Kenmore 65132 Review

We all know how good a washing machine is for quickly rinsing dirt away. The only problem is that the clothes are soaking wet as they come out of the washing machine! You can’t put them on right after they’ve been washed. You’ll have to wait a long time for your clothes to dry fully. 

At least two full litre water bottles must dissipate with every average 4kg load so that there is no trace of soaked water in your clothing! The dryer is the newest appliance that households are investing in to solve this issue. 

It extracts all of the moisture and wetness from your clothing, leaving them dry and ready to wear. It’s still not a common choice, but it’s worth thinking about.

Benefits of Clothes Dryer Machines


When it comes to doing the laundry, getting a dryer at home is extremely beneficial. Air-drying fresh laundry is a regular housekeeping activity that not only takes time and effort; room and weather conditions often make air-drying clothes a headache. 

Your clean laundry is often exposed to the elements and can trap dust and debris found in the air, from separately pegging wet clothes onto the clothesline or pole awaiting for them to air dry.

Enjoy the ease of washing, drying, and storing clean clothes into the closet for immediate use – regardless of the size of your laundry load – with a dryer.

Here are some good reasons why a dryer can aid in making your daily laundry routine feel easy breezy.

Save Laundry Time

Having your clothes cleaned is just half of the job when it comes to washing. The process of drying wet clothes on a pole or liner can take a day or more, from hauling laundry bags to the washing machine to waiting for the wash program to finish. With a dryer, you can wash and dry several loads of laundry in one day and store them in the closet right away.

Space Isn’t a Problem Anymore

A portable dryer would be the perfect household device to carry out the requisite laundry task if space is a problem at home.

Dryers are lightweight and can be tidily stacked in a corner of your kitchen while providing optimal drying efficiency, so say goodbye to unsightly clotheslines and clotheshorses at home.

You never have to think about whether your previous load of laundry has dried on the clothesline before washing the new load when you use the dryer.

Reducing Mold Build-up

When you air-dry your clothing, the moisture seeps into your home’s air, leaving it humid. Mold will grow as a result of this, which is harmful to one’s health. A dryer, on the other hand, exhausts the moisture or condenses it and drains it.

Today we will be reviewing one of the top rated clothes dryers in the market today.

About Kenmore Dryers

Kenmore is a well-known large appliance manufacturer. It’s one of the few appliance brands that can evoke both nostalgia and the thrill of modern technology at the same time. When it comes to clothes dryers, Kenmore has a variety of options. 

Kenmore electric dryers have a sleek, futuristic design with cutting-edge technology and features. There will be no more re-tumbling wet washing, and there will be no more wrinkles. 

A sanitizing cycle is available on some of our electric dryers, which can destroy up to 99.99 percent of household germs. A Kenmore electric dryer is up to the task, whether it’s a load of laundry, bulky bedding, or a small load of delicates.

See Where Kenmore 65132 Clothes Dryer Ranks in Our Top Rated Clothes Dryer Review

Kenmore 65132 Electric Clothes Dryer

If you prefer an electric clothes dryer to a gas-powered clothes dryer, the Kenmore 65132 Top Load Clothes Dryer is the best form of clothes dryer for you. It can handle just about any load thanks to its 7 cubic foot size.

The Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer has an integrated thermostat and sensor technology, ensuring that the interior of the dryer is neither too hot nor too cold. The easy-to-clean drum will accommodate a large pile of towels, and the traditional knobs make this electric dryer user-friendly.

The addition of touch buttons to the classic dial knobs on the Kenmore 66132 Electric Dryer blends the traditional and the new. When you open the side-hinged door, an interior light makes it easier to see, and Kenmore’s SmartDry Plus technology helps your clothes last longer.

Exterior Design


This white electric dryer is a stand-alone model that can be used in conjunction with the corresponding washing machine or to replace an existing one. The machine would not crack under heavy use because it is made of steel.

The dryer stands 42.6 inches tall due to its wide, rectangular control panel on top. However, at 29 and 28.3 inches, its width and depth are standard for this type of clothes dryer. It also has an average weight of 109 pounds.

The Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer can complement any laundry machine thanks to its smooth, white finish. Since the hinges on this electric dryer are reversible, the front door opens from both sides. You can depend on the free-standing unit’s stability because it is made of steel.


With a size of 7 cubic feet, you’ll be able to wash all of your bath towels at once. The drum is powder-coated, making it simple to clean. The dryer even has an interior light to ensure you don’t leave a sock behind.

Auto Dry Feature

Auto dry is one of the most impressive features. This function includes a built-in thermostat that maintains a constant moisture level and temperature. One temperature sensor and two moisture sensors are used to make this technology work, allowing your clothes to dry without being damaged by excessive heat.

