charged in a short time frame.


This vacuum is portable and light, making it a joy to get rid of pet fur quickly. The unit is bagless and Bosch have not been stingy with accessories- you get a whole host of them.


tickerPros crossCons
Strong suction power. Attachments get a bit of getting used to.
Great ergonomic design.
Generous range of accessories
Light and portable
No bags required.
High quality Bosch standard
Fast charging battery
Outstanding battery life
Ideal for cleaning all types of hair.


The BCH6PETGB Athlet will satisfy any pet owner that requires a portable unit that doesn’t cost the earth. Bosch is a dependable brand that makes strong appliances beyond vacuum cleaners. I currently own a Bosch dishwasher that has lasted for over 10 years without needing any maintenance whatsoever.


You will benefit from the long battery run time and fast charging function. Your carpets and furniture will always look forward to some Bosch love.


Rating 9/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starempty-starbosch-logo

Price: Under £208

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9. Black + Decker Lithium Flexi Vacuum, 18 V


The Black + Decker Lithium Flexi is a quirky portable vacuum that’s comes equipped with plenty of horse power to sniff out well-hidden animal hair from your carpets and rugs. This small unit packs an impressive 1000 watts of suction power.

black-decker-pd1420-gpBlack + Decker provide a generous supply of attachments that help any pet owner to keep their home hair-free with relative ease. The brand has placed a focus on efficiency and ease of use which is shown through the machine’s portability and low energy usage. If you suffer from allergies or like the thought of breathing cleaner air, HEPA filters come as standard.


If you’re looking for a powerful cordless pet hair remover that doesn’t required disposable dirt bags you’ll enjoy using this vacuum. It’s small enough to tuck away underneath the sink cabinet. Vacuuming around your home will never feel backbreaking.


black-decker-lithium-flexi-vacuum-18-vThe Black + Decker Lithium Flexi has enjoyed lots of great feedback mainly due to its affordability and reliable performance.


It operates at a low noise level despite having one of the most powerful suction found on a portable vacuum cleaner. Pet hairs won’t stand a chance against this great little device.



tickerPros crossCons
Top marks for usability  Small dirt bin requires regular empyting
Weight- you won’t find a lighter rival
Heaps of suction power sustained by lithium batteries
Low noise level
Flexible hose supplied
Good supply of attachments including hair removal and crevice tools


Rating 8.6/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starempty-starblack-and-decker-logo

Price: Under £65

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10. Dyson DC40 Animal Upright 

Dyson are renowned for producing dyson-dc40-animal-upright-vacuum-cleanersome of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy. The Dyson DC40 pet vacuum cleaner is no exception.


It has had plenty of positive feedback from pet owners and lives up to it claims of cleaning virtually all animal fur in your home.


The Dyson DC40 was built to deal with problems presented by pet hair.


With the help of root cyclone technology, invented by James Dyson, it provides one of the strongest suction power in its range to reach down into your flooring and collect hiding hairs.


dyson-dc40-animal-upright-vacuumDyson vacuums are the best at purifying the surrounding air making it cleaner than the air you normally breathe. High quality HEPA filters come as standard so you never need to worry about dust or allergies floating in the air. The only downside about this model is that it’s not the lightest.


Nonetheless the benefits of owning a Dyson DC40 far outweigh its weaknesses. Great ergonomics such as easy navigating using the onboard ball mechanism or the quick release dirt disposal or the low noise level. It seems that Dyson designed this vacuum with a focus on tweaking everyday usage issues for added convenience.


Despite its weightthe Dyson DC40 has become a popular choice amongst pet owners. It has strong ratings and animal lovers like that they can purchase a specially designed grooming kit attachment for their pets to further reduce hair shedding around the home.


tickerPros crossCons
Versatile attachments to reach tight spaces Not as light as other uprights
Uses Dyson Root Cyclone Technology
Extended 5-year warranty at no extra cost
Competitive priced for a high end machine
Top quality materials as expected from Dyson
Strong suction power


Rating 8.5/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starhalf-starempty-stardyson-logo

Price: £260

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11. Hoover Smart TH71SM01001 Upright 

hoover-smart-th71sm01001-upright-bagless-vacuum-cleanerThe Hoover smart vacuum cleaner is a very capable machine that delivers great cleaning performance and good value for money.


Pet owners will never struggle doing away with persistent animal fur.


