Lg Washer and Dryer Combination Review

Gadgets are designed to make our lives easier; the washer-dryer combo is a typical example. It’s a godsend for people who have to juggle many activities on a daily basis. Customers’ needs have always been influenced by changing times. 

As a result, simple washing machines have given way to today’s more efficient washer dryer combos on the market. Here are some facts about the washer dryer combo that you should be aware of.

Without a set of laundry appliances, no contemporary home is complete. A washer and dryer assist you in cleaning and preparing clothing, bedding, towels, and other items for daily use, and a stacked washer and dryer combo is an excellent choice for many rooms.

Advantages of Washer Dryer Combo

The ability to save space in your laundry room is the most significant benefit of a stacked washer/dryer combination. You may free up floor room for additional appliances and tools like an ironing board, laundry baskets, clothes racks, and more by placing your laundry units vertically rather than horizontally. 

The stacked design makes these units ideal for small laundry facilities, as well as compact homes and apartments, as they’re built to utilize space where it’s limited.

Simple to Use

You are not required to do your clothes outside. You won’t even have to physically transfer the items from the washer to the dryer. Apart from those apparent considerations, there are a few other less-obvious reasons why you would want to possess a washer dryer combo.



Washer dryer combos are little devices that may be used in any home. They don’t take up any extra room. This machine would be little larger than a dishwashing machine, yet it might assist you in doing your laundry at home, at your leisure. They usually come with wheels, making it simple to move them about as needed.

Conserves energy

With more people becoming aware of the ozone layer’s depletion and diminishing natural resources, conserving energy has become a key issue. Washer-dryer combos promise to conserve energy and are Energy Star accredited to demonstrate this. 

They make excellent use of both water and power. You could now indulge in some luxury without feeling guilty.

Other features include automatic detection of the water level by the machine, the ability to schedule the machine to run at a later time (often known as the delayed start option), and the ability to use different settings for different types of clothing, among others.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Though the washer-dryer combination appears to be powerful and promising, there are a few things to consider before making your choice.

They’re only capable of so much.

In comparison to a standard washing machine, the washer-dryer combo can handle fewer loads. This is due to the fact that, unlike a traditional washing machine, the garments will spin while drying. 

The machine’s vibration is a common source of irritation for many people. Many firms are taking extra precautions to reduce vibration, which is something to keep in mind when shopping for a washer-dryer set.

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For The Modern Home, Superior Washer & Dryer Combo

Every type of home needs efficient laundry appliances, and a stacked washer/dryer will fit the bill in a variety of situations. Despite the fact that these devices have fewer functions than standalone ones. Their compact, space-saving designs and affordable prices make them a popular choice among many households. 

There’s little doubt that you’ll find the appropriate washer/dryer combo equipment for your home among the many sizes and types available.

We’ll be looking at the LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer Dryer Combo today.

About LG Washer and Dryer


Are you looking for a new washing machine and dryer? LG is a vibrant and dependable appliance company that shines in the home laundry area if you’re not sure where to start your search.

LG may be better known for their electronics and culinary appliances, but they’re also bringing their flair to the laundry room.

With front-load, top load, and stackable options, LG washers, and dryers are some of the most dependable machines on the market. Do you prefer steam technology or WiFi access? You’ll get advanced features with LG that make laundry day more efficient and effective.

About LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer Dryer Combo


If the tiny drum size of an all-in-one washer dryer is your primary issue, consider the LG WM3998HBA, which has a big interior compared to other models on the market at 4.5 cubic feet. 

This is the typical drum size for a front-load washing machine; however, you must consider the drying capacity. Because it can’t tumble dry your clothing, you won’t be able to toss in as many as you would if you had a freestanding machine. 

Nonetheless, the capacity is still greater than that of other all-in-ones, making the extra cost worthwhile. There are also 14 other wash cycles available, including ones for bedding, activewear, and allergies.

Simple to Use 

A tub clean cycle will eliminate odors and bacteria from your unit without requiring any effort on your part. This combo unit may also be hooked into a 120V outlet for delivery and installation, making it a smart alternative if you’re searching for a tiny apartment or RV. 

Other features include a cold water option and a steam function, which are useful if you’re washing colored clothing or want to save energy. This set is also a smart model that can be operated remotely using a smartphone app.

