In the early years, while vacuum cleaners were still a new innovation, they were heavy and uncomfortable to use. Moving forward to more than a hundred years since, and the household cleaner of today is more portable, lightweight, and more convenient to use. 

Light appliances are still drawn to people, and the vacuum cleaner is no different. One of the items shoppers take into account when buying a cleaning machine is how big it is, and different brands and models bear different weights.

Yet here we are, in a time when home appliances are the most user-friendly and streamlined they have ever been.

Although there is not anything that can be done in the actual method of removing dirt and other particles, ease of use is one of the factors we can monitor. Over the decades, there have been numerous changes made to suction systems. One of the big factors is the weight of the vacuum.

Any seriously dirty jobs may need the functionality and functions that can only be offered by a heavyweight vacuum, but luckily, a more lightweight, convenient suction device can handle most household extraction conditions.

If your specialty is wandering around the room with a featherlight cordless vac, or break things down with a handheld crevice tool is what your dreams are made of, when it comes to fast and simple dirt and dust disposal, this lightweight vacuum cleaner guide has you covered.

What are Lightweight Vacuums


The right lightweight vacuums do not compromise on the significant qualities that increase efficiency, depending on your cleaning requirements. While buying one, it calls for the utmost consideration, so you don’t buy a device that’s just light but doesn’t clean efficiently.

Lightweight vacuums are not only convenient to bring, because of their lightweight construction, but they also perform well on different surfaces as well.

They are perfect under furniture and in hard to reach areas to remove dirt and dust.

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Choosing the Right Type of Lightweight Vacuum

When buying a new vacuum, we know there’s a lot of consideration to take note of, including multiple floor surfaces, the size of your home and so much more. And with so many types of vacuums, it can be difficult to pick the correct one. 

That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to make choosing the right lightweight vacuum cleaner a bit simpler for you.

Upright Vacuums


Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning large, hard floors or carpeted areas of the house. It utilizes a motor-driven beater brush that loosens through suction and removes dust and dirt. Most upright vacuums come with onboard attachments for versatile use. 

Some designs are bagless, while others have dust and debris recycling bags. Features can include height adjustments with the flip of a switch for a simple shift from heavy carpet cleaning to hardwood floors. Upright vacuums appear to be best for hard floors and carpets.


Since they are heavier and bulkier than, canister vacuums, upright vacuums are especially ideal for large cleaning jobs requiring varying floor surfaces. 

Many have a larger cleaning route than other vacuum types, and not only do they suck dirt and debris from high-pile carpets easily, but they typically come with a feature that enables them to switch to hardwood floors as well.

These are all the general advantages of an upright vacuum, some with a number of attachments that allow users to clean any inch of their home, while others tackle pet fur directly.

Canister Vacuums


Cleaning is not exactly the most enjoyable thing on your to-do list when you have a huge bulky vacuum, it makes chores much less attractive. You may want to invest in a lightweight canister vacuum if this is a normal scenario in your household.

On hard surfaces or smaller, carpeted spaces, such as a vehicle or the staircase, canister vacuums work perfectly. For quick maneuvering, they come fitted with a suction hose and a detachable cord. For quick maneuverability, stability, and durability, Canister versions have a separate unit for the motor and receptacle. For furniture and multi-surface usage, that makes these vacuums excellent.


Apart from the common upright vacuums,, canister vacuums are much lightweight and easier to maneuver as the wheeled unit glides behind you while you operate. 

The downside is that canister vacuums are generally best suited to hard floors and can’t handle high pile rugs often, so you may want to use an upright vacuum if you have a wall-to-wall carpet.

When getting a canister cleaner, one thing to note is whether you have allergies or pets. If so, you’ll want a vacuum version with a HEPA filter as well as advanced accessories and a sealed air filtration device.

Handheld Vacuums


Handheld vacuums are very compact and lightweight vacuums yet efficient, that are designed to be picked up and held to wherever the mess is found. In general, they are cordless, meaning you can take them everywhere. 

You can opt for a model with a cord for more power, but this will restrict how far you can bring the vacuum without switching the plug.

