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Maintaining a clean company is a direct representation of the business. It communicates both the success and the well-being of an organization visually, which is why it is important to keep the space clean for employees and clients of a company. To run a good company, proper maintenance ensures that you have access to the best commercial backpack vacuum cleaner, whether it is used by business or self-cleaning. 

But what makes me so good compared to their counterparts? You may consider if investing in a commercial vacuum is really worthwhile when residential vacuum cleaners have such attractive prices.

Difference Between a Home and a Business Vacuum?

Residential vacuums work well when used seldomly, but they will easily wear out if you vacuum large areas every day. A commercial vacuum cleaner is more robust, efficient, and designed to be used on a regular basis. 

They’re designed to withstand heavy use and even come with commercial power cords to keep your company compliant with safety regulations.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are the perfect tool for cleaning for decades. However, they can also be clunky, cumbersome, and difficult to handle thanks to bulky cylinders and awkward cables. Regardless of whether you maneuver it around your living room or try to clean up tight corners of your office, it can be like a challenging task.

Fortunately, a solution exists. Having your carpets cleaner has never been better with the help of backpack vacuum cleaners.

Although most famous for commercial purposes, backpack vacs may also be used. They move with you everywhere, making it possible to clean comfortably.

The lightweight design and strap to carry the main device are used by most models of backpacks. Since they are less popular than other cleaning devices, homeowners sometimes get confused about their purchase. 

We are going to review the best backpack vacuum cleaners for commercial use.

#1 Best in Overall: Hoover Commercial C2401 Backpack Vacuum 


Traditional vacuums are large because before you need to replace the bag you have to store tons of dust and other nasty things. One potential way to fix the mobility issue is to consider a backpack vacuum without losing power and Hoover comes with Hoover Commercial Back Pack C2401.

This Hoover C2401 6.4 square meter commercial rear packs vacuum cleaner is the best solution for cleaning upright and canister vacuum areas in wide areas or places. You can match a Hoover backpack vacuum for your office, restaurant, or hotel!

Simple to Carry 


Hoover lightweight commercial backpack vacuum, c2401 is easy to carry during vacuum operation. This vacuum comes with a shoulder strap made of chiropractor-approved to stay securely on your back. You have to keep the hose with the gigantic structure with a conventional vacuum cleaner anywhere you clean and become a mess with cleaner, dust buster, and other materials.

Reusable Cloth Bag

Many people get into trouble with the commercial Hoover shoulder vacuum c2401 for the backpack, whether or not bagless.  Well, as the key characteristic, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a reusable industrial dustbag made of fabric liner 

Powerful Suction 

You are so busy, you don’t have enough time to properly vacuum your house. You don’t have to worry anymore.  The Hoover commercial c2401 shoulder vac comes with a powerful 8.5 amplifier suction engine that can deliver 120 cubic feet per minute and easily carry the cleaning job out in a few sessions.. This is a little dreamlike but real.

Those sessions are continuous and its 50 feet of cord gives you the freedom to clean and you can fold it quickly if you need to. The cord is interesting, and you can replace it at any time. The vacuum engine gives you no worry about having old people and children.

Product Specifications:

  • Cord Length: 48 Feet
  • Handle Length: 57 Inches
  • Hose Length: 52 Inches
  • Hose Diameter: 1 1/2 Inches
  • Amps: 8.5 Amps
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: 1,000 Watts
  • Airflow Rating: 120 CFM
  • Capacity: 6.4 qt.
  • Features: HEPA Filtration
  • Noise Level: 66 dB
  • Power Type: Corded
  • Static Lift: 102 Inches
  • Style: Bagged
  • Type: Backpack Vacuums
  • With Attachments: Yes


  • This vacuum from the backing carries a load of just 10 pounds. The mass is a bigger weight obstacle.
  •  This vacuum is able to hold a staggering 6.4 quarters of dust more than many other consumer vacuums.
  • It has quality HEPA filters that extract most of the allergens from the air to prevent fine powder escapes the vacuum.
  • This backpack has a basic range of tools, such as a tool for crevices, a turbocharged base, brush dust, and a tool for polishing. It also has two 38-inch metal walls, unlike many rivals.
  • The use of it as a backpack will help you transport a crowded floor and reduce the need for moving furniture.
  • The extension cord is really long, helpful if you wish to place the vacuum on the entire house, plug it into once, and spot vacuum or dust.
  • For cleaning baseboards, the curved end of the hose is useful. The floor accessories are big.


