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Best Central Vacuums for 2021 According to Cleaning Experts

We all know vacuuming is a not-so-easy task and we all wish we could avoid it but cannot. You will have to carry a heavy portable vacuum cleaner all-around your house every time you clean. This is where a central vacuum can save your day. It is a built-in vacuum system that requires less maintenance and can be adapted to various spaces and cleaning, making the whole process of vacuum to be a lot easier and efficient.

Central vacuums also increase the value of any home and its contained system allows for a healthier living environment by containing any dirt, debris, dander, and everyday allergens. A central vacuum provides excellent cleaning and is easy to maintain.

Central Vacuums – How do they really work?

Most of us clean the house with the standard moveable vacuum unit, but have you ever thought about installing a central vacuum system inside your house? There are more and more traditional central vacuum systems coming out of the market today. They can cost less than a high-end movable vacuum and can add about $2,000 to the resale value of your house, according to studies.


The best thing about central vacuum systems is that from room to room or up and down the stairs, they do not need you to move a relatively large unit. Central vacuum systems are built to extract all the dirt and debris from your house and transfer it to a receptacle in an out-of-the-way place such as a garage or basement through tubing installed in the walls.

With central vacuums, you just bring around the house a lightweight hose and a power brush unit. The unit of power is irreversible and out of the way.

You can put inlets around your home at suitable locations with a central vacuum system. You can switch the central vacuum hose from inlet to inlet instead of plugging a portable vacuum into pre-determined power outlets and ensuring that the cord reaches across your house. It is up to you where you position the inlets. You can also install an automated dustpan that lets you use a standard broom to easily sweep debris into a wall vent.

Benefits of Central Vacuum System

1). Less Vacuum Noise

Everyone assumes loud noises always come when vacuuming, but it doesn’t have to be that case. With a Central vacuum, you can clean your home with minimal noise. Wait until you hear the difference and realize what it does for your home and family.

2). Reduce Allergens

Central vacuums help lessen dust and fewer allergens are released into the air. While portable vacuums, the air is sent through filters and then back out in the room again. While these filters are working, they do not capture all the dust. Central vacuums, on the other hand, have been shown to produce cleaner and healthier air.

That is because all the dust and allergens are trapped inside the unit located in the basement or garage, so all that comes out are warm and clean air.

3). Easy to Use

We all agree that very few people love to do household chores. However, central vacuums make cleaning as painless as possible, and may even call it fun! With a central vacuum system, there is no need to worry about reaching tough spots that sit there and collect dust. 


Central vacuums have a wide variety of accessories that allow you to clean areas that no normal vacuum has been able to get to before. Clean every space in your home, even those cob-webby ceiling corners and the dusty area behind your refrigerator. No other vacuuming system can clean as effectively and efficiently as a central vacuum system.

4). Less Maintenance = Saves Money

Purchasing home appliances is a great investment in your home. Since common portable vacuums tend to break and need to be replaced every couple of years, these pricey purchases never seem to last long enough to give you a good return on your investment.

Installing a central vacuum is a smart investment and they are different. It actually lets you save money over time and add value to your home or property because the money spent on the installation will return once the property is sold. Central vacuum owners will typically spend ten years before having to replace important accessories or worry about its maintenance.

5). Offers Powerful Deep Cleaning

Did you know that central vacuum motors can be up to three times stronger than portable vacuum motors? And because they are stored in a stationary location in the garage or basement, they remain cooler.

Since the motor in the central vacuum stays much cooler, it lasts much longer than those normal portable vacuums, which ensures that the pipes network and the tube will provide good suction. This also enables central vacuum not only to eliminate the dust and debris on the surface but also the deep dirt and particles in the carpet age.

6). Versatility

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories available for central vacuums, they can penetrate different areas and types of surfaces than the normal portable vacuum. The cleaning of cars, boats, and RVs are made very simple by long hoses and a variety of instruments. It makes it much easier than ever to clean your garage.


