Most of us have a rough time squeezing in-house cleaning for so many big tasks that need to be completed on every given day. The fact is, it can be tiresome and time-consuming to scrub a carpet and dust a whole home, and we’d rather spend our time on something else. A dust-free house is now within sight, though, with the help of revolutionary cleaning equipment such as the self-propelled Eufy Anker Robovac 30c .

This post is great for you, for those of you who are still unsure of the wonders that this machine can do.

Now, close your eyes and simply imagine it for a moment: An ordinary-looking gadget that goes from room to room as you put your feet up or maybe even while are working or running errands, doing your least favorite task for you. 

Self-propelled robot vacuums will turn this dream into a reality, and you do not need to blow the budget to get one.

What is a Self-Propelled Vacuum and How Does it Work?

Recently, self-propelled technologies took the vacuum industry by surprise. Self-propelled vacuum cleaners have transmissions that more readily control forward and reverse motions. They are, as such, much easier to drive while moving. 

Nevertheless, they can also be heavier and harder to lift than units that are not self-propelled. A self-propelled vacuum can be something to consider if you have a single-story home mainly with carpeting.

When you pick a robotic vacuum, you’ll find the widest variety of choices if you’re looking for a real self-propelled model.

A robot vacuum will help to remove dirt and keep your house clean, whether you have a relatively limited space that requires vacuuming or you want a hands-free way to tidy up your space in packed vacuuming sessions.

About Eufy Anker RoboVac 30C


The best self-propelled vacuum cleaners are a viable part of the smart home program, not an overpriced gadget anymore. We would consider investing in one, with rates now beyond the scope of most households. We take a look at the range available from the American consumer tech brand Eufy, but there are several choices available.

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable robot vacuum, then the Eufy Anker RoboVac 30c is the perfect one for you. This mid-price robotic vacuum, is suitable to be used on hardwood floors and also low- and medium-pile carpets and offers a range of useful qualities that make it stand out among other robotic vacuums.

See Where Eufy Anker RoboVac 30C Ranks in Our Best Self-Propelled Vacuum Cleaners

Sleek and Stylish


The Eufy RoboVac is introduced in a slim 2.85″ body that cleans the areas you want rigorously.  At a volume no louder than the microwave in your kitchen, it can gracefully hover around your home with its Quiet Clean technology. 

You don’t have to worry about your RoboVac bouncing into your furniture or any barriers by using nine anti-collision infrared sensors, enabling it to clean non-stop without even any fuss.

Power with Convenience: The Eufy RoboVac was designed and modified from inside and out to deliver dust-busting without any inconveniences, keeping your comfort in mind.

Powerful Suction


To make your mornings a little more relaxed and less stressful, its 1500Pa of suction power is paired with several cleaning modes and an auto-clean function. To offer a superior cleaning experience, it also uses three brushes to loosen, remove, and vacuum any dirt from various surfaces.

Revolutionized Intelligence

To instantly increase its suction capacity, the Eufy RoboVac uses its BoostIQ Technology to provide you with cleaning beyond any normal vacuum. 

It helps you to do more with little to no effort on your side, in collaboration with the EufyHome app and other voice control services. It also uses drop-sensing devices, moving it away from stairs and ledges that keep your mind at peace.

To make sure that your RoboVac just cleans the places you need, its dual-hall sensors can sense boundary strips laid out in your house.

Full Package


All the accessories, including 13.2 ft Boundary Strips, 2 AAA battery remote control, charging platform, cleaning the unit, AC power adapter, high-performance filter kit, five cable ties, four side brushes, and a welcome guide, are included within the package.

Features and Design


From the outside, the Eufy RoboVac 30C looks very unremarkable. It is oval in shape, 325 mm in diameter and just 72 mm wide, so it can go under even relatively low-slung furniture and clean the places that don’t get much attention otherwise.

It has a relatively spacious 0.6-liter dust bin and trundles around on a pair of motorized rubber wheels with a small pivoting jockey-wheel at the rear to provide support, like most circular robovacs. Between those two wheels, the main rolling brush lies, and a pair of rotating brushes are placed at the front to help the Eufy Rovabac 30C pick up dust and fluff near the edges and in the corners of the space.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: A 12-month warranty comes with your new Eufy RoboVac. For any inquiries or complaints, you can also contact their technical assistance team through their website.