  • It costs more than many conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • The vacuum straps are not as versatile or flexible as the bracket straps. It may be difficult to try wearing for large breast women and larger gender users.

Where to buy Hoover Commercial C2401 Backpack Vacuum 

#2 ProTeam® Supercoach Pro 10 Backpack Vacuum


The ProTeam® Supercoach Pro 10 Backpack provides outstanding flexibility and performance. Supercoach Pro 10 It has several features and weighs just 10 pounds to guarantee optimum comfort and decreased fatigue for the operator.

This backpack vacuum also goes where the user is going, which enables the user to travel freer and faster. The consumer has no need to worry about vacuum pulling in furniture and fixtures or bumping in items, unlike with a canister or straight.

Powerful Suction

The Commercial Super Coach 10 vacuum provides the user with good suction, smooth performance, and even the best filtration in the class. The Super Coach 10 has 158 CFM of intake airflow and only 66 dB of noise is generated. The backpack has an excellent four-level filtration from ProTeam starting with the wide, 10-square meter stain bag suitable for large storage and office areas. 

The vacuum motor is encompassed by a microfilter that prevents harmful waste from the motor and promotes durability. A dual HEPA exhaust filtration device ensures that the air passes out of the vacuum as clean as possible.

Convenient Attachments


A versatile hose and an adjustable two-piece aluminum (42″ to 50″) wand, enables superior use scope and versatility in the cleaning process. The 14″ Xover Floor Kit comes with a regular vacuum for a ProTeam Supercoach Backpack. 

The Xover is an all-in-one product that effortlessly transforms rugs and carpeting from rough, smooth surfaces. Synthetic bristles help to move pollutants into the intake as the long-lasting plastic base glides effortlessly on all surfaces. The upholstery, crevice, and dusting tools will ensure that any work is completed.

Product Specifications:

  • Wattage: 1108 W
  • Product Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Decibels: 66 dBA
  • Airflow: 159 CFM
  • Static Lift: 96 in.
  • Amps: 9.5A
  • Capacity: 10 qt. (11 L)
  • Four Level Filtration: 
  • Total Area: 1372 sq. in.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited


  • A powerful engine traps more dust and makes fewer downtimes in combination with a Four Level Filtration Trap.
  • Backpack vacuums in less time and less tiredness have proven to clean up more area.
  • Uses mountaineer-style backpack technology to easily and ergonomically transport the vacuum across the hips.
  • Designed to address areas of high square footage.
  • Remove the dust from the carpets and hard surfaces without stirring it.
  • ProTeam is an American Lung Association’s proud affiliate.
  • 3-year engine, work, and parts warranty. Limited body parts lifetime guarantee.


  • The use of a high filtration disc instead of a foam media filter and using ULPA instead of a HEPA media air filter may be even better.

Where to buy ProTeam® Supercoach Pro 10 Backpack Vacuum

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#3 Atrix VACBP1 Commercial Household Backpack Vacuum

The VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum from Atrix is intended for use as a commercial model for the cleaning of large spaces such as offices and schools for large jobs, aviation ventilations, and large curtains, etc. The HEPA filtration system, four phases with three-quart of capacity, is multi-functional as the vacuum can still be transformed into a blower for more external tasks, but is it capable of performing?


One of the major sales points of this Atrix VACBP1 is flexibility and many customers appreciate this vacuum’s various capabilities. Versatility is essential to meet all of these tasks and environments if this backpack vacuum. 

It’s not difficult to look for a professional vacuum cleaner, in particular the Atrix Backpack Vacuum, which is an ergonomically lightweight vacuum pack that can quickly, conveniently, and painlessly rid your homes or business areas of any kind of waste and dirt.

One of the advantages is that a telescopic wand allows users to get to all nooks and crannies. This concept of higher flexibility is a little complicated since a backpack means users can spend much time on these large areas, large offices, and outdoor areas that require a blower, but it is only said that it measures about 2ft, making it often necessary to have an extension cord.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 120V
  • Watts: 1,400 Watts
  • CFM: 106 CFM
  • Hose Diameter Inside: 1.13
  • Hose Diameter Outside: 1.38
  • Shipping Weight: 18.95 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 19.75 × 13 × 14.75 in
  • HEPA Filter: 8-quart


  • Some speak of power at the professional level, meaning it should fit certain places, while others say it is so impressive that it stays on the ground.
  • The strength and the ability of this Atrix Backpack Vacuum is very remarkable, but work must be done to ensure that 5 stars come from all users.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • The belt holder of this model has a holder for all attachments, making it simple and easy to change.


