Panda Washing Machine Review

The clothes washer is one of those household appliances that most of us simply cannot live without. You know how difficult it is to wash clothing by hand if you’ve ever been without your machine for a few days or weeks. 

Although clothes washers appear to be simple machines, they perform a very sophisticated trick: they remove the dirt from your clothes using detergents and then rinse it away.

Washing machines make life much easier in the home, especially if you have a large family and a lot of laundries to do. While it may appear that using a washing machine is far more convenient than washing those loads by hand, it is not. But how do they function?

How Washing Machine Works


Inside your washer is a complex system, so learn more about how a washing machine works and more!

A clothes washer’s basic concept is simple: it sloshes your garments around in soap suds for a while before spinning quickly to remove the water. There’s a little more to it than that, though. When you think of a clothes washer, you generally picture a large drum filled with water—but in reality, there are two drums, one inside the other.

When you open the door or the lid, you can see the inside drum. The drum of a front-loading clothes washer, which is popular in Europe, faces forward. When you push your garments inside the front door, the entire drum revolves around a horizontal axis.

The drum includes several small holes for water to enter and exit, as well as paddles around the side to splash the garments about. A Toploader, which is more widespread in the United States and Asia, has a lid on top that you open and drop your clothing into from above. 

Although the drum is positioned on a vertical axis, it does not move. Instead, a paddle called an agitator sits in the middle of it, turning the clothing around in the water.

Washing Programs

One of the features of washing machines, particularly fully automatic washing machines, is programs such as delicate wash, color wash, or pre-soak, which allow you the option of how you want to wash your garments.

If you require a specific temperature or are washing with a specific fabric, programs can assist you in finding the best washing conditions for your laundry needs, from picking the appropriate wash temperature to scheduling your washing. 

Choosing the Best Washing Machine

It’s not only the clothes you wash that cause you a headache, but rather the complete handwashing process from start to finish. You can do your laundry while doing other things using a machine like the Panda PAN6360W. Let’s look at this washing machine in more detail.

About Panda


Panda’s new Panda PAN6360W washing machine has revolutionized the way people clean their clothes. It’s a completely automatic washer that’s designed to relieve stress. 

Despite having a moderate washing capacity, the Panda is nonetheless small and space-saving in design. It can be placed in front of the bathroom or in the kitchen.

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Connect the dots

A 3-foot hose is included with the Panda Pan6360W. If you’re using it while setting it next to your sink, it’s the ideal length. You’d probably need a longer hose if you were going to use it in the shower or any other area. (Be careful to look into and buy an adapter for both the washer-to-hose and hose-to-sink aerators.)

The drain hose is significantly longer than the water entry hose. It comes with an attachment for hanging it on the washer, as well as an attachment for holding it on the sink, tub, or shower basin.

It is a lifesaver during the pandemic when you don’t want to wait in lines for hours at laundromats.

It is equipped with two wheels on the backside. It also features two offset notches for handles on the top. It has a translucent cover in a deep gray tone. Except for the control panel, which is white-gray, this machine comes in a light grey hue. 

The Panda Pan6360W Portable Washing Machine has a stylish, compact design that won’t take up too much space in your home.


Is your apartment on the smaller side? No trouble at all. Because this Panda unit has a compact design, it may easily fit into a small flat. It has a 1.54 cu. ft wash capacity and can take a 12-pound cloth load at a time. This indicates that you can use this machine for a joint family of 10 to 12 persons. The washing capacity has been enhanced without compromising the compact compactness. As a result, it can be used in dorms or holiday houses.

Controls And Programs


This washer is fantastic in and of itself! It offers four different water levels and eight different wash options, including an air-dry option. A water level detection sensor is included in the Panda Pan6360W Washer. 

It mechanically fills and empties the water tank. All you have to do is add dirty clothes, detergent, and water, and it will take care of the rest.