It doesn’t emit much dust and is a lot less hard than trying to use a portable vacuum outside. Men are now choosing a central vacuum rather than a portable vacuum, which is 80% higher because it feels more like a powerful tool than a household appliance.

Now we all know their benefits, but finding the best central vacuum cleaner is another story. The ideal vacuum cleaner should include the features you’ll use most often and include accessories that are beneficial to make your cleaning life easier. It can be confusing leaving you wondering, what is really the best central vacuum system?

To help you select the right vacuum model for you, we’ve come up with the best central vacuums for 2020 and understand why central vacuum cleaners are better than other types.

#1. OVO Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System, 550 AW


Searching for a lightweight, silent, and powerful central vacuum system? Look no further, as we have found the perfect model for you. Thanks to the triple-filter disposable bags the OVO 550 AW provides 99.97 % filtering power. If you have allergies, remove as many dust particles and allergens as possible from the carpets.

It is also sufficiently lightweight to fit in a small closet, suitable for those who need a high-quality vacuum cleaner for small spaces. It has a powerful suction engine of 500 air watts that can clean areas of up to 4,000 sq feet. The OVO 550AW provides much power for deeper cleaning in such a small device. 

What people love about this central vacuum is that it is so easy and simple to install, covers up to 4,000 square feet area and its noise-blocking foam is added to the motor compartment. Most people are familiar with the excessive noise produced by portable vacuums. Making a phone call, watching television, and even sleeping are all unlikely when a person is vacuuming.

With OVO central vacuum, you’ll be surprised at how quiet they are. The motor, which is the main source of the noise, is placed in the garage or basement, so the only noise you will hear comes from the air flowing through the vacuum and the vacuum head itself. You’ll find that life can finally exist with cleaning when you have this central vacuum.

What we like: 

  • All filth is removed by the high suction power. 
  • The technology of soft start-stop makes it more robust. 
  • It is possible to change the height of the electric motorhead. 
  • LED indicators to know the unit’s status. 
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise.

Where Can I Buy The OVO Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum System?

#2. Nutone PurePower 550 AW Central Vacuum System


Vacuuming can be a real headache- it’s loud, inconvenient, and can be expensive when you find yourself back at the shop every few years for a replacement vacuum. Portable vacuums are usually heavy, filthy, and always leaving you wondering how clean your floor actually is. But, there’s no need to worry anymore, installing a central vacuum is the solution to all these concerns.

Nutone PurePower 550 AW Central Vacuum System is the perfect central vacuum system for those who quickly dispense when cleaning. It has a huge container on the bottom which can be unlatched easily.  

A central vacuum system lets consumers prevent animal fur and other allergens in their homes from lingering. These allergens can cause flare-ups and sinus issues. Nutone PurePower 550 also has an exhaust pipe placed on the right side of the main unit as well. This vacuum system will be a lifesaver if you have pets in your home.

One of the most common misconceptions about a central vacuum is that it needs extensive repair and downward tearing of walls to be built in an existing house. It is clearly not true – the only hole that is needed is a rear wall, and the pipes are normally supplied by a shingle, cellar, or crawlspace. This is what people buying Nutone PurePower 550 love the most.

It is easy and simple to install even in the smallest area of your home. The PP500 is considered good by most users for indoor cleaning. This also involves the removal of the odour. Some feel that the bin itself is a weak point because it’s quite thin around the body. 

Where Can I Buy The Nutone PurePower 550 AW Central Vacuum System?

#3. Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Central Vacuum Power Unit


The Ultra Clean SC200 is a compact central vacuum that can take away the annoyances that are found on other units. The exhaust systems work great at cleaning out fine particles in the house, getting rid of pet odors and dust caused by humans and other animals.

The outer body is the main feature of this vacuum powered by the United States Premium Series Ametek Lamb Tangential Discharge Bypass Blower Motor. Using hybrid technology, micro-fiber patented permanent filters to improve motor efficiency that allows options for collection in the filtration bag or in the durable metal collection pail. The strong and Eco-Friendly electrostatic powder coat finish assured for life perforation against corrosion.

