Winter is a season of excitement and wonder, but it also comes with gloomy freezing air, and, even, snow. To clear the walks and driveway, you would typically spend your time using an old school snow shovel. 

But why would you do that when, in a split moment, you could clear large chunks of space with a two-stage snow blower?

Electric snow shovels are the perfect equipment for porches and smaller streets, but a two-stage snow blower is what you better have on hand if you’re looking at a true snowmageddon to deal with. 


A big two-stage snow blower may be a real time saver as well as giving your back and shoulders a break, depending on where you live and how much snow you usually get in your neck of the woods. 

With dense snow and if you have some sloping ground that needs to be removed, large snow clearing equipment is incredibly useful.

How 2 Stage Snow Blowers Work

The auger is a rotating metal tool that can be seen in every snowblower. It has the same term as the wood tool that is used for boring holes. In a snowblower, the augers are responsible for pushing snow into the central chute so it can be thrown to another location. 

The further augers a snowblower gets, the more material it can handle immediately, the easier it processes snow, and the more it throws it.

Another is the impeller, a rotor that is part of a snow blower’s core system. It is responsible for the snow’s constant flow which is what mainly throws away excess material from the device. The augers force snow through this impeller so that the cleaning area can be blasted away.

Benefits of 2 Stage Snow Blowers

The advantage of two-stage gas snow blowers exceeds the issue on the augers and impellers. Depending on the model, their clearing width is also greater, ranging from approximately 20 inches to about 36 inches. 

Two-stage gas snow blowers for you are propelled by engine-driven wheels (or, in some instances, tracks), to use them easily.

The spinning auger breaks into the snow with single-stage models that collect it and blow it out of the discharge chute. 

Although not technically self-propelled, the auger’s action has the effect of driving the snowblower forward as it comes into contact with the surface of the driveway (the operator simply has to steer it).

But with two-stage gas snow blowers, the auger that eats up the snow does not touch the clearing surface, which means you can even blow your snow on gravel driveways. 

That being said, a flip side to the auger that does not contact the ground is a thin coating of snow will be left unmanaged.

About Champion Snow Blowers

Count on the line of snow blowers from Champion to combine strong efficiency and convenience to help you handle even the toughest snowfall and efficiently and easily clear your driveway. 

One of them is the powerful 224cc 24-inch snowblower. For both domestic and technical consumers, this user-friendly and economical blower model is the ideal choice.

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Electric Start 

Thanks to the 120-volt electric start, firing up your snowblower on a cold morning is easier. Built with 6-foot fittings, the click of a button is all it takes to begin clearing the snowfall away from the electric-start power cord. 

If you need to pause and restart when working away from an outlet, Champion offers the option of a comfortable recoil start so that you can easily get back to work.

This makes it easy to use and makes the unit a decent choice for an average user who is not so familiar with high-powered gardening instruments.

Excellent Clearing Width

This powerful machine has an efficient clearing route 24 inches wide and a clearing height of 21 inches designed for snowfalls up to 12 inches thick. 

The flexible drive system, providing 6 forward and 2 reverse speed options, ensures you stay safe and in charge by selecting a pace that works for you. It also helps to remove snow from large areas in no time at all.

Easy Assembly

Thanks to straightforward instructions and careful packaging with an optional 6-foot electric start control cable, a chute clearing tool, and four spare shear pins, configuration and assembly are hassle-free right out of the package. 

The lightweight size makes it both simple to store and strong to use at just 24 inches wide.

Long-lasting and Compact

The Champion snow blower comes with a lightweight and portable body, which makes it much easier to keep it in places such as garages and sheds for storage.

It is also made of high-quality materials, making it so durable and able to work at its finest even if used repeatedly in the toughest of snow conditions.

Summary of Features:

  • Champion 224cc gas engine: Featuring a handy 120-volt push-button electric start plus 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, this snow blower is one of the most powerful engines in its class
  • Powerful & Efficient: This powerful system can tackle snowfalls up to 12 inches deep with a 24-inch clearing capability and an optimal 21-inch clearing height.
  • Effective: A 12-inch carbon-steel auger quickly cuts through day-old packed snow and ice while the strong impeller offers a clearing range of up to 25 feet (7.6 m)
  • Convenient: Designed for easy transport and storage
  • Champion Support: Provides 2-year extended warranties from dedicated professionals and FREE lifetime technical support.

