Air pollution is everywhere and even our homes are no exception. In the cleanest household, dust mites, pollen, pet fur, tobacco, and fungus spores can be present and can cause health issues, particularly if asthma or allergies there are family members who are suffering. 

It is also essential to use a vacuum with HEPA which can help keep your home virtually pollutant-free and your allergies at bay. 

What does HEPA Vacuum do?

Using your vacuum cleaner much of the time can simply remove the dust and debris circulating in your house. But you may need to step up your vacuuming game and take a look at a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter if you are struggling with serious asthma or allergy issues or a home. 

Bagged or bagless, it produces suction that draws chemicals up into the vacuum, typically using a spinning brush that helps remove pollutants from carpets and upholstery. The air moves into the bag or collection chamber, then the air is recirculated back. 

The significant part about recirculation is that the vacuum will blow all the dust and other pollutants back into the room without a filtration device. In fact, this is just what some inexpensive vacuum cleaners with poorly made filters do.

Fabric or mesh is used by certain types of vacuum filters to capture any particles that come into the device. Some particles are captured by these compounds, but they do have a limited capacity to resist tiny particles small enough to escape through the pores. 

HEPA filters use tiny fiberglass particles to build a strong mesh that captures typical allergens and pollution sources.

When looking for a vacuum that does all the job without compromising your back, there are two important things you should consider, how light and how efficient your vacuum is.

About Oreck Magnesium RS HEPA Lightweight Vacuum

For over 60 years, Oreck Company has been designing and manufacturing home appliances. As a result, the firm sells a wide variety of items today, including multiple vacuum forms. Oreck Corporation was founded in 1963 by David Irving Oreck, an American entrepreneur. 

Of course, for new vacuum cleaners, the company’s lineup is constantly refreshed.  The advanced RS Swivel Steering Bagged Upright Vacuum (LW1500RS) belonging to the successful Oreck Magnesium series was proposed by the firm.

Most Oreck vacuum lovers will agree that the Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum Cleaner is the ultimate winner. It provides the exceptional “Oreck” quality plus it is lightweight and super easy to use and maneuver.

This vacuum offers customers the complete experience of Oreck in a compact design at a reasonable price.

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Ultra Lightweight 


First, it is incredibly lightweight. It is probably one of the lightest bagged vacuum cleaners on sale at just 7.7 lbs. I don’t think that , you can truly appreciate what a blessing this is unless you’ve used a device as light like this. 

You can bring it around the house so quickly, you can even do it in one hand. Its lightweight size also ensures you can place it anywhere, and to save more space, it can be wall-hanged also.

Self-seal System

The 10-liter self-sealing bag system of the Magnesium RS is also quite smart as it instantly seals in 99% of contaminants when you change the cleaning bags. This means that you can switch the bag without producing the gross unhygienic dust layer that some other models struggle from. 

Convenient Vacuum


The LW1500RS Oreck Magnesium is built to keep large homes and apartments tidy. It does not have any special cleaning hose, wand, or extension, but it comes with a massive, 8-quart true-HEPA odor-eliminating, replaceable bag, lengthy power cord, outstanding warranty terms, and even free tuneups. 

All of that is packed in this vacuum that weighs only less than 8 pounds!

Strong Suction

There is an excellent suction strength that comes with this vacuum. It does a fine job of cleaning all the dirt and grit up and afterward, the carpet looks new and clean. 

The powerful suction of the RS creates 100 mph of airflow, which is integrated with a roller brush rotating at over 7,000 rpm to drag dirt right into the 10 liter HEPA bag, according to the technical specifications. 

There is a lot of suction power right there! This vacuum is simply so strong that it feels self-driven.  It almost runs away from you the time you drive it forward. It is almost as easy to maneuver as it glides around basically on its own.

2 Speed Quick Switch


Depending on the floor style you are vacuuming, this unit features a convenient wireless two-speed Quick Switch in the handle that helps you to quickly switch from two different power speeds. For instance, if you are vacuuming a rug, you can turn it down to a lower power configuration. 

For the switch to operate, you would need batteries, so this might be a concern if you run out halfway through hoovering and you have no spare batteries to cover them.

Made to Last Design & Construction


This vacuum is made of magnesium (known as one of the lightest metals) and is the lightest model ever created by Oreck. 

Or maybe, it’s one of the lightest vacuums ever developed by anyone. It weighs just 7.7 pounds without any of the cord! 

It has an incredibly solid frame of magnesium that is harder than other frames of steel. The engine generates 102 MPH of airflow, more impressively. This means the device has sufficient outstanding pick-up capacity.

