Toro Power Clear Review | Why Users Love This Snow Blower

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Review

Some individuals like to clear their sidewalks and driveways with little more than a shovel, while others prefer to use more advanced machinery. They prefer to use power instruments rather than human muscles. 

Others, on the other hand, do not have enough land to justify a snowplow linked to their garden tractor or riding lawnmower. Instead, they use a snowblower.

Snowblowers became popular among the general population for a variety of reasons, many of which are still applicable today. Snowblowers provide a variety of advantages, but they are not always the ideal option. However, in the following situations, a snowblower should be considered.

When you need to clear a long driveway. In such instances, professionals normally recommend a single-stage gas-powered snow blower rather than an electric type for obvious reasons.

Benefits of Snow Blowers


This is the year to get a powered snow removal device if you’ve been thinking about it for a long.

With a standard shovel, the thick, heavy, wet fall snow can be a backbreaker. When you choose a snow thrower, it takes care of everything. Simply turn it on and walk, and it will miraculously clear a path for you. 

Snowthrowers can also save a lot of time. What may have taken hours with a shovel now just takes a few minutes. We have solutions for every walk and driveway size.

When it comes to nearly every item on the market today, there are numerous benefits and drawbacks. Snowblowers, no matter which model you purchase, are not without flaws. The electric snowblower, on the other hand, may brag of the following features:

  • When there is a dearth of storage space, it is lightweight and easy to store.
  • Less yearly maintenance than a gas-powered snow blower and less annual machine service is required.
  • Reduced operating costs without the need to buy oil or fuel.
  • When in operation mode, the noise level is reduced.

Best Snow Blower

If you live in an area that gets a couple of snowstorms throughout the winter, you’re probably aware of how much effort it takes to clear snow from your driveway, patio, sidewalk, or other vital sections of your property.

One thing that can add to the tension of an already stressful scenario is going to your garage only to discover that your old snowblower won’t start, leaving you with no choice but to shovel the snow away manually – which no one enjoys.

If you find yourself in this scenario, there are numerous lessons to be learned.

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Review

One of those lessons is that if you live in a location that gets snowstorms every year, you should always have a snowblower on standby. The Toro Powerto Clear 518 ZE is one such model.

Snowblowers have gone a long way and are now highly sophisticated machines, and this one is no exception. Despite the availability of battery-powered and electric snowblowers, we believe that the classic gas snowblower still reigns supreme and is well worth the investment…especially if you’re still using one that’s as old as you!

The Toro Strength Clear 518 ZE is a modern snowblower that combines the ease of an electric start with the power of a strong gas engine. It is flexible equipment with both electrical and pull-cord start technology, giving you the best of both worlds while delivering tremendous snow clearing capability.

The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is worth considering if you’re searching for a snowblower that makes clearing snow as simple as possible.

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Engine with the highest quality

The Toro Power Clear is powered by the company’s own 99CC 4-cycle engine, which is designed and manufactured in-house. It has been constructed with separate gas and oil tanks, removing the need to premix oil and gas. 

It also saves you time and lowers the risk of waste and inefficiency. In addition, the 4-cycle engine is extremely quiet.

The functionality of the electric start

Although this snowblower has a pull cord, you can choose to utilize it or the electric start, which is perfect for folks with mobility issues or bad backs. Simply plug in the extension cord, press the “Start” button, and then unplug the cord to use the electric start.

It is ineffective for other driveways that are curved or wider. Squeezing a trigger and altering the deflector’s setting to a new angle is all it takes to control it.

Compact Design


The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is 30 x 19 x 28 inches when folded. This, combined with the snowblower’s lightweight of 58 pounds, means it’s simple to store and move. This is perfect if you have limited storage space or have trouble carrying and transporting bulky objects.

Toro Premium Cycle OHV Engine

The Toro Premium 4-cycle OHV engines are smooth and powerful, providing years of dependable service. To provide the best performance, these engines have been adjusted precisely for the equipment they power. These engines produce power faster when you need it most, thanks to their unparalleled governor reaction.

Power Curve Technology 

With its curved rotor and inverted funnel housing, this technique moves more snow in less time while almost eliminating clogging. The snowthrower is propelled forward by wide rubber paddles that clean down to the pavement.

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Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Specifications: 

  • Auger System: Power Curve® Rotor
  • Chute Control: Chute-Mounted Handle, Curved w/Zip Deflector
  • Clearing Width: 18″ (46 cm) clearing width, 12” (31 cm) intake height
  • Engine: Toro Premium 99cc OHV 4-cycle
  • Engine Displacement: 99cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.5 L
  • Scraper: Stationary
  • Starter: Electric Start
  • Throw Distance: Up to 25′ (8 m)
  • Tires: 6″ x 1.5″ (15 cm x 3.8 cm )
  • Weight with Electric Start: 58 lbs 


  • It combines the ease of electricity with the performance of a gas engine.
  • 0.35-gallon fuel capacity
  • For easy storage, it’s small and light.


  • Because the electrical plug is in an inconvenient place, it is easier to use the pull-cord.
  • Contains the modest set of wheels.
  • It can be difficult to unscrew the gas cap.
  • It is not fully assembled when it is delivered.

Preparing for Snow Blower Storage in the Off-Season

To avoid gum deposits from building in the tank, filter, hose, and carburetor during storage, gasoline must be emptied or cleaned as the first step in snowblower maintenance and storage. Run the snowblower engine until the tank is empty and the engine stops to remove the fuel.

If you don’t want to remove the gasoline and can safely store the snowblower, add a fuel stabilizer to any remaining gasoline to reduce gum buildup and acids. If the tank is nearly empty, combine fuel stabilizer and fresh gasoline in a separate container and pour some into the tank. 

Follow the directions on the fuel stabilizer package at all times. After adding the fuel stabilizer, run your snowblower engine for at least 10 minutes to allow the mixture to reach the carburetor.

Single-Stage Snow Blower Instructions:

Step 1: Begin by taking the first step.

Tightening knobs and handles is a good idea.

Check that all handles and knobs are securely fastened and in place before turning on your snowblower.

Step 2: Check for damage to the rotor blades and scrapers.

Make that your rotor blade and scraper are in good working order. In these regions, there is a lot of activity. Contact your local Toro dealer for Genuine Toro Parts if you notice any signs of wear or damage.

Step 3: Make sure the fuel and oil are both fresh.


In your snowblower, use fuel that is no more than 30 days old and has no more than 10% ethanol. Toro Fuel Treatment helps your fuel last longer and perform better. If you didn’t change the oil at the end of the previous season, you should do so now.

How to Oil the Engine of a Single-Stage Snow Blower.

Step 4: Double-check all cables, handles, and fasteners.

Ascertain that all cables, guards, handles, and fasteners are in place and secure. Replace any that are missing or broken with Genuine Toro Parts.

Step 5: Go over your owner’s manual’s operation and safety features.

Take a look at your owner’s manual’s operation and safety sections. Wear the appropriate footwear and clothing, and adhere to all other safety precautions.

Keeping Your Snow Blower Clean


Make careful you clean your snowblower thoroughly. Lubricate all lubrication points (see lubrication topics in the maintenance section of your operator’s manual for more information). 

Ensure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are properly secured. Inspect all visible moving parts for damage, breakage, and wear, and replace any that are damaged, broken, or worn. (A small selection of authentic Simplicity snowblower components is available online, or you can contact your local Simplicity dealer.)

It’s also vital to touch up any corroded or chipped paint surfaces with snowblower maintenance; sand carefully before painting. Apply rust preventative to the bare metal portions of the snow thrower housing, auger, and impeller. Loosen the knobs that secure the upper handle on snow thrower models with folding handles and rotate the upper handle back.