  • Some users feel the 2-foot power cord is short, but an extension cord can be used.

Where to buy Atrix VACBP1 Commercial Household Backpack Vacuum

#4 Powr-Flite BP6S Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


If you have problems with the back, the Powr-Flite BP6S is indeed the best backpack vacuum cleaner. It is powerful, but the harness is built to ease discomfort on your hips to make it more comfortable. 

The Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum is the ideal device for commercial cleaning and vacuuming. Efficient movement through the office setting that can pass in seconds from the carpets or hard floor to the above floor.

Comfortable Shoulder and Waist Straps


Power is not everything when it comes to vacuum cleaners backpack. After all, nobody would be willing to put it on their back if it is not comfortable to wear. Fortunately, that’s no problem with the Powr-Flite you have to think about.

The straps and waist belts have been made to take advantage of comfort. The straps come with thick padding, which makes this already light vacuum even lighter. The back is made of a fabric to which the heat is transmitted to minimize sweat.  Lastly, the waist harness prevents the backpack from teetering while storing all materials at your reach.

Filtration of 3 levels + HEPA

The Powr-Flite uses a multi-stage filtering mechanism to hold dirt and waste in the collection bag like any decent backpack vacuum. The strong suction of the motor does not allow debris to travel through the backpack and to pass through the exhaust at several levels.

Premium Tools

The Standard model contains every tool you will need for any heavy-duty cleaning job, including the outstanding Powr-Glide high-performance carpet tool,  plus hard floor and carpet tools. The standard 2 bend chrome wand is not connected to the waist belt.

The Premium Tool Kit contains the same tools as the telescoping wall and adaptor, which suits the Comfort Pro waist belt, along with the 2′ to 6′ stretch strap, for hands-free applications.

6-Quarts Debris Bag

Up to six quarts of dirt and debris can be stored in each waste bag until it has to be thrown out. Compared to many other brands and models, six quarts are not too big, but when at maximum capacity it will also not add a huge amount of weight to the vacuum.

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 10″ L x 13″ W x 27″ H
  • Vacuum Capacity: 6 Quarts
  • Operating Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Wattage: 1100 Watts – CRI Gold Level
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Electrical Draw: 10.5 Amps
  • Electrical Usage: 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Airflow: 130 CFM
  • Static Lift: 110 inches
  • Sound Output: 68 dBA
  • Filter: 4-stages, including true HEPA filtration
  • Power Cord: 50 feet


  • Users like this backpack vacuum for being versatile and reliable on different floor types.
  • The strap looks very ergonomic and suits very well for most people.
  • The strap is equipped with useful brackets to hold all your tools securely.
  • Many people have purchased and are excited about this backpack vacuum for their company. That brings us to the idea that for cleaners this is a great option.
  • Users claim that this vacuum is silent, making it easy to use for longer periods of time.


  • This is a bagged vacuum cleaner rather than a bagless one.
  • Some users say it struggles a little on high pile carpets.

Where to buy Powr-Flite BP6S Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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#5 Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Backpack Vacuum


Sanitaire is one of the Electrolux families, known for their wide range of products and appliances. Sanitaire’s quiet clean backpack lightweight vacuum is perfect for areas where it is difficult to reach. It can be used at home or at business properties and offices.

It is extremely compact at just 11.5 pounds and is ideally suited for moving around in larger areas requiring cleaning.

It is fitted with a filtering system for four phases that ensures the capture of even smallest dust particles. You will ensure that your home is always maintained clean and purified when you use this backpack cleaner. Its HEPA-filter is suppressed by up to 0.3 microns of 99.97% particles.

The Sanitaire Quiet Clean Backpack features 11.5 ampls of power and a wide variety of cleaning carpets and bare floors. Its design also consists of a 12 inches clearing path and a 50 feet long cable, so you can cover a bigger area without the need for a multiple transfer of the plug. This vacuum uses a 6-quart-capacity dust bag system, so you don’t need to change very often.


  • It has an incredibly long cord that helps you to clean a 1,400 square foot area without having to switch from plugs to plugs.
  • Cleaning is better with the long wand, and cobwebs are easier to reach.
  • It collects dust and pet hair, resulting in a cleaner floor.
  • With such a strong vacuum, the sound is very low. It is quieter than the majority of backpack vacuum cleaners.
  • It’s better suited for commercial use than for home use.


  • The vacuum cleaner is a bit difficult to use.
  • It would be too bulky for women with smaller frames to wear.

