Eureka Rapidclean Pro Review

The modest vacuum cleaner has undergone a significant transformation. Bagged and bagless vacuums are the two main varieties of vacuums on the market. While bagged vacuums have been around for a long time, bagless vacuums are a more recent invention and are now the most popular vacuum model on the market. What is a vacuum cleaner that does not use bags? 

Is it better to use a bagged or bagless vacuum? This article will highlight the benefits of bagless vacuum, so you can decide which type is best for your personal and household needs. Continue reading to find out the answers to these and other questions.

The Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Defined

A bagless vacuum cleaner, as the name implies, does not include or require a vacuum bag to operate. Instead, bagless vacuums collect dirt and debris from the floor or other surfaces in a huge built-in canister or compartment. You just separate the canister from the vacuum and empty it into the bin when it reaches capacity, which is easily visible.

For the convenience of usage, a bagless vacuum will nearly always be an upright vacuum. The dirt and debris canister can be positioned upright in upright vacuums, making it easier to remove without spilling or causing a mess.

The Advantages of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

In the realm of vacuum cleaners, bagless vacuums are a relatively new concept. People preferred them because they were easier to use, clean, and maintain, or because they despised having to stock up on new bags when they were most required. 

Consumers have shown a lot of interest in bagless vacuum cleaners, and there are several reasons for this.

While the benefits of bagless vacuum cleaners differ from model to model, the following list summarizes the most prevalent advantages.

See Where Eureka RapidClean Pro Ranks in Our Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2021

Less Expensive

A bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to use and maintain once purchased than a bagged vacuum cleaner. This is primarily due to the fact that you won’t have to keep buying new bags merely to use your vacuum. But there’s also the chamber where you’d dump the dirt and rubbish.

Easy to See When to Empty

Bagless vacuum cleaners have translucent chambers that make it easy to see when the vacuum needs to be emptied. It’s also simple to see if your vacuum is operating as well as it should because you can detect if it’s collecting dirt or not at a look.

Environmentally Friendly

A bagless vacuum cleaner is clearly the more environmentally friendly alternative when compared to its bagged version. Bagged vacuums can use hundreds of bags over the course of their lives, but with a bagless type, you won’t be wasting anything other than dust and grime.

Let’s Get Started

Are you looking for a versatile, hard-working cordless stick vacuum that delivers both power and results? Look no farther than the Eureka NEC180 Rapid Clean Pro Cordless Vacuum, which promises to clean effectively without requiring any additional effort.

Before we get started, it’s crucial to understand how far battery technology has progressed in the last decade or so. Many different household appliances, including vacuums, are now powered by lithium-ion batteries, which in many cases can provide just as much power as their considerably larger corded equivalents. 

About Eureka RapidClean Pro 

Eureka RapidClean Pro is a cleaning product developed by Eureka. Eureka’s RapidClean Pro is one of their most popular and versatile cordless vacuum cleaners. It has a very astounding array of functions for such a light machine, which we’ll get to in a minute. 


As with any modern vacuum, you should expect a high-quality filtration system. The Eureka Rapid Clean is no exception, as it is equipped with a cyclonic filtration system that promises to cleanse your home of extra particles that can cause breathing problems and create a stale stench.

This filtration system is cutting-edge, promising to capture and trap all of the noxious elements in the air that make our homes stink.

Cyclonic Filtration System


You may or may not be familiar with the phrase Cyclonic filtration, but it is a method of separating dirt particles from the air as it travels through a vacuum. This fulfills two key goals: essentially eliminating clogging or power loss, and making the filter easier to maintain. 

The filter is a washable anti-allergen foam unit with a 99 percent capture rate of tiny dust and allergens. Even though Eureka does not clearly indicate that the NEC 180 RapidCleanTM comes with HEPA, this is remarkably similar to other HEPA filters.

Power and Battery Life

The Eureka provides a complete 40 minute, fade-free cleaning experience because to its long-life lithium-ion battery, which helps you get even the most stubborn filth and debris out of your carpets and off your hard floors.

Do you need a boost of energy? With fingertip controls, effortlessly switch between regular and MAX power, increasing suction and power for a better clean between your hard floors, carpets, and rugs.

