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Let’s take a look at the best gas-powered pressure washers for outdoor cleaning. In recent times the choice of pressure washers has grown considerably. These powerful appliances come in different sizes and configurations from portable electric units to robust gas-powered cleaners.

For those of you that require a high-powered unit that makes light work of big jobs and difficult tasks then it might be a good idea to consider buying a gas-powered pressure washer.

There is an abundance of gas-powered models to choose from in 2021. You will find heavy-duty units designed for commercial usage such as landscaping projects, restoring pavements and driveways, washing cars and trucks as well as lower pressure appliances that are designed for domestic usage.

If you’re trying to figure out which is the best gas-powered pressure washer for you, that will depend on how you plan to use it and the types of tasks you’d like to perform. There are various features to take into account before purchasing your new outdoor cleaning appliance and we’ve made it easier for you to find one.

Our shortlist contains 10 of the most robust, reliable and high-performance gas pressure washers currently available to buy today. We’ve made it easier for you to find the perfect device to suit your needs. We’ve summarised the important features that you need to know about and highlighted all of the essential functions to help you make your selection. Here’s our list:

The Best Gas Pressure Washers

1. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer

If you’re after the best of the best then you will not find a better machine than the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer. It is a multi-functional high-speed gas pressure washer made for the biggest and most challenging jobs. It’s encased within a steel tube frame for a longer lifespan in tough conditions and has been treated with a matte black powder to withstand corrosion and rust.


The machine sits on 10-inch pneumatic wheels that enable the Simpson pressure washer to easily travel over tough terrain and provides a higher amount of stability and handling, therefore, safeguarding the components of the machine from impact and bumps whilst in transit.

The manufacturer has built the axial cam pump in such a way that it requires very little maintenance which adds to this machine’s low-cost running. It’s reliable and will continue to run under the toughest situations for many years to come.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • A long 25-foot hose for extended reach
  • High water pressure. It delivers 3200 PSI, 2.5 GPM
  • The pump hardly requires any maintenance
  • It comes with 5 interchangeable nozzle tips
  • It’s made from robust materials including a steel frame

PSI 3200 PSI | Machine Dimensions 34.8 x 21 x 23.2 in | Machine Weight 65 lbs


What Do We Think?

If you’re looking for the best gas pressure washer then the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 is our top ranking product. This high-performance unit will take on any challenging tasks and deliver powerful cleaning performance where it is needed most. It is suited for commercial cleaning, professional cleaning tasks or big domestic jobs.

Where can I buy the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer

2. Briggs & Stratton S3400 MAX PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The Briggs and Stratton S3400 gas pressure washer is bigger than most of the other appliances on our shortlist, however, it delivers stronger performance than other washers too! This unit is made to thoroughly clean dirt that proves difficult to remove. It’s ideal for large domestic tasks or commercial level cleaning.


The powerful 250cc OHV engine provides a serious amount of torque- 11.5-foot pounds to be exact. This amount of power means that the pump can achieve a force of 3400 PSI water pressure. That’s ridiculously powerful!

It sits on sturdy wheels that are connected to the steel body to stop the chances of a wheel puncture. The wheels are textured and made from a rubberized material that improves grips on bumpy terrain.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • Strong water pressure. 3400 PSI, 2.8 GPM
  • Sturdy, long-lasting wheels
  • It comes with four interchangeable spray nozzle attachments
  • Powerful engine
  • Intuitive detergent injection mechanism

PSI 3400 PSI | Machine Dimensions 21.9 x 24.7 x 25.3 in | Machine Weight 67 lbs

What Do We Think?

The Briggs and Stratton S3400 gas pressure washer excels at commercial applications and makes light work of mammoth industrial cleaning tasks. It’s the perfect solution for big jobs at home or for professionals that are looking for a powerful pressure washer that can cope with the daily demands of a cleaning business.

Where can I buy the Briggs & Stratton S3400 MAX PSI Gas Pressure Washer

3. Briggs & Stratton S2200 MAX PSI at 1.9 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

The Briggs and Stratton S2200 1.9 GPM VS adds extra convenience to outdoor cleaning by improving the appliance’s maneuverability thanks to the clever design which mounts the body onto an upright cart.


The big wheels can withstand the rigors of demanding outdoor environments and are less prone to punctures. They are manufactured using a rubberized material which practically sticks to the ground, thus, can cope with the most challenging slippery and wet surfaces.