When a snowfall strikes, you need to know that your snowblower will not fail you. The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE combines electric start with gasoline power to allow you to get right to work on the job and finish it quickly.

The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is a compact and practical snowblower that is easy to use and produces plenty of power despite its smaller size. Toro’s popular Power 

Clear series of snow blowers includes models ranging from entry-level to professional. The 518 is a consumer-oriented 18″ wide variant with a 99cc engine that can process 1100 lbs of snow per minute and hurl it up to 25′!

The Power Clear 518, like other Toro snow throwers, is equipped with Toro’s exclusive Power Curve® technology.

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Snow Joe SJ627E Review | What Users Think About Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ627E Snow Blower Review

Snowblowers are widespread in locations that get a lot of snow in the winter. Snowblowers differ in many ways, but they are all devices that are propelled through snow and ice, dislodging the snow as they go and then discharging it into a chute. 

As they work, their goal is to clear a route. They may be used to clear walks, roads, steps, porches, decks, and any other area we desire to use during the winter months. A power supply is required to operate all snow blowers.

How Single-Stage Snow Blowers Works


Single-stage snowblowers have one auger whereas 2 stage snow blowers have the main auger, and then an additional rotating auger in the discharge chute to move snow through faster and to throw it farther.

These are the cheapest and simplest of all the snow blowers. Single-stage snowblowers use the auger to lift the snow, break it up and then fling it up through the chute in a single action. Because the auger literally throws the snow out of the machine, these can also be referred to as snow throwers.

The single-stage action of these machines makes them the least effective and is, therefore, only suitable for light to medium snow. A single-stage snow blower will generally be a smaller machine that doesn’t clear a path that is too deep or wide.

The clearing path of these snow blowers is usually between 13″ and 21″. They rarely clear a route that is more than 6 inches deep. They don’t dump the snow as far out from the chute as the others because the auger is employed to discharge the snow. Snow will be deposited roughly 10-20 feet from a single-stage snowblower.

About Snow Joe Snow Blower


Snow Joe has swiftly become one of the most well-known electric snowblower manufacturers on the market. With so many corded models to choose from, it might be difficult to know which one is ideal for you. 

That’s where I’d like to pitch in and assist. For individuals who want to test the boundaries of what an electric snow blower can do, we recommend the Snow Joe SJ625E.

See Where Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Ranks in Our Best Single Stage Snow Blower

15 Amp Motor

The 15 amp engine found within the SJ625E is the most powerful in North America. Snow Joe, on the other hand, does an excellent job of extracting every ounce of power possible from this motor. In most snowy circumstances, there is adequate torque to prevent slowing down. 

The only exception is when there is a lot of wet snow, which slows it down a little. There’s always the fear that if you push too hard in the thicker snow, the motor will burn out.

In terms of distance, I’d estimate it to be around 15 feet on average. It costs a little less than the SJ623E, which is 18 inches. This is most likely due to the width of this model, which uses the same motor. 

However, an 800-pound-per-minute plowing capacity is rather astounding. In the Ryobi corded snow thrower, you can expect twice as much. This motor is silent and runs on an extension cord.

It needs to be plugged into a 15 amp outlet at the very least (1800 watts). Because it’s electric, it doesn’t require oil maintenance, fuel, or any of the other headaches that come with a gas-powered snowblower. It is a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative.

Steel Auger is an Excellent Addition

Typically, plastic augers are used with electric snow blowers. Snow Joe, on the other hand, has made a habit of utilizing steel augers. Although the steel is thin, it is better than others in this price bracket. 

It should be able to withstand the test of time. The auger blades are composed of a tough rubber material. When the original blades wear out, Snow Joe supplies replacement blades. Regrettably, they’re a headache to replace.

The dimensions of the housing are 21 inches broad by 12 inches deep. You should be able to remove up to 10 inches with a light powder.

It particularly shines when it comes to the fluffier snow. It’s a different thing when there’s a lot of snow. With a modest throwing distance, you’ll be able to reach a maximum of 4-5 inches. To avoid clogging, you must travel at a considerably slower pace.

Snow Scraping Performance

Rubber paddles scrape the surface and are best used on flat surfaces. This is designed for asphalt and concrete driveways. This will also work wonders on wooden decks. The rubber minimizes scuffing and can reach all the way down to the ground. 

Even slightly compacted snow can be dugout. You should avoid using this on gravel or uneven surfaces because the paddles touch the ground. It will toss boulders on gravel, and the paddles will quickly wear out on uneven surfaces.

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LED Headlight (3 Watts)


A headlight is one of my favorite features, not just for the user’s vision, but also for the safety of other drivers in the vicinity. The Snow Joe SJ625E has a 3-watt LED headlight that functions as a flashlight. This is attached to the handlebars via a clip. It’s not quite as nice as the SJ623E’s dash light.

Snow Joe secures the extension cord with a handy clip to keep you from tripping. Some 12-gauge cords, however, will not fit. They recommend a 12-gauge instead of a 14-gauge, which is an odd design mistake.

Easy to Use

This Snow Joe thrower handles really well if you can get around the extension cord. There’s no power steering or self-propelled transmission, but it’s light enough that it doesn’t matter. It glides smoothly forward and turns with ease.

8-inch tires help provide some traction, although not enough to handle steep slopes on icy days. The handles feel a bit flimsy so you’ll want to be careful.

Not only is the handle adjustable, but it can fold down. This makes it easy to store and has a minimal footprint in your garage. In fact, you could easily store this in a basement or cellar since it’s only 45 pounds.

What We Don’t Like About Snow Joe

Plastic Chute is a Little Stiff

Snow is discharged through a heavy-duty plastic chute. On the chute, you can adjust the height at which you want the snow to fly. A hand crank comes below the handlebars allowing you to adjust without moving. The 180-degree turning radius works fine, but I find the crank a little stiff going from one position to the next.

This is a small irritation, but something to keep in mind if you plan to shift your position frequently while traveling.

Rather than sending snow in a stream, the chute scatters it. Due to their limited power, this is a regular problem with electric snow blowers. Light snow glides effortlessly through the chute. 

Clogging is more likely in wet snow, especially if the chute is positioned to the left or right. In saturated snow, having the chute blow straight ahead is preferable.

The cord is not included.

This model does not come with an extension cord, according to Snow Joe. As I’ve noted in previous electric snowblower evaluations, getting the right cord is crucial. Buying the wrong one can result in a safety issue or insufficient power for the engine.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Cordless electric
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Clearing Width: 22 inches
  • Throw Distance: 25 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: 840 lbs/min.
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 22 x 26 inches.

Snow Blower Maintenance

It’s pointless to own a snowblower if it’s not properly maintained. Snowblowers, like any outdoor power equipment, require routine maintenance to ensure that they continue to work at their best and clear driveways for years to come. 

Snowblowers that aren’t properly maintained can result in high maintenance costs, uncomfortable trips to the junkyard, and wasted time shoveling out after the next snowstorm.

Check out the Auger


The augers are the rotating blades or paddles inside the snowblower housing. Rubber paddles are used in single-stage snowblower augers. These paddles scrape the ground, so they wear out faster than two-stage snow blowers. 

Wear indication holes can be found in most rubber paddles. It’s time to replace the rubber paddles when they’ve worn down to the holes.

Anyone with an auger paddle replacement kit and the existing hardware can easily change single-stage snowblower auger paddles — all it takes is a few minutes and the correct sized wrenches.

Replace the Shave Plate

Shave plates, also known as scraper blades, are mounted to the bottom of single-stage and two-stage snow blower housings to help scrape snow and remove it from clearing surfaces. 

A snowblower scraper blade should be replaced every few seasons, if not more, depending on how much it wears and how often it is used. On single-stage snowblowers, scraper blades are commonly made of plastic or composite material.

