Worx Pressure Washer Review

You’ve tried with water. You’ve used soap before. Scrubbing and scouring haven’t worked. You’ve tried noxious substances that don’t work as advertised. So, what do you do if it won’t clear up? Get the pressure washer ready! 

Many people now use these super-powerful hoses to blast objects clean with water jets pressurized at around 100–200 times the pressure of the air around us. They work wonders on patios, driveways, garden furniture, grills, and a variety of other outdoor grime. Let’s look at how they work in more detail!

While washing waste and eliminating surface filth with your thumb over the end of a garden hose is effective, it’s no substitute for the pressure or cleaning strength of a pressure washer machine. Deep stains, degradation, and erosion of coatings and structural components are all caused by buildup and growth, which can be removed by pressure washing.

The pressure washing procedure entails a little more than merely renting a machine and blasting the dirt away. It’s possible to produce apparent damage such as pitting, lines, and surface degradation, which can lead to a slew of other issues and pricey repairs.

Choosing and using a pressure washer, on the other hand, does not have to be difficult. Understanding the correct tools, technique, and cleaning supplies is critical to having a successful and safe power washing experience, as well as avoiding damage to the surface you’re cleaning and yourself.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing


Pressure washing has swiftly become one of the most popular cleaning methods for a variety of surfaces in both home and commercial settings. Pressure washing is appropriate for a variety of cleaning applications, from sidewalks and patios to residential home exteriors. 

Many real estate brokers advise potential sellers to invest in a pressure wash to improve their home’s curb appeal and listing price.

When it comes to cleaning concrete sidewalks, pressure washing is a quick, easy, and effective approach to get rid of any dirt or salt deposits that contribute to surface weathering. If you’re concerned about having to spend time and money replacing another stained deck, pressure washing may be the solution. 

It is one of the most effective ways to extend their life. Continue reading to learn about the numerous advantages of pressure washing!

Everyone can do pressure washing.

Cleaning duties traditionally take a lot of time, effort, and elbow grease. There’s no need to scrub and strain to get rid of obstinate debris when you use pressure washing. Save time and effort on your back and joints.

Pressure washers allow you to keep a firm upright stance while directing the water’s force on undesirable stains. The setup for a pressure washing procedure is likewise pretty straightforward, requiring approximately the same number of steps as finding soap, sponges, and filling a bucket. 

To get started, simply connect a water line to the pressure washer unit and plug it in or add fuel to the power source.

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Pressure washing helps you save a lot of time.


Pressure-washing is an anti-bacterial blitzkrieg as compared to traditional cleaning procedures. When you hire a professional pressure washer, you eliminate the need to gather materials, produce a cleaning solution of the necessary strength, and scrub for a half-day or more. 

Pressure washing avoids the need for time-consuming ladder labor by simply directing the nozzle toward difficult-to-reach locations.

Your family’s safety is ensured by pressure cleaning.

Your residence is home to more than just your family. You’ll find a variety of contaminants on decks, outside walls, and sidewalks, ranging in severity from dirt to dangerous mold. 

These potentially dangerous pollutants are blasted away by pressure washing, ensuring that your family breathes the freshest air possible.

Pressure washing algae or other slippery material away reduces the chance of your family slipping and falling at home. Furthermore, monthly pressure washing treatments are part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that can keep your home safe and in good repair. 

Preventing early degradation of your porch, driveway, or deck by keeping your home clean improves safety.

About Worx Hydroshot Pressure Washer

The Worx Hydroshot is a battery-powered jet wash that connects to a natural water source. The ideal tool for rinsing off in the car lot after a ride?

The Worx Hydroshot, unlike most portable washers, does not contain a water tank. Instead, it comes with a 10-meter hose that you may use to connect to any other water source. 

It also features a filter on the end, allowing it to be used with unclean water from a puddle, stream, lake, or even the sea, according to Worx. There’s a fold-up bucket for collecting water, a clip for attaching a conventional garden hose. 

It even includes an adaptor for screwing on a mineral water bottle to the bottom of the lance. If there’s water nearby, the Hydroshot will let you acquire it – though we recommend using the cleanest water possible to extend the life of the filter.

The nozzle on the Hydroshot lance spins to deliver five distinct spray features, ranging from a forceful jet stream to a wide fan spray for dousing the bike. Worx claims 2.5MPa (approximately 25bar) water pressure, which is twice that of the Bosch, however both machines felt very similar in operation.

