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You may have heard the word “shop vac” before, but what it really is may not have been all top clear. All surfaces, even garage floors, sinks, asphalt, pretty much all can be done by a shop vac.

You may consider investing in a shop vac to complement your standard vacuum cleaner, depending on your requirements. It’s a must-have tool if you’re someone who does a lot of DIY or loves renovating. 

Shop vacs are also, to say the least, very efficient and useful cleaning tools. Simply stated, it is a vacuum meant for heavy-duty applications that can actually not be done by your regular vacuums.

Shop Vacs: How Do They Work?

A shop vac is a particular form of vacuum that is most commonly used in manufacturing and woodworking. These items consist of a high-powered motor and suction system that sucks up the soil, gravel, and bits of material from construction sites and woodworking shops. They have a very large and sturdy hose, sometimes a large canister to carry the debris and work miracles to clean very dirty areas.

Shop Vacs vs Regular Vacuums


There are some differences between a normal home vacuum and a shop vacuum, so let’s have a look at them. 

Perhaps the main distinction, as mentioned, is that shop vacs are meant for hard duty jobs with larger debris. Regular vacuums are designed for dust, dirt, and other small particles only. On the other side, shop vacs will suck up nails, screws, and wood chunks with no difficulties, and even stuff that would be way too bulky and large to handle for a regular vacuum.

In order to handle such large, chunky, and sometimes sharp parts, shop vacs have bigger and stronger hoses. Store vacs are quite a bit heavier and bulkier than the typical home vacuum owing to their intended use. 

There is a much more efficient motor for shop vacs than regular vacuums. This is completely important so that it can take up large and heavy items. 

To get rid of everything that has been swallowed up, shop vacs need to be held up and flipped. Unlike a regular vacuum, where the bag or filter container would easily be removed.

About Bissell Garage Pro Shop Vacuum


The Bissell Company is one of the market’s largest and most renowned makers of high-quality vacuums. They definitely do not fail with this Garage Pro 18P03 model, which is a wall-mounted shop vacuum that is ideal for both wet and dry cleaning.

This vacuum is built to deal with large debris and messes that are made in garages, cellars, and warehouses. It is so powerful that it leaves spaces fully clean of any form of debris. This includes surfaces, floors, and workbench tops for your garage. 

Since it comes with different attachments that help you to clean hard-to-reach spaces and upholstery, it is also ideal for use in cleaning your vehicle. 

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Wall-Mounting Feature


This is a wall-mounted device that remains out of place if you need it, and is ready to use. This one uses up very little room and leaves plenty to store other items that you need in your garage, unlike other vacs that are put on the floor or in cabinets.

Knowing that there’s no risk of this vacuum tipping over, you will be able to work safely and comfortably.

The Long Hose 


In most vacuum cleaners, hose size is another significant consideration that should not be neglected. The Bissell Garage Pro vacuum has a 32-ft  hose that stretches long enough for your garage and in your vehicle to navigate hard-to-reach spots. 

Without removing this from the wall, the length of its hose allows the vacuum to be used and it has an impressive suction capacity. In fact, from tree leaves to sawdust and small objects that fit conveniently into its 1.5-inch diameter opening, this vacuum can suck up almost everything.

Operating Modes


This vacuum comes in various operating modes that enable wet and dry cleaning. When the autumn leaves start dropping into your garage, the machine even doubles as a blower which can come in handy. 

Only bear in mind that when you use this vacuum, you have to ensure that the hose is clear and do a “test-blow” into a garbage bag to get rid of any residue that is left behind before you finally turn off the blower mode. 

The Garage Pro 18P03’s powerful features save you a lot of time and money that you may have wasted purchasing and upgrading extra equipment. For your garage and your car, it is a complete cleaning solution, plus you can also use it to blow light snow out as well.


When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, size is also one of the most significant factors to consider and the same applies to a car and garage vac. The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 does well in this field with its 4-gallon tank and a smart design that makes it much easier to use all of its given features. 

Plus, the tank has a semi-translucent nature that helps you to see how much storage is left until the receptacle needs to be emptied out.