Replace the Oil


Because oil degrades with each usage, snowblower oil should be changed at least once per season. Your snow blower’s oil will deteriorate and become less effective in protecting its engine, regardless of whether it is utilized in heavy or mild load situations. 

Operating an engine with old oil can cause harm to the engine and reduce its lifespan significantly compared to an engine with regular oil changes.

Snowblower oil should be changed at least once a season, and probably more often if utilized in places or conditions where a snowblower is often used. Oil changes, despite their appearance, are simple and can be completed by anybody with a few hand tools. Begin by starting the engine and running it for a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

This electric snow blower is one of the best on the market. A simple, lightweight machine that arrives at your door virtually fully completed. Its width is ideal for those who want to test the boundaries of what an electric vehicle can do. For those who can’t afford a single-stage gas snowblower right now, this is a good compromise.

In places with mild to moderate snowfall totals, you’ll get the most out of this equipment. The less snow there is, the better. Its performance with wet snow may frustrate those in the East or in lake effect zones.

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Best Single Stage Snow Blowers 2021 to Make Snow Clearing Easy

Best Single Stage Snow Blowers 2021

Affiliate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commissions. Eventually, I may earn enough to buy a beer or two 🙂 

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, you’ll need a good snowblower. It can assist you in securely clearing snow from your driveway and making it more accessible.

However, you don’t need to purchase the most expensive snowblower on the market. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 finest single-stage snowblowers for light to medium snowfall.

These are competitively priced and give you the best bang for your buck. Furthermore, we identified the one that we believe is superior to the others. Let’s have a look at what this machine has to offer before we get into the top snow blower products.

What Is A Snow Blower And How Does It Work?


A snow blower is motorized equipment that is made up of a few key components: a gas or electric motor, a frame with a handle and wheels, and an augur, which is a huge bladed device that spins and gathers up snow. There will also be a control unit and gearing to power the augur, but that’s pretty much it.

These machines remove hundreds of pounds of snow in a short amount of time, so they will clear your driveway and paths far faster than a shovel. Which of the two types of snow blowers – single-stage and two-stage – is the best? Let’s have a look at it!

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Why You Need a Snowblower?

Are you looking for the easiest way to avoid the dreaded winter labor of shoveling snow with your bare hands? Let’s face it, a shovel isn’t the most practical piece of snow removal equipment. Especially if you’re pressed for time getting to work in the morning!

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new snowblower and work smart rather than hard? The correct winter outdoor power equipment, in our opinion, is every homeowner’s best buddy! Why? We’ve compiled a list of four factors for you to consider.

Portable & Lightweight


Snowblowers combine the best of both worlds, as shoveling snow takes a long time and plows are too huge for minor driveway and sidewalk operations. These lightweight, compact instruments are simple to set up and move around.

Easy & Fast Performance

Because it easily glides through the snow and redirects it away from your driveway, a snow blower will save you hours of time and labor. Snowblowers are therefore a fantastic tool for persons with injuries or other health issues, as they may save them hours of grueling effort scooping and hauling snow.

Power Steering

Power steering is one of the reasons snowblowers are quick and easy to maneuver. Even blowers weighing hundreds of pounds may be pushed and turned around with ease.

Operated by Gas or Electricity

Electric or gasoline-powered snow blowers are available. You can determine the best option for you by the extent of your requirements, with gas-powered machines being better for more demanding tasks.


Your snowblower will survive for many years if you maintain it properly. Many of them also come with limited warranties.

Best Single Stage Snow Blowers 2021

We’ve compiled a list of the top single-stage gas snow blowers on the market right now. Our best efforts have been made to consider performance, durability, and cost. For those trying to save money, we’ve provided a “Budget Pick.” 

All of the suggestions are for residential versions with a width of 26 inches or less. These are the most popular options, and they are used by the majority of homeowners.

#1 Snow Joe SJ627E Single Stage Snowblower


The Snow Joe SJ627E is a strong, lightweight snow blower that is easy to use and has all of the features and specs you could desire in a snowblower. This machine’s powerful 15-Amp motor is perfect for cleaning wide driveways and sidewalks. It has an all-steel auger and four heavy-duty rubber tip blades.

This snowblower can move an astonishing quantity of snow in a single pass. How much snow are we talking about? This Snow Jow is capable of moving up to 25 tons of snow each hour. With each pass of the snowblower, you can clear a route that is 22 inches wide and 13 inches deep.

This snowblower also comes with an adjustable chute that can be spun up to 180 degrees to divert the snow stream and shoot it up to 25 feet away, clearing your land completely.

The SJ627E’s snow stream is so precise that you can reorganize the snow in any spot you like.

The SJ627E also includes a sturdy scraper bar at the bottom of the unit to ensure that no snow is left behind and that your driveway, deck, or pavement is not damaged. This lightweight snow blower weighs only 35 pounds, compared to the bulkier snow blowers on the market that cause operator fatigue. It’s easy to push and operate around tight corners.



This item also has dual inbuilt 3-watt LED headlights that make it easy to use in low-light situations.  A little light switch positioned at the back of the snow thrower under the lower chute crank can be used to turn on or off this modest 3-watt LED light. 

The LED lights, however, only turn on when the snow thrower is going, according to the product manual. Does this imply that it will only light up if both the light switch and the auger blades are turning? We have no idea.

Throwing Range

If the snow is light and fluffy, the Snow Joe SJ627E has a maximum throw distance of 25 feet. It greatly reduced throwing distance if the snow is wet. Make sure the snow thrower releases the snow in the right direction. 

Throwing snow at windows, vehicles, or innocent bystanders is not a good idea. This is especially dangerous if the snow contains small things like rocks or nails.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Cordless electric
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Clearing Width: 22 inches
  • Throw Distance: 25 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: 840 lbs/min.
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 22 x 26 inches.


  • Throws up snow up to a 25-foot distance.
  • Removes snow efficiently by having a large clearance.
  • Up to 840 pounds of snow can be moved each minute.
  • The clearing tool aids in the removal of impediments in the path of the blower.


  • Long driveways may necessitate the use of an extension cord.
  • Heavy or wet snow may not be ideal.

Where to buy Snow Joe SJ627E Single Stage Snowblower

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#2 EGO Power+ Single Stage SnowBlower


The EGO Company has spent the last decade developing a dependable, industry-leading battery POWER + Platform system for cordless outdoor power equipment. From chainsaws to lawnmower model uses two lithium batteries for over an hour of operating time. 

This is the newest addition to take advantage of their compatible product design. This product, which is as powerful as a comparable gas engine, single-stage blower, is swiftly gaining traction as a new, revolutionary technology.

Highly Efficient Brushless Electric Motor

If you can generate the electrical power required to sustain such a design, electric motors can be tremendously powerful when compared to gas-powered motors. 

Despite this, electric power is extremely dependable whether used straight from a power source or in conjunction with a high-output lithium battery, such as the EGO Company.

Brushless motors offer a high power-to-weight ratio and a fast rotational speed, making them a powerful tool capable of managing the burden of a snowblower. 

Because of the lightweight construction (the entire blower weighs only 70 pounds), it does not overwork the batteries and utilizes energy more efficiently by the engine to finish the snow-blowing task at hand.

Foldable Handles and Easy Storage

Single-stage blowers are popular because of their smaller, more powerful size, which allows them to not only manage the snowfall they were designed for but also store and move them more easily than bigger ones. 

This machine is not only exceedingly light, but it is also quite compact due to its folding handles. It is totally electric and has a lightweight brushless motor.

Because snow machines are only used for a short period of time each year, storing them might be difficult. EGO has made this model much easier to store throughout the summer months. 

