Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum Review

A shop vac is a type of vacuum cleaner that is commonly used in the construction and woodworking industries. These devices are made of a powerful motor and a suction unit that collects dirt, trash, and bits of material from construction sites and woodworking shops. They have a large and robust hose, as well as a large canister for collecting trash, and they work well for cleaning really unclean areas.

Shop vacs are commonly referred to as bucket vacuums because they resemble buckets with a hose coming out of them. They usually include wheels to make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Simply said, this isn’t the type of vacuum cleaner you’d use to clean your house.

What Is the Purpose of a Shop Vac?

Shop vacs are often only used on building sites or in woodworking shops, as the name implies. This vacuum is designed to collect nails, screws, and other small metal parts, as well as sawdust, chunks of wood, and other small objects that are frequently found on the ground of a woodworking shop or building site.

Sure, you can vacuum your home with one of these awful buys, but that isn’t what it was designed for, and it isn’t actually great for home cleaning. Water and other moist messes can sometimes be sucked up by some shop vacs, especially the more expensive ones.

About Stanley Wet Dry Vacuums

Are you slaving away with your old vacuum cleaner, which never seems to get the job done? Do you think it’s past time to find a suitable replacement? So you’ve come to the right location. It’s your lucky day because you’ve just discovered the best vacuum, the Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum.

Almost everyone felt compelled to get a powerful vacuum cleaner. Large spills, dust, and debris can be difficult to control when working on a woodworking project at home. You can’t say no to a solution that addresses all of your issues.

In terms of this product, it offers excellent efficiency as well as dependable performance to ensure an optimal cleaning process. The most helpful feature of owning this vacuum is its enormous capacity and suction power for removing dirt and debris from any given location.

If you’re looking for a model that’s both lightweight and powerful, this is the one for you. After seeing the possibilities of this tool, you will no longer feel the need for a standard vacuum cleaner.

See Where Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Ranks in Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum


However, before making your purchase, you should exercise extreme caution and go through all of the important features that distinguish this model. You don’t want to be caught off guard when it comes to your next favorite vacuum cleaner.

Let’s take a look at the most important characteristics right now.


Before you go into the technical specifics, you should familiarize yourself with one of the most important factors: the vacuum cleaner’s capacity. It’s pointless to acquire a product that doesn’t allow you to accommodate dirt and debris, as well as spilt water.

This particular choice has a capacity of 22 liters, which is quite large. Considering everything, that is a massive sum that can easily clean up any major blunder. 

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner takes care of basic cleaning tasks with little effort. Another advantage is that you do not have to clean your bucket on a regular basis. What great value for your money!


If we’re talking about a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, you’re probably curious about the motor’s power. You will not be disappointed, rest assured. The vacuum cleaner’s power alone should be enough to convince you to buy it.

This model’s power is measured in horsepower. A horsepower is equivalent to 746 watts of power. This model comes with a 4-cylinder engine with a peak horsepower of 4. This vacuum cleaner’s suction force is so strong that it can get rid of even the tiniest dust particle.



There aren’t enough vacuum cleaners that perform well in a variety of settings, including the house and the workplace. Let’s look at the one you already have. 

It may be able to handle the dust particles that settle in your room, but will it be able to withstand the harsh environment of any other location? The answer is straightforward: no way.

Although the model in question is quite versatile, it not only has the ability to keep your home pristine, but it can also clean vehicles, basements, workspaces, and a variety of other areas.


Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of the various particles and challenges it can handle. It’s no surprise that it’s not your typical vacuum cleaner because it can swoop even the tiniest particles.

This vacuum cleaner’s user-friendliness is evident. It is not only capable of eliminating dust, debris, liquid spillage, dirt, and other debris, but it also does it without causing any inconvenience. This model was created with your complete happiness in mind.


Another important consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the cable and hose length. You have been duped if you wind up with a product that does not supply you with a longer length, obstructing your cleansing procedure entirely.

This vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, comes with a 10-foot power chord, a 6-foot hose, and three extension wands, so you can start cleaning whenever you choose. It also includes a 4-swivel caster for maximum movement.