What We Don’t Like 

Now for the drawbacks. This equipment, more than others, requires a strong commitment to cleanliness. Your clothing’s lint and particles might easily get stuck on the gasket and seals. 

After hours of tumbling, your belongings may be pretty moist. This is mainly due to the lack of clear directions in the manual on how to use the dryer section of the device, which is a huge omission on the part of the manufacturer. Furthermore, detergent packs are not permitted to be used in the dispenser.

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Product Specifications:

  • Series:LG
  • Type: Front Load Washer Dryer Combo
  • Capacity: 4.5 cubic per feet
  • Internal Heater: Yes
  • Steam: Yes
  • Width: 27″
  • Hard Buttons: Yes
  • Touch Buttons: Yes
  • Dial-A-Cycle™: Yes
  • No. of Programs: 14
  • No. of Wash/Rinse Temps: 5 
  • Wash/Rinse Temps: Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold,Tap Cold
  • No. of Spin Speeds: 5
  • Spin Speeds: Extra High, High, Medium, Low,
  • No Spin
  • Max RPM: 1300
  • Water Levels: Load Sensing
  • No. of Soil Levels: 5

Tips for Keeping Your Washer and Dryer in Good Working Order

The majority of us entrust the tiresome process of washing our clothes to our washing machines. It makes sense, then, to keep these machines in good working order.

Regular washing machine maintenance goes a long way toward extending the life of these machines. The truth is that most of these tasks may be completed by you or your family at home.

Intensive Cleaning

People want their washing machines to perform flawlessly every time they use them. This isn’t always the case, though. Washing machine issues arise, and over a period of time, the appliances begin to lose their efficiency. 

You may find that your clothes aren’t as clean as they were when the machine was first purchased. The main cause of this is scaling, which happens as a result of micro-residuals in the water. In locations with hard water, this can be a significant problem.

In this case, you should do a little extra deep cleaning on your equipment. Use a strong machine cleanser that can remove all of the scaling without harming the appliance’s metal or plastic parts.

This does not imply that you must get the most costly machine cleaner on the market, but it also does not imply that you should choose the cheapest.

Cleaning the Rubber Gasket

This is a critical component of your machine that sees a lot of use. The rubber gasket protects your clothes from injury and your hands from any sharp edges on the washer-edges. 

Every time you open the door of your washing machine, whether it’s a front load or top load, micro dust particles enter. These dust particles tend to collect on the gasket’s edges and sides.

The residue from the detergent and softener particles is also left on the gasket.

Keep the Finish Safe

Appliances that are new and clean add to the aesthetic of your home. An old washing machine, on the other hand, does not usually look attractive and may even detract from the overall appearance of the room or house. 

Some folks overlook this detail and do not clean the machine’s outside or top. The front-loading washing machines are the ones that take the brunt of it. Their plain top surface acts as a magnet for various items that tend to accumulate.

People forget that, despite their size, washing machines are sensitive appliances that require special attention, both in terms of their functionality and appearance. Simple approaches can be used to maintain the machine appearing new.

To avoid damaging the finish, use a glass cleaner to wipe the top and sides of your machine. Maintaining the factory finish is the greatest approach to keep your machine looking new for a long time. 

Also, when the machine is not in use, keep it covered and don’t place anything heavy on top of it. Scratches will be avoided as a result of this.

Leave the Door Open


After using your washing machine, do not close the door immediately. This is one of the most common blunders when operating the equipment. They believe that leaving the door open will cause the machine to fill with filth and dust. 

To some extent, this is correct, but it does not imply you must close it right away. Leaving the door open for 15 to 30 minutes eliminates moisture from the machine and prevents mold and bacteria growth. This also allows the tub to dry correctly and protects delicate sections from moisture damage.

After the cleaning is finished and the remaining moisture has dried, wipe the interior with a thick dry towel 15-30 minutes later to ensure there is no moisture.

Final Thoughts

LG washers and dryers are among the most precise and feature-rich laundry equipment on the market today. LG products have always been a favorite of ours because of their high quality, energy efficiency, and innovative design. 

Whether you buy a solitary washing machine or a washer and dryer set, you can rest assured that your clothes will be as clean as possible.

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