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A quality vacuum is highly useful when it comes to keeping the carpets clean. Gone are the days of heavy, stubborn vacuums that need pressing and pulling. A self-propelled vacuum will save you a tremendous amount of time. 

Ease of use, affordability, portability, and suction capability are characteristics that make certain self-propelled vacuums better than others. Consider a few top performers among the self-propelled vacuums if you’re on the lookout for a new vacuum. 

What is a Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner?


Since a general vacuum cleaner has wheels, you have to drive around the house to clean the dirt off your floors. A self-propelled vacuum, however, utilizes a second engine drive system that spins the wheels automatically. In short, there’s no reason for you to drive it around.

Undoubtedly, in order to get the place you want it to vacuum, you need to maneuver it, but walking it around the house is past now. It not only saves your efforts but also makes it even smoother for your house cleaning work. It may turn out to be a benefit particularly for visually disabled persons or senior citizens.

How Does a Self-Propelled Vacuum Work?

Like a general vacuum, a self-propelled vacuum works the same. For the spinning brush, fan, and filter, the internal motor serves as a power source. The fan sucks dirt, dust, and other particles from the floor and the vacuum filter divides big and tiny objects from each other.

The only difference between a standard vacuum and a self-propelled vacuum, though, is that regular vacuums have a single efficient suction motor for optimum suction and cleaning that drives the belt and fans. Self-propelled vacuums, by comparison, have a second engine that performs their propulsion.

You can drive the vacuum forward and backward quickly with this engine, depending on the place you want it to clean. Like an upright vacuum or canister vacuum, you do not need to drive or hold it. These vacuums make it less wearisome and easier for your house cleaning work. 

To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the best self propelled vacuum cleaners.

#1 Best OVERALL: Shark AZ2002 Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum


The upright vacuum of the Shark AZ002 Vertex DuoClean Powerfins is known for providing exceptional suction and remarkable cleaning techniques. As this product is self-propelled, it will go ahead without having to drive.

This tool offers ultimate output on hard floors with the combination of a PowerFins roller and a soft roller. In comparison, on high-pile carpets, this model can still work, and it can suck up more dirt than other models.

Non-stop hair pick-up without hair wrap is offered by the self-cleaning brush handle, so this tool is the best one for pet owners. This item also comes with a HEPA cleaner and LED lights for a full cleaning job. But that’s not all.

Shark Vertex AZ2002 has modern innovations, unlike older Shark upright vacuums, which would surely put a glow to your face. Not only is the design great, but in terms of efficiency, it still outweighs the predecessors.

Here are some of the key features of the vacuum:

Convenient LED Headlights 

The bright LED lights, perfectly placed on the nozzle, make it easy to clean dim corners to ensure spotless cleaning. Therefore, you will scarcely leave any floor patch untouched or with dust and debris.

Self-cleaning Brushroll


Hair can be stubborn; it can cause your brush to block. You have no reason to fear, however. The PowerFins Brushroll is self-cleaning, and since there are no bristles where it can get stuck, the hair is sent directly to the dust cup.

Therefore, you do not have to physically remove pet and human fur anymore. The days that you used to get your hands dirty by pulling hair out or carrying a pair of scissors nearby are over.

Powered Lift-Away Technology


Although it can be rough to reach above-floor places such as the ceiling, this vacuum helps you to ‘take’ the pod forward. So, vacuuming previously difficult places such as under the beds, stairs, and walls is much simpler.

Since the lift-away feature is ‘powered’ on this unit, even after you detach the canister from the rest of the vacuum, power is continuously supplied to the floor nozzle. So, regardless of the mode, you’re using, top-notch efficiency is achieved.

Product Specifications: 

  • Type: Upright
  • Manufacturer” Shark
  • Model: AZ2002
  • Height: 46.5 inches
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Clearing Width: 12 inches
  • Weight: 16.38 lbs.
  • Floor Type: All
  • Filter Type: Washable
  • Dust Bin: 1 quart
  • Cord: 30 feet
  • Reach : 35.5 feet
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year limited


  • Various setups for a number of messes
  • Increased quality of build compared to other budget-friendly Shark models. 
  • The Vertex cleans effectively.
  • New PowerFins DuoClean brush replaces fewer typical bristles and performs better.
  • Fantastic cleaning reliability that removes 99% of all debris.