Setting Up

Setting up the RoboVac 30C to a home network and to the EufyHome app was a breeze. Even though the app insisted that before attaching our bot, we build a user account, EufyHome led us through the entire setup process. (Yes, through Alexa and Google Assistant, you can monitor the RoboVac 30C as well.

This manual suggests 3 feet of clearance on either side of the dock and 6 feet in front of it, as with any of the other robot vacuums. That’s a lot of real estate around a power socket. You will surely not have any difficulties with getting about 2 feet of clearance on the side and 6 feet in front.

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Performance and Ease of Use


The 30C also has a variety of different settings you can use for cleaning. You’ll often use Auto mode, but if you want it to be cleaned easier, it’s also handy to use the edge, spot and easy modes of the vacuum.

The remote control can be used to activate both of these modes, and also allows you steering controls and the ability to locate the vacuum or take it off. 

You can also execute all these activities via the phone app and set up a cleaning routine, so you can make the bot clean at certain times of day while you’re out.

Likewise, using a voice command from an Alexa- or Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, you can also command it to start and stop cleaning.

Eufy Anker RoboVac 30C Pros:

Basically, the EufyHome software acts like a remote control connected to Wi-Fi, reflecting the buttons on the actual remote, including the start/stop button, path, suction force, and a home button to take the 30C back to its charging dock. 

The key benefits of using the software are the Find button, which locates the vacuum if you lose sight of it, and a scheduling feature, in addition to the ability to monitor the vacuum from wherever you have a connection to your network. 

This last function helps you to assign various cleaning times for each day instead of a standard period that corresponds to the whole week. A great feature that most robot vacuums don’t deliver.

Eufy Anker RoboVac 30C Cons:

While the Eufy RoboVac 30C is a robot vacuum that is technologically advanced, it also comes with drawbacks like most other good vacuums out there. It is suitable for use on carpets, bricks, hardwood, and laminate floors with low to medium piles. 

Apparently, this RoboVac is not ideal for high-pile carpets and should also be kept far away from cables to prevent being caught in them.

When it comes to making its way back home, it still has some efficiency concerns. If it doesn’t finish close enough to it, the Eufy appears to miss its way back to the docking station to recharge. 

A further downside is that if it is used in hyper mode, it still appears to exhaust the batteries. But in all honesty, at its present price point, you can not go wrong with those features.

Product Sepcifications: 

  • Dust Capacity: 0.2 gallons
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Vacuum Type: Robotic
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Manufacturer: Eufy
  • Room Navigation: Yes
  • Smart Phone Compatible: Yes
  • Power Type: Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Full Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Max Power Consumption: 40 Watts
  • Operating Autonomy: 100 mins
  • Communications Technology: WiFi
  • Compatible With: Alexa, Google Assistant

Maintenance Tips

As there are a number of parts that require maintenance, the 30C is difficult to manage, but each component is easy to access. The following are the pieces that require upkeep.

  • Dirt compartment: This involves regular emptying, about once a day, and can be cleaned with water.
  • Brushroll: It can be removed by first removing the guard from the brushroll. The vacuum comes with a cleaning tool for the brushroll, and you must clean the The vacuum comes with a cleaning tool for the brushroll, and you must clean it every week.
  • Filters: In the dirt compartment, there are two filters and a pre-filter. They are accessible by removing the dirt container and each one needs to be cleaned once every week, and both the black foam filter pre-filter can be cleaned with water.
  • Side brushes: There are two side brushes that lock into spot and are easy to detach or clean with water to remove any hair. It is important to clean them about once a month.
  • Wheels: You can remove and clean the wheels quickly with water once a month too.
  • Sensors: The sensors on this vacuum should be cleaned with the special cloth that comes with it every month.

If some component is cleaned with water, you must air-dried it before using again.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, the Eufy RoboVac 30C offers great cleaning at an incredibly tempting price. When it comes to making its way across your home without interruption, it is strong, quiet, simple to use and very competent.

In short, this is the next best thing if you’re trying to swim in a pool of automatic vacuum cleaners but don’t want to blow on expensive ones. It may not be the most sophisticated robot vacuum on the market, but it’s outstanding value for money and the most powerful vacuum of any robot within this price everywhere.

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