If you are on the hunt for an efficient but affordable steam iron, keep reading as we bring you the Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron Review.

Unwanted wrinkles are the worst enemy of a perfect outfit. A  session with a handheld clothes steam iron is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve a polished appearance. Clothes irons, also known as steam irons, remove wrinkles and leave clothes looking new and crisp by mixing steam and pressure.

A hot, steamy iron is an important tool in your laundry. Nothing flattens stubborn wrinkles or produces sharp pleats like a steam iron. Steam irons seek to make buzz as a game-changer in the ironing industry, despite the fact that many people do not find them groundbreaking. These irons add comfort and efficiency to the board.

What is Steam Iron and How does it Work?


The steam iron does have a water tank which can produce steam through the soleplate’s holes. This helps you to steam the clothes first, then iron them. When compared to traditional irons, steam irons will also strip wrinkles quickly. The below are some of the key distinctions between a steam iron and a standard iron:

  • Water Tank
  • Soleplate with steam holes
  • The ability to produce both burst and consistent steam.

The right steam iron for you can be determined by how much you use it, how many garments you have, how choosy you are about drapery and upholstery which can be ironed as well, and how safety conscious you are.

If you have younger children, safety will take a front lead on your list of priorities. If you need a business suit on a regular basis, a short warm-up period and high wattage performance would be your top priorities. 

So today we’ll look at the Sunbeam SteamMaster Steam Iron, which is one of the best steam irons on the market.

About Sunbeam SteamMaster Steam Iron

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re late and in dire need of a steam iron. The Sunbeam Steam Master Specialist Iron would always shine in this situation.

Only several models will proudly display the phrase “made in China,” but the Sunbeam steam master iron can. The sunbeam company had this iron in mind when they said you can trust them on consistency and value.  It has a slightly green and grey finish with a chrome finish to improve its beauty. Its durability is also boosted by the chrome.

The steam is strong, constantly and quietly pumped out, and many users enjoy using it. It glides effortlessly and generates a lot of energy, but small annoyances like the cord stopped us from awarding it five stars. However, it’s always a great steam iron. 

See Where SunBeam SteamMaster Ranks in Our Best Steam Iron for Clothes

Let’s see what this steam iron has to offer.

Summary of Features:

  • Powerful 1400 watts
  • Soleplate Made of Stainless Steel
  • 15 Soleplate Steam Macro Holes 
  • Anti-Drip System
  • Steam Shot and Vertical Steaming 
  • Anti-Calc System
  • Self-Cleaning System
  • Spray Mist.
  • Auto-Shut Off.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Retractable Cord

Powerful 1400 watts

Even though it is not as powerful as other versions, it provides adequate power. It heats up easily and remains hot for the remainder of the ironing session. It’s also strong enough to use in the tailoring industry for pressing seams.

Soleplate Made of Stainless Steel


A broad stainless steel soleplate is included with the Sunbeam steam master. A wide soleplate provides a large surface area for ironing, requiring less strokes and reducing time and energy. 

The soleplate is made of stainless steel, which makes it smooth and glides over every fabric with ease. Stainless steel is also long-lasting and convenient to clean.Stainless steel is also durable and easy to clean. 

Even though not as sophisticated as in other powerful steam iron models, the steam master features a sole plate with good non-stick properties that prevent tugging and damage to clothes through sticking.

15 Soleplate Steam Macro Holes 

The sunbeam steam master iron offers 15 macro holes across the soleplate. These vents allow efficient and even distribution of steam during ironing. Many buyers have commended it on its generous output of steam which makes ironing an easy task.

Steam Shot and Vertical Steaming 


At the click of a button, this model creates a targeted shot of steam, allowing the user to target a stubborn crease that can be taken down in a flash with a quick burst of steam. This function helps you to straighten clothes and other fabrics like curtains while they’re still hanging by using an extra steam blast.

Anti-Drip System

This is perhaps this steam iron’s most lauded feature. Most steam irons drip, but this one has an especially effective anti-drip function to avoid soiling or fabric damage. This is one of the steam irons with the fewest dripping or spillage issues. 