  • Heavy than most another vacuum at 16.38 pounds
  • One of the most pricey vacuum models offered by Shark

Where to buy Shark AZ2002 Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum

#2 BEST ROBOT VACUUM: Eufy RoboVac 30C Self-Propelled Vacuum


Robot vacuums may have looked like a new trend at first, but it seems like they’re here to stay as more models begin to come out. Those vacuums operate on their own, reducing the time for washing. Some have schedules that are programmable, internal GPS devices, and separate suction modes. Let’s see if, in major vacuuming sessions, Eufy RoboVac 30C MAX and its BOOST IQ will keep a busy household tidy.

A technology company called Eufy has been manufacturing inexpensive robot vacuums with the same fantastic features as those of brand names for the past few years.

Smart Features

Typically, cheaper robot vacuum cleaners provide manual control only, either on the body of the robot or by remote control. Eufy offers remote control for convenience, but it also allows you direct control of the app from your mobile and the EufyHome app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Control is simple and easy with the help of the app. You can start and stop the cleaning process, adjust the cleaning mode, and set a schedule. The plan requires one clean a day to be configured, and each clean utilizes the last vacuum set mode, with no way to override.

Effective Surface Cleaning


It might be much more helpful to integrate smart functionality into a product or appliance, but it won’t make any difference if the device itself doesn’t function well. 

The RoboVac 30C does a fine job cleaning the carpets, hardwood, tile, and short-fiber. It can shift effortlessly between these surfaces, including clearing the half-inch molding that separates each space.

Product Specifications:

  • Dust Capacity: 0.2 gallons
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Vacuum Type: Robotic
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Manufacturer: Eufy
  • Room Navigation: Yes
  • Smart Phone Compatible: Yes
  • Power Type: Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Full Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Max Power Consumption: 40 Watts
  • Operating Autonomy: 100 mins
  • Communications Technology: WiFi
  • Compatible With: Alexa, Google Assistant

Where to buy Eufy RoboVac 30C Self-Propelled Vacuum

#3 BEST FOR HARD FLOORS: iRobot Roomba 960 WiFi Self-Propelled Robot Vacuum


Irobot Roomba is almost correlated with robot vacuums, but what many people don’t know is that it’s not just one type that is conclusive. The line continues between the Roomba 690 and the Roomba 980. 

Somewhere in the center, the Roomba 960 slips, though its price clearly brings it closer to the high end.

It shares many of the same features as the 980, such as a navigation camera, a mobile app with thorough cleaning reports and charts, and voice control from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but it comes with only one virtual wall and has a bit efficient engine.



For all robot vacuums to come, the first-generation Roomba described the prototype pretty well. But there are also several different versions of Roomba, and not all the same features and specifications are shared.

The Roomba 960 weighs 8.5 pounds and measures 13.8-by-3.6 inches. Between the spot cleaning and home buttons, a big “clean” button sits prominently on the left. You can use these to operate the robot vacuum manually. 

There are benefits to having more hands-free alternatives, as you can see in a little bit. A webcam embedded in the front of the 960 makes it easy to navigate, it also comes with a dust bin in the rear.

Smart Innovation 


The Advanced Dirt Detect Technology enables the Roomba 960 to identify areas of heavy dirt like you might find in high-traffic areas.  It would then spend lots of time cleaning those areas.

On a smooth, efficient course, iAdapt 2.0 Navigation directs the Roomba 960 and keeps track of where it has been. Obstacle sensors allow it to avoid furniture, while the low profile makes it easy to get under chairs, tables, and other places that are difficult to clean. 

It comes with a virtual wall module such that you can customize it to stop somewhere you don’t want it to go, such as the space of a sleeping infant or an office with lots of cables.

What do you get with the Roomba 960?

You’ll see the vacuum itself in the box, a Home Base power cord charging station, a dual-mode digital wall barrier, 2 AA batteries, an external cleaner, and an extra side brush.

The three-stage cleaning system uses multi-surface brushes and suction with 5X of the strength of the Roomba 600 series once you have it fired up. This allows embedded soil and hair, allergens, and loose particles to be tackled.

