A clean garage isn’t always easy to maintain. It could be harbouring debris leftover from drilling or sawdust scattered all over the floor from sanding furniture. Whatever type of mess you’re dealing with, the level of difficulty to remove it is amplified when it’s around the garage.

Once that mess accumulates to the point where you need to do something about it, you’ll probably reluctantly take out the broom to try sweep as much of it out whilst avoiding the use of your lovely house vacuum, fearing the risk of breaking it.


The fastest method of cleaning up your garage, workshop or vehicles is to buy a wall mounted garage vacuum. This machine will provide you with a space-saving solution that will save you time and unnecessary hardship.

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes with a wall mounted cleaner. You can work on your project guilt-free knowing that the resulting mess can be picked up quickly and effectively. Your garage can be a comfortably clean area to do the jobs that you love.

Throughout this guide, we’ll point out the most important features to be on the lookout for when searching for the perfect wall mounted vacuum for your garage. Once you are confident with the functionality required from your potential appliance, you can head on over to our shortlist by clicking the link below to discover the crème de la crème of garage vacuums.

The tank size and hose length, among other things, are often at the forefront of the deciding factors when choosing an ideal vacuum. They are other features that are just as important, however, this will all hinge on your usability requirements and what’s important for you.

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Vacmaster-5-Gallon-5 Peak-HP-with-2-Stage-Motor-Wet-Dry-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wall-Mountable

Advantages of a Top-Rated Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

The abilities of wall mounted garage vacuums extend beyond just cleaning the garage. If your garage is a sanctuary for your prized car, you can valet the interior to a very high standard, therefore, cutting down the cost of professional cleaning.

Your new vacuum will come handy for any type of messy task undertaken in your workshop or garage, such as vacuuming debris caused by sanders, power saws and any other type of power tools used for heavy-duty DIY projects.

Keeping your garage clean and clutter-free will usually speed up the rate at which you can get through work projects. Your garage vacuum will take up a very small footprint of the work area and it will always be readily available when needed.

If liquid substances form a part of the mess, in addition to dry debris, then you will want to consider a garage wall mounted vacuum with wet and dry cleaning functionality, however, if fluid substances are not an issue then a standard wall mount vacuum will be more than adequate for picking up dry mess.


The filtration fitted in high-performance garage vacuums is better than the average vacuum and often includes HEPA filters to catch airborne allergens, therefore, are a huge benefit for allergy sufferers.

The Makings of a Good Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

Above all, you want a garage vacuum with the strength to clean the challenging mess that results from a busy work area. It would be annoying to try clean with an appliance that has weak suction power, therefore, cannot pick up debris after a big job, you’ll end up tiring yourself out more than you need to.

The size and weight of wall mounted vacuums differs between different models. bigger machines are often equipped with robust wall brackets. The ideal unit should be powerful and cleverly designed to be space-saving whilst housing a large capacity tank with an easy disposal process.

The tank for your new appliance will either be bagged or bagless. If the model is bagged, be sure to check the cost of replacement bags to ensure that they are affordable, or check if the bag is reusable and if so, how many times can it be reused before it needs replacing? If the tank is bagless, check how easy it is to empty, how much time it takes to empty and whether the process is messy or hygeinic.


Some garage cleaners are fitted with filters that need replacing after a specified time or number of uses whilst others are equipped with filtration that will last the lifetime of the machine.

There are also models that cleverly utilise self-cleaning technology and as a result, you never need to remove the filters and clean them yourself. It’s always a good idea to know the capabilities of the filters prior to purchase to see if it meets your expectations.

Ideally, you want a vacuum with a long power cord so that it can be mounted in a convenient location regardless of the power source location. The machine also needs to come with a long hose measuring at least 30-ft. Remember that the main unit stays in one place whereas the hose needs to be able to reach all four corners of the garage and possibly the driveway.


It’s now common to find wall mounted garage vacuums that can convert into a blower to help shift outdoor mess that makes it’s way into your garage such as grit or leaves.

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Hose Length

As mention before, when the unit is fixed to the wall, the length of the hose needs to be adequate. If the machine is stationary there’s very little that can be done about a short hose. The cleaning range will be stunted by a hose that isn’t long enough, which is why you need to consider if the length will cover where you need it to go.

I will talk extensively about the hose length because of it’s importance to the performance and convenience of the overall cleaning experience. Be careful when looking at the various models as some will define the vacuum’s reach as the length of the power cord combined with the length of the hose e.g. a manufacturer might state that the hose is 20-ft and the cord is 10-ft thus giving you a combined range of 30-ft, which is not entirely true.


The above statement can’t really be applied to a wall mounted vacuum cleaner. If the unit is fixed to one place and it comes with a 20-ft hose, this would make the cleaning range 20-ft. The length of the power cord is insignificant when factoring in reachability.

Where Should You Mount Your Vacuum Cleaner?