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Product Specifications:

  • Airflow: 85 CFM
  • Body: Durable Polypropylene
  • Double Filtration System: No
  • Hose Length: 5 ft
  • Peak Motor Horsepower: 4
  • Power Cord Length: 10 ft
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Wheels: True
  • Tank Capacity 6 gal
  • Cord Length: 10 ft
  • Accessory Storage: Onboard
  • Weight: 13.4 lbs


  • Users like how light it is to carry and handle, making it more convenient to use on a regular basis.
  • Each castor’s attachments may be simply stowed on top of it.
  • The included attachments can be used for a variety of activities.


  • The hose is extremely short, making it ineffective and difficult to maneuver.
  • It’s a little tough to clean and reattach the filter.

What to Look Out for in Stanley SL18116P

Unfortunately, while the cartridge filter is excellent, the vacuum’s capacity to pick up minute particles in the first place is suspect. Although public assessment is favourable, a lack of suction strength appears to be a recurring theme. 

That can be a significant disadvantage to a man in a vacuum category that is highly reliant on horsepower and raw suction power.

Despite this, the accompanying bag can pick up a lot of medium and large trash, and the vacuum is also relatively waterproof. That’s a good thing because instead of relying on a drain port, you’ll have to physically pour out the canister after sucking up water.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Even if you read through the entire article, you may still be perplexed. Let’s take a look at a few of the unresolved questions to clarify things up.

Q: Is it possible for a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to pick up water?

A: Yes, of course! That, after all, is the idea of having a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, right? The vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking up any liquid, including soda, water, urine, and excrement, with ease. Simply allow the suction power to do its work.

Q: Can you use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet?

A: There is a common misunderstanding that wet/dry vacuums are only designed to clean liquids. It can, however, readily clean away dirt and debris. Furthermore, if you spill liquid on your carpet, it may be cleaned. Don’t be concerned.

Q: What is the height of this vacuum cleaner?

A: It stands 19 inches tall, which is incredibly practical when compared to other vacuums on the market that are larger and bulkier.

Q: Do you have any spare caster wheels?

A: Yes, you can, and if they aren’t working or broken, you can easily replace them.

Can a wet/dry vacuum cleaner be used without a filter?

Yes, you can; but, sucking up spilt liquid with a vacuum cleaner without a filter is not recommended. You will, however, require a filter to remove any dust or debris.

Storage for Wet-Dry Vacuums

  • Turn the On/Off Switch to the “OFF” position when the cleaning operation is finished.
  • Disconnect the receptacle from the power ford.
  • Roll up the disconnected power cable and place it in the wet/dry vacuum’s designated area.
  • Remove the cover from the canister and empty it.
  • Allow the canister to air dry after rinsing it.
  • Remove the canister lid’s wet/dry filter.
  • Cleaning the wet filter: Shake clean after rinsing with warm water. Allow for total air drying.
  • Cleaning a dry filter is as simple as shaking it clean. Rinse with warm water every now and then. Allow for total air drying.
  • Replace the canister cover with the dry filter.
  • Wipe out the wet/dry vacuum’s exterior and store it indoors.

Changing the filter in a wet/dry vac

Your wet/dry vac filters, believe it or not, have a more important function than you may realize. Without filters, dust and dirt from our home or building site can quickly penetrate the air we breathe, causing allergies and nasty messes you didn’t mean to clean up.

However, how often you use your vacuum and what you pick up with it will determine when it’s time to replace it. What are the most reliable signs that it’s time to replace it? If you observe a decrease in suction, it’s time to call your doctor.

Step 1: Always double-check that the power cord is unplugged from the outlet.

Step 2: Take out the powerhead and turn it upside down. If an old filter is still in place, loosen it by turning the filter retainer counterclockwise, then lift and remove it.

Step 3: Carefully put the cartridge filter into the filter cage until it comes to a halt against the powerhead.

Step 4: Screw the filter retainer onto the cartridge filter and tighten it by turning it clockwise.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether or not to buy this fantastic yet economical Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum. The primary objective of this essay was to present you with sufficient information about a fantastic vacuum cleaner model. Let’s hope this review was beneficial to you.

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