Whether handheld or robotic, Dyson claims that cordless vacuums are the future, but the big sticking point has been the battery technology. The newest cordless V8 claims to last twice as long and to be able to fully replace a corded vacuum. Here in the Dyson V8 Absolute review, we will discuss all its features and specifications. 

The Dyson V8, which began life as the DC16 in 2007, is the latest in a long line of handheld vacuum cleaners. They are making a huge investment in their lightweight cordless vacuums that can deliver the same form of suction as their corded counterparts, but still provide a degree of flexibility and battery life that you can’t find anywhere. 

They’ve become more efficient since then and they last longer between charges, with improved energy efficiency and batteries. Dyson also acquired floor equipment and wands to transform them into complete vacuum-cleaner replacements. The Dyson V8 Absolute could serve as the only vacuum you need, depending on whether you have bare floors or tons of carpet, shedding the reputation of the stick vacuum as a supplemental appliance intended only for surface cleaning. 

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Summary of Dyson V8 Absolute Features

The lightweight, cord-free Dyson V8 Absolute has fitted with a Soft Roller Head built for hard floors (both tile, wood, and linoleum) and a Motorized Head to strip tough dirt from carpets. No matter how deep the dirt is the direct-drive cleaner is simply designed to quickly remove it. 

Plus, the dustbin of the V8 is engineered with a very convenient push-button release that when emptying it needs no messy dust diving. But the IMO’s best feature is the handheld option: the extension is clipped off and the V8 transforms into a space-cleaning gun, dog hair zapping, snack crumbs in the afternoon, and omnipresent dust bunnies. When lighthearted NORMAL-mode days transform into frightening deep-cleaning times, there’s also a special MAX-mode setting that can be turned on.

Battery Life and Dual Power Modes 

One of a cordless vacuum’s key downsides is that it has a very short runtime. The Dyson V8 Absolute ran for an incredible 40 minutes, considerably longer when in the standard power mode than many of its competitors. Bear in mind that this time will be significantly reduced to 25 minutes and 7 minutes respectively, whether you are using the motorized-cleaner head or MAX power mode.

The Dyson V8 comes with a battery that’s already built-in. It will deliver up to 40 minutes of use in its “Powerful mode, according to Dyson, but you’ll get 25 minutes of battery life if you use its motorized cleaner head. You can easily switch between the longer suction Powerful Mode and the stronger suction MAX mode.

Multiple Cleaning Modes 

You’ll be able to use the V8 in a number of ways, like the other Cyclone vacuums in Dyson’s line. You may use it to clean the floor while the shaft is connected, or reach it high up on walls or in corners to clear debris.

HEPA Filtration System

To help keep your family free from runny noses, constant sneezing, and watery eyes, a vacuum with a HEPA filter would greatly support your vacuuming and cleaning strategy. And while a HEPA filtered vacuum won’t fix all your indoor air quality problems, it can seal these particles properly as you’re vacuuming to prevent them from escaping back into the room as you go through the cleaning process.

The Dyson V8 Absolute has a HEPA filtration system that will help root them out if you’re worried about allergens.

Sleek and Modern Design


The Dyson V8 Absolute is a stylish and innovative vacuum, and it’s clear that serious consideration was put into its design. The machine is nicely weighted, so pushing around the floor and dusting up high was easy. By eliminating the collar, you can also turn it easily into a handheld model. It’s as simple as pulling a lever to clear the dustbin. You don’t have to take the system apart or touch the stuff you’ve vacuumed. Plus, to ensure it captures allergens effectively, the vacuum features full-machine HEPA filtration.


It comes down to keeping both filters clean to keep the V8 in optimal condition. There are two filters in this vacuum, the clean pre-motor, and post-motor HEPA filter. 

The good news is that both filters are filters that are washable for life, so you don’t have to replace them and spend too much. Washing it once a month is appropriate. Before reattaching it, make sure you let it air dry for 24 hours. 

Other than the filter cleaning, the key cleaning heads will be the other parts to look at. Check both tools periodically to see if the brush or the axles have hair wrapped around them. For the mini-turbo brush, do the same.