It might not seem like a big deal but the location that you choose to mount your garage vacuum is important too. If you choose to mount it in a central location, on one of the side walls, it will be midway between the garage door and the back.

It can be mounted in the centre of the rear wall giving it an even reach between the left and right areas of the garage or you can place the unit in a corner of the garage.


Below is an example of the reachability that can be achieved by a garage vacuum cleaner with a 20-ft hose in a standard sized garage that fits 2 cars:

If the unit is placed in the centre of a side wall, a 20-ft hose length should comfortably reach the rear and front garage entrance.

If the machine is placed in a rear corner, a hose with a similar length should be able to extend to the entrance.

And finally if the unit is mounted on the wall by the front entrance, the 20-ft hose will be able to stretch to the driveway or the rear of the garage.

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How Long Should Your Hose Be?

Taking into account the above example, what is a realistic hose length to reach all sections of the garage including the driveway?

Vacmaster-5-Gallon-5 Peak-HP-with-2-Stage-Motor-Wet-and-Dry-Vacuum-Cleaner-Wall-Mountable

To get a clearer picture of a suitable hose length needed for your work area you should measure the length from the mounting location to the opposite side of the room or from corner to corner.

Let’s say the measurement is 25-ft, for example. You then need to measure the distance from the mounting location to the floor, and a separate measurement from the mounting location to the ceiling.

Once you’ve got both measurements always use the larger of the two. In this case, if the location is 3.5-ft from the floor and 4-ft from the ceiling then use 4-ft and add that to the 25-ft (wall to wall measurement), therefore, your hose length should be a minimum of 29-ft.

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Does an Extra-long Vacuum Hose Provide Good Suction Power?

A 40-ft hose provides a great cleaning range, however, a longer hose can reduce the suction power, especially when used with an average performance units. For this reason, you will only find a handful of top-performance wall mounted vacuums that come with a long hose length more than 40-ft.


Ideally, its best to buy a garage vacuum with a hose as close to 40-ft as possible to give the best possible coverage without neglecting areas of your garage that are further away.

Is the Length of the Power Cord Important?

We touched on this subject a bit earlier and concluded that the length of the power cable doesn’t contribute to the cleaning range of a vacuum that is fixed to the wall.

If the hose is 25-ft and the power cable is 20-ft, you won’t get the benefit of the cable length if the machine is mounted to the wall. You can only take advantage of the combined 45-ft range if the machine is on wheels and you’re dragging it around.

Personally, if I had the choice I’d always opt for a garage vacuum with a longer hose and an average length power cord instead of a shorter hose that is equal in length to the power cord.


Why Should a Wall Mounted Vacuum Come With Wheels?

If your garage vacuum is going to be wall mounted why should it have wheels? For starters, your hose length might fall short of the area you want to vacuum.

Additionally, if you use the machine to collect wet substances, the weight of the machine will increase considerably because liquids are heavier than dry debris and as a result, the wall bracket might struggle with the heaviness. In this scenario you can unmount the machine and leave it on it wheels whilst collecting fluids.

Even though the wheels might not be used often, it’s good to have them there as an option should they ever be required.

Does the Vacuum Come With a Bag For Accessories and Hose Storage?

A good vacuum should either be equipped with a holder to place the various attachments or a bag to keep the attachments in one place and within easy reach. Without either of these, you’ll soon misplace your attachments in the abyss of your garage never to be seen again.


A decent wall mount garage vacuum should provide a neat storage solution for your attachments instead of leaving them to roam free and contribute to the clutter of your garage.

A small accessory bag is the most practical solution particularly if you need to valet your vehicles and require multiple attachments for different sections of the interior. Be on the lookout for the attachment storage that comes with your new garage vacuum.

What about the hose? Where does it go once it’s finished cleaning up? A long hose can become unsightly and get in the way if it’s not stored efficiently. Preferably you want to buy a wall mounted vacuum that comes with storage for the hose, wands and accessories as well as cable management for the power cords.

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Is the Appliance Bagged or Bagless?

This was a topic that we looked at earlier and it deserves another mention because many users get stuck when deciding whether to buy a bagged or bagless garage vacuum.


A vacuum cleaner dirtbag can be described as the final filtration stage for dust because it catches debris that could possibly escape back into the atmosphere. Bagless units are more cost-effective as you don’t need to worry about buying replacement bags.

The best wall mounted vacuums are bagless. The on-board filtration system separates the dirt efficiently into the tank for easy disposal once it’s ready to be emptied.

Does the Vacuum Covert into a Blower?

If nature has a tendency of getting into your garage then it might be time that you considered a wall mounted vacuum that doubles up as a blower. With this function, you can blow out dust and leaves that find their way into your garage space rather than trying to vacuum them.


The benefits of this are that blowing mess out is much quicker than trying to vacuum it, additionally, outdoor debris won’t take up unnecessary space in your machine’s tank.

Most modern garage vacuums are fitted out with a blower feature to improve the convenience further. One of the advantages of a leaf-blowing wall mounted vacuum is that it saves you the cost of buying a standalone leaf blower and it saves space where another appliance would have taken up room.     

