Cool mist vs warm mist humidifier, which is really better for you? Are they really effective? Let’s find out by reading our buyer’s guide here.

We often get sore eyes and chapped lips as harsh winter air creeps in and it also causes an increase in incidents of cold and flu and a slew of respiratory illnesses that need soothing. 

Adding moisture to the air will help relieve anything from dry skin to dry coughs, and a top-rated humidifier is a perfect way to do so. 

Low Humidity Effects 

Ill woman coughing

Low humidity can have a variety of harmful effects on us. One of the most noticeable consequences is that the mucus membranes are drying out from insufficient humidity. When you wake up in the morning, you may find your lips getting chapped, your face getting itchy, or your throat getting dry and sore. 

Low humidity can also raise static electricity. Upon passing through dry air, this static builds upon the skin. Then the energy will zap through the conductive substance if you touch something metal, startling you.

What do Humidifiers do?

Keeping your home’s air quality safe is always the main goal. The use of a humidifier has great benefits throughout the year, especially in the winter. 

A humidifier is a device used in your home to improve humidity. Boiling a pan of water on the burner or hanging wet towels by a heating vent are several primitive methods of doing this. But the bulk of individuals who are seriously engaged in increasing their home’s humidity get a dedicated humidifier. 


A variety of warm and cold mist humidifiers are available to choose from. Basically, they do the one specific task, relieving dry air-associated symptoms. 

In different ways, humidifiers bring moisture to the air, each has its own benefits and possible disadvantages. Both cold mist and warm mist humidifiers are equally eligible to get the job done when it comes to humidifying the air. 

In the process and what you prefer or require for the climate, the main difference falls. 

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Cold Mist Humidifiers

Cold mist humidifiers, a spawning ground for bacteria, do not use hot water and thus do not need thorough washing. However, warm mist humidifiers must be washed on a daily basis.

Safety: There’s no heating needed with a cool-mist humidifier, so you never have to think about your kid or animal being injured. 

Size and Space:  You don’t depend on a high temperature keeping projected from a fan outside with a cold-mist humidifier, so they spread further, allowing cool mist humidifiers to function on even larger rooms.

Noise Level: Humidifiers with cold mist seem to be much quieter. The fan is nearly noiseless on evaporation versions, with only a small background hum that can simply be a calming white noise rather than a sleep disturbance. 

The ultrasound models make almost no sound because, based on the technologies, they do not need a fan or other propelling force to move the air throughout the room.

Types of Cool Mist Humidifiers


Let’s discuss the 3 common types on the market before we get further into how cool mist humidifiers work. They are the evaporative, ultrasonic, and impeller. Each type has a specific range of technologies. 

They also differ in pricing, performance, and maintenance required. Anyone from the cool-mist will enhance sleep, help relieve cough, sinus, and asthma if you are looking for a compact humidifier.

Evaporative Humidifiers

An Evaporative humidifier draws air into the unit using an internal fan. The air would need to flow into the tank through a saturated wick filter that absorbs water. The now-damp air would be propelled through the air stream in the room.

Until the humidity level has reached the target point, the cycle will continue. Because heat is not used by the evaporative humidifier to circulate moisture, it is safer for everybody, including children.

The downside is that the wick filter requires frequent cleaning to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria in the bucket. Through refilling only with purified water, you will minimize the mineral accumulation in the appliance.

Ultrasonic Humidifier


An ultrasonic humidifier utilizes a piezoelectric transducer/ceramic diaphragm which oscillates to produce water droplets at an ultrasonic frequency. The water droplets would not be able to hold on to the surface and cause it to escape as the form of water vapor as the plate vibration speed has increased. 

The dissipated small mist would then be released into the air (about one micron in diameter). Ultrasonic humidifiers are safe as the high frequency produced does not cause any risk to human health.

The eco-friendly aspect of using ultrasonic humidifiers is the benefit of not using any filters. Compared to an evaporative and impeller humidifier, it is still the most silent. 