Ease of Installation

Although a full-sized washer requires installation, this Panda compact machine does not. To use this machine, simply plug in the power cable and attach the intake and outlet water hoses. In addition, the manufacturer includes a quick connect adapter kit that allows you to connect the washer to your faucet directly.

Manufacturer’s Warranty 

This Panda compact washer has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It takes care of every issue, whether it’s a motor or a control panel. However, it is rare that a consumer has a problem beyond two to three years.


Its spinner spins at around 800 RPM. That rotating speed will quickly dry your garments. The clothes are in the way while drying because I have a small TT. As a result, I purchased a third spinner with a 3200 RPM. That method dries it fast enough for light clothing to dry in 2 to 3 hours and blue jeans to dry overnight.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand Name: ‎Panda
  • Model Info: ‎PAN6360W
  • Item Weight: ‎55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎20 x 19.5 x 35 inches
  • Country of Origin: ‎China
  • Item Model Number: ‎PAN6360W
  • Capacity: ‎1.54 Cubic Feet
  • Max Spin Speed: ‎800 RPM
  • Noise: 74 dB
  • Part Number: ‎PAN6360W
  • Color: Gray
  • Standard Cycles: ‎8
  • Access Location: Top Load
  • Included Components: Inlet hose with a Standard Size faucet adaptor, Regular 3 prongs Power Cord

What We Like About the Panda PAN6360W?

Panda PAN6360W has a number of advantages to offer you. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful things in their home? The following are some of the outstanding values:

  • Portable and compact design
  • Exceptional load capacity
  • The drum is not prone to rust
  • Fantastic control of LED displays
  • There are several different washing programs available.
  • Certainly, the advantages are compelling evidence that every household should own a Panda automatic portable washing machine.

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What We Don’t Like About the Panda PAN6360W?

While the Panda PAN6360W device has many useful features, other designs have more washable programs. Different devices appeal to different buyers for various reasons.

FAQs About Panda Washing Machine

Is it necessary to have a professional to operate the Panda PAN6360W?

You may occasionally wish to do your own laundry, but time constraints prevent you from doing so. As a result, having someone else do the laundry is the only realistic option. The amount of knowledge required to complete the wash with the Panda PAN6360W is not high.

Every Panda product comes with an instruction manual. The guidelines in the manual are simple to follow. In every way, the Panda PAN6360W washing machine is user-friendly.

It is critical to read the product manual in order to grasp the basic concepts of functioning. The majority of devices are rendered ineffective as a result of unintentional errors. Reading the item’s manual before using it is a good way to avoid such situations.

What is the maximum load capacity of the Panda PAN6360W?

Washing machines of all sizes, as well as their brands, are available on the market. There are machines for both business and domestic use. When purchasing a washing machine, the size of your household should be taken into account.

Depending on your needs, the Panda brand offers a variety of solutions. However, Panda PAN6360W and PANG6320W are the most frequent. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of laundry you can wash in a single load.

The larger model of the Panda PAN6360W has a 1.54 cubic foot capacity, allowing you to conduct a 12-pound wash. The Panda PAN6320W, on the other hand, can only wash 10 pounds of clothes in a single wash.

Panda PAN6320W, on the other hand, has ten washing programs, and Panda PAN6360W has eight. Although your choice of desired programs is important to you, the importance of each factor to be considered is also important.

Do Panda products such as the PAN6360W need a lot of power?

When purchasing things, consider how much power a device consumes. It would be beneficial if you were in charge of electricity bills for a low-cost item.

A maximum spin speed of 800 rotations per minute is possible with this product. Furthermore, the Panda PAN6360W has a noise level of 74 dB. The product is equipped with three prongs 110 voltage, despite the fact that the values are above average.

Final Verdict

The washing machine is one of the most commonly used household appliances. Worst washers not only cause issues, but they also waste your money. As a result, you must select a washer that will offer value to your life. 

Panda PAN6360W Portable Compact Washing Machine is dependable and ready to deliver the greatest service life within your budget in this case. As a result, you might want to consider it as your next washer.

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