Maintenance is as simple as removing the batteries and storing them until it is needed again because it does not have a gas-powered engine. The following season, there will be no oil or gas to drain, and no engine parts to clean.

Drivetrain and Power

With its efficient brushless motor and Peak Power technology, as well as two EGO Power+ 56-volt (5.0Ah) batteries, this snowblower provides all the power you need.

This equipment isn’t self-propelled, but it does have a variable-speed auger that makes moving through deep snow a breeze. Even though the vehicle isn’t self-propelled, its lightweight design makes it easier than most people think.

Each charge is roughly 40 minutes long. That gives you more than enough time to clear an extensive drive before you need to recharge.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: EGO Power+
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 45 x 35 x 22 inches
  • Item Weight: 51 Pounds
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 35 Feet
  • Intake Dimensions: 21-inch wide x 13-inch deep (height)
  • Blower Type: 1-stage (Single-stage)
  • Style Auger: Paddle
  • Auger Material: Rubber (Steel auger shaft)
  • Auger Gear Case Material: Polymer
  • Battery: Lithium-ion (Arc Lithium according to Ego)
  • Power: 7500mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 56 V


  • It is a powerful machine design to give outstanding results.
  • The machine is fully adjustable and can be stored in a small space.
  • It runs on an ARC Lithium battery that takes about 40 minutes to fully charge.
  • It comes with a brilliant LED headlight that makes using the machine in low-light situations a breeze.


  • The rubber blades will quickly wear out.
  • System for charging a single battery

Where to buy EGO Power+ Single Stage SnowBlower

#3 Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Single Stage Snow Blower 


Snowblowers have gone a long way and are now highly sophisticated machines, and this one is no exception. Despite the availability of battery-powered and electric snowblowers, we believe that the classic gas snowblower still reigns supreme and is well worth the investment…especially if you’re still using one that’s as old as you!

The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is a modern snowblower that combines the ease of an electric start with the power of a strong gas engine. It is flexible equipment with both electrical and pull-cord start technology, giving you the best of both worlds while delivering tremendous snow clearing capability.

The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is worth considering if you’re searching for a snowblower that makes clearing snow as simple as possible.

Premium engine

The Toro Power Clear is powered by the company’s own 99CC 4-cycle engine, which is designed and manufactured in-house. It has been constructed with separate gas and oil tanks, removing the need to premix oil and gas. 

It can save you time, and lower the risk of waste and inefficiency. In addition, the 4-cycle engine is extremely quiet.

The functionality of an electric start

Although this snowblower has a pull cord, you can choose to utilize it or the electric start, which is perfect for folks with mobility issues or bad backs. To use electric start, simply plug in the extension cord, click the “Start” button, and then unplug the cord.

Clearance power and high performance

Despite the fact that it’s a little single-stage blower, it gives performance comparable to larger ones. Squeezing a trigger and altering the deflector’s setting to a new angle is all it takes to control it.

The design is extremely small.

The Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is 30 x 19 x 28 inches when folded. This, combined with the snowblower’s lightweight of 58 pounds, means it’s simple to store and move. This is perfect if you have limited storage space or have trouble carrying and transporting bulky objects.

Product Specifications: 

  • Auger System: Power Curve® Rotor
  • Chute Control: Chute-Mounted Handle, Curved w/Zip Deflector
  • Clearing Width: 18″ (46 cm) clearing width, 12” (31 cm) intake height
  • Engine: Toro Premium 99cc OHV 4-cycle
  • Engine Displacement: 99cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.5 L
  • Scraper: Stationary
  • Starter: Electric Start
  • Throw Distance: Up to 25′ (8 m)
  • Tires: 6″ x 1.5″ (15 cm x 3.8 cm )
  • Weight with Electric Start: 58 lbs 


  • It was simple to put together and started on the first pull.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • It’s simple to get started and use.
  • It combines the ease of electricity with the performance of a gas engine.
  • 0.35-gallon fuel capacity
  • For easy storage, it’s small and light.


  • Because the electrical plug is in an inconvenient place, it is easier to use the pull-cord.
  • It has a modest set of wheels.
  • Can be difficult to unscrew the gas cap.
  • It is not pre-assembled and is designed for use on sidewalks rather than larger operations.

Where to buy Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Single Stage Snow Blower 

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#4 Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-inch Single-stage Gas Snow Blower


The Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-inch single-stage gas snow blower is one of the best deals on the market. This basic model (#1696715) has only enough power to deal with mild to medium snowfalls. If you don’t require the extra features that other machines provide, this is a great deal.

208cc 950 Snow Series Engine

The 1022E variant is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series engine with a displacement of 208cc. The torque produced by this 4-cycle OHV engine is 9.5 ft/b (estimated around 5.5 to 6 horsepower). It is not necessary to mix oil and gas. 

Although this engine has its limitations, it is sufficient for light to moderate snowfalls. It can generate some tremendous power once it reaches the pinnacle of its torque curve. It’s also rather quiet and vibration-free.

Snowblowers are assembled in the United States by Briggs & Stratton. The 950 Series engines, on the other hand, are built-in in another country.

Surface Cleaning with a 10-Inch Auger

The surface is scraped well with a heavy-duty plastic auger. It will clean straight down to the pavement with light snow. It can struggle to break through compacted snow or ice, leaving a thin layer behind. 

At this pricing point, this is to be anticipated. If this is a worry, you can upgrade to the Briggs & Stratton 1222EE, which comes with a powerful steel serrated auger.

Even though it’s made of plastic, the auger should last if you stay away from gravel. The rubber-tipped paddles will withstand the brunt of the abuse. This is advantageous since you can simply replace them when they wear out rather than having to replace the entire auger assembly. 

Rubber paddles may be purchased for roughly $40 and are simple to replace. You will only need to do this once every several years if you use it moderately.


There is probably no such thing as a silent gas snow blower, but it is quieter than the majority of them when compared to other models. In that respect, the Briggs & Stratton 1022E could be considered quiet, however, it is still louder than electric engines.

Create high-quality products.

Overall, the build quality is acceptable, but not up to the standards of pricier models. The equipment feels strong for the most part, but it does have some weak points, the most notable of which is the polymer auger with rubber blades.

Although this equipment is quite reliable, some customers have reported troubles with the auger and/or blades (they are the minority though).

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For a gas-powered snow blower, the Briggs & Stratton 1022E is fairly compact and lightweight, making it much easier to handle. Despite the fact that it is not self-propelled, the auger-assist driving system propels it forward gently.

Product Specifications: 

  • Model Number: 1696720
  • Type: Single-Stage
  • Clearing Width: 55 cm
  • Intake Height: 32 cm
  • Auger Style: Thermal Plastic Urethane
  • Auger Diameter: 25.4 cm
  • Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Series: Snow Series™
  • Engine Displacement: 208 cc
  • Engine Type: 4-Cycle OHV
  • Starting System: Recoil Start + Electric Start
  • Chute Style: Plastic
  • Rotation: 200° Manual
  • Chute Deflector: Quick Adjust
  • Drive Type: Auger Propelled
  • Tyre Size: 8 x 2 inches


  • One of the most cost-effective options available.
  • Surprisingly good with wetter snow.
  • It’s light and easy to use for anyone.


  • There are no controls for the chute from a distance.
  • Plastic is used to make the Auger.
  • On uneven surfaces, it has a tendency to veer to the side.

Where to buy Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-inch Single-stage Gas Snow Blower

#5 Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Snow Blower


Snow Joe is a well-known brand of snow throwers with a long history in the industry, and the iON18SB is a cordless model for increased convenience.

The Snow Joe iOn18SB is ideal for those who don’t want to deal with electrical wires or the care and upkeep that comes with owning a gas snowblower. It’s a 40V battery-powered snowblower, which is unusual given that most snow blowers are either electric or gas-powered.