Kenmore 65132 Cycles

The settings on the knob-style control panel were used to customize each drying period. There are four dry levels to choose from, as well as a wrinkle guard environment that lasts 40 minutes. You can, of course, use the regular timed-dry option.

A three-temperature dry environment is located on the panel from left to right. The next knob lets you choose a particular cycle, such as auto moisture sensing, air only, or timed dry. The wrinkle guard choice and end-cycle-signal on/off control are located on the last two knobs.

The controls on this Kenmore dryer are as sparse as its appearance. On the computer, there are just four dials and no screen or monitor. The first knob, which moves from left to right, determines the cycle temperature for each fabric type: Low (delicates), Medium (casual), and High (heavy) (cotton).

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Kenmore 65132 Product Specifications:

  • Width: 29 in
  • Depth: 28 in
  • Height to Top of Control Panel: 43
  • Height to Top of Cabinet: 36
  • Cycle Status Lights: No
  • End-of-Cycle Signal: Yes
  • Delay Start Option: No
  • Timed Dry Option: Yes
  • Wrinkle Reduction: Yes
  • Dry Cycles: Air Dry Cycle
  • Stackable with Matching Unit: No
  • Drum Material: Powder-coated
  • Dryer Capacity: 7.0
  • Dryer Interior Size: 7.0 cu. ft.
  • Control Type: Rotary
  • Temperatures Control: Yes
  • Check Lint Screen Light: No
  • Interior Light: Yes
  • Power Cord Included: No
  • Includes Dry Rack: No
  • Dryer Power Source: 220/240V Electric
  • Quiet Package: No
  • Sensor Dry: No
  • Dryer Door Access: Dropdown
  • Remote Diagnostics: No Remote Diagnostics
  • Number of Dryness Levels: 4
  • Minimum Circuit Rating: 30 amps
  • Color Family: White

How to Properly Maintain Your Clothes Dryer

It can be very inconvenient to have your dryer break down everytime you use it. You’ll need to either take your large bucket of dirty laundry to the nearest laundromat or hang all of your clothes up to dry after they’ve been washed. 

You’re unlikely to find any of these choices especially appealing. As a result, it’s important to look after your dryer and ensure that it continues to serve you well for as long as possible.

Here are the four key steps to effectively maintaining your dryer to keep it running as efficiently as possible, whether you have a dryer/washer combination or a full-sized dryer.

Clean the Lint Screen on a Regular Basis:

It’s important not to let lint accumulate on the lint screen. The majority of people understand that starting a batch with too much lint on the screen will result in a burn. Although this is an extreme – and very rare – event, it is clearly something you can prevent. Until you start a load, scrape all of the lint from the lint screen. Taking the extra 15 seconds to remove any lingering lint will ensure that your dryer operates as it should for several years to come.

Avoid Placing Some Soiled Laundry in your Dryer


Alternatively, make sure you’re just drying clothes that have been damp by running them through the washer. Put wet clothes or towels into the washing machine first if you want to dry them for some other purpose, such as a day at the beach. 

Only use the dryer to dry clothes that have been freshly washed. Anything that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned should be avoided.

Clean the Outside of the Dryer on a Regular Basis.

It’s also necessary to keep an eye on the outside surfaces of the dryer, in addition to the inside. Wipe down the exterior of the car once a week to prevent soap residue from corroding the finish.

If you regularly place your fresh clean clothes on top of the dryer before putting them inside, soap residue will quickly accumulate. At least once a month, give your dryer a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the Vents


Vent cleaning is one of the most essential aspects of a dryer maintenance routine. Cleaning the exhaust vent or duct at least twice a year can become a ritual. A cleaning brush made specifically for this purpose may be used. 

If obstructions in the vent are not removed, the flow of air to the dryer would be greatly reduced, resulting in longer drying times and excessive energy consumption. 

If a vent obstruction causes your dryer to operate harder for longer periods of time, it is much more likely to break down. Your dryer, on the other hand, will last a long time if you clean the vents properly.

Our Verdict

Kenmore has an automatic dryer to fit everyone’s tastes and fabric-care requirements. The Kenmore 65132 dryers is white and have a steel shell. It even comes with an interior light and SmartDry Plus sensors, which are often attractive. 

When you know how well it works, the Kenmore 65132 dryer is a great value. Its antiquated interface makes it a little cantankerous to use at times. Even so, it’s difficult to find a dryer with this much power at any price, let alone one this low.

After thorough review of this product, we decided to give Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer a rating of 8.8/10.

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