H2o Labs Water Distiller Review

Most laboratories and pharmacies prefer a distilled water because of its excellent purity. A water distiller purifies water by removing 99.9% of dissolved inorganics, microorganisms, and chemicals. Despite its excellent quality, determining whether distilled water is safe to consume is difficult. 

The implications of drinking distilled water are still a hotly discussed and under-researched topic. Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium, as well as hazardous pollutants, are eliminated from distilled water, prompting some to question if it is safe.

Is it safe to consume distilled water?


It is safe to drink distilled water. Distillation is a natural process that cleanses water in a manner comparable to the earth’s hydrologic cycle. There are no harmful chemicals or disinfectants added to the water. People worry about the residue.

A water distiller is so effective in removing contaminants from water that it removes practically everything, even dissolved minerals. The body uses certain of these critical minerals, known as electrolytes, to transport information between cells. You can get electrolytes through eating. 

Although water includes just small levels of minerals, is this enough to have an impact? Your health, nutrition, and degree of physical exercise all have a role.

What is distilled water?

A water distiller transforms water into steam while removing pollutants, germs, and minerals. The steam condenses back into a liquid when it cools. Distillation mirrors the hydrologic cycle, which is how water is recycled in nature. 

A home water distiller has two chambers: one for evaporating water and another for collecting steam. The water accumulates in a glass jar as it precipitates.

Water is heated to the boiling point to produce distilled water. This produces vapor (or steam), which is collected, cooled to a liquid form, and then bottled. During the distillation process, the majority of the pollutants in the water are eliminated.

Health Benefits of Using a Water Distiller

Water distillers produce the purest drinking and cooking water. They work by capturing the steam from boiling water, cooling it, and distilling it. When water boils, the steam that escapes is highly pure, removing all contaminants. Distilled water is the purest form of water that can be produced, and it has a number of health benefits. Below are some of the advantages of using a water distiller.

1. No germs or viruses exist in distilled water.

A water distiller cleans your water in 2 ways. Boiling it eliminates several active bacteria and viruses. In addition, as water changes to steam, bacteria and viruses are left behind.

2. There are no carcinogenic substances in distilled water.

Most chemicals are removed during the distillation process. Filters and vents for colder-than-boiling gasses are commonly used in the water distillation system to remove volatile organic compounds that boil at lower temperatures than water.

3. There are no pollutants in distilled water.

While some argue that removing minerals from water is unhealthy, an adult in Boston would need to drink about 1900 glasses of tap water to acquire the necessary daily amount of Magnesium. 

While removing minerals from water has little effect, eliminating dangerous chemicals and other impurities is tremendously beneficial to one’s health.

If you are looking for one of the best water distillers on amazon, we present to you the H2o Labs Water Distiller. Let’s see if it is really the most convenient distiller.

About H2o Labs Water Distiller


H2o Labs 300SS Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller is one of the most popular products among customers. It’s all thanks to the distiller’s high-quality construction. 

This distiller, created by H2O labs, allows you to acquire distilled water for absolutely little money. Despite the greater price, the device is highly recommended owing to its features and overall usability. 

Within the Distiller, there are pods fitted. The water is cleaned in three phases by these pods. Activated carbon products have also been known to remove contaminants that would otherwise be impossible to remove.

The distiller was created to ensure that you and your family get the best water possible. It has undergone extensive testing and has been determined to be one of the top goods of all time. Within the system, there is also a steamer and a condenser. The nicest feature is that both the steamer and the condenser are built of pure steel, justifying its expensive cost. The fact that this distiller comes with a year’s worth of activated carbon pods is another plus. It’s simple to clean, and the large holes add to the device’s aesthetic appeal.

See Where H2O Labs Water Distiller Ranks in Our Best Water Distiller

Features of the product

This product has a number of qualities that make it an excellent choice for you and your family. The following are some of the features:

Design and Functionality

The distiller’s design, functionality, and efficiency are all exceptional. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure that the outcomes are cutting-edge. It is completely genuine when it comes to creating clean water for your usage. 

This product is one of the top selections of all time because of the customer support and overall rating it has received. The ACF pods that are built into the distiller are cutting-edge, ensuring that you get filtered water that is free of any contaminants.

Efficient in Removing Contaminants

Three times as much filtering medium is utilized as in a typical filter. It has no probability of allowing any pollution to flow through it.