Since its introduction in 2013, the Snow Joe iON has received numerous awards and glowing reviews.

The Snow Joe iOn18SB is extremely light, weighing only 32 pounds, making it simple to push and navigate. This would be an ideal choice if you only have a little area to clear of snow around your home.

Features of the Snow Joe iON18SB

For starters, unlike many snow blowers, this one is cordless, which means you won’t be tethered to a power source. It’s built to the same high level as the rest of the brand’s products, and there’s no complicated setup required; simply turn it on and go.

This model has a completely adjustable handle that makes it more comfortable to use for long periods of time. The 40v battery is a long-lasting lithium-ion design that delivers enough power for up to 50 minutes of operation on a single charge.

The auger, to which the two rubber blades are mounted, is made of steel and is designed to clear a passage completely while causing little damage to the area beneath it. 

As previously stated, the chute can be tilted through 180 degrees, allowing you to deposit snow as far as 20 feet out in any direction at that angle.


When you start using the Snow Joe iON18SB, your neighbors will love you because it’s almost silent and won’t wake anyone up when you’re cleaning the snow. You’ll be able to hear yourself think while you’re taking care of business. When people see you at work, they will most likely be envious of you.

Where to buy Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Snow Blower

Single-Stage Snow Blower Buying Guide


We have covered all of the important features and options of numerous single-stage snow blowers. If you still have questions about how to choose a single-stage snowblower, what criteria to consider, which model is ideal for you, how it works, and so on, read on to learn more.

So, in order to get the right one for you, here is a buying guide that covers all of the important elements of single-stage snow blowers. All you have to do now is read through this tutorial to the conclusion and select the greatest and most appropriate option.


The majority of snow blowers, including electric and gas types, are single-stage. The auger blades will be powered by either a gas engine or an electric motor to effectively clear snow. Both of these power sources have advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose the best one for your needs.

Motor Power

Regardless of the power source, it is advisable to choose a single-stage snowblower with a powerful engine or motor (electric or gas). This will ensure that the auger clears the snow and successfully shoots it away. 

In general, the engine power of gas-powered snowblowers is expressed in CC, whereas the motor power of electric coded snowblowers is expressed in amps, and battery-powered snowblowers are measured in volts.

Snowblowers powered by gas engines can be 100 CC or 220 CC, electric corded blowers can be 10 amps or 15 amps, and battery-driven snowblowers can be 30V – 60V. In each scenario, choosing a blower with a higher rating will result in superior performance.

Blade Width


Varied augers have different blade widths, which we refer to as sizes and widths. It assists you in selecting the ideal snowblower for your needs. The larger blade helps clear a large amount of snow from your driveways at once. 

A 22-inch wide blade auger, for example, will always outperform an 18-inch wide auger. However, keep in mind that it may have an impact on the physical dimensions of a single-stage snowblower.

Blades & Auger:

An auger is the tool head of a single-stage snowblower that is in charge of clearing and propelling snow into a chute. When buying a single-stage snowblower, seek an auger that is both effective and long-lasting. Steel, plastic, and rubber are among the materials used to make auger blades.

  • Steel augers are more durable and ideal for cutting through the frozen ground.
  • Because plastic is less durable than steel and can shatter easily, it works well for lifting various sorts of snow.
  • The snow will be cleared with a rubber auger that will not damage the gravel or pathway.

Also, the number of blades available in the auger of a snowblower should be considered. The more blades (such as four) you have, the faster, smoother, and more effectively you can clear snow off driveways.

Cutting Depth / Blade Depth:

The auger blade width refers to the blade’s horizontal size, whereas the intake height/cutting depth refers to the blade’s vertical height. As a result, checking the cutting depth of a single-stage snowblower is critical. The increased intake height will clear a lot of snow at once, which is very handy if your area gets a lot of snow.

Cutting width options range from 7 to 18 inches, with deeper cutting depths or bigger intake heights resulting in improved performance in clearing snow fast and effortlessly. Also, keep in mind that single-stage gas snow blowers have a higher capacity than both electric and gas models.

Snow Mowing Capacity

To determine a single-stage snow blower’s exact performance, look at its snow moving capacity. This will inform you of the volume/amount of snow a blower can clear in a certain amount of time. Pounds per minute or tons per hour are the units of measurement.

Intake Height


The blower’s intake height controls how much snow it can remove in each run. If there is a lot of snow on the ground, you should acquire a blower with a larger intake height.

If your intake height is insufficient or low, you’ll have to conduct repeated rounds in the same region or remove snow in layers. Select an intake height that can be adjusted up to 2 inches higher than the average snowfall in your location.

For improved snow clearing performance, choose a blower with a higher snow clearing rate. There are alternatives such as 600 – 800 pounds per minute, with the latter performing best in terms of speedy snow removal.

Dimensions and weight


It is critical to evaluate the size and weight of a snowblower before purchasing one. When not in use, a tiny and compact snowblower is convenient to store in your garage. 

A lightweight blower is very simple to use and can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces or in different locations. Electric snow blowers are generally lighter than gas ones, making them easier to maneuver through snow.

Final Thoughts

You’re not alone if you’re tired of shoveling snow out of your backyard and driveway. A mountain of snow around the house can keep you trapped inside, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, you’ll need a good snowblower. It can assist you in securely clearing snow from your driveway and making it more accessible.

However, you are not required to purchase the most expensive snowblower on the market. This article can assist you in making your snowblower purchase.

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Two Stage Snow Blowers Buying Guide | How to Choose the Perfect Unit for You

It may be a difficult job to pick the best snowblower. You’ll see a wide variety of two-stage versions of varying widths and a dizzying range of features. If you’ve never owned a snowblower or have not bought one in a long time, the blizzard of innovative features would blow you away.

High-end features such as push-button power steering that spin the machine around on a dime, heated handgrips that burn the palms, tires that never go soft, and rotating of the push button chute are supported by the newer models.

What is a Snow Blower?

We will start with the basics in order to help you find concrete answers to questions you might have about how to pick a two stage snow blower. It’s going to be as easy at first as what is snow blowing? 

It requires the process of clearing snow by the use of a snowblower system from your sidewalk or driveway. The system involves the machine’s spinning spiral blades swallowing up the snow as a propeller aims to blast it out of its chute.

The next logical question worth addressing now that we have learned its working process is what decision to make when faced with an electric snow blower and gas snowblower. 

Gas vs Electric

Firstly, consider what kind of power to run the snowblower you would like to use. Electric snowblowers are handy since they are easy to warm up and do not need refilling. 

But corded snowblowers are limited in range to the length of the standard extension cord, just like corded lawnmowers. You will also need a cold-rated cord that won’t get easily brittle being pulled through the snow. 

Even though cordless battery-powered electric snowblowers free you from the cord, they are much more constrained in strength and appear to demand new batteries after a few years because of the struggle to function in the cold.

The most efficient are gas snowblowers, but you can swap the power for a little more noise and exhaust. Cords such as corded electric blowers are also not limited to them. 

Stick with a gas snowblower when you’re trying to handle more than 6 inches of snow at once or require long-distance throwing strength. 

On these models, you’re going to have to do a bit more maintenance, but the trade-off for homeowners who need to clear a lot of snow at once is worth it.

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Why Choose a 2 Stage Snow Blower?


The two stage snowblower, whether gas-powered or electric, is the most popular type for homeowners. This equipment scoops up the snow like a snow thrower with an auger, except inside there is an impeller to serve as the second stage. 

Snow is thrown out of the chute even faster and at a larger pace, enabling the snowblower to tackle more snow in one go. You’ll find that there are also household and professional two-stage snow blower available.

