One of the most intelligent models in the market today is the Honeywell 50 pint Dehumidifier. This model is good for areas up to 3000 square feet. You can even connect it to Wifi, use the mobile app for controlling, as well as integrate the device with Amazon Alexa and other AI devices. The Honeywell Dehumidifier with 50 PPD is compact yet powerful. Learn more about this product by reading on. 

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Summary of Features: Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD


Covers 3000 square feet area. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD can cover areas up to 3000 square feet. With this area coverage, it’s an excellent option for home use and it can work on areas like the living room, basement, bathroom, etc.

50 pints a day. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD can gather moisture for up to 50 pints. This amount of water removal capacity is above average for compact dehumidifiers. It’s a satisfying performance if you’re looking for a model for the basement or other personal use. 

Smart Dehumidifier. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD is one of the few smart models in the market. With this feature, you can control the device using AI like Amazon Alexa and enjoy the perks that come with it. You can preset programs for the dehumidifier and let it work on its own. You can also control this Honeywell dehumidifier via voice commands, perfect for smart homes.

Wi-Fi-Enabled. Being Wifi-enabled, you can connect this dehumidifier using your mobile phone. It can also be integrated with AI devices, and control the model using the Honeywell app. Whether you’re using Android or iOs, you can optimize the use of this machine and savor the perks of its cutting edge technology.


Compatible with Amazon Alexa. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can control the Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD via voice commands. That’s only one of the perks that you can get from this model that’s AI compatible. You can also pre-program the device of its working schedules, and so much more.

Voice commands. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD can be controlled using voice commands. This is possible when you connect the device to AI like Amazon Alexa. You can turn on and off via voice control, as well as set your preferred humidity levels just by calling out on AI. It’s a perfect dehumidifier for smart homes.

Easy to Use. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD offers many features that make it easy to use. This dehumidifier is simple to set up. You can use the touch buttons to program the device, or use the mobile app, as well as via send voice commands through Amazon Alexa. Using the mobile app, you can access the current humidity levels of a room, as well as set your preferred environment. 

Detachable water tank. You can detach the water tank of the Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD to discard the collected moisture. It’s easy to clean, too. Unlike other models, the water tank of this device is easy to remove. It guarantees no spills as well, which is a nice feature to avoid mess every time you empty the water reservoir.

Grip handle. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD has a comfortable grip handle, which contributes to its portability. For dehumidifiers, features supporting its easiness to move from one place to another are important as these devices are usually utilized in different parts of the home.

Anti-spill tank guards. Discarding the collected moisture of the dehumidifier assures zero mess with its anti-spill tank guards. It may sound like a simple highlight but you’ll surely appreciate it as it allows a seamless emptying of the water tank avoiding any spill. Even if the reservoir reaches its maximum capacity, emptying it won’t be messy.

Continuous Drain Outlet. You also have an option for continuous drainage of the collected water from the tank. This feature is highly convenient as you won’t have to monitor the water reservoir if it’s getting full. It can help you save time and energy as you use the machine.

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Automatic Drainage. Automatic drainage is another convenient benefit of the Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD. With this feature, you won’t need to manually empty the tank. You can just let the machine work on its own for long hours, and allow the collected moisture to flow out continuously and directly to the drainage.

Easy to Maintain. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD boasts easy maintenance. It has reusable and washable filters, saving you from the costs of buying new materials regularly. The filters are easy to clean, too. Just wash it with water and it’s good to work.

Filter Clean Alert. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD alerts the users when the filters need to be cleaned. This isn’t only convenient, as you won’t need to check the filters often. It also allows the machine to provide optimum performance. Furthermore, this feature keeps the machine in good condition for a long time. 

13.2 x 10.5 x 20.1 inches. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD is compact with dimensions of only 13.2 x 10.5 x 20.1 inches. With a compact dehumidifier, you can easily find a spot for it anywhere in your home. It won’t be a hindrance anywhere you place and it’s easy to move from one place to another.

36.3 pounds. The Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD is lightweight. Being light, you can move it from one room to another with no sweat. Portability is a crucial factor to consider when getting a dehumidifier as these machines are used in different parts of the home. Therefore, the weight of the humidifier is important for your purchase.

Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD Review


One of our favorite models in this category is the Honeywell dehumidifier with 50 PPD. It’s compact yet powerful, just right to fit in tight places. It can collect up to 50 pints of moisture in the air, which is more than enough for a compact dehumidifier. The Honeywell dehumidifier is a good option for basements, living rooms, storage rooms, etc.

The Honeywell Dehumidifier is sleek and stylish, too. With dimensions, 13.2 x 10.5 x 20.1 inches, the model can easily fit anywhere in your home whether it’s the basement, living room, or the bathroom. The Honeywell dehumidifier is intelligent and easy to use as well. It’s probably one of the most advanced models in the market today as you can integrate it with AI.

The Honeywell dehumidifier is compatible with Amazon Alexa. With this feature, you can control it via voice commands. This dehumidifier is WiFi-enabled, too, and it’s easy to maintain. It’s equipped with washable filters. With the feature, Filter Clean Alert, it sends notifications when it’s time to wash the filters. Furthermore, it boasts patent-pending Splash Guards, which lets you avoid messy spills when emptying the water tank.

The Honeywell dehumidifier also has a drain tube that you can utilize for long unattended operations. This model is energy-efficient. as it’s Energy Star certified. With this certification, you can be sure that the model is eco-friendly, and offers optimum energy use. 

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Who Needs a Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD?

People with allergies or asthma. Setting an ideal environment for people with sensitive lungs is important to achieve a good quality of life. Especially if you or your loved one has asthma or allergy, too much humidity in a room can make it harder to breathe. Furthermore, with the use of dehumidifiers, you can have fresher air to breathe. 

Living with an infant, pregnant woman, or an elderly. If you have a baby or you’re living with people with sensitive health like pregnant women and elderlies, getting a dehumidifier can provide a healthy environment for them. Ideal humidity can improve the quality of life, and comfort of your home. To protect yourself and your loved ones from potential health risks due to high humid, setting right humidity levels can help you have a safe and comfortable place to live.


Molds and Mildew. To eliminate and prevent harmful particles like molds and mildew in your home, a dehumidifier is a perfect machine to resolve such issues. These particles can be detrimental to health. It’s vital to get rid of molds and mildew in your home once you notice a formation of these microorganisms. Dehumidifiers can help you combat these problems. 

Highly humid areas. It’s important to set the right humidity, especially in your home. Too much humidity won’t only cause discomfort in the environment, it can also lead to the formation of harmful particles like molds and mildew. To maintain the right humidity levels in your home, a dehumidifier is an excellent tool. 

Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD Specs

  • Good for 3000 square feet rooms
  • 50 pints a day (30-Pint 2019 DOE Standard) 
  • Smart Dehumidifier
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Voice commands
  • Easy to Use
  • Detachable water tank
  • Grip handle
  • Anti-spill tank guards
  • Continuous Drain Outlet
  • Automatic Drainage
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Filter Clean Alert
  • 13.2 x 10.5 x 20.1 inches
  • 36.3 pounds

Pros and Cons of Honeywell Dehumidifier 50 PPD



  • Energy efficient
  • Intelligent
  • Stylish
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Easy to Use


  • Small bucket
  • Lacks defrost mode



We hope we have provided valuable information regarding the Honeywell 50 pint Dehumidifier. This product is an excellent tool for you to keep a safe and comfortable home. It’s perfect for basements, living rooms, and bathrooms where humidity is too high. This dehumidifier is smart, efficient, and easy to use. If you think this is the product you’re looking for, let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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