Using one, won’t you be disappointed, it is easy to set up the machine. Everything you need is to make sure you get everything up and running in no time.

What Customers Say:

  • Quiet and powerful. It is precisely the vacuum unit that I’m searching for.
  • This is a good, easy to install vacuum that is plugged right in. Only make sure that the manual was read.
  • It was simple and the suction was fantastic. With this product, I’m so very happy.

Where Can I Buy The Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Central Vacuum Power Unit?

#4. Vacumaid P125p Central Vacuum System


Vacumaid P125p is a central vacuum cleaner for someone who has 9000 square feet of floor space. You’ll be able to clean those floors easily, no matter whether you have tiles, carpets, or hardwood. Since large homes require strong vacuums with good suction power, this product contains a powerful fan that manages to pull in all sorts of dry debris, and never clogs it while doing so.

Have you had trouble bringing drywall and paint chippings into your cleaner in the past? While this may sometimes be avoidable, it can result in damage to certain brands. 

This isn’t going to be a concern here, with little paint chips still finding their way to either the vent or the dust bin. And for that reason, you should expect the Vacumaid P125p to last long past the end of its warranty date.

If you like good air quality in your house, put Vacumaid P125p high on your list. It does good to make and keep the air clean in your house. It removes pet and human hair, all the debris that is known to cause allergic reactions are gone and their perennial smells.

How it works

Once dirt and particles have been washed up, they are moved into a network of concealed pipes to the power unit, where they swirl about like a cyclone, separating big objects from small ones. The cyclonic motion causes the big debris to fall to the bottom of the dirt can, while the smaller dirt and dust is thrown out of your house.

Vacu-cyclonic Maid’s units also have a proprietary Air Tube, which allows the optional plastic lining to be used inside the dirt canister, allowing the can to empty less hassle and less mess. Through the Air Channel, you’re extracting clouds of dust from your face as you can empty the gravel.

Product Features:

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: VacuMaid Central Vacuums can enhance the air quality of your house. Central vacuums eliminate the effects of allergy and breathing difficulties.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Ametek Lamb 7.2″ tangential bypass engine. 525 avg. air watts, 116 Airflow-CFM, 125 Enclosed Vacuum Inch Water Boost. Homes up to 9,000 sq ft
  • Easy Mess-Free Maintenance: Plastic liner should be used for debris-free disposal.

#5. Nadair 700 AW Central Vacuum System


The Nadir 700 AW is a central house vacuum for all, with enough great features to be recommended for medium-sized or large-scale houses. 

Through it, you can quickly get up caked dirt from floors of all kinds, like a carpet. It comes with a pipe that measures 30 feet in length, making it convenient to attach easily to your sockets.

Two brushes are also included, perfect for cleaning pet hair and other particles that are stuck to your furniture pieces. Nothing about the vacuum is cheap. Thanks to its sturdy design, it is guaranteed to continue for a long time.

Where Can I Buy The Nadair 700 AW Central Vacuum System?

#6. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit


For individuals that prefer heavy suction over other features, the Imperium CV300 is a home central vacuum of choice. Although this is not the product’s only positive attribute, its strong suction capacity makes it a perfect vacuum for anybody who has to vacuum up the debris that lies on tapestries and upholstery. 

The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum can give you the best of both worlds: minimal noise operation, a characteristic shared with the best central vacuum, while still maintaining plenty of suction capacity. Its CFM rating easily equips it to manage areas as wide as 7500 square feet with sufficient power and efficiency. 

This one contains primary components, like other central vacuum systems, that will help you get it up and running as quickly as possible. Included are mounting fittings and a mount for the positioning of your PVC in the external exhaust. 

What People Love About This Vacuum System:

Power: The CV300 imperium Central Vacuum Systems has a capacity of 740 air watts sucked into its strong central vacuum system. Its performance stems from its 2-stage flow motor, which generates 15 amps out of 120 volts. Surprisingly enough, when in service, it never reaches 58dB.