Both of these snowblowers work without harm on gravel and grass areas because the augers do not have to make contact with the soil. However, this ensures that collecting the last bit of snow is unlikely, and you may face refreezing over paved fields. 

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What to Look for in a Snow Blower

Make sure you know just what to look for in a snow blower before you go shopping for it  You can notice a few more important variables below, beyond the stages.

Tire Size and Type

It makes a big difference in the size and style of tires on a snowblower. Various considerations decide how quick or difficult the machine can be to drive along through the thick wet snow and slick ice, from distance to height to tread-type.

With 12-inch tires, households with narrower walkways and short driveways will do better, whereas commercial snow removal can at least be achieved with units with 15-inch wheels. On another note, rather than wheels, certain snow blowers come with tracks or skid shoes.

Intake Size

The size of the shovel or scoop that makes up the intake mechanism of the machine’s mouth and the scraper is important. It determines how much snow can be taken in and thrown at a time into the machine.

Usually, snow blowers range from 18 to 28 inches wide. That said, there are intakes available in nearly every size you can think of.

Snow Throwing Range


The distance from which a snowblower can throw snow is also significant. Only to see it blow straight back onto your newly cleared streets, you don’t want to cast it a few miles. But, you don’t want to chuck it over the fence of your neighbor in an accident either.

This factor could be more or less important to you, depending on how big your yard is, or how near your sidewalk or driveway are to your neighbors.

Chute Type

Another important factor to remember with snow blowers is the type of discharge chute. This defines how quick the chute is to turn, aim and adjust angle-wise and directionally. 

Among the best machines are chutes that have over 180-degree rotation capacity and remote control features.

Fuel Type

Believe it or not, the only form of fuel that powers snow blowers these days is not only gasoline. Every year, electric snow blowers are getting more powerful and efficient. In electric models, diesel and other sources of fuel could also be available.

Power Steering 


Two- and three-stage snow blowers are heavy and it can be exhausting to turn them around at the end of a road. However, power steering lets turn a dime on the machine and will save your back. The most recent versions have one-hand power steering controls that the unit will turn 180° in an instant.

Benefits of Two-Stage Snow Blowers


With the specifics you want to help you get the job done with ease, a wide range of options is always beneficial in helping you to find just the product you need. 

These options will help you to monitor the price level for snowfalls that could be lighter in nature relative to places where winter weather is thick, snowy, and strong.

Many of these devices can also throw snow 30 to 50 feet away, making them very flexible for the size and specifications of land. They are also common as the auger is slightly inclined to rough terrain and gravel drives, enabling it to be lifted above the ground and give room between its movement and the surface of the ground.

The power assists to tires enable smooth gear shifting and further monitoring of changes in terrain and snowpack. In order to meet the needs of large landowners, X-track tires and even treads can also be used to help with stability. 

Also to meet the budgets of a larger range of customers, both of these choices often result in varying prices.

Two-Stage Snow Blower Concerns

Two-stage blowers are all powered by 4-cycle motors and need regular maintenance, but this is normally reasonably easy to do at home since they are made mostly for household use. 

Many have very powerful engines but are unable to achieve what they are designed to do, largely because their total constructive size and design are limited.

In other words, if the model was made wide enough and tough enough to withstand it, they could do heavy work.

The auger positioning, which helps you to work on rugged terrain and gravel drives without risking injury, often leaves behind a layer of snow. Therefore, if you are searching for a clean floor when clearing snow, you would need to follow this up with a shovel or other tool to help clear it up.

Their strength is another matter and power comes at a cost. Since these machines would have no difficulty clearing the sidewalks and driveway, your wallet may also be wiped empty.

Snow Blower Maintenance Tips

It may not look like it, but your snow blower will soon be safe to put away. But if you just stuff it in the shed and forget about it, maybe next winter, you’re sorry. 

Spend a bit more time on the snowblower now and you’ll blast through the white stuff next winter season. Here are the maintenance steps to follow.

  1. Always check the tires.

Always check the tires. With the proper amount of air in their tires, snow blowers get the greatest traction; owner’s manuals usually prescribe 15 to 20 pounds per square inch (psi). The manual will have the exact details for your machine; it’s on the side of the tire, too. Also on a fairly new snow blower, make sure to check tire pressures, as many are delivered with over-inflated tires to minimize the risk of injury on the way to the shop.

  1. Replace the spark plug out. 

This is what ignites the gasoline so that it can better start and operate the engine. 

To make sure that you have the correct replacements on hand, review your owner’s manual. Remove the lead wire to adjust the spark plug, and use a socket wrench to help remove the plug. To be cautious not to over-tighten the new plug, replace it with a new spark plug and re-attach the lead cable.

  1. Check if all parts for the snowblower are still in working condition.

Different snowblower manufacturers and models come with different accessories, such as power steering, headlights, and electric starts. It is a smart idea to check all of these items and repair any missing or worn accessories.

  1. Change Oil

Like vehicles, today’s snow blowers have a different oil tank and bigger ones have a bolt that you loosen. Tip the machine over, and the old oil can quickly be emptied into the container. When you’re finished and the bolt is reattached, reload it to the amount you like. The correct type and grade of oil to use will be specified in your owner’s manual.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that two stage snow blower types differ based on their operational mechanism. The one thing we will all rely on, though, is that your preference will still be down to a two stage snow blower if you live in a snowfall-heavy place. 

The thing is, you need a snow blower capable of treating snow to a depth of 18 inches. You will want one with the potential to clean snow quicker and more efficiently over a larger area.

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Champion Snow Blower Product Review | Powerful 2-stage Snowblower to Tackle Even the Toughest Snow

Winter is a season of excitement and wonder, but it also comes with gloomy freezing air, and, even, snow. To clear the walks and driveway, you would typically spend your time using an old school snow shovel. 

But why would you do that when, in a split moment, you could clear large chunks of space with a two-stage snow blower?

Electric snow shovels are the perfect equipment for porches and smaller streets, but a two-stage snow blower is what you better have on hand if you’re looking at a true snowmageddon to deal with. 


A big two-stage snow blower may be a real time saver as well as giving your back and shoulders a break, depending on where you live and how much snow you usually get in your neck of the woods. 

With dense snow and if you have some sloping ground that needs to be removed, large snow clearing equipment is incredibly useful.

How 2 Stage Snow Blowers Work

The auger is a rotating metal tool that can be seen in every snowblower. It has the same term as the wood tool that is used for boring holes. In a snowblower, the augers are responsible for pushing snow into the central chute so it can be thrown to another location. 

The further augers a snowblower gets, the more material it can handle immediately, the easier it processes snow, and the more it throws it.

Another is the impeller, a rotor that is part of a snow blower’s core system. It is responsible for the snow’s constant flow which is what mainly throws away excess material from the device. The augers force snow through this impeller so that the cleaning area can be blasted away.

Benefits of 2 Stage Snow Blowers

The advantage of two-stage gas snow blowers exceeds the issue on the augers and impellers. Depending on the model, their clearing width is also greater, ranging from approximately 20 inches to about 36 inches. 

Two-stage gas snow blowers for you are propelled by engine-driven wheels (or, in some instances, tracks), to use them easily.

The spinning auger breaks into the snow with single-stage models that collect it and blow it out of the discharge chute. 

Although not technically self-propelled, the auger’s action has the effect of driving the snowblower forward as it comes into contact with the surface of the driveway (the operator simply has to steer it).

But with two-stage gas snow blowers, the auger that eats up the snow does not touch the clearing surface, which means you can even blow your snow on gravel driveways. 

That being said, a flip side to the auger that does not contact the ground is a thin coating of snow will be left unmanaged.