The internal parts of the distiller are made of grade 304 steel. It means that the distiller can last longer and provide you with the purest water possible. It is one of the greatest and most advanced distillers currently available. 

Another benefit of choosing a Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller for various uses is the BPA-free plastic. It includes a 565 Watt heating element, and it is quite effective at removing all types of contaminants. It also means that you can drink the condensed water without difficulty.

H2o Labs 300SS Water Distiller Advantages


There are many advantages of using a water distiller. We listed below to guarantee that you take a good look at the product and buy it for the benefits it provides.

Removes Chlorine

You can add chlorine to the water in order to keep it germ-free. It also causes a distinct odor that each of you is familiar with. Though it is an effective killer of pathogenic bacteria, you should consider its drawbacks.

Certain VOCs in the water react with chlorine and produce chemicals or compounds that can cause cancer. Users highly recommend the Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Distiller since it completely removes chlorine from the water.

Distillation at a High Rate

You’ll get 4 gallons of water every day with the Best-In-Class Distiller. It indicates that it is suitable for all of your drinking requirements. It produces a gallon of water within 5 hours, which is sluggish yet sufficient for a modest household of 3–4 people. This product’s quality is outstanding, and it comes highly recommended.


Other detoxes are available, however, water is the most effective and least expensive. The distiller used determines the water quality, and Best-In-Class distillers are the best in this aspect.

When it comes to this distiller, it properly handles the water, making it the ideal tool for removing radicals from your body.

It helps you save money.

It is another significant feature of the Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller. When compared to bottled water, the cost of a distiller is almost insignificant, hence it saves money. 

There are further difficulties with bottled water, such as its unreliability and lack of purification. On the other hand, this distiller offers you certified processed pure water. It fully eliminates the cost of bottled water.

There are no ongoing maintenance costs.

It is one of the most appealing qualities of this distiller and boasts one of the most advanced mechanics available. H2o labs enables you to complete maintenance without difficulty. The only thing left to do is swap out the ACF pods. There’s no need to be concerned about these before a year has passed. 

The Best-In-Class distiller includes a year’s supply of these pods, making it extremely efficient and effective. There are other characteristics of the distiller that allow you to save a lot of money.

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  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.01 x 11.26 inches
  • Item Weight: 13.15 pounds
  • Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Electric Plug: Standard U.S Plug
  • Carafe: Polypropylene
  • Nozzle: Porcelain
  • Voltage: 120V


  • Stainless steel made of highest quality
  • The flavor of water is fantastic.
  • BPA-free and reasonably priced
  • One gallon takes only 5 hours to make.


  • Polypropylene carafe.
  • Some customers complain that the carafe is too small.

To clean your water distiller: 

  1. Turn it off and take off the lid of the boiling chamber. Remove the removable lid from the water distiller if yours has one. Fill your sink halfway with hot water and 1/4 cup white vinegar. You can also use lemon or lime juice, sulfamic acid, or a water distiller descaler.
  2. Place the lid in the water and submerge it. Allow the lid to soak for a few hours in the solution. If you are unable to remove the lid, scrape it with a brush or cloth soaked in the cleaning solution.
  3. Fill the boiling chamber halfway with vinegar and halfway with water.The white vinegar will dissolve the scale deposits that have formed on the inside of the boiling chamber. To ensure that the visible scale formations are gone, make sure your solution is several inches higher than the visible scale formations.
  4. Allow the solution to lie overnight in the distiller. Allow the solution to work its magic on your distiller for 12 hours. To ensure that all limescale deposits come into touch with the vinegar solution, gently swirl the water in the distiller.
  5. Rinse the water distiller after emptying it. Pour the solution down the drain and fill the distiller with water in the morning. Rinse the distiller well with warm water from the faucet several times.
  6. Before reusing the water distiller, let it air dry. Allow the system to dry out after cleaning it before connecting it back into a power source. Return the cover to the distiller, and you’re ready to make your next batch of ultra-pure water.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it simply a better idea to acquire an H2o Labs water distiller instead of making inconvenient frequent excursions to the store?

You might save money while still having quick access to clean water.

A distilled water is pure enough to use in hospitals You can also use distilled water for more than just drinking. You can use it for a variety of purposes because it is clean.

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