Speed & Efficiency: This translates to all that power: 138 CFM. When these Imperium central vacuum power units are put to good use, that’s 138 cubic feet per minute covered. That’s just 12 CFM below the central vacuum unit of the Prolux Vacuum, and it’s rated for twice as many square feet.


Maintenance and Capacity: The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum can hold up to 6.25 gallons of debris within its filter bags. That’s a gallon more than can be managed by any other central vacuum systems. As both the dust bin and the HEPA filtration device are used for bags, maintenance is kept remarkably low.

Durability: The name of the game that these strong central vacuums from Imperium are playing is heavy-duty steel construction. They are made to last and with that, we can definitely attest to that. Currently, they’re so sure that you’ll get a 10-year engine warranty.

The suction will not let up, even with homes with two or more floors. No matter which room you use it it will remain solid. It is compatible with households over 5,000 square feet in size, so you can never leave corners unclean in your home.

You should expect your home to look and smell much better after the vacuuming work is done, easy to get rid of odors. 

Where Can I Buy The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit?

#7. Allegro MU4500 Champion Home Central Vacuum System


Searching for a central vacuum system that does not limit itself to cleaning the floor only? Then look no further! Alongside the main brush, the Allegro Champion Central Vacuum System comes with around ten accessories. 

All of these are powered by a 2-stage engine that produces 600 watts of air, cleaning every inch of your house. With a microfiber filtration system, Allegro Vacuum ensures that dirt particles are trapped inside it, even as small as 3 micrometers. 

The best part about this one is it doesn’t get hot easily. This is courtesy of the separate fan system that separates the engine and fan pump, keeping the temperature safe! 

You can even clean your walls with the Allegro Champion Home Vacuum System. Contrary to traditional vacuums, you can extend the hose until any spiderwebs are removed from the end of the walls! Features-wise, there are many MU4500s.

Since the company offers a hose, you can hook up the vacuum after installation and use it immediately. Just fasten your outlets with the pipe and that’s it. It is height-adjustable, so you can help clean up with people of different heights, you can even have the time to put the kids to work. 

Its filtration device is also excellent, and it always needs cleaning. This is done on its own with the suction itself maintaining items in a tidy state on the inside.

What People Are Saying

With a wide array of cleaning tools to get the job done, users admire the ability of the MU4500 to vacuum efficiently. This, though, is one thing some have found a little frustrating. The vacuum’s main body is very susceptible to scratches and dents, which would certainly show up if you inadvertently strike it with something. 

To stop this from happening, be careful where you position it upon mounting. Other than that, the MU4500 has nothing bad to report. For a central vacuum system, it has all the stuff you need, keeping your attention on cleaning instead of looking for more equipment to do so.

Where Can I Buy The Allegro MU4500 Champion Home Central Vacuum System?

#8. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System 


Looking for a vacuum system that blows your mind off?! You’re on the right track. The Prolux CV12000 has a great filtration system that can keep you from using a bag at all times. But since all the debris ends up where it is supposed to go, there’s no need for them here.

For allergens passing through the exhaust, the same can be said. The result is a clean home with fewer air pollutants, minimizing the chances of sinuses and other diseases caused by allergies. 

The one thing admired about this one by almost all central vacuum reviews is the bagless HEPA filtration. With three levels of filtration, there’s no way the dirt will ever return to your house! Besides, the HEPA filter can be washed and used for the next session. The vacuum pipe and end can also be adjusted to the user’s height so that everyone can clean at home (time to let your kids work). 

The CV12000 has a muffler and it manages to reduce the vibration, but not to the degree you might have considered having from other brands. That’s not to say that this doesn’t work, but that after walking several feet away from it you can expect to hear the vacuum running.

One of the best parts is that the Prolux Central Vacuum System also has a garage socket with it. With that, you can make your garage and cars squeaky clean by easily using this. All of this and it doesn’t make a lot of sounds yet! You can not wake anyone in the house with its noise-blocking foam! 

