You know how hard it works to pick up and dispose of all these leaves each year – particularly in the autumn if you have big trees in the house! A leaf mulcher like the Worx WG430 is the best way to reduce your leaf volume every season and recycle the mulch you grow for use around your plants in your yard. 

This article is a Worx Leaf Mulcher Review that takes you through the pros and cons of this amazing device, to see if it is the right tool to meet your needs.

But before we dig into this review, let’s find out first what is an electric mulcher shredder and how it works.

What is an Electric Mulcher Shredder and How it Works?


All leaf mulchers have one major task: shredding leaves. However, when you choose the kind of mulcher, several features are worth considering. The leaf mulchers have a range of power sources, such as electrical cable, a gas-engine, or a rechargeable battery, and provide spinning blades that slice dry leaves. Furthermore, although there are several leaf mulchers, others are stationary.

Electric Powered

The more powerfully corded mulchers fall under the category of the electric leaf mulcher, the faster the motors, the higher the amps, the more powerful the motor.

Corded models are much quieter than gas-powered models, and in a garage, there is no combustible gasoline to be combined or flammable gas. You will also not need to charge a battery with a corded leaf mulcher. 

Although you will be limited to an extension cord length, which is normally 100 feet long.  A portable corded mulcher weighs between 6 and 9 pounds and can be used easily without causing a tired arm or shoulder.

About Worx 13-Amp Leaf Mulcher Shredder

Today, we will be reviewing the Worx 13-Amp Leaf Mulcher/Shredder to give you everything you have to choose if this commodity is the right one. We will review the many features that Worx has to offer, including features, cleaning, and servicing, efficiency, assembly, and rivalry. So let’s begin before the pile of leaves gets bigger!

The Mulcher and Shredder WORX WG430 have been built to pick up all the piles of fallen leaves and reduce them to 1/11 of their original size. It makes a perfect pavement to be used in gardens or flower beds.

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Summary of Features

  • Strong 13-amp engine with an effective shredding of 8500 RPMs
  • Assembly is relatively easy and doesn’t require tools
  • Environmentally friendly, not using petrol
  • Individual parts nest close while not in use for fast storage
  • Use the crushed leaves for your garden as a mulch
  • Reduces 11 bags of leaves to a single bag
  • The engine uses clean-air cooling systems
  • You don’t need to buy blades! The cutting line is used to shred leaves instead of steel blades
  • 24 added lines and a ring for better filling are also provided with the mulcher.
  • 3-year warranty



The mulcher has a powerful engine with 13 amps that generate a top speed of 8500 rpm controlled by an enormous start switch. The clean-air engine refrigeration system filters waste during motor-time control.

A standard string cutting line is used with a 13-inch diameter cutting method. Without any need for tools, the trimmer line may be removed. The WG430 is rated up to 53 gallons per minute for mulching. With the provided bag holder you can feed the mulched material straight into your paper or plastic bag.

Mulching Power and Capacity


The 13-amp engine is bigger than some others. The 13-amp engine is huge. This provides it with a lot of strength to cut a variety of materials. Basically, the cutting mechanism is just an inverted string trimmer. It works great at shredding leaves, particularly in the dry variety.

It cuts large piles of leaves into a fine mulch significantly. The decrease ratio of 11:1 is quite accurate. If you bag leaves or take them away yourself, the amount of bags required would be reduced. This also reduces the work needed to pull all these bags.

The mulch is perfect for use in the garden and for compost. All of this leaf waste can be recycled every year into something beneficial. The capacity to cut the leaves into plastic or paper bags is a great benefit. However, if the WG430 were a little taller to better fit the large leaf packs, it would be nice.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s very easy to clean: just clean up the WG430 with water. The recommendation was that you should blow out the engine from time to time with compressed air, to keep the engine clean and functional.

When not in service, it is not recommended to store the WG430 outside. It is not necessary, as the mulcher breaks quickly down, and all the parts are nestled together in your garage or backyard for compact storage. Worx has done a decent job of making this baby portable for storage.

Material Cutting Performance


The cutting string line is really easy and quick to repair. You can do this without any equipment. The cutting blade inside the mulcher still ensures the correct length of the cutting string. There is not much time to bring the string to the same size as it is substituted.