Product Specifications: 

  • Product Dimensions: 35.0 cm x 9.1 cm
  • Product Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Suitable for Low-Pile Carpet: Yes
  • Suitable for High-Pile Carpet: No
  • Suitable for Dark Floors: Yes
  • Suitable for Thresholds: Yes
  • Max Threshold Height: 1.6cm
  • Pet Hair: Yes
  • Dirt Detection: Yes
  • Dirt Detection Method: Echo
  • Maximum Cleaning Surface: 120m2
  • Anti-Jam Function: Yes
  • Container Capacity: 0.6 l
  • Smartphone Compatible: Yes
  • Smart Home Platform: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Maximum Noise Level: 58 dB
  • Filter Type: HEPA Filter
  • Power Supply Type: Battery
  • Return to Charging Dock: Automatic
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Charging Time: 3 hours


  • It does not knock on walls and furniture mindlessly. It may stop for a moment as it comes near an object to determine its next move. Then off it goes again away from it.
  • It’s very great with pet hair, particularly on hard floors. Up to 99 percent of allergens as tiny as 10 microns are captured by the high-efficiency filter to hold pollen and animal hair to a minimum.
  • Like other robot vacuums, switching from one flooring style to another or over area rugs does not trip it up. The dual multi-surface rubber brushes are durable in order to remain in contact with all types of flooring.
  • The Roomba 960 can be configured to make 2 passes if it misses certain places or you need additional cleaning in a certain location.
  • There is also a clean spot feature, so it can go around in a dirt-eating carousel to clean one specific area. When the dustbin is fully loaded, the vacuum also alarms you.


  • The 70-75 minute battery runtime is not bad, but it’s not excellent. This makes it ideal for homes or apartments that are small.
  • The dustbin is also very small, so plan to empty it a couple of times per cycle if you have a lot of pet fur or other dirt.

Where to Buy iRobot Roomba 960 WiFi Self-Propelled Robot Vacuum

#4 BEST BAGLESS: Hoover WindTunnel 3 Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner


Are you hunting for an upright vacuum with high-powered suction for busy families of furry dogs? Do you want to use a machine filled with modern technologies? Hoover vacuum WindTunnel 3 is potentially the perfect option for your cleaning needs.

Hoover makes some of the finest vacuums to address problems with pet fur, vacuums that have stood the test of time with outstanding reviews from consumers. One of them is the Windtunnel 3, although it may have certain disadvantages.

Powerful Air Flow & Suction


The “Windtunnel” in the name stands for the exclusive Hoover trademark technology. It is expected to create 3 airflow channels in this situation, concentrating all the suction force on lifting and eliminating all the surface debris and dirt that has been deeply rooted in your carpets, furniture, or everywhere else in your home.

Dirt Capacity

It has a dirt cup with a medium capacity that can store more dust, dirt, and debris than many other vacs (0.37 gallons). It has a button for the bottom-release. We suggest that you press this button over or outside a trash bin so that you can clear the waste without making your hands dirty. 

All in all, every now and then you will always have to wash this part, but the best part is that doing this is pretty quick.

This upright also uses Cyclonic filtration, in addition to the specs mentioned above. The finer dirt particles are filtered from the airflow by 13 cyclones, keeping the HEPA filter from getting chocked quicker than needed.

Product Specifications: 

  • Product Name: WindTunnel 3 High-Performance Pet Upright Vacuum
  • Product Brand: Hoover
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 34 inches
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 1.42 L
  • Warranty: 5 years (motor)

Accessories Included: 

  • Pivoting Dusting Tool
  • Pet Turbo Tool
  • Telescoping Extension Wand
  • Crevice Tool


  • 3 suction channels
  • Seven settings for height change
  • Utilize multi-cyclonic technologies
  • Has wand extension and versatile hose
  • Has on/off for the brush roll
  • Has an additional extended cord
  • Has a LED headlight for clearer visibility
  • HEPA Filter
  • Includes useful accessories


  • A little bit heavy
  • Not merely suitable for elderly

Where to buy Hoover WindTunnel 3 Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaner

#5 BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Oreck Elevate Conquer Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Oreck Elevate Conquer is designed for full maneuverability without losing the strength needed for whole household cleaning. It’s very lightweight, so you should think of it as a full-sized upright vacuum that can scrub a range of types of surfaces, including tiles, wood flooring, linoleum, and carpeting, of course. 

It is not filled with so many accessories, but is instead packed with the necessities to give you what you need, either at or above floor level, for just about every surface.

SlimSwivel™ Steering Technology


To make it easy to drive around your house, the first thing you can find about this Oreck Conquer is what they call the SlimSwivel™ steering. For bigger upright vacuums, one of the main challenges being that they can be hard to maneuver around furniture. 