Suction Power

The 150-watt DC motor is powerful enough to vacuum both smooth floors and low- to medium-pile carpets. As previously indicated, when you combine this with their lithium-ion technology, you get more than a half-hour of very consistent suction power, so you’ll have to decide if that’s enough for your needs. 

Because the vacuum is light, the floor head won’t push all the way down into the carpet fibers, therefore it won’t be able to deep clean thick carpets without particularly strong suction. Eureka offers larger and more powerful cordless vacuums for this purpose. 

The RapidClean Pro, on the other hand, has a surprising amount of suction and a long runtime for the bulk of cleaning operations.

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Eureka RapidClean Pro Specifications:

  • Brand: EUREKA
  • Is Cordless?: Yes
  • Form Factor: Stick, Handheld
  • Surface Recommendation: Carpet
  • Run Time: 40 minutes
  • Led Headlights: Yes
  • Power: 150W DC Motor
  • Attachments: Crevice Tool, 2-in-1 Dusting Brush, Wall Mount
  • Floor Type: Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpet
  • Cleaning Path: 9.8 inches
  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 6.3 x 43.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.26 lbs.
  • Item Model Number: NEC180
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Material Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Warranty Description: 1.5 year 
  • Batteries Required?: Yes


  • Excellent cleaning results
  • For safe resting, use the Easy Rest notch.
  • The design is solid.
  • Headlamps that shine brightly
  • Run Time: Up to 40 minutes


  • Not free-standing
  • Doesn’t come with HEPA filters

How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

Of course, we empty the canister when it’s full, clear any brush-rotation interference, and smack the filter against the trash can sometimes, but should we be doing more for the machine that works so hard for us? 

Most likely. Every day, our bagless vacuum sweeps the floor, taking up every last speck of dog fur, filth, grime, and even the stray Cheerios the infant stashed behind the couch for later. It’s only right that we clean our bagless vacuum to keep things working properly. 

Whether you already have a bagless vacuum or are considering switching, we’ve described exactly what kind of cleaning a bagless vacuum needs to perform at its best.

Clean the Canister

Empty the canister and wipe down the inside with a microfiber cloth. Washing the entire canister in warm soapy water is the best-case scenario. It will effectively remove any leftover filth, dust, grime, or hair. 

Before putting it back in the machine, let it air dry entirely. If your owner’s handbook says not to submerge or get the canister wet, use a microfiber towel to wipe off both the interior and exterior.

This should work just as well as a complete soak, though it may take a little longer and require a little more elbow grease. A can of compressed air can be used to drive dirt or debris out of grooves or crevices.

Remove and Clean the Filter

Your vacuum will almost certainly contain multiple filters, including a HEPA filter that should be replaced every six months. Some filters can be washed, while others must be replaced when they show signs of clogging. 

For optimal practices, consult your owner’s manual. Remove any debris from the filter by gently striking it against the trash can before cleaning it. Rinse the filter under running water until the water runs clear.

Clean the Floor Brush

Take the floor brush out of the machine and clean it. Cut any caught string or hair using a scissor. Before reattaching the brush, make sure the space behind it is clean.

Clean the Attachments

Remove the hose from the vacuum and clean the attachments. To clear up junk, gently insert a dryer vent brush into the tube. Take extra precautions to avoid damaging the hose in the process. 

To clean brush and tool accessories, wipe them clean and eliminate any caught dust or hair from bristles. You can clean longer accessories like the extended crevice tool with the same dryer vent brush. 

Before you praise yourself on the back for emptying the canister whenever it appears to be half full, keep in mind that in order to retain optimal suction, it should be emptied when it is only half full.

Final Thoughts

The Eureka RapdiClean Pro is the best cordless light vacuum if you’re searching for a light cordless vacuum that can quickly convert to a handheld vacuum. 

You’ll be pleasantly astonished by how well this little vacuum takes up light wisps and those bothersome flat pieces of fabric on multi-floor surfaces that other light vacuums couldn’t handle. It’s simple to put together and quite useful.

And lastly, our favorite feature makes this vacuum so simple to operate that it’s unbelievable. The Eureka also has a superb under-furniture reach feature, where the dust cup is attached to the vacuum’s front. 

Not only for extra convenience while emptying the dust cup, but also so you can lay the Rapid Clean Pro totally flat and reach underneath beds and other furniture like a pro. No soil can now equal Eureka’s strength.

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