They offer a full ten-year warranty on the engine and a 25-year warranty on the exterior parts because Prolux trusts their products wholeheartedly. With this one, you’ve got nothing to lose!

What People are Saying

There’s nothing controversial about the CV12000, except the sound level. Almost everyone who has used the device likes the fact it provides equipment on a range of surfaces to handle vacuuming. Check it out on your own and you’re not going to regret it.

Where Can I Buy The Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System?

#9. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System 


Last but not least on our list is the Electrolux QuietClean Central Vacuum Power Unit. If you’re looking for the quietest central vacuum ever, then you’re in fortune! To make the noise as low as 72.3 dBA, the Electrolux Central Vacuum System has a sound insulation system and a sound foam as well. 

The Electrolux has a lot to like. There’s a digital monitor that’s installed on the body, for starters. It will display suction strength, wattage, and tell you when it is appropriate to change the dust pin. And while this might not be a lot, it’s fun to look at. 

Cleaning with a home vacuum unit is a modern process, with some manufacturers showcasing models that provide digital displays. One such model is the Electrolux. But that’s not the only thing for the unit to like. With its capacity of 600 watts of air, this classic Central Vac sucks all in. The engine can clean areas of up to 8000 square feet, making it suitable for homes of any size! 

Here is the most unique feature of the Electrolux QC600: 

It is both bagged and bagless and can be used! You can opt not to attach a bag and only use its canister because it is a hybrid vacuum system, and vice versa. 

The HEPA filtration device is a blessing for people with allergies. This machine filters out 99.97% of your home’s allergens. Say farewell to your sneezes!  

What Customers Like: 

  • Efficient enough for 8000 square feet of cleaning. 
  • Filtration with HEPA gets rid of all allergens. 
  • Available with or without a bag. 
  • Extremely quiet when in use. 
  • When geared up, it stays steady. 

The setup is painless and does not require a lengthy assembly to run it. Still, the cleaners are issued with an instruction manual. It consists mostly of information on how to use the item. 

If you want something that isn’t fancy but can add a bit of modernity to vacuuming, try the Electrolux. It’s all suction capacity and quiet noise level, although it was considered to be a little too heavy by some.

Where Can I Buy The Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System?

Buyers Guide on Choosing the Right Central Vacuum

Should you buy a central vacuum system? What’s the best Central Vac to purchase? This unbiased central vacuum buyers guide will help you make the right choices. 

Consider installing a built-in central vacuum system if you want to be able to vacuum your house easily and quietly, without dragging around a vacuum cleaner. 


Vacuum Sizing

It is very important to match the power unit to the house when buying a central vacuum system so that the unit is powerful enough to efficiently pull dirt from corners on every floor through the system. It’s not hard to buy the right size unit, but it can be a little challenging. The square footage of your building, the length of pipe needed to operate the machine, and the suction required must be taken into consideration.

When we say sizing, we are referring to the major component of the vacuum system. Several models that vary in canister capacity, suction strength, and price are offered by most manufacturers. 

These measurements do not mean effective suction, but vacuum manufacturers rate their products by airpower, airflow, and horsepower. 

The most accurate measurement of suction is the “waterlift,” determined by a factory test of the sucking power of a sealed vacuum device. When comparing one model with another, check the manufacturer’s specification for this series. Smaller systems have a 105 to 120-inch waterlift rating. These can, as a rule of thumb, accommodate a 2,500-square-foot home. Equal-strength power units do not differ much. 


For central vacuums, a number of accessories such as those used on regular vacuums are available: flooring, dusting, and upholstery brushes; crevice tools; and two kinds of electric and turbo-powered beater-bar carpet brushes.

central vacuum-accessories

Electric heads are the best, but some models need an electric receptacle near each vacuum inlet so that a power cord running next to the hose can be plugged in. The air flowing through the head to spin the beater bar is used by turbo heads.

That sums up our review of the best central vacuum cleaners for 2021. Make your choice today and get ready to have a healthier and cleaner home!

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