The unit is equipped with a good range of attachments and provides powerful suction to make light work of clearing messy hair from upholstery, rugs and thick carpets.


hoover-smart-th71sm01001-upright-baglessThe only slight issue with this machine is the weight, which comes in a bit heavier than rival products. In my opinion, 6 Kilos isn’t too bad for an upright vacuum cleaner. The extra weight doesn’t impede its efficiency ratings plus you are provided an integrated extension hose for cleaning hard to reach areas.


Dust bags are not required and the filters are HEPA graded to remove virtually all airborne allergens. Washable filters plus a bagless design means there’s hardly any maintenance to worry about. Why would you even think twice if you’re looking for a low cost upright vacuum?


The machine has a low noise level considering its size. The noise is low enough to hear music playing whilst vacuuming. If you’re looking for an affordable robust unit that will sweep up animal hair the Hoover smart upright vacuum is a worthy choice to consider.

tickerPros cross Cons
Edge-to-edge suction for difficult corners Heavier than rival products
Powerful suction Short power cable (5 meters)
Extension hose included
Choice of colours-  red or white
No need for bags
Multi floor cleaning
A-rated energy usage


Rating 8/10 full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-starempty-starempty-star hoover_logo

Price: £75

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That concludes our list of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners currently available. Owning a pet is a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience but poses the challenge of keeping your living area free from annoying hair and animal smells. Fortunately, the vacuum cleaners on our list sort out these annoyances so you can enjoy living with your pet/s.


A vacuum designed specifically for pet cleanliness is a worthwhile investment which will save you time, effort and frustration. Carefully consider the type of functionality required and you’re onto a winner.


Have you recently purchased a vacuum cleaner on this list and want to share your experience? Feel free to drop any questions or enquiries in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. Keep checking the site for updates on the latest vacuums and accessories. Happy cleaning.



  1. Cathy

    This is interesting to know. I work in the vet clinic and we deal with a lot of annoying pet hair on a daily basis. We even have to change our vacuum cleaners multiple times because they just couldn’t be serviced anymore.

    From the 11 brands that you have listed above, which is the one that’s best for heavy duty? I think it’s time we invest in a good quality one.

    • Cheryl Mulban

      The Sebo Airbelt K1 Pet Eco is a heavy duty vacuum cleaner capable of keeping up with daily cleaning demands. It’s perfect for areas that regularly accumulate pet hair, the machine requires minimal maintenance and is also equipped with a bumper system to withstand any knocks.

      I would always choose Sebo for heavy duty cleaning tasks especially when it involves getting rid of pet hair.


  2. John Rico

    Very well explained and informative review for vacuum cleaner for pet hair. I really wanted to buy vacuum cleaner for my house cleaning because my golden retriver keeps on shedding and it sticks on to our carpet. I really like how you put the pros and cons and how you explained each item. Now I can choose which vacuum I’m going to buy for my dog’s hair that sticks on to our carpet and couch. Thank you.

    • Cheryl Mulban

      Hi John, thanks for reading and I’m glad my review has given you some guidance into finding your perfect vacuum cleaner to get rid of the hair from your golden retriever sticking to your floors. What type of vacuum were you considering? A cylinder or upright?

      Thanks Cheryl

  3. Summerly

    Great post with some good information. I have three pets and I can’t seem to keep the house clean with them around. And we have a garden outside, so my dog sometimes runs through it and therefore brings mud into the house and one the carpet. I need a vacuum that can not only get fur out but also small stains and the options you have here look like they could do just that. Ill have to get on buying one sooner than later, thanks for the infomation

    • Cheryl Mulban

      I know the feeling when you just can’t seem to get rid of that lingering pet fluff and mud stuck to the floor 🙁 Be sure to come back and drop a comment once you’ve made your purchase. I’d love to know which vacuum cleaner worked out best for you. I’m certain that you wont be disappointed with your selection whichever one you choose. take care


  4. Darren

    I have 2 Shih Tzus and as we come out of winter time every year they both start shedding their winter coat like crazy. Although their hair is very fine, it really clings to furniture, clothing, rugs and carpet. The vacuum I’m currently using is pretty hopeless in sucking up this hair, so I’m looking for something better.

    Your article offers some really good advice, as well as options for vacuums that are effective in cleaning up pet hair. Thanks for this.

    • Cheryl Mulban

      Hey Darren, thanks for reading. You have 2 adorable Shih Tzus 🙂 It sounds like you a due a replacement vacuum cleaner. What type of vacuum do you have? Is your house carpeted, wooden floored, tiled? There’s a great selection on this list and most machines provide a great level of flexibility to suit all homes.

      regards Cheryl


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