When you consistently back it up and spin the wheels, which are usually fixed in a straight line, it is cumbersome. It doesn’t lend itself well to basic steering when you pair it with a stiff collar. 

Oreck wanted to improve this by placing a pivot point in the neck that helps you to turn and pivot even better around larger objects. You can save more time by taking fewer passes in each room.

HEPA Filtration 


The Oreck Conquer is the only upright cleaner with complete HEPA filtration in the Elevate lineup. Their Superior system comes with 5 separate layers of filtration to ensure that almost no dirt or dust particles can get in. 

The layers are actually what makes this device so successful as they are built at different levels to catch the various sized debris.

When removed, the  SaniSeal™  bag closes completely so that nothing leaks at the time that you empty the unit. This is typically when much of the dust, particularly in bagless vacuums, will escape. 

In terms of filtration, bagged versions such as the Oreck nearly always outperform them, and their large sized bags typically only need to be replaced every few months.

Product Specifications:

  • Speed Settings: 2-speed 
  • Slim Swivel: Yes 
  • Floor Type: Carpet & Hard Floors, Surface Area Carpet, Hard Flooring Surfaces
  • Weight Less than 10 lbs.* 
  • Headlights: 5 Bright LED Headlights 
  • Low-Profile Design: Yes 
  • Self-Propelled: Yes 
  • Cleaning Path: 13 inches 
  • Filtration Type: SaniSeal® SUPERIOR HEPA Media Filtration 
  • Cord Length: 35 ft. 
  • Tuneups: 7 
  • Warranty: 7-year Limited warranty


  • Efficient HEPA Filtration
  • The ultra-light 10 pound weight helps you to bring it in one hand up and down stairs. This is almost half the weight of traditional full-size upright vacuum cleaners.
  • Unique side edge brushes


  • Quite expensive among other upright vacuums

Where to buy Oreck Elevate Conquer Upright Vacuum Cleaner

#6 BEST BUDGET: Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away Vacuum

The Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away should be taken into consideration if you are looking for an economical upright vacuum that does well on hard floors and carpet. It’s one of the better options and one of the few with a system that is completely sealed. 

It does not have the new features like the other Shark vacuums have, since this is an older model, but it is much, much cheaper. This upright is also one of the lightest choices from Shark, weighing just 12.5 pounds.

Shark Lift Away NV352 Navigator: Features


The Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352 has some flexible functions, considering the absence of some of the complex features on expensive versions. Its 2-in-1 Lift Away design is the stand-out feature, offering more flexibility for any cleaning job type. 

The detachable canister lifts out with only a click of a button, providing ease to quickly bring up and down, clean upholstery and ensure a faster washing.

The swivel head of the Shark Navigator tackles those tight corners, and the helpful Brush Roll button makes it easy to turn from floor to carpet mode, guaranteeing more effective cleaning.

Product Specifications:

  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Vacuum Type: Stick
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs
  • Included Accessories: Crevice Tool
  • Cord Length: 25 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Full Bin Indicator: Yes
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Multi-surface: Yes
  • Clearing Path: 9.25 inches
  • Overall Reach: 37 feet (approx)
  • Dirt Capacity: 3.0 dry quarts (max)
  • Filter Type: Foam filter and Sealed HEPA filtration
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts


  • HEPA filtration and a sealed system are used to block allergens and keep them in the vacuum.
  • It’s got a good-sized dust cup
  • Lift-away features bring more flexibility to it, enabling it to clean above the floor areas
  • For an upright vacuum, it is comparatively lightweight
  • Comes with a product that clears upholstery and stairs of pet fur from
  • The motorized brush may be turned off, which stops it from scratching hard floor surfaces.


  • Even though it swivels, it doesn’t turn as easily as other brands
  • It does not come with LED Headlight
  • No handle controls

Where to buy Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away Vacuum

#7 BEST DYSON: Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Upright Vacuum


A wonderful vacuum that will give your house the Dyson, total-clean feeling, is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Upright Vacuum. However you will need another vacuum for your stairs. But you’re good, if you live in a condo or studio.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Vacuum Cleaner offers great features that you know and love from Dyson vacuum cleaners, such as a HEPA filter, add-ons even stronger cleaner heads, and some new features such as radial root cyclone technology to make a great, total-clean vacuum system for you and your family.