About Champion Snow Blowers

Count on the line of snow blowers from Champion to combine strong efficiency and convenience to help you handle even the toughest snowfall and efficiently and easily clear your driveway. 

One of them is the powerful 224cc 24-inch snowblower. For both domestic and technical consumers, this user-friendly and economical blower model is the ideal choice.

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Electric Start 

Thanks to the 120-volt electric start, firing up your snowblower on a cold morning is easier. Built with 6-foot fittings, the click of a button is all it takes to begin clearing the snowfall away from the electric-start power cord. 

If you need to pause and restart when working away from an outlet, Champion offers the option of a comfortable recoil start so that you can easily get back to work.

This makes it easy to use and makes the unit a decent choice for an average user who is not so familiar with high-powered gardening instruments.

Excellent Clearing Width

This powerful machine has an efficient clearing route 24 inches wide and a clearing height of 21 inches designed for snowfalls up to 12 inches thick. 

The flexible drive system, providing 6 forward and 2 reverse speed options, ensures you stay safe and in charge by selecting a pace that works for you. It also helps to remove snow from large areas in no time at all.

Easy Assembly

Thanks to straightforward instructions and careful packaging with an optional 6-foot electric start control cable, a chute clearing tool, and four spare shear pins, configuration and assembly are hassle-free right out of the package. 

The lightweight size makes it both simple to store and strong to use at just 24 inches wide.

Long-lasting and Compact

The Champion snow blower comes with a lightweight and portable body, which makes it much easier to keep it in places such as garages and sheds for storage.

It is also made of high-quality materials, making it so durable and able to work at its finest even if used repeatedly in the toughest of snow conditions.

Summary of Features:

  • Champion 224cc gas engine: Featuring a handy 120-volt push-button electric start plus 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, this snow blower is one of the most powerful engines in its class
  • Powerful & Efficient: This powerful system can tackle snowfalls up to 12 inches deep with a 24-inch clearing capability and an optimal 21-inch clearing height.
  • Effective: A 12-inch carbon-steel auger quickly cuts through day-old packed snow and ice while the strong impeller offers a clearing range of up to 25 feet (7.6 m)
  • Convenient: Designed for easy transport and storage
  • Champion Support: Provides 2-year extended warranties from dedicated professionals and FREE lifetime technical support.

Champion 24-inch 224cc Snowblower Specifications

  • Clearing Width: 24 inches
  • Clearing Height: 21 inches
  • Auger Diameter: 12 inches
  • Impeller Diameter: 12 inches
  • Maximum Throwing Distance: 25 ft.
  • Skid Shoes: Yes
  • Skid Shoe Type: Adjustable
  • Skid Shoe Size: 6 inches
  • Control Handle Locks: No
  • Chute Material: Steel
  • Chute Rotation: 190 degrees
  • Chute Rotation Control: Remote
  • Chute Pitch Control: Manual
  • Chute Clearing Tool Included: Yes
  • Headlight: No
  • Heated Hand Grips: No
  • Power Type: Gasoline
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Forward Drive Speeds: 6
  • Reverse Drive Speeds: 2
  • Start Type: Recoil, Electric (120V AC)
  • Engine Brand: Champion
  • Engine Size: 224cc
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke Winterized
  • Gasoline Capacity: 0.9 gallons
  • Engine Oil Type: 0W-30
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 0.6 qt.
  • Engine Oil Included: No
  • Low Oil Shut-Off: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Wheel Type: Pneumatic
  • Wheel Diameter: 13.0 inches
  • EPA Certified: Yes
  • CARB Compliant: No

What We Like About the Champion Snow Blower

Another snowblower boasting a large 224-cc motor to clear a 24-inch path with a 21-inch inlet is the Champion 100434 Gas Snow Blower. When you clear the snow, it has six forward and two reverse velocities for extreme mobility. 

A manually adjustable chute helps you to modify the angle as well as the blower’s level. To get it running without unnecessary string-pulling, it even features an electric starter.

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What Needs to be Improved

For the Champion 100434, the greatest difficulty being that it has a very clunky belt. In a single season, it needs to be replaced twice, which has been pricey, time-consuming, and irritating. 

The assembly of the machine was also a further issue. The directions are very difficult, and it can take too many hours to get it going as a result.

Champion Snow Blower Maintenance Tips


Here are the proper ways to take care of your snow blower and to observe safeness when using it. 

Cleaning a Chute of Clogged Discharge

The most likely source of injuries associated with snowblowers is hand contact with the rotating impeller within the discharge chute. To clear out the discharge chute, never ever use your hand.

In order to empty the chute:

1. Turn off the engine first.

2. Wait 10 seconds to make sure the rotation of the impeller blades has finished.

3.Use a cleaning tool at all times. Do not ever use your hands.

Storage and Maintenance

1. Check shear nuts, engine bolts, etc. for proper tightness regularly to ensure that the equipment is in secure working shape.

2. Never store the snowblower with fuel still on it inside a building where sources of ignition are present, such as room heaters, clothing dryers, or other open sources of flames. Enable the engine to cool in every enclosure prior to storage.

3. If the snowblower is to be kept for an extended time, please refer to the owner’s guide guidelines for significant information

4. Keep or replace the instructions and safety labels if needed.

5. To avoid freeze-up during storage, run the snowblower for one minute to clean away packed snow and ice.

When loading or extracting the gasoline

  1. Switch off the snowblower and let it cool for a period of at least two minutes before lifting the cap on fuel. Slowly open up the cap to relieve tank pressure.
  2. Load or drain gasoline only in a well-ventilated place outdoors.
  3. DO NOT put the fuel directly through the gas station into the snowblower
  4. To transfer the fuel to the snowblower, use only an approved container. Do NOT overfill the tank with fuel.
  5. Keep the unit or the gasoline away from sparks open fire, heat, and other things that may cause ignition at all times. DO NOT light cigarettes, nor smoke near them.

Starting the snowblower:

  1. DO NOT try to start a snowblower that is already damaged.
  2. Make sure that the cap, air filter, fuel lines, spark plug, exhaust system are in the proper place.
  3. Let the spilled gasoline totally evaporate before trying to start the engine.
  4. Make sure the snowblower is comfortably sitting on flat land.

Operating the snowblower

  1. DO NOT tip or cause the fuel or oil to spill on the snowblower.
  2. Transporting or repairing the snowblower:
  3. Make sure the petrol valve is in the OFF position and that the gasoline tank is empty.
  4. Remove the wire with the spark plug.

Storing the snowblower:

  1. Keep away from sparks, and other sources of combustion.
  2. Do not store snowblowers or fuel in the vicinity of furnaces, water heaters, or any other heat-producing or automatic ignition equipment.

Final Thoughts

Your typical shovel is supposed to gather dust with the Champion Snow Blower as you clear up your yard and driveway in no time.

It feels effortless to use, strong, and today on the market it’s an awesome great buy for a snowblower.  Definitely worth trying on!

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Husqvarna St224 Snowblower Review | For Clean and Snow-free Driveways

In the early hours of the morning, shoveling snow out of your driveway and freezing your hands off with a shovel is definitely not the way you’d like to start working this winter.  

Two-stage snow blowers are a common piece of outdoor power machines in areas that experience heavy snowfall each winter. In a wide variety of sizes and styles, these powerhouse machines are available and are worthwhile to consider if you know you need a powerful snow thrower.

The perfect two-stage blower of snow for you? Yeah, it’s the one that makes the work you need to do, the most easily done. Having said that, the HUSQVARNA ST224 is one of the finest all-around two-stage snow blowers currently available for general use.


Husqvarna offers some of the best snow throwers available online, giving preference to reliability, strength, performance, and comfort. Husqvarna has a snowblower model that will work with your scenario, whether you get mild snowfalls or regular extreme snowstorms.