Lastly, it’s Performance

Let’s not forget the performance of the V8 Absolute. It works on a V8 Dyson electric motor and is equally competent in the cleaning of hardwood floors and carpets. The Dyson V8 Total, capable of collecting anything from the finest dirt to long animal fur, would leave your floors cleaner than they did before it got to them.

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Dyson V8 Absolute Attachments

You will find five distinct attachments in the box. 

  • The V8 also comes with a Mini Motorized Tool that is designed to tackle ground-in dirt and hair with a brush bar sized for hard-to-reach areas, in addition to its main Soft Roller Cleaning Head.
  • Mini Soft Dusting Brush, another instrument strategically sized to catch sofa grime. 
  • The Combination Tool is a handy gadget designed to switch between surface types during cleaning seamlessly. 
  • And, finally, there’s Dyson’s notorious Crevice Tool that easily slides between your cabinets and the fridge over anything from baseboards to corners, gaps, and that narrow little area. 
  • You’ll also find a docking station and a battery, both self-explanatory and very useful, that can be easily wall-mounted.

Dyson V8 Absolute Specifications

The Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the highly maneuverable and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners available. Just press the trigger, fit a tool, and off you go. The system for attaching and detaching peripherals from Dyson is fast, simple and robust – just push a button and slide apart, snapping into position the next component. It means that it takes seconds to go from a hand vacuum with a crevice tool to a full vacuum. 

Unlike a corded vacuum, the unused ends on the cleaner are nowhere to put, which would add weight, but it’s a bit of a hassle. 

With a wand and cleaning head attached, without the weight of the connecting tube and main unit to drag around on the floor, the V8 handles like a cylinder vacuum wand. This feels very different from an upright one but it soon becomes easy to use it. The biggest difference is that picking up and pushing the head around without dragging it around the floor is a lot easier because most of the weight is in your hand.

  • Direct-drive cleaner head for hard floors
  • Soft roller cleaner head. for carpets
  • Mini Motorized Tool (for stairs & furniture)
  • Charging time of 5 hrs.
  • Running time of up to 40 mins.
  • 2 Tier Radial™ Cyclone Technology
  • Washable lifetime filtration.
  • Suction power (MAX mode) of 115 AW.
  • Weight of 5.75 lb.
  • Bin Capacity: 540ml

So now we’ve known all the features and specifications, let’s list down its pros and cons.

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons

We will now highlight the pros and cons of the Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum.  The Dyson V8 is a popular vacuum device and it is getting very good reviews and ratings from buyers. It is lauded as Dyson’s next generation of stick vacuum after the V6, and there have been some significant developments.



  • Vacuum Power It is very obvious when assessing the V8’s airflow that this is indeed one of the most powerful and efficient cordless vacuums. 
  • Crevice Test Pick Up – The V8 outperformed most of the vacuums in both low and high power modes due to the new style of the V8 cleaning head with the gates that can be opened. 
  • HEPA  Filtration – The V8 modifications are HEPA sealed. If you use your HEPA Vacuum on a daily basis (at least once a week then you can certainly see a major change in the indoor air quality. The filter can stop the release of pollutants and impurities directly back into the airflow. If you are one of the allergy sufferers, then  Dyson V8 is the perfect vacuum for you.  
  • At just about 5.75 lbs, it is extremely lightweight. 
  • The Dyson V8 is a little better than the V7, and this ensures that it often lasts longer than the older model. 
  • The V8 is well made, and they are a strong long-lasting vacuum that has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. 


  • Dyson V8 Absolute is quite expensive which is common in Dyson products.
  • The battery can not be switched out as It is not intended to be replaced. A spare charged battery can not be inserted to be used when the other is being used.

Final Thoughts

Of all vacuum cleaners, the Dyson brand is one of the most reliable, high-tech, and fashionable, and it’s no wonder they consistently topping every best-of-lists.

Cordless vacuums cost so much more than traditional plug-ins and rarely last as long, but they’re incredibly convenient. If that seems fair to you, and you’re ready to go cord-free, then the V8 Absolute is for you. So far, it is the most versatile, simple to use, and compact vacuum cleaner. Previous models wouldn’t necessarily charge the entire house; even a five-bed house can be cleaned in one go by the V8, which is a huge step forward. 

Maybe this cordless dust-buster is not the newest model in the bunch, yet it has plenty of strength and shows the renowned design heritage of Dyson clearly.

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