If you think that light means weak, you’re completely wrong. The construction and design are truly remarkable. Lightweight plus high suction power, it sounds like a winning and powerful combination.  The suction power developed into the Magnesium RS allows all types of carpets to be deeply cleaned.

Efficient at Removing Pet Hair

Its strong suction and the beater bar makes this vacuum a smart option for cleaning pet fur on the carpet. Also, cleaning up won’t be a concern and you don’t have to scoop pet fur out of a canister. When it is finished, you just throw away the replaceable bag- no exposure to accumulated pet hair. 

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HEPA Features 


Everything is collected by the HEPA air filters in the vacuum bags. Not only ashes, including particles of pollen, mold, and smoke. It will not only clean the floors but also clean the air in your room.

Overview of Features

  • This vacuum uses a frame of magnesium that decreases weight but strengthens overall durability 
  • The Magnesium RS utilizes direct suction, which shortens the distance that air has to take, unlike conventional upright vacuums where air travels through a labyrinth of hoses, thereby enhancing efficiency. 
  • The Motorize 7,000 rpm brush spins to offer perfect deep cleaning operation for users. 
  • The “quick switch” wireless controls are simply a fingertip button on the vacuum handle that allows you a simple way to switch from cleaning hard floors to carpets.   
  • It uses what Oreck called SlimSwivel, which not only swivels but is also practically flat, helping you to clean under upholstery such as the bed.
  • It has a completely sealed HEPA system and uses a bag that prevents 99.97% (0.3 microns) of allergens from returning out. 
  • 7 year warranty-this may be the best warranty deal on the market (with 5 annual tune-ups) (better than Dyson) 
  • A pair of LED lights for improved visibility 
  • Weighs less than 8 pounds (7.7 to be precise) and probably the lightest upright on the market right now 
  • Using the belt of Endurolife to avoid unnecessary jams 
  • Side brushes on both ends for better cleaning of the edges

Product Specifications:

  • Motorized Brush: ✔️❌
  • Attachments: ❌
  • Auto Cord Rewind: ❌
  • Brush On/Off Switch: ✔️
  • Swivel: ✔️
  • Headlight: 2
  • Filter Clog Indicator: ❌
  • Full Bin Indicator: ❌
  • Type: Bagged
  • Multi-Surface: ✔️
  • Self-propelled: ❌ 
  • Product Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Cord Length: 30 ft
  • Cleaning Path: 12″
  • Dust Bag Capacity: 10 quarts
  • Filter: HEPA inner bag
  • Handle Type: Soft Grip
  • Brush Speed: 7000 rpm
  • Speed Settings: 2 speeds
  • Wattage: 450 W

Pros of the Oreck  Magnesium RS 

  • The Oreck Magnesium RS has an uncommon swivel head that turns on a small radius. Its narrow outline and swivel shape let it go under your furniture almost horizontally to vacuum. It’s going to slide under your bed all the way in. 
  • Just under eight pounds, it’s very light. This is actually an advantage if you have poor upper body control, difficulties getting it upstairs, or get exhausted when you clean the room. Anyone who has joint pains or arthritis will definitely love this.
  • The speed control is found on the handle, you don’t need to lean over to adjust the suction and motor speeds.
  • The wheels allow the Oreck Magnesium RS to move from tile to carpet to deep pile rugs with relative ease. The Oreck Magnesium RS is suitable for frieze and shag carpet types. Without requiring so much effort, the vacuum can quickly glide over these carpets. The key thing to remember here is that for these long pile carpets, you must use the lower speed mode. 
  • Does fantastic work on cleaning tiles, hard floors, and laminate floors 
  • Its side brushes allow you to sweep up while you go around the baseboards. No need to separate the vacuum from its base and creep around sucking up the particles around the edges of the room.

Cons of the Oreck Magnesium RS

  • It doesn’t have a detachable hose and attachments for vacuuming upholstery or curtains.
  • Creates much noise compare to other vacuum models

Final Verdict: Is Oreck Magnesium RS Worth Your Investment?

This product is one of the lightest vacuums with outstanding power from Oreck to summarize this Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Analysis. The vacuum can be laid flat for vacuuming under furniture, because of its streamlined design. 

It is easy to use, comes with a long mains lead and quickly replaces the dust bags without scattering dust all over the place and thereby meets the needs of a busy cleaner. In addition, it seems to be robustly designed based on a concept built for hotel use. 

It can have years of service and so you can get a fair pay-back on the initial cost.

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