Champion 24-inch 224cc Snowblower Specifications

  • Clearing Width: 24 inches
  • Clearing Height: 21 inches
  • Auger Diameter: 12 inches
  • Impeller Diameter: 12 inches
  • Maximum Throwing Distance: 25 ft.
  • Skid Shoes: Yes
  • Skid Shoe Type: Adjustable
  • Skid Shoe Size: 6 inches
  • Control Handle Locks: No
  • Chute Material: Steel
  • Chute Rotation: 190 degrees
  • Chute Rotation Control: Remote
  • Chute Pitch Control: Manual
  • Chute Clearing Tool Included: Yes
  • Headlight: No
  • Heated Hand Grips: No
  • Power Type: Gasoline
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Forward Drive Speeds: 6
  • Reverse Drive Speeds: 2
  • Start Type: Recoil, Electric (120V AC)
  • Engine Brand: Champion
  • Engine Size: 224cc
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke Winterized
  • Gasoline Capacity: 0.9 gallons
  • Engine Oil Type: 0W-30
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 0.6 qt.
  • Engine Oil Included: No
  • Low Oil Shut-Off: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Wheel Type: Pneumatic
  • Wheel Diameter: 13.0 inches
  • EPA Certified: Yes
  • CARB Compliant: No

What We Like About the Champion Snow Blower

Another snowblower boasting a large 224-cc motor to clear a 24-inch path with a 21-inch inlet is the Champion 100434 Gas Snow Blower. When you clear the snow, it has six forward and two reverse velocities for extreme mobility. 

A manually adjustable chute helps you to modify the angle as well as the blower’s level. To get it running without unnecessary string-pulling, it even features an electric starter.

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What Needs to be Improved

For the Champion 100434, the greatest difficulty being that it has a very clunky belt. In a single season, it needs to be replaced twice, which has been pricey, time-consuming, and irritating. 

The assembly of the machine was also a further issue. The directions are very difficult, and it can take too many hours to get it going as a result.

Champion Snow Blower Maintenance Tips


Here are the proper ways to take care of your snow blower and to observe safeness when using it. 

Cleaning a Chute of Clogged Discharge

The most likely source of injuries associated with snowblowers is hand contact with the rotating impeller within the discharge chute. To clear out the discharge chute, never ever use your hand.

In order to empty the chute:

1. Turn off the engine first.

2. Wait 10 seconds to make sure the rotation of the impeller blades has finished.

3.Use a cleaning tool at all times. Do not ever use your hands.

Storage and Maintenance

1. Check shear nuts, engine bolts, etc. for proper tightness regularly to ensure that the equipment is in secure working shape.

2. Never store the snowblower with fuel still on it inside a building where sources of ignition are present, such as room heaters, clothing dryers, or other open sources of flames. Enable the engine to cool in every enclosure prior to storage.

3. If the snowblower is to be kept for an extended time, please refer to the owner’s guide guidelines for significant information

4. Keep or replace the instructions and safety labels if needed.

5. To avoid freeze-up during storage, run the snowblower for one minute to clean away packed snow and ice.

When loading or extracting the gasoline

  1. Switch off the snowblower and let it cool for a period of at least two minutes before lifting the cap on fuel. Slowly open up the cap to relieve tank pressure.
  2. Load or drain gasoline only in a well-ventilated place outdoors.
  3. DO NOT put the fuel directly through the gas station into the snowblower
  4. To transfer the fuel to the snowblower, use only an approved container. Do NOT overfill the tank with fuel.
  5. Keep the unit or the gasoline away from sparks open fire, heat, and other things that may cause ignition at all times. DO NOT light cigarettes, nor smoke near them.

Starting the snowblower:

  1. DO NOT try to start a snowblower that is already damaged.
  2. Make sure that the cap, air filter, fuel lines, spark plug, exhaust system are in the proper place.
  3. Let the spilled gasoline totally evaporate before trying to start the engine.
  4. Make sure the snowblower is comfortably sitting on flat land.

Operating the snowblower

  1. DO NOT tip or cause the fuel or oil to spill on the snowblower.
  2. Transporting or repairing the snowblower:
  3. Make sure the petrol valve is in the OFF position and that the gasoline tank is empty.
  4. Remove the wire with the spark plug.

Storing the snowblower:

  1. Keep away from sparks, and other sources of combustion.
  2. Do not store snowblowers or fuel in the vicinity of furnaces, water heaters, or any other heat-producing or automatic ignition equipment.

Final Thoughts

Your typical shovel is supposed to gather dust with the Champion Snow Blower as you clear up your yard and driveway in no time.

It feels effortless to use, strong, and today on the market it’s an awesome great buy for a snowblower.  Definitely worth trying on!

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