Advanced Technology

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin uses Dyson’s advanced ball technology to make it easy to direct and less of a challenge to get into hard to reach areas. The cleaner head is self-adjusting so that you do not have to stress about it, and falls in at a convenient 30 feet the cord length. HEPA filtration returns so that allergens remain stuck in the machine rather than being emitted back into the air, although this one employs radial root cyclone technology that aims to avoid fine dust from clogging filters.

Main Features

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head 
  • Radial Root Technology
  • Efficient HEPA filtration
  • Hygienic Emptying

Product Specifications: 

  • Dust Capacity: 0.5 gal
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Vacuum Type: anister, Upright
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Width: 13.4 inches
  • Depth: 15.4 inches
  • Height: 42.4 inches
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Tools Included: Combination Accessory Tool, Combination Nozzle, motorized brush, stair tool
  • Operating Radius: 45 ft
  • Cord Length: 30 ft
  • Floor Type: Multi Floor
  • Filter Type: Washable


  • Works really great in carpet cleaning
  • Slightly lightweight
  • The wider vacuum head makes it easier to clean

Where to buy Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Upright Vacuum

Quick Buyer’s Guide: What Makes the Best Self-Propelled Vacuum


In today’s vacuum cleaners, there are lots of models, functions, and high-tech features to choose from. Invest in a cleaner that will make your house spotless for a long time and will last. 

As well as eliminating risks, allergens, pollen, and other impurities, vacuum cleaners are one of the easiest ways to ensure superior air quality in your household. Evaluate the cleaning needs when buying a vacuum to find the right vacuum for you.

It is important to consider what features make this worthy appliance when it comes to purchasing the right self-propelled vacuum.

Source Of Power

The self-propelled vacuum would mostly have two main power sources, including electrical cords and batteries. If you enjoy heavy suction and don’t mind using the cord along with it, then it could be your perfect option to work with corded electric control. Otherwise, without thinking about the restricted power supply, the battery source would be your acceptable alternative for compact and easy cleaning.

Dust Capacity

When selecting an acceptable dust bin ability, your cleaning experience will be more successful. For easy cleaning without interruption, it would be safer if you choose the model with a greater dust container size.

Of course, Self-Propelled Feature

The main function that produces the strongest self-propelled vacuum is the self-propelled motor. Therefore, you should remember to choose the vacuum with this feature. What’s more, if necessary, you should learn more about the efficiency of the self-propelled motor to ensure that you chose the right one with top standard quality.


Reliable brands are also important factors, apart from the price, that contribute to the quality of goods. As a  guide, here are some well-known brands making the best self-propelled vacuums for you.

  • Shark: The Shark offers highly functional and innovative products and is considered the leader of the houseware industry. Thanks to cutting edge and ultra-powerful vacuums, it has easily taken out the market. Therefore, as clever and cleaning solutions, Shark’s products have beneficial effects on the lives of humans.
  • Bissel: Bissel always arrives with cleaning products that hold the room to the heart of customers, becoming one of the pioneers of household appliances. It is favored for professional and innovative cleaners for simplifying your cleaning tasks
  • Hoover: Hoover is one of America’s trusted brands in the area of supplying cleaners. Due to a strong and easy-to-use interface, the products are increasingly impressive on the market. In addition, Hoover also offers appliances that refresh the air while easily cleaning the whole house.

Surface Type

Different floor styles need diverse solutions for cleaning. Minimizing the area between the brush head of the vacuum and the flooring is helpful for clean surfaces, such as hardwood and tile. 

Vacuums with lower brush heads give these surfaces more suction and clean them better. For cleaning your smooth flooring, self-propelled vacuums are perfect for you.

HEPA Filter


For those with allergies, certain vacuums work incredibly well. Such vacuums have HEPA filters and other attachments that extract allergens such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses from your room. 

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters clear the air from toxic allergens such as mold, smoke, and pollen. Although all  filters do this to some degree, at least 99.97 percent of particles are captured by HEPA.

It is possible to clean most HEPA filters with water before they need to be replaced. For better results, a strong rule of thumb is to replace your filter every 6 months.


It is a tiresome job to vacuum and cleans the house and nobody has enough time to do it every day. Yet you can deny the fact it is important to clean your house to ensure hygiene. Here is where the right vacuums for self-propelled use come into play.

The best self-propelled vacuums effectively do the job for you, due to their solid engines that drive them along, and are perfect for those with disabilities or anyone who fails to carry and maneuver large and heavy vacuums.

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