Where to buy Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Backpack Vacuum

#6 Bissell BigGreen Commercial Backpack Vacuum


Let the Bissell Commercial BG1001 10 qt. backpack vacuum cleaner to ease your worries if portability in large facilities is a problem for your cleaning service! With a maximum weight of 10.5 pounds and a 50-foot power cord, this lightweight vacuum is easy to transport and built for maximum reach, making it suitable for use in hotels, hospitals, offices, and other large commercial spaces.

Maintenance & Bin Capacity

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG1001 is a powerhouse when it comes to capacity, holding 2.5 gallons of debris. And, since vacuum bags are used, keeping the vacuum cleaner clean is simple—just throw the bag into a trashcan!



Despite its plastic construction, the Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG1001 is one of the most durable backpack vacuums available. This is mainly due to the fact that it is all made up of one piece. 

There’s no need to be concerned about breaking parts or shattering the chassis. Apart from the waist belt, the straps around the shoulders may use some extra padding.

Power, Efficiency & Speed

You can really feel the 1380 watts of power when you’re wielding it. It’s not anything you’d anticipate from a vacuum cleaner, but it’s there, powered by 120 volts and an Ametek motor. You have direct control over the speed and efficiency of your job because you have so much strength. 

You won’t have to go over the same spot twice because you have 1380 watts of power. Its high filtration and vacuum hose/power nozzle combo contribute to its performance. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Cord Length: 50 Feet
  • Amps: 10.2 Amps
  • Wattage: 1,175 Watts
  • Airflow Rating: 120 CFM
  • Capacity: 10 qt.
  • Features: HEPA Filtration
  • Noise Level: 68 dB
  • Power Type: Corded
  • Style: Bagged
  • Type: Backpack Vacuums
  • Weight: 10.5 lb.
  • With Attachments: Yes


  • It’s a HEPA vacuum cleaner with high filtration that cleans the air as it runs.
  • It has the versatility of a nimble upright vacuum cleaner with the added benefit of spot cleaning thanks to the plastic hose and metal wand.
  • The backpack vacuum cleaner’s narrow profile makes it easy to navigate around a space while wearing it.
  • The 50-foot power cord allows users to reach even vast areas without needing to switch outlets.
  • When the commercial vacuum senses that the dirt bin is loaded, it turns off automatically.
  • With its 120 CFM air flow, it produces enough suction to pull up pet hair. The crush-resistant hose also seldom clogs.
  • Bissell’s regular one-year warranty applies to this backpack vacuum.


  • The disadvantage of being able to turn it on and off without having to remove the vacuum is that it is occasionally hit by accident while in operation.
  • This vacuum doesn’t quite suck heavy debris and pet fur in thick carpets

Where to buy Bissell Commercial Big Green Backpack Vacuum

#7 ProTeam ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum


You must try a backpack vacuum cleaner if you have never done so before! Your vacuuming time will be cut in half with the ProTeam ProVac FS6 backpack cleaner, allowing you to do something more exciting! Seriously, if you want to cut down on cleaning time, a backpack vacuum is unrivaled.

The ProTeam ProVac FS6 is shaping up to be the best backpack vacuum cleaner for improving air quality inside your company. It’s not only up to the job, with 153 CFM and 99.97 percent particulate collection, but it’s also equipped with an open weave harness with added protection to keep the cleaning process comfortable.

Efficiency & Speed

The ProTeam ProVac FS6 Backpack Vacuum comes with a crevice tool, two-piece wand, industrial power nozzle tool set, 50-foot cord length, and a reasonably long hose length. The vacuum head’s width makes cleaning that much easier. More specifically, there are four layers of Intercept Micro Filters, followed by a HEPA filter.

Maintenance & Bin Capacity


Just 1 gallon less than the HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, the micro filter bags can hold 1.5 gallons of dirt, dust, and debris. These are easily discarded in the garbage. Vacuum bags keep maintenance to a minimum, while the micro cloth filter can be cleaned and reused every now and then.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 5.25 kg
  • Airflow: 159 CFM
  • Motor: 1108 W
  • Capacity: 6 qt, 6.6 L
  • Power Cord: 50 ft
  • Filtration: ProLevel Filtration w/ Four Levels of Filtration 1054 sq. in. total area
  • Item Dimensions: 7.125″x10.125″x18″
  • Hose Length: 4 ft
  • Airflow: 159 CFM
  • Static Lift: 96 in.
  • Decibel: 65.8 dBA
  • HEPA Filtration: 99.97% at 0.3 microns


  • The suction on this backpack vacuum is said to be solid, allowing it to pick up most kinds of dust and debris.
  • Because of the two-piece wand, it can comfortably fit under most pieces of furniture.
  • You won’t have to plug it in and out all the time because the 50-foot cord has enough reach for most places.
  • The backpack vacuum comes with a nice range of useful attachments, making it a very powerful vacuum.
  • From the soft padded shoulder straps to the adjustable belt strap, the harness is known for its high level of comfort.


