Flowtron LE 900 Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder Review

It is a challenging job to dispose of these collected leaves, as more space and a lot of bags are needed to store them so it is advisable to use a Mulcher leaf if it comes to removing tons of shredded leaves and dirt from your garden/lawn. In the seasons when the trees throw their leaves, every gardener needs to keep his garden/lawn clean, neat, and good.

A Leaf Mulcher can probably make the task simpler by gathering the leaves, shredding them, and then transferring them to a fastened bag. The leaves will subsequently be packed and used as compost. People with so many trees don’t have to waste hours cleaning or collecting the leaves.

That being said, the use of Leaf Mulcher also has a range of benefits.

Benefits of Leaf Mulchers


A leaf mulcher is actually designed to help house owners and gardeners, below are the factors that will make you buy a leaf mulcher after you read this post. 

Saves Time and Money

One of the greatest benefits of using a mulcher is to save time and money in the handling and disposal of the leaves. It just needs a turn to ‘vacuum’ and the mulcher gathers the shredded leaves in a unit. The Mulcher’s leaf bags provide the alternative of biodegradable sacks that can decompose the leaves.

Easily Generates Mulch

The Mulcher leaves also have a mulching feature, in order to enrich the development of flower beds and plants in gardens, by using the generated mulch. The mulches are high in nutrients and the proliferation of weeds is reduced with the use of mulching as fertilizers for plants. The gathered leaves will also be used to cover the base of the trees to preserve moisture.

A decent Leaf Mulcher would be able to consume even some debris and sticks. So when cleaning up the gardens with a vacuum mulcher the customer must not worry.

Convenient and Easy to Store

Electric Mulchers are much lighter and stronger compared to gas-powered ones. It’s convenient to store electric forms because they can be dismantled. Instructions for setup are usually given.

A mulcher comes with an adjustable speed option which allows the speed to differ according to the needs. The task can be accomplished quickly, as the mode is shifted to high-speed for wide areas.

Today we will review one of the best electric leaf mulcher shredders – Flowtron LE 900 Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

See Where Flowtron LE 900 Ranks in Our List of The Best Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredders

About Flowtron LE 900 Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder


It might be time you start buying a leaf mulcher to clean some of the garden waste if you have a lot of trees in the yard. While one of these machines can be used to minimize the amount of waste it takes each autumn to take away the leaves, most users choose to use it to recycle certain waste from the yard and use it in their flower beds and garden.

Electric Leaf Shredder Flowtron LE-900 easily recycles waste from the yard and garden in mulches rich with nutrients. Once you have mulched it can either be eliminated or turn it into compost. 11 bags of leaves can be reduced to one on the coarse setting.

The Flowtron LE-900 weighs only 17 pounds and has handles that made it easier to drive it anywhere. Once positioned, either you can pluck it directly into a garbage bag or similar bin, or you can place your leaf bag on the provided elastic bungee cord.

The adjustable pressure grips allow for an easier loading position of the hopper at any angle. For portable storage, this hopper rotates 180 degrees.

Portable and Lightweight

The Electric Leaf Shredder Flowtron LE-900 is just 17 pounds in weight. A durable, high-density polyethylene funnel and box is featured in the Flowtron leaf mulcher. The legs are built of steel structure for long life and ease of repair. You should pair it into a bin or garbage can directly.

The integrated handles lead to a genuinely compact device. You can transfer it quickly anywhere in your leaves.

Mulching Ratio


This versatile electric blade shredder uses a two-step procedure that shreds the leave first then mulches it after. The Flowtron mulching machine with its patented build, powerful motor, and robust cutting lines easily shreds wet/dry leaves, grass, pine needles, and even paper as easily as you can load.

A wide range of shredding adjustments is provided with the Flowtron LE-900. You can choose between the coarse (8 to 1) to fine particles (30 to 1) using sliding control. Pine needles, grass, and thatch option may be used as well. 

However, in order to make use of the 30 to 1 setting, it would be important for your leaves to be dry and “clean.” You will use the 8 to 1 ratio most likely.


The Flowtron LE 900 comes with a standard 8 amp engine with thermal protection from overloads. If the Flowtron LE 900 is operating on a regular household current, a heavy 12-gauge extension cord is recommended.