Safety Features 

The Bissell Garage Pro vacuum 18P03 comes with built-in thermal protection to avoid overheating in order to ensure optimum safety. It achieves this by preventing the movement of the main motor so that any barriers that could cause the machine to overheat can be avoided, including dirty filters, a full dirt cup, or just normal clogging. 

The faceplate of the device also features three LED lights that warn you about the various vacuum levels. For example, when you turn on the vacuum, the green light comes on, the red light comes on when water levels have reached full potential, while the yellow light is there to let you know when the dirt tank requires emptying.



The Bissell Garage Pro Wall Mount vacuum comes with a selection of assorted attachments that make custom cleaning possible. This includes a screwless mounting bracket, an accessory caddy to keep it organized, a fastener hose carrier, and a lightweight 32-inch hose that also happens to be smash resistant. 

The extension wands are built to clean rugs, carpets, and other surfaces easily.  Then there is the crevice tool for keeping your upholstery clean, and also a precision suction tool for easy car cleaning.

We bet you did not know that this vacuum is also meant for cars to be cleaned, but it surely is! It’s the perfect vacuum to use, particularly in-between seats, to clean the hard-to-reach locations in your vehicle. 

You will also be happy when you know that this vacuum will perform short work on usually challenging cleaning jobs, such as removing sawdust or the residue left behind after sanding. It is the perfect way to keep your garage spotless and sweep up messes after you do your work. 

Not just that, but this vacuum can also handle wet clutter, from liquid spills to slight flooding events, due to its robust features.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum


Using a wet-dry vacuum is a really effective substitute for the conventional mop and bucket in your home. In fact, with the exception of having a much smoother air intake and using a bucket instead of the conventional bag, wet-dry vacuum cleaners operate on the exact same concepts as the typical vacuum cleaner. This is not the only benefit of this form of vacuum, though.

Bissell Garage Pro vacuum’s filter system is able to accommodate both wet and dry waste so that there is no inconvenience changing filters when going from dry to wet cleaning. This saves time by constantly being able to vacuum and not having to start from one type. 

It is really handy if you have this in a kitchen because kitchens have a lot of wet and dry messes and you do not want to be concerned with changing filters. It also saves you money so you don’t have to buy 2 various types.

Bissell Garage Pro Specifications

  • Brand: Bissell Pro Series
  • Liters: 15.4
  • Capacity: 16.0 quarts
  • Amps: 12 A
  • Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Filters: 1-stage, 7/8 filter
  • Power Cord Length: 5 feet 
  • Blower Feature: Yes
  • Wet pickup: Yes
  • Wall-Mounted: Yes

Included Accessories

  • 32-inch crush-proof hose
  • Hose holder
  • Accessory caddy
  • Mounting bracket
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Floor head

What We Like About this Product 

  • This wall-mounted vac system, like many of its competitors, does not take up floor space in the corner. It would never tip over and, without leaning against anything, it will not hold up on its own. 
  • Both wet and dry messes can be handled by this vacuum, which many portable vacuum cleaners could not do. 
  • The 32-foot hose of this vacuum helps you to move around the car or driveway while you clean without having to carry the vacuum cleaner around. 
  • It comes with many useful tools especially when cleaning large debris.
  • Bissell Pro Garage has a 4-gallon tank which has far more capacity than any other vacuums.
  • It is easier to use and takes only a little time and no tools to assemble. 

What Needs to be Improved

  • The filter seems to clog if you use it to vacuum up fine particles, such as sawdust or cement dust. 
  • It doesn’t have a container when you try to clear the dust from the cleaner, so the dust will get dispersed everywhere.

Final Thoughts

We all know Bissell’s line of vacuums are well-designed, very durable, and helps to make the cleaning operation considerably simpler. And this Bissell small vac shop is no different, either. 

It lets you clean with relative ease both your workspace and vehicle. If you install it on the wall and leave it there, it is easier to use. It handles nearly every sort of mess except massive spills of liquid and the largest debris. 

Overall, for those looking for a wet/dry vacuum that is efficient and reliable at the same time, the Bissell Garage Pro vacuum is so handy. This is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that is the medium grade, but affordable.

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