The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

If you own a pet and are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair then you probably know how frustrating it is to get your home “hair-free“. Pet hair gets everywhere especially on carpets, rugs, upholstery and can be the culprit for allergies and respiratory issues.

Vacuum Cleaners specifically designed for pet hair removal get the task done easier and can guarantee a hair-free zone with less stress. It’s truly worth investing in a machine designed to seek out stubborn pet hair for a stress-free cleaning experience.


Lets face it, pet hair around the house is not a good look. To be confident that pet hair is completely sucked up from your floors and furniture you should choose a vacuum cleaner that’s equipped for the job.


What to know Before Buying a Pet Vacuum Cleaner


Most of our buying decisions are influenced by cost and affordability. First decide on a suitable budget before searching for a new vacuum cleaner. You’ll be bombarded by plenty choices which range from basic budget to top end vacuum cleaners.


At this stage its a good idea to consider what functions are required. A costly vacuum doesn’t always equate to a better cleaning experience. In some cases you’re just paying for brand or fancy marketing strap lines.


Bullet-Tick-1Vacuum Cleaner Designreclining-upright-vacuum-cleaner

Would you rather own an uptight upright or canister vacuum cleaner? You might want a portable vacuum or maybe you are not too concerned about size.


If you have a large house with a combination or hard floors and carpets, the suggestion would be to get an upright vacuum cleaner because of their unrivalled filter systems to tackle pet hair effectively.


Canister vacuum cleaners have the advantage of being lighter and more manoeuvrable than larger units. They take up little room and are perfect for vacuuming tight awkward spaces. Having one of these around the house makes it a doddle to clean furniture, stairs, curtains, rugs and plenty other spaces.

Bullet-Tick-1How Big is your Home?



A full-sized vacuum cleaner is not necessary for a small house or flat. You can clean small areas just as effectively with a portable vacuum. The only compromise here is slightly less power than bigger units and a smaller bin but they are versatile, lighter and easier to navigate in tight spaces.


Filtvacuum-cleaner-filterers are an integral part of a vacuum cleaner because they clear the air by removing dust and allergens and keeps them trapped. Filters come in different standards so its important to know what to look out for.


A lot of vacuum cleaners meet the HEPA grade which means they will catch close to a 100% of airborne allergies with no chance of escaping back into the air.


If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, make sure that its HEPA graded.

Bullet-Tick-1Anything Else?


Look out for features such as adjustable height, length and on-board storage of power cable, controlling suction power, accessories provided i.e. upholstery tools, grooming kits etc.


1. Gtech Airram K9 AR09


Dogs and Cats love to be outside and usually venture onto muddy areas. Like it or not, pets will bring a lot of dirt back into the house.
The Gtech Airram K9 AR09 makes light work of hairs and dirt stains caused by pet traffic. Gtech have upgraded the original upright model and included greater suction power.
The Airram K9 AR09 is a tough vacuum cleaner with incredible suction that seeks out pet hairs ingrained deep within the carpet. The clever brush design minimises the amount of hair trapped on its bristles.
The sturdy design can withstand the constant demands of daily usage. Airram K9 AR09 vacuum cleaner can be used intensively without the worry of breaking down.
Additionally, it has air fresheners installed to clear pets odours from the air.
This is the ideal vacuum cleaner if your looking for a machine that can take knock and make pet dirt non-existent.


ticker Pros cross Cons
Great suction power No attachments / accessories provided
Stubborn pet hair wont stand a chance
Cordless vacuum cleaner
Use it on multiple floor types
Great battery life
Tough design
Inbuilt air freshener
Filters can be washed


The Airram K9 AR09 ticks most boxes for pet cleaning tasks. The cordless function makes it a flexible machine to use around the house. The powerful suction doesn’t compromise battery life.


It will leave the house hair-free and makes tough tasks a doddle especially when your pet is shedding hair. A great bonus is the bagless technology and air fresheners that are included.  Its a worthy investment.


Rating 9.6/10