The circuit breaker with the reset button is provided with an on/off switch for protection against overload.

Mulch Collection Versatility

In the various forms it can be established, the LE-900 is very versatile. It can be stood on the base of steel, sitting on a regular plastic trash can, or directly connected with the bungee strap to the leaf bag.

For smaller individuals, settling on top of the trash can make the device a little too large, but under the mulcher plastic tubs and even a small kiddie pool can be used to simplify and just as an effective collection.

String replacement is a simple task (only takes a few minutes) and the machine contains 36 additional strings, so be prepared for an occasional rouge stick that may be missing in your leaf stacks.

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Blade Quality


The leaf mulcher Flowtron LE-900 has different plastic blades than other leaf mulchers. The blades can be quickly changed because there is less safety danger than metal blades. Naturally, plastic blades can’t be sharpened like metal blades and that’s why you end up having to replace them. Since the system can’t process twigs or trees, the plastic blades have a longer life than expected.

If you’re going to save the mulch for later use or have it cleaned up by the garbage people, the Leaf Mulcher Flowtron LE-900 is built to accommodate a big trash bag conveniently on its ground or simply rest over the large trash can.

You’re going to like this feature as you don’t have to clean up the mess when you are done. This machine also has a coarse to fine shredding adjustment, which helps to make your own garden mulch.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 17 lbs
  • Product Dimension: 19.5 x 19.5 x 23 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Motor Amperage: 8 amps
  • Funnel Diameter: 21 inches
  • Control Lever to Adjust Shredding Size
  • Funnel Hopper: Polyethylene
  • Capacity: 1 bushel
  • Funnel Hopper: 21 inches
  • Built-in storage
  • Warranty: 1-year


  • Convenient integrated carrying handles
  • Built-in storage, which holds replacement cutting lines, gloves, and safety glasses
  • Extra-wide 21 inches funnel with easy loading diameter
  • Pressure adjustable knobs let the hopper tilt to any angle
  • The unit will rotate 180 degrees for portable storage with special tilt adjustment
  • Full bushel efficiency
  • In place is an elastic leaf bag with a bungee cord.


  • Some people feel the plastic is weak.
  • Users say that it is easier to bring it together if you have two people
  • Don’t melt sticks any amount
  • Can be used on garbage can directly

Tips to Know When Buying a Leaf Mulcher Shredder

If you’re a lawn care lover or want a low-key yard work solution, a leaf mulcher will help you maintain an attractive lawn. These devices will streamline your outdoor routine and help you maintain your turf in good condition. Learn what a leaf mulcher shredder is all about, and determine the right option for your needs.

Leaf mulchers are available in different models. Consider which of the following features will be more suitable for your yard while shopping.


Mulchers may be devices that are freestanding or handheld machines. Others are drive tools like a mower, and some are vacuum mulchers for the leaf.

Collection Bag

Most mulchers come with their own leaf bag. The leaves have the ability to block dust, so they do not cover you in a cloud of ultra-fine leaf debris. It is necessary. Some mulchers can hold a bag, but you have to buy it separately.

Chopping Process


Some leaf shredders are using metal or plastic scissors, others are cutting with ropes.

Power Source

Leaf mulchers may be corded, powered by gas or electricity. Electrical models won’t run out when you mulch, but it’s important to keep your outlet within the range. Units operating with gas or battery do not always provide as much fuel but offer free mobility.

Mulching Ratio

Usually, handheld versions give a mulching ratio of 11:1 to 16:1 depending on the model. Standalone versions are offered with better performance, higher ratios to mulch up to 30:1, and branch chipping.

You’d better use a higher mulching ratio if you find yourself doing a lot of mulching. However, a 16:1 mulching ratio is appropriate for your gardening requirements for most mid to large yards.

Final Verdict

The Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder/Mulcher can be used easily and works well for reducing big piles of leaves into a fine mat. If you don’t sort the leaf piles you will go through several cutting strings. The working surface may get very dusty, but in general, the decision to create good, portable mulch for your garden or to reduce the footprint of fall cleanup is a good one.

By now, you should have a good idea of the Flowtron LE 900 Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder. After a thorough review we decided to give this product an 8.0/10 rating.

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