However, an ultrasonic humidifier internally would have larger deposits of gray and white dust than evaporative ones. Therefore, to minimize the amount of white dust scattering around the room, you can only use demineralized water.

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Impeller Humidifier

A rotating disc that flings water through a diffuser is used for an impeller humidifier. Water particles can then be separated into fine droplets by the running diffuser. The water droplets, in the form of mist, are then released into the air. 

Provided that it is basic technology with no complex parts, it is also affordable. A broader humidification range than other forms is most likely to be covered by most impeller humidifiers. 

Of course, the negative thing is the distinctly audible electronic noise emanating from the spinning disc. Using only clean water to help reduce the transmission of bacteria and germs during the humidification phase.

Warm Mist Humidifier


A warm mist humidifier warms the surrounding air while minimizing dust particles and increasing humidity. Warm mist humidifiers use boiling hot water to destroy most of the bacteria that can develop in moist conditions. Then, prior to dispersing it into the air, they cool the vapor to a safe and comfortable temperature. 

Advantages of Warm Mist Humidifiers 

The best humidifier should have these benefits:

  • Higher humidity content for dry air in the wintertime 
  • Healthy, and free from bacteria humidity 
  • Automatic shut-off 
  • Sized appropriately to humidify your room easily

Some of the warm mist humidifiers, therefore, have safety features, such as cooling fans, so you and your family are not going to be at risk. In the winter, they are perfect because they help to make your living room warmer and cozy. 

They keep your skin hydrated and help clear your airways. They also help conserve wood furniture and hardwood flooring that might become dry and damaged. 

A warm mist humidifier can also reduce snoring since moist air lets you breathe easier. It will also help remove excessively dry air from static electricity.

Dual Mist Humidifiers


Today, the markets are packed with hot and cold humidifiers. You can choose one according to the environment of the area in which you live. 

Dual mist humidifier combo units are now currently being added to the market. TIt comes with the benefits of both worlds – cool mist as well as warm mist humidifiers in only one single unit. 

This humidifier model can be a great choice to look for as it can generate cold and hot steam according to the users’ conditions and requirements.

You can now have that with the help of a dual mist humidifier if you need a cool mist or warm steam to counteract the moisture level in your home. 

With a dual functionality of warm and cool mist humidifier, your family will enjoy different sorts of misting air in any season. 

Although it is possible to use a cool-mist model to get calming refreshed moisture, warm mist mode can be used to eliminate all the airborne pathogens and in winters to enjoy extra heat. 

These types of models of humidifiers are typically preferred by consumers living in places where there is a remarkable shift in the temperature. In summer, these regions are usually very hot in summer and freezing in winter.

To sum things up

Humidifiers have become more popular for a reason. People are now discovering the various advantages they offer and taking advantage of them. The job of a humidifier is simple: they bring moisture to the air. 

Humidifiers tend to remove the dry air that can cause itching, inflammation, and discomfort in your nose and throat in the winter since they contain moisture.


When buying a humidifier, there are very few things to remember. There are cool mist and warm mist choices, all of which pump water vapor into the air, warm mist options heat the water up before it is delivered.

In cold weather, warm mist may be useful, but it is not recommended for children or pets as the water also reaches exceptionally high temperatures.

On the other hand, cold mist humidifiers utilize filters to reduce impurities that do not make too much noise that can interrupt your sleep. Typically, since there is no burn hazard, they are the best humidifiers for infants and small children. 

They usually use a fan to evaporate water into the air, which can create a cooling effect in the room. This makes them perfect for year-round use and in the already-humid and hot season, but bear in mind that this fan will also make for a noisier service.

And lastly, the dual mist humidifier, which is the best option for people who are living in an environment with a very hot summer and cold winter as well. 

You’ll find that many of them have a maximum area coverage that varies from five hundred square feet to nine hundred square feet as you opt for a dual mist humidifier.

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