This works by cutting off the water supply automatically while the iron heats up sufficiently to the point that steam can be generated.

The tip tapers to a point, allowing you to apply a professional finish to your clothes. It is not non-stick, which is what most users enjoy. If you unintentionally burn something that sticks to the ironing plate, its stainless steel soleplate is simple to clean.

Anti-Calc System.

This feature keeps calcium deposits from developing within the iron’s water tank. The use of tap water induces calcification of steam irons and water kettles. This iron stops scale from developing in the tank, so you can comfortably use tap water for it.

Self-Cleaning System

The Sunbeam steam master iron basically looks after itself in terms of hygiene. It has a built-in self-cleaning device that, when triggered, throws out residual dirt and other materials that could clog steam vents or damage the iron.

The Sunbeam Steam Master self-cleans and extracts mineral particles with the press of a button, guaranteeing optimum efficiency and a longer life cycle. This aids in the removal of any impurities.

This helps in the removal of any limescale buildup created by hard water. If you live in an environment of especially hard water, purified water is not needed.

Auto-Shut Off System


The Sunbeam master iron, like many other versions today, is not deficient in terms of safety. After a time of inactivity, this iron automatically shuts power.

It goes to sleep in 30 seconds when left on either side or face down, but 15 minutes when resting on its foundation. This feature brings convenience, peace of mind and helps to stop potentially harmful accidents.

Dual Spray Mist

This function allows for the creation of two times as much mist, which can be used to dampen fragile fabrics before or after ironing for better ironing and to avoid burning or damage.

Depending on the kind of fabric you’re ironing, the steam production will vary. The adjustable lever helps you to precisely regulate the amount of steam produced.

If you need to work on very stubborn creases, you can use an added shot of steam. For drapes or to freshen a hanging dress, this may be accomplished both horizontally and vertically.

And if the tank is full of water, the iron has a “Dry” setting that allows you to iron without steam.

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Retractable Cord

We’ve been battling kinks in power cords and hanging cord plugs for way too long. But worry no more!  This function means that your iron is still stored neatly, and when it’s time to iron again, simply stretch the cable to the length you want.

Simply press the button to retract the cord.

Important Note!  This retractable 8-foot cord has a strong recoil. Hold the cable’s end in your hand as you pull it in. It builds up a lot of speed and could leave you with a lasting bruise.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron
  • Weight: 3.02 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 5.55 x 4.84 x 12.2 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years limited
  • Cord Length: 8 feet
  • Watts: 1400 
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Auto Switch-Off: 15 minutes

What We Like About SunBeam Steam Master Steam Iron

  • There are 15 steam macro holes on its soleplate that constantly release and stabilize steam output during ironing. 
  • It has a retractable cord that is 8 feet long. This makes for simple cord handling when ironing and avoids entanglement during storage.
  • Vertical steaming and removing tough creases are made easier with the shot of steam feature.
  • It has a very powerful anti-drip system that prevents leaks from damaging fragile fabrics.
  • Four-setting variable steam control that calls for reliability and excellent performance.
  • It has a big water tank that isn’t quickly depleted.
  • In comparison to many other models, this one is very light.

What We Didn’t Like About SunBeam Steam Master Steam Iron

  • In comparison to other models, the steam burst is comparatively small.
  • Few users have claimed that this model overheats and emits a burning odor.

SunBeam Steam Iron Care

Since it’s a budget product, we suggest taking special precautions to ensure it lasts. Even other web reviewers have pointed out a few possible flaws, and we agree that prevention is better than treatment in this situation.

You can use distilled water. This limits the amount of damage incurred by hard water buildup. Calcium accumulation, also known as hard water, can clog steam ducts and make it difficult for your iron to function properly.

Make it a routine to refill the 8-ounce water tank until you’re through with it. This would prevent rust from forming on the heating elements, as well as the infamous rust stains.

Final Verdict

You’ll enjoy the new features that come standard with the newest steam iron appliances if you haven’t replaced your old iron in a while. The sunbeam steam master iron is an efficient steam iron, and it is a recommended buy at the time of this review because of its wide range of features and affordable price.

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