For easy debris pickups, cordless stick vacuums are perfect for sweeping the stairs without having to think about tripping over a cord.  Shark is one of the brands that manufacture the finest line of vacuum cleaners. 

One of them is the Freestyle Shark Navigator, which delivers outstanding value, delivering good efficiency at a fraction of the price of the top ones. We will be looking at Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum Review, to understand its background, purpose, and product development.

What to Expect in Your Stick Vacuum Cleaner


A light version of an upright vacuum cleaner is a stick vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are convenient to store and use, which is why they are preferred by many people.

Vacuum Noise

Noise is one of the biggest issues that people have while purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise, which makes operating them very unpleasant. The best feature of vacuum stick cleaners is that they make even less noise. As a result, without upsetting your family members or pets, you can quickly go on with your cleaning operation. 


Versatility is another great advantage of stick vacuum cleaners. It is easy to transform stick vacuum cleaners into very light and handheld machines that are completely cordless and battery-operated. This feature makes it easier to clean hard to access places when you don’t have to face the hassle of multiple cord handling. 

Easy to Clean

The vacuum cleaner’s upright design along with the height-adjustable bar makes it an easy job to clean. To make it easier to go on with the cleaning process, you should change the height of the vacuum cleaner according to your convenience. The best thing is that the heavy furniture does not need to be moved because the stick style makes it convenient to slip the vacuum cleaner under the furniture, which lets you reach the corners of your apartment as well.

About Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum


The Shark Navigator Freestyle stick vacuum performs well on both the bare floor and carpet. It has a good suction capacity and is easy to maneuver. Charging takes four hours but lasts just 17 minutes before it has to be put back on its charging base. 

Most people liked how easy it was to clean the dust cup with a button on the top of the stick that turned off and on. 

The foot-switch is one of the best features of this vacuum, so you don’t have to lean over just to turn on the computer. 

There are two configurations for this button: the bare floor and the carpet. The motorized brush will turn quicker in the carpet environment and suction will be better, but it will of course be noisier.

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Charging Period

Shark claims it would charge between 4 and 7 hours. 

After 3 to 5 maximum charging and run-down cycles, the nickel-metal hydride battery can hit its optimum performance in terms of run time (based on the manual). 

When the battery is full, leaving the vacuum on the charger would not damage or degrade the quality of the battery, so you can leave it on the charging stand so that it is always ready to clean. 

It is easy to replace the battery, so this is a great long-term vacuum, but new batteries cost about $50.

Bare Floor Performance

It performs well on bare floors. The combination of suction and the motorized brush worked well in picking up small to very big particles. 

If you look carefully at the center of the base, it has an opening that allows it to pick up larger debris as long as it suits the opening, it should not be a concern to clean up larger debris.

Pet Hair Removal

Fabric, carpet, and wood adhere to pet hair, making it impossible to remove. You’ll want this stick vacuum cleaner from Shark if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact cordless vacuum for brushing up pet fur. 

Thanks to the motorized brush, pet hair should not be a concern as well, you only have to check from time to time whether the brush has been wrapped around by pet or human hair. 

Shark has made it easy for you to clean your vacuum cleaner. You can use a scissor to cut off hair easily or remove the motorized brush by removing two locking pins on both sides.

Running Time 


It will run for about 17 minutes if used in the bare floor setting, and that number will go down to 12 minutes in the carpet setting. 

Few people have stated longer run times of as long as 30 minutes, but only with a grain of salt or like that.

Maintenance & Clog Removal

Preventing clogs, especially for bagless systems, is the top priority. Being cordless, it is vital to keep a clean airflow system to get the best out of your battery. 

If there is a clog that is serious enough to stop the engine from sucking or the brush roll from spinning, then the engine could have already been damaged. 

Hair, rope, and other debris can be stuck in the pipe that leads from the motorized brush, in the dust cup air inlet, or wound around the roll of the brush. Basically, you’ll want to look for blockages building up at each turn in the airflow system.


The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is battery operated and comes with a battery installed within the machine. The vacuum charging dock is also included.

