Another Shark swims aggressively to the top of the best handheld vacuums list. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii Hand Vac SV780 is sleek, compact, cordless, and it works great on cleaning carpets. If you have a pet, and you specifically need to keep your home fur-free, this vacuum can help you with that.

Because this vac is cordless, you will also love how easy it is to carry wherever you wish to, whether inside your home or outdoors. This handheld vacuum is practically perfect. However, just like a lot of other products, it comes with its own drawbacks, too. Here we’ll talk about Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii, its features, highlights, how it can make one’s life more comfortable, and its flaws.


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Summary of Features: Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii

  • Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii’s TruePet Motorized brush is one of its highlights. This tool is loved by a lot of customers, especially pet owners. It works great when it comes to getting fur and hair from different surface types. Carpet cleaning has never been easy using this motorized brush. It may, however, struggle a bit on getting larger debris on carpet. On the other hand, for fine debris, fur, and hair on your rugs or carpet, you will surely get a satisfying performance with this brush.
  • Twister Cyclonic Technology is a patented innovation you can see among Shark products. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii has it, too, which separates hair from dust. This technology is particularly useful for pet owners, as hair can pile up and clog the filters. Thus, decreasing suction power. With this technology, consistent suction power is assured.
  • For a cordless vac, the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii offers powerful suction. With 18 volts’ power, this badass stands as the most powerful cordless, handheld vacuum in today’s market. Customers report that the product is efficient and powerful enough for cleaning fur and other types of mess on all surface types, whether it’s stairs, upholstery, fabric, or carpet. These surface types are typically the most difficult to clean with a vacuum.
  • Not all handheld vacuums come with attachable tools, probably because handheld vacs are usually cheaper than other types of vacuum cleaners. For Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii, however, you will get three types of tools for better cleaning performance. A crevice tool, brush, and motorized brush are all included in the box. These different attachable tools help in more efficient cleaning for various needs such as cleaning hair, larger debris, or sucking up dirt from tight spaces.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii Review


We love the design of Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii. It looks elegant, and its clear dirt bin allows you to know if you need to empty the container. Dumping of dust, dirt, and hair is easy with Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii. There’s a button you can press on top of the vacuum, which allows the dirt bin to separate from the motor.

It will, however, take getting used to when emptying the container. The button can be stiff at first, which might cause you to spill the contents on the floor. Thus, make sure to empty the dirt bin above a trash can, so if you drop its contents, it will go directly to the trash. Over time, and with practice, emptying the bin will be a seamless task.


The filter of Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is washable. Although it lacks a HEPA filter, which means this is not the best product for people with allergy. It can, however, definitely do the job when it comes to cleaning hair, dust, and dirt.

Because this product is mainly designed for pet hair cleaning, it does an impressive job of removing fur from different surface types, even the most difficult ones. With its TruePet Motorized Brush, you can quickly gather pet hair on fabric, carpet, and upholstery. If you live in a tight space, like a small apartment, a camper or trailer, and you have a furry pet, this vacuum is enough for you to help you keep your home fur-free.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii works like magic on carpets. Using the TruePet Motorized Brush, it can beat dirt and hair even on thick carpets. It can dig deep using the brush, and with its powerful suction, it can draw dust and fur buried in the carpet. It may, however, take a couple of passes to fully get rid of mess for medium to high pile carpets.

Bare floor cleaning is also flawless with Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii, except for larger debris. Because of the product’s relatively small opening, it tends to struggle and blow away larger-sized debris. For smaller dirt particles, however, collecting dust, dirt, and hair from bare floors is easy using the brush roll head. With the combination of the brush tool and powerful suction, food pieces, cereals, or pet litter can be easily cleaned using Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii.

Cleaning upholstery using the vacuum brings no issues as well. Using the motorized brush, Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii can easily pick up dirt and hair from the couch, chair, or fabrics. It lifts away dirt or fur on the upholstery and gets swiftly vacuumed with the product’s powerful suction. Using the crevice tool, cleaning the nooks of upholstery is seamless. Although some feedbacks say, the crevice tool could be longer.

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Why Buy Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii?


For pet owners, Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is a savior. Especially if you have a pet who sheds a lot, you know how annoying it is to see hair all over the house. Getting rid of pet hair on your outfit every time you go outside the house is quite a tiresome task. For this particular dilemma, you can rely on Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii. The vacuum, using its motorized brush, can efficiently and safely remove fur from all types of surface, whether it’s carpet, fabric or upholstery.

Cordless and compact; this is the best combination of features if you’re looking for a portable vacuum. The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is an excellent example. You can bring this vacuum anywhere you go. Going to the beach, camping, or you want to keep a vac in your car to keep your vehicle spotless, Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii can be your handy partner through thick and thin.

Although the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is on the heavier side for handheld vacuum cleaners, it still is conveniently lightweight compared to other vacuum types. It’s a great cleaning tool for the elderly or people with a back problem. You won’t need to worry about carrying a heavy vacuum when cleaning the stairs or above-floors.

Most handheld vacuums are easy-to-use. It’s the same with Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii and so much more. Apart from it being lightweight and compact, it’s also comfortable to use with its handle, allowing you to spot-clean quickly. It’s also easy to store, which is a plus for people living in areas with limited space.

As mentioned a couple of times, it’s worth mentioning again that this vacuum, for a cordless, handheld cleaning tool, offers excellent powerful suction. Combine its strong suction force with the motorized brush, and nothing can stop you from turning anything into spotless-clean. Whether you want to keep your thick carpet dust and fur-free, or your upholstery tidy, you can do anything with Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii.

Having a small home doesn’t give anyone an excuse to leave it a mess. Compact vacuums like Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is the best tool to keep your home tidy without worrying where you’ll store the product. It’s so small you can put it anywhere, and no one will even notice.

If you’re budget-conscious, this vacuum is the one you’re looking for. It will not cost you an arm and a leg to get your own. This Shark is available at a fair price, and with its impressive vac qualities, it’s undoubtedly a steal.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii Specifications

  • Cordless
  • Weight: 4.92-pound heavy
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Bagless
  • Battery: 18 volts Nickel Cadmium
  • Wall mount
  • Filters: Washable
  • Bin Capacity: 0.56 quartz
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Charging time: 16 hours

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Pros and Cons


  • Motorized brush
  • Powerful suction
  • Removal and replaceable batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with two tools for different cleaning needs


  • Long charging time
  • Heavy
  • Short running time



Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii Hand Vac SV780 is a reliable handheld cleaning tool at a fair price. You will get impressive suction power and a few more attachable tools for efficient cleaning. You will not get disappointed with what the product promises, as it can help keep your home fur-free. It’s lightweight, compact, versatile, and easy to carry, which are fascinating features of this product that customers love.

On the downside, however, the chief complaint about this vacuum is its long charging time and short running time. It takes about 16 hours to be fully charged, yet you can only use for about 16-20 minutes. Although some customers say, they only use the product for about 5 minutes, since it’s mainly a spot-cleaning tool.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii is a vacuum cleaner you can trust when it comes to quick messes. It does an impressive job of carpet cleaning. It can deep clean high pile carpets using its motorized brush and powerful suction. It may take a couple of passes to remove fine debris from carpets, but for a handheld vacuum, we can safely say, it does the job better than its competing models.

What do you think about Shark Cordless Pet Perfect ii Handheld Vacuum SV780? Would you want to get your own? Tell us why in the comment section below.

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