The funnel on the top is deep enough to be able to place large quantities of leaves at a time. The leaves are fed smoothly, given they are lightly spilled and not closely packed. It helps to try to pick out heavy debris when you fill the leaves, such as stones, big sticks, or pine cones.

This increases the life span of the cuts and decreases the possibility that this hard debris gets tossed back at you during mulching.

Materials and Build Quality

The Electric Leaf Mulcher Worx 13-Amp is made from plastic and metal. It’s lightweight, but it looks good. Having a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty makes it a great product.

The Worx has a big opening for feeding a few leaves at a time. It is lightweight and easy to manage. Furthermore, there is no gas to buy or fumes making it reasonably eco-friendly.

Wet leaves can be handled by Worx, but the operation is slow and you sometimes have to scrape the wet mulch as it piles up inside the machine. You’ll have a much more efficient mulching session when you stick to dry leaves.


The Worx offers a 13-amp engine of 8500 rpm that gives you the power to shred the pile of leaves quickly and easily.  In one minute this mulcher scraps 53 gallons of dry leaves and reduces 11 bags of leaves to one bag only (Note: use dry leaves only for better outcome).

The number of leaves that need to be disposed of substantially decreases and saves time and resources. Would you want to be green? Why not use your mulch or a compost tumbler for your garden? 

This supplies the soil with essential nutrients and water-retaining qualities for healthy plants. This is extremely useful if every year you usually buy mulch, saving you tons of money!

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Product Specifications: 

  • Amperage: 13 amps
  • Assembled Weight: 20 lbs
  • Chipper Blade Material: Bladeless
  • Chipper Capacity: 10 inches
  • Chute Diameter: 10 inches
  • Chute Material: High impact polymer
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Horsepower: 0.0 hp
  • Housing Material: High impact polymer
  • Input Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Package Inclusion: Leaf mulcher, 24-inch replacement line, composting guide
  • Recommended Safety Equipment: Safety glasses, gloves, ear protection
  • Requires Bag: No
  • Rust Resistant: No
  • Wheels: No

What We Like About Worx WG430 Electric Mulcher 

  • The unit is compact, easy to install, and lightweight.
  • The value for money is outstanding
  • Mulching and shredding is fast
  • Quite simple to assemble without tools
  • Easy to store and lightweight
  • 13 amp engine is powerful
  • Work on dry leaves well enough
  • Recycle waste from yard to rich mulch

What We Don’t Like About Worx WG430 Electric Mulcher Shredder

  • Cannot shred hard objects well such as twigs
  • Generates more dust in contrast to gas-powered ones.

Using and Maintaining A Leaf Mulcher

A leaf mulcher is a relatively simple machine that shreds the leaves when you put them into it with an electric or gas engine, giving you a usable mulch to put into your compost and have them in your garden.

It’s a perfect way to use leaves that fall in your garden instead of disposing of them. But h ow about maintaining it?  You can choose between electric or gas-powered mulching devices, as in many modern power tools.

The most common electric models are by far the easiest to use while the larger gas engines are used primarily by commercial gardeners. Maintenance does not take long for either, so let’s go through some aspects you need to take into account for maintaining it.

Maintenance Tips for Electrically Powered Leaf Mulcher

  • For each application, clean the blades and internal areas after disconnecting them.
  • Keep the battery fully charged and reconnect for long periods while not in service.
  • Always check when using it, that it is secure and fit, as vibrations can create loose parts and screws.
  • Regularly clean the machine before storing it for the season.

As you’ve seen, maintaining a mulcher is not a big task, it is a normal activity, and of course, you can do it. When operating this kind of machine, always wear the required protective equipment to keep the children and pets away from it.

Final Verdict


To sum things up, The WORX WG430 Shredder is quite lightweight, compact, and very easy to use, and performs quite well to reduce batteries of sheets to make disposal easier. The created mulch is perfect as an alternative to organic planting, gardens, flower gardens, and compost. 

While the cutting strings appear to wear down and split up very quickly, some modifications can increase their lifespan considerably and make the WG430 a very useful addition to the routine for fall clean-up.

We will give this product an 8.9 out of 10 reviews.

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