There is no assembly needed, so the vacuum is almost ready to be used outside of the box. The dust bin is bagless, and both are already installed in the vacuum cleaner and the filter is washable.

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Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum Features Overview

The Shark Freestyle SV1106 Navigator is loaded with valuable features. 


The days of dealing with long cables are over. Long cords are not only a hassle to untangle, they even get in your way while cleaning. When you are in the cleaning zone, intertwined lines, and a limited supply of plug sockets will set you off course and interrupt the flow. 

Thankfully, Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is cordless, so you’re not going to have to think about all of those things! 

Steering Swivel 


The swivel steering feature lets you smoothly shift the vacuum around obstacles. It also saves you from trying to raise the vacuum over or around corners, sides, or furniture.

Transitions from Wooden Floors to Carpet 

The SV1106 has incredible suction capability on both hard floors and carpets. With this vacuum cleaner, going between hard floors to carpets is no longer a problem. 

0.64 Bagless Quart Dust Cup 


The dust cup is not only super easy to empty, but it also has an extra-large room for dirt cups. It is simple to empty the cup and can be done in only a few brief steps, all while leaving little to no clutter. 

With an extra-large dust cup size, you can vacuum for much longer. To avoid dust from piling up within the vacuum, just simply empty the dust cup at the end of every vacuuming session.

Easy to Use


Simply charge your charger, pop it in, and you’re good to go. There are two-speed settings in the Shark Freestyle vacuum. For hardwood or bare floors, you can pick one and carpet for the other. 

Sweeper or stick vacs are simply designed to take the place of a broom and dustpan. You should not expect them to act as a heavy-duty cleaner, like a large upright vacuum or heavy-duty canister, for this purpose.

Between major cleanings, they are intended more for maintenance, and the Shark Navigator Freestyle does a wonderful job at this role. 

Product Specifications

  • No Attachments
  • 14.4-volt nickel-metal hydride battery
  • Charging base with adapter
  • 4 to 7 hours of Charging Time
  • 12-minute battery life (on carpet) 
  • 17 minutes (on the bare floor)
  • Net weight 7.5 pounds
  • 9.8 pounds shipping weight
  • 10″ cleaning path
  • 46″ overall length
  • LED battery indicator
  • Washable foam and mesh filter
  • 110v voltage
  • USA-manufactured 
  • 1-year warranty

Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum Pros and Cons

If you are a person who wants a light, powerful machine without wasting a lot of money, the Shark Navigator Freestyle is the ultimate stick vacuum for you. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

A woman stands up in front of her sofa to reveal dog hair all over her pants.


  • Does a great job picking up pet hair
  • Do not damage hardwood floors
  • Great for low pile carpets & bare floors 
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful suction


No attachments included


Here are some frequently asked questions that will clear up any lingering questions about the Freestyle SV1106 Shark Navigator. We hope you find the details below valuable.  

Q: Does SV1106 good at picking up pet hair?    

A: Indeed, the Freestyle SV1106 gathers up pet and human hair wonderfully. Make sure you clean the vacuum components regularly to avoid blockages if you have a pet at home. 

Q: Is it lightweight?

A: Yes, even your kids can enjoy cleaning with Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum

Q: Will kitty litter be handled by the SV1106? 

A: Sure, but after cleaning up cat litter, you must clear the vacuum dust cup straight out. Above everything, this is for hygiene reasons. 

Q: Instead of cleaning, can I use the SV1106 vacuum cleaner on hardwood and tiled floors? 

A: Big chunks of soil and gravel can still be picked up before vacuuming, such as rocks and dry bits of mud. That being said, the SV1106 has enough suction capacity to get rid of all kinds of dirt on the surface.


The Shark Navigator Freestyle is a natural option for homes with hardwoods, tiles, or carpet floors, with a list price that is a fraction of the other two stick vacuums that outperformed it. 

This device would also be enjoyed by pet owners. It is generally better used in apartments or as a backup vacuum for larger households since the battery life is limited.

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