Snowblowers from Husqvarna are good snow removal units from a well-known company. Not only can these machines allow you clear snow off your driveway or walking routes, but they also save you a huge amount of time. 

You may enjoy such advantages, such as quick snow sweeping, with the best Husqvarna snowblower. You just press the button; the engine is up and running and you’re through clearing the snow out of the way in no time. 

These units also have excellent characteristics that make snow clearing a lot simpler.

See where HUSQVARNA ST224 ranks in our Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers shortlist.

HUSQVARNA ST224 Features


The Husqvarna ST224, built to tackle deep snow in the toughest conditions, is an engineering achievement as it can push through everything you throw at it. 

It is also self-propelled and with practical heated grips, even though the ambient temperature is cold, to keep the hands toasty warm. 

Here are the features you should take note of on this snowblower.

Powerful Steel Auger


The ST224 utilizes a ribbon auger.  This type of auger, according to Husqvarna, combines air with the snow to make it easier to blow to the side. 

This auger style helps the ST224 to withstand a wide variety of snow, from light to snowy, a real plus for users who face a wide range of forms of snowfall.

The Husqvarna ST 224P will knock off a lot of snow with a 24-inch clearing diameter and a 23-inch depth. It can accommodate up to almost 2 feet with drift cutters attached, 14-16 inches of light snow is the sweet spot here. The ribbon augers do a good job of clearing down the snow ground.

A 12-inch steel auger helps effectively chop through thick and compacted snow. It’s one of the greatest at clearing the end of driveway piles in its group. 

Fluffy and thick snow can be hurled 30 feet away easier. The modification of the skid shoes facilitates safe to use on surfaces of grass, dirt, or block paving.

Reliable 4-cycle 208cc Engine

The ST224 is powered by a 208cc 4-cycle engine and produces 6.3HP, which is perfectly sufficient for a two-stage compact. The light powder can accommodate up to 14-16 inches and about 10 inches of heavier snow.

 Much further than that, and you can have to lose gear or move over it again. This engine does not need oil and gas to be combined together.

Snowblowers from Husqvarna are made by LCT (Liquid Combustion Technology), an American company, although the engines are made overseas.  LCT is the best small engine builder around. They are reliable, fuel-efficient, and quieter than rivals.

Heated Handle Grip

When you’re outside blowing snow, your hands are the most prone to becoming frozen, and because they are the only thing you need to keep the ST224 working, it becomes much more necessary to ensure that they are comfortable. 

It might sound like a minor thing, but the heated handgrips on this Husqvarna snow blower are really one of the best features. 

Getting warm hands while you work makes it easy for the snowblower to maneuver, but most importantly, when you’re out in the cold, you’ll be much comfortable. And you should go inside for a well-deserved hot cup of coffee when you’re done.

Electric Start

In the winter, hand-cranking a gasoline engine is at best an uncomfortable chore. You would not have to worry about this with the ST224’s electric start. Just plug it into a socket and push the remote, then all you have to do to get rolling is click the switch. If this fails you for whatever reason, there is a pull- cord as a substitute.

LED Headlights


Husqvarna has given the concept of these headlights a great deal of consideration. They give a face, and some style, to the Husqvarna ST224. Simply switch on the LED lights as the snow comes early in the morning and you take out this snow blower, and you will be able to see where you are headed. 

Not all snow blowers have headlights, but for your own protection, the good ones do and should be on all snow blowers.

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Chute Control

A lever guides the chute’s side-to-side motion. It moves smoothly, which is a help for anybody who has in the past dealt with stiff hand cranks. Another lever helps you to lift the discharge chute or to lower it. 

This benefits a lot when getting a face full of snow on windy days. It all felt right and you’re not going to have to slow down to change the course of it. Perhaps the only way that they could do was integrate the two levers. 

It even has an instrument for chute cleaning that goes everywhere you go. This is the option to use if the snow often sticks to your chute.

6-Speed Transmission Friction Disk

The Husqvarna ST224P is self-propelled and comes with 6 forward and 1 reverse speed. With their trigger buttons, it is easy to switch up and down when using them. The only concern was it has only one reverse speed.  This can end up being an inconvenience if you do a lot back out of spots.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 196.6lbs
  • Blower Type: Two-stage
  • Clearing Width: 24 inch
  • Auger Diameter: 12inch
  • Impeller Blades: 3
  • Engine Manufacturer: LCT
  • Engine Displacement: 208cc
  • Horsepower: 6.3hp/4.7 kW
  • Gross Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.69 gallons.
  • Transmission Type Friction: Disc
  • Forward Speed: 6
  • Reverse Speed: 1
  • Tire size: 15inch


  1. Can I use it on Gravel Surfaces?  

In order to prevent injuries to humans, pets, property, and the snowblower, the owner’s manual warns against using it on gravel surfaces. If you have to use it on dirt, follow the correct set up guidelines in the manual.

  1. How easy is it for this snow blower to handle?

It is fairly easy to navigate while it is going, whether moving straight or in small circles. At almost 200 pounds, though, it can be a struggle for smaller individuals to navigate, particularly when making turns. A better choice for such users may be the ST224P with power steering.

  1. Will a combination of oil and gas run on it?

No, there’s no two-stroke engine in it. It is powered by a four-cycle engine and runs on regular fuel. The oil is applied separately by extracting the oil filler cap, testing the oil level, and adding more before the dipstick reading indicates it is complete. You’ll know what to do if you own a car.

  1. Will an electrical cord be used to start the engine?

Yes, it can be started with the use of an electrical socket and an outdoor electric starter cable. It is plugged into the electric starter box placed on the engine’s right side. To start the snow blower’s motor, just press the red button.

  1. Is it difficult to assemble? 

No, it’s not complicated. Before taking it for a drive around the yard, there are a couple of small things to do. The snow chute and the remote cable typically ought to be attached. Adjust the handlebars to a height that is convenient. A few little pieces, oil, and four-stroke engine petrol. It’s like that.

A fast start installation guide with diagrams and photos is normally provided in the snowblower. For more information on setting it up, you can also refer to the Husqvarna ST224 manual.

ST224 Maintenance Tips

Clearing Clogged Chute

Contacting the spinning impeller inside the discharge by hand is the most serious cause of injuries associated with the chute. In order to empty the chute:

  1. Turn off the engine
  2. Wait 10 seconds to ensure the blades of the impeller have stopped spinning.
  3. Always use a cleaning tool, do not use your hands.

Storage and Maintenance

  1. Check all the bolts regularly to ensure proper tightness and to ensure the equipment is working in good shape.
  2. Never store the snowblower unit with fuel still on the fuel tank inside a structure where sources of ignition are existing, such as heaters for hot water, room heaters, or dryers. Let the engine cool prior to storage.
  3. For important information, please refer to the Operator’s Manual if it is appropriate to store the snow thrower for an extended time.
  4. Keep or replace labels for protection and guidance, as needed.
  5. Let the machine run for a  few minutes after throwing snow to avoid a collector/impeller from freezing up.

To Sum Things Up

To clear away snowfall from your path, the Husqvarna ST224 snowblower performs very well. Considering its price, it has a few amazing features. 

ST224 has heated handle grips, LED headlights, and an electric starter mechanism that utilizes a power socket instead of batteries. For shorter individuals, the handle height can also be modified.

The Husqvarna ST224 is an excellent option for your snow removing needs if you are a homeowner who resides in an environment of comparatively “normal” quantities of snow, has a two-car driveway, and lives on a lot with a significant amount of sidewalk.

It is reliable, can handle snowfalls in the range of 6 to 18, and is easy to run. A lot of strength, height adjustment of the handle, excellent lighting of the work area, and Husqvarna consistency make the ST224 model worth considering.

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