  • If you’re left-handed, you might find the on/off remote on the left side of the backpack inconvenient.
  • The belt straps offer storage for your accessories, but they aren’t secured and are likely to fall out.

Where to buy ProTeam ProVac FS6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

#8 GV 8 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum


Is your storage room running out? If you have a small utility cabinet, small portable vacuum cleaners are the best option. This GV compact vacuum is small and light, but it is still powerful and effective!

With an 8-quart dust volume, despite its small size, it is durable and practical. It also includes a variety of gadgets and equipment that can quickly clean up a variety of messes!

This product is a favorite in compact vacuum cleaner reviews due to its good vacuuming strength and large size. It’s ideal for cleaning around the house because it can do double the job with half the effort!


With a large 8-quart bag capacity, 4-stage HEPA filtration, and a 25-foot cord, you can be confident in the results you get while cleaning. This recommended best backpack vacuum for hardwood floors can leave your homes and commercial spaces spotless, with no one sneezing or feeling irritated by dust.

 You’ll rarely need to change the bag between cleans because it has so much space. The hose is also very flexible, allowing it to fit into tight spaces, and it is lightweight thanks to its 25-foot string.

It weighs less than 20 pounds but performs similarly to a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. It also has thick adjustable straps that make carrying it around on your back more comfortable.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Corded
  • Brand: GV
  • Recommended Surface: Multi-Surface
  • Color: Blue
  • Model: 8quartblue
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 21″x13″x12″
  • Product Weight: 17 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (Limited)
  • Capacity: 0.8 gallon


  • Price that is reasonable
  • It comes with a variety of accessories.
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Flexible hose for getting into corners 
  • Very comfortable even when used for a long time
  • It can be used to inflate or to vacuum
  • Superior quality filtration system


  • 25 feet cord is a bit short
  • Doesn’t pick up much pet fur
  • Can be awkward for left-handed

Where to buy GV 8 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Commercial Backpack Vacuum

The best backpack commercial vacuum cleaner is a must-have piece of cleaning equipment for anyone who runs a hotel, owns a cleaning business, or works in the food service industry. 

A clean environment will not only make a good first impression on your clients, but it will also ensure the safety of your staff and everyone else who enters the building.

Filtration with HEPA


The use of HEPA filtration in a vacuum cleaner, both domestic and industrial, helps to reduce common allergens including dust and pollen, which can cause asthma symptoms.

Filters are now standard on all vacuum cleaners. However, not all of them are HEPA filtration devices. Consider buying a commercial vacuum cleaner with this form of filtration if allergens in the air are a problem for you or your employees.

Bagless vs. Bagged

There are a few factors to consider before deciding whether or not the company should use bagless vacuum cleaners.

First, though eliminating disposable vacuum bags may save money, bagless vacuum cleaners have additional filters that need to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.

Second, emptying a vacuum cleaner without a bag is a dusty task. As a result, staff must be mindful that this may cause serious allergies or asthmatic symptoms.

The bagged vacuums, on the other hand, ensure that the majority of dirt, dust, and other allergens remain safely contained in the bag until disposal.

Attachments and Tools


Aside from the standard functions of a vacuum cleaner, there are a variety of accessories that can come with your vacuum or that you can buy separately to help you clean every nook and cranny.


Another main question to consider when purchasing a commercial vacuum is the power needed. Commercial vacuums, unlike vacuums that gather material in a small dust bag and need to be changed often, are designed to make this process easier by providing larger volumes and capacities.

Final Thoughts

Vacuuming is a vital part of maintenance activities, and it is usually done on a regular basis to remove abrasive soils and protect floors from damage. The most efficient and flexible vacuums are backpack vacuums. 

They can help users switch between various floor types, such as commercial wood flooring, carpets, and even staircases, with ease. If your staff hasn’t used a backpack vacuum before, the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum is a good place to start.

The Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners for 2021 have a longer reach for cleaning above the floor, are more compact, and are easier to navigate across tight spaces and around obstacles.

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