Powerful Powering


Because the Hydroshot is a Worx Powershare 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, it can be used with other Worx products. If you already have a smartphone with one of the batteries, Hydroshot is also available as a ‘body only’.

The Hydroshot has greater cleaning power than a garden hose, so it can get rid of tenacious dirt, but it’s not as harsh on paint and bearings as a full-on jet wash. 

There’s enough gusto to clean dirt from tires and most of the cavities on your bike, and the run time on a single battery is around 20 minutes, which we found is enough time to completely clean one bike.


The water can take up to 30 seconds to be drawn through the hose when it first starts, but as long as the supply is continuous, so is the output.

The Hydroshot, which has up to 10 times the pressure of a garden hose, easily removes mud from even the dirtiest bikes without compromising your bearings, and is also useful for other household tasks like washing boots, windows, or cars, where the hose length allows all-round access without moving the water container.

It also wins in terms of portability, as its major components can be packed or hanging in your vehicle’s mesh bag.

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Product Specifications:

  • Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Power: 1.5 Ah
  • Technology: PowerShare
  • Brand: Worx
  • Brushless: Brushed
  • Charging Time: 3 hr
  • Hose Length: 6 meter
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Maximum Bar Pressure: 22 bar
  • Max Water Temperature: 40 °C
  • Model Name/No: HydroShot
  • Power Supply: Cordless
  • Power Voltage Supply: 20 V
  • Pressure Washer Flow Rate: 120 Ltr/hr
  • Product Type: Portable Pressure Washer
  • Product Width: 245 mm
  • Range Name: Hydroshot
  • Tool Weight with Battery: 1.65 kg


  • The Worx brand is number one because it focuses solely on product specifications.
  • The Worx is a customer-friendly product since authentic components are readily available.
  • The product’s state of the art is at the top of the charts.


  • It is insufficiently powerful for difficult tasks,.
  • Operating time is limited.
  • Charge time is slow.

Pressure Washer Maintenance

If you’re seeking simple cleaning equipment that will transform the aesthetic of your home, pressure washers are the tools you’ll need. Proper maintenance can help you get the most out of your equipment while also saving money in the long run.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your machine in good working order.

Pump maintenance for pressure washers

The most straightforward chore is to keep your washer pump in good working order. All you have to do is make sure there is no filth and that the oil is changed on a regular basis. Clean the water pump by flushing it to remove dirt and debris.

You should change the pump oil after 50 hours on average, or you can just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Changing oil in the pressure washer engine

Check the oil color before each usage to see if it’s dark or not. If it becomes too dark, you should change it to maintain performance; alternatively, you could change the oil after 50 hours of use.

Taking care of the screen filters

It’s critical to keep the screen filters clean. Dirt and other foreign materials are kept out of your pressure washer thanks to the screen filters. 

Check the filter on a regular basis to see if it is dusty or damaged. Clean filthy filters with water and replace them if they are damaged.

The filters should be cleaned after four hours of use, and they should be replaced every 100 hours or three months of use. Your pump may become blocked if the screen filters become dirty or damaged, and your washer may not work as efficiently as it should.

Check the hose and O-ring on the high-pressure system.

Look for leaks or cuts in the high-pressure hose. Water may flow via leaks or cuts, lowering the washer’s total pressure. The washer won’t be able to clean properly if the pressure isn’t high enough.

O-rings, like high-pressure hoses, can leak with time. Pressure hoses and O-rings that have leaked cannot be repaired, thus it is preferable to replace them.

Nozzle and Spray Gun

Pressure Washer

The spray gun and nozzle need to be checked for wear and tear. Pull the trigger of the spray gun to see if it returns to its original position. This ensures that the spray gun is working properly. If it doesn’t return to the original position, consider replacing it.

The nozzle is required for cleaning different types of surfaces. Check to see if the nozzle is blocked. If it is blocked, consider changing it immediately because a prolonged blockade might damage the nozzle permanently.

Without proper knowledge about the machine and the different parts, it might be hard for you to separate the parts and clean them.

Final Thoughts

The Worx HydroShot 20V Portable Power Cleaner has impressed us with its ability to remove filth and grime. You’ll appreciate the versatility of being able to utilize a hose or a bucket as a water supply, as well as the all-in-one design.

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