Often called car vacuum, handheld vacuums are good for vacuuming tiny messes or layers of dirt easily and can be used on chairs, boards, and even upholstery. Many people enjoy using them to help clean their vehicles, and you can quickly keep your vehicle as clean as possible when you choose a model with a car adapter.


While most handheld vacuums have more than enough power for fast, regular cleanups, the best ones last long enough to clean an entire car for the last about 15 minutes. It may be beneficial to have a longer battery life, but stronger suction also ensures you don’t need to vacuum for as long.

It is important to note that handheld vacuums are a perfect way to replace the broom and dustpan but do not have the capacity or scale to cope with large rooms being swept daily. 

In comparison to a full-size vacuum, they are perfect to have and can keep you from getting the bigger vacuum out when you need to cope with tiny messes.

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Stick Vacuums


For many individuals, it’s not necessarily quick and easy to pull out your regular vacuum for spot cleaning throughout the week. So it’s not always effective to tackle those screw-ups with a full-sized vacuum when your home requires small spruce ups. Try switching to a cordless stick vacuum instead.

Instead of being powered by an outlet, these models run on batteries, which are therefore smaller and more compact than upright or canister vacuums. 

They are often less effective in many situations, so they are best suited for small homes or as a second vacuum that is used for deep cleaning in between.

Backpack Vacuums


Vacuum cleaners have been the go-to device for cleaning floors, furniture, carpets, and more for decades. However, they can also be clunky, slow, and hard to handle, due to bulky cylinders and uncomfortable cords. If you’re maneuvering them around your living room or struggling to vacuum your room’s tight corners, it may feel like taking on a maze to get the work completed.

Luckily there is a viable solution for this problem. It has never been easier to hold the carpet cleaner with the help of backpack vacuum cleaners.

  • Convenient & Lightweight: Backpack vacuums will save you a significant amount of time and energy since they do not need to be dragged around on the floor. You should spend all the energies on using the hose to gather dust and debris, while still moving around the room with ease.
  • Minimal Noise: Many modern vacuum cleaners for backpacks are meant to keep noise to an acceptable level. This will help minimize the amount of noise exposure to your family.

Things to Consider

Among other variables, choose vacuums based on the features they come with, cleaning capability, price, and usability. That’s in addition to making sure they weigh less than what a bulky device is considered.

 Read on to read all about the requirements for choosing an efficient lightweight vacuum cleaner.



Many of the vacuum cleaners that are lightweight are cordless. These instruments, powered by rechargeable batteries, are highly compact and simple to use. You simply need to ensure that the battery is always charged and able to power the device to its maximum capacity. 

Failure to do so will cause cleaning delays as you wait for the battery to charge. It is necessary to select a cordless vacuum with a good runtime as a way to ensure continuous vacuuming. As most sessions don’t take longer than this, a duration of 30 minutes or above on a single charge is decent enough. Also, make sure that it doesn’t take too long for the battery to charge.

Look for a charging time of between 3 and 4 hours to ensure that the battery is high density and lithium-ion form. Lithium-ion batteries charge easily, do not lose charge when inactive, and as they discharge during operation, their power does not decrease.


BISSELL-ProHeat 2X-Revolution-Pet-Full-Size-Upright-Carpet-Cleaner

Most models can be extremely small-sized on the market and offer improved portability. The most lightweight units, though, are handhelds that are mainly designed for lighter tasks. 

The perfect vacuum can take a small size depending on your preferences while also providing a lot of cleaning strength and helpful features. 

For ease of storing, as well as cleaning tight spots, a compact unit is essential. When picking the model and brand to buy, this is the reason why sizes matter.

Durability & Functionality

A lightweight vacuum cleaner should be easy to use and it should be able to clean a number of surfaces and places. Your lightweight cleaner needs to come with features and accessories that allow it to be used on different surfaces for flexibility. You should also look for a vacuum that has the capacity to switch from one vacuum form to another.


Over the years, vacuum cleaners have grown to provide more features within their lightweight size. Modern vacuums can be lightweight and strong with highly effective motors and technology that produce an amazing airflow. 

The technology of batteries has also progressed to allow cordless systems with stronger motors and long runtimes. You should consider all the variables that produce a successful vacuuming unit when selecting a lightweight vacuum system for your home.

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