Is a Retractable Cable Important?

You wouldn’t think that a retractable cable bears any importance if the machine is going to be fixed to the wall. If your new vacuum comes with wheels and you intend to use them then it’s a very good idea to think about cable management. The best solution for this is a retractable mechanism that keeps things tidy and prevents you from tripping over excess cord.   

Compact wall mounted vacuums are easier to dismount from their wall brackets and tend to come with wheels to extend their versatility, therefore, the retractable cord feature will spare you from dealing with tangled cables and tripping hazards. 


Sadly, a retractable cable is not a common feature found in garage vacuums mainly because they are designed to stay put in one place once mounted to the wall. It’s also common to find a model that sits on wheels but does not come with retractable capabilities. You often have one feature but not the other. Having said that, they ae a few units that provide the convenience of both. Check out our shortlist in the link below to find your ideal garage vac.

Is It Easy To Get Replacement Parts For Your Garage Vacuum?

How easy is it to get spare parts for your machine further down the line? Your hose might tire out and need replacing after a few years or perhaps the filters are clogged up and need swapping for new ones?

The easiest way to circumvent the issue of finding replacement parts is to buy your potential machine from well-known brands such as Shop-Vac, Vacmaster, Hoover, Bissell, Prolux. Stick to the big brands as their parts are readily available and there’s often a customer service team on hand to help you find what you need.

If you decide to buy your new vacuum from a smaller company there is always a risk that they might go bust which would then leave you high and dry when your machine needs maintenance. Always check the health of the manufacturer if you decide to buy from a smaller less known brand.


Should You Buy a Wet & Dry Garage Vacuum?

You’d be surprised how handy it is to vacuum liquids from the floor with a wet and dry garage vacuum. For starters, it’s a lot simpler than trying to mop or using a towel to wipe the floor. Use this feature to collect water after washing the car, to remove winter slush or water that results from a leak.

Before using the wet feature on your new garage vacuum it’s crucial to know how to use it properly to avoid damaging the unit. Below are a few tips for proper usage:    

  • Wet and dry vacuums do not perform to the same level as submersible pumps which are designed to drain flood water, clean ponds and pools.
  • Always detach the unit from the wall bracket before using it to collect liquid. Fluids are heavier than dry mess and will put a considerable amount of strain to the wall bracket.
  • Always use the correct filter when collecting fluids. Your machine will come with separate filters specifically for wet mess and dry mess.

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Can You Download The Instruction Handbook Online? We Can Help You Find it.

An instruction manual is one of the easiest things to misplace, and at some point you will probably need it to use one of features on your vacuum. Perhaps you need to change the filters but can’t figure out how to get to them or maybe you need to use the wet feature. When you need the vacuum manual, to figure something out, you can download it online using a simple shortcut to find it easily.

First you need to filter the Google search results to show PDF file types. Use the Google “filetype” search to limit your results to the PDF file type. Type the vacuum name, then type : filetype:pdf.

Caution: Be careful when downloading files from the internet. Always make sure that the file is from a trusted website to avoid downloading malicious files and viruses.

Certain Brands Advise Against Using Extension Cables

Some brands now advise against connecting their garage vacuums to an extension lead and as such, you are limited to the locations of the plug sockets in your garage which will determine the mounting location of your new garage vac.


The reason for manufacturers deterring customers is most likely to do with faulty extension cables that could be potential fire hazards or perhaps they could compromise the machine’s performance. As mentioned earlier, research cord length prior to purchasing your wall mounted vacuum to ensure that it is long enough to reach plug sockets from the desired mount location.

Which Is the Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum To Buy?

We’ve simplified the process of finding the perfect garage vacuum for you. The hard work has been done and we’ve handpicked the best performing machines from a market that would take hours to research. Our garage vacuum review includes portable machines, wet and dry units, bagged or bagless and anything else you might require.

Our selection caters for all budgets from high-end premium models to affordable value vacuums. We’ve narrowed down the list to just seven machines. All you need to do is visit the link below to access the best garage vacuums available to buy today.

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At first, wall mounted garage vacuums don’t seem like an essential purchase but once you’ve read through their capabilities you’ll soon discover the benefits of installing one in your garage. In addition to car valeting you can use it to clean work areas after an extensive DIY project and blow away stray leaves that make their way into your garage. 

My advice would be to buy a wall mounted vacuum cleaner with an adequate hose length of at least 30-ft or longer and a cord that is long enough to mount the unit wherever it’s needed the most. You should consider a unit with a wet feature and whether your budget can stretch to pay a little extra for one of these models. And when it comes to accessories, the more the better!

Overall, the benefits of achieving fast cleaning results around your garage, without stress, will mean that you’re more inclined to keep it that way. Are you considering getting your hands on a backpack vacuum cleaner or do you already own one. Please leave your comments in the section. I’d love to hear from you.     

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