The water pressure on the Briggs and Stratton S2200 is not as high as our top 2 machines, The highest pressure you’ll get is 2200 PSI, 1.9 GPM which is considerably less than our high ranking appliances, however, this is more than adequate for domestic cleaning.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • The pump doesn’t require maintenance making it cheaper to run in the long term
  • It comes with three interchangeable spray tips for various tasks
  • Long 25-foot hose for greater reach
  • Robust, hard-wearing wheels

PSI 2200 PSI | Machine Dimensions 25 x 22 x 23 in | Machine Weight 50 lbs

What Do We Think?

Don’t be put off by the lower water pressure, the Briggs and Stratton S2200 1.9 GPM VS is still a powerful appliance that is built for reliability and longevity. I like the intuitive cart design which vastly improves movement and handling. You can use this machine for prolonged periods and intense tasks and be assured that it can keep up.

Where Can I buy the Briggs & Stratton S2200 MAX PSI at 1.9 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

4. Powerstroke PS80544B Pressure Washer

The Power Stroke PS80544B is a high performance gas pressure washer that proves to be a champion at cleaning exterior spaces. It’s equipped with large 12-inch wheels for sturdier travelling over uneven and rough ground. The rubber wheels ensure that slippages are avoided on wet surfaces making it the perfect solution for extensive outdoor tasks.


The machine can deliver 3000 PSI, 2.5 GPM. There’s enough high pressure power to strip away difficult dirt that might have accumulated over months or even years. There’s a choice of four nozzles that can be swapped around for different tasks and improves the cleaning precision for specific jobs.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • Plenty of water pressure. It delivers 3000 PSI, 2.5 GPM
  • Integrated 1-gallon tank for detergent
  • Choice of four different nozzles for various tasks
  • Hard-wearing 12-inch wheels
  • On-board storage for accessories

PSI 3000 PSI | Machine Dimensions 21 x 20 x 37 in | Machine Weight 56.1 lbs


What Do We Think?

The Powerstroke PS80544B is built for business. I like the large heavy-duty wheels and high-performance components that allow you undertake mammoth tasks with relative ease. Moving this thing over bumpy surfaces is a breeze.

Where Can I buy the Powerstroke PS80544B Pressure Washer

5. WEN PW31 Gas Pressure Washer

If robustness and high performance are what you’re after the WEN PW31 gas pressure washer does not disappoint. Water pressure is delivered at a maximum of 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM. With this amount of power behind you, it’s possible to carry out the most challenging tasks, commercial or domestic, without breaking much of a sweat. It comes with a long 30-foot fortified hose which is longer than competing models and enables it to be a versatile washer.


You will find a set of 12-inch wheels fitted to the heavy-duty steel cart. The design simplifies moving the unit from A to B even when faced with difficult terrain. The wheels are coated with a high-quality rubber that is purpose-built for slippery surfaces to help the wheels maintain their grip on wet areas whilst cleaning.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • It delivers 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM of powerful water pressure
  • It’s equipped with a high performance 208 cc engine
  • Comes with 5 exchangeable nozzles
  • Sturdy 12-inch wheels for slippery surfaces
  • The 30-foot hose is longer than competing models.

PSI 3100 PSI | Machine Dimensions 21 x 21 x 40 in | Machine Weight 67 lbs


What Do We Think?

The WEN PW31 gas pressure washer comes with everything that you would expect to find on a powerful exterior washing appliance. It’s equipped with 12-inch wheels and a whopping 3100 PSI of pressure. This machine is a great solution for big exterior projects that a standard pressure might struggle to cope with. Professionals and expert domestic users will not be disappointed by this model.

Where Can I buy the WEN PW31 Gas Pressure Washer

6. Generac SpeedWash 7122 Pressure Washer System

The Generac Speed Wash 7122 gas pressure washer comes with its own set of unique features for commercial jobs and outdoor cleaning at home. It offers 3200 PSI, 2.7 GPM to tackle the challenges of exterior dirt, it will revive tired-looking decking and pavements and is equipped with intuitive controls that are integrated into the spray gun for precise and safe control when cleaning various surfaces including cars.


You will find 4 different nozzles inside the box which improve the precision and customization when undertaking targeted jobs. Another benefit is that you get extra accessories including a powered broom for restoring concrete slabs and pavements. The Generac model is one of the most versatile gas pressure washers currently available.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • There’s plenty of water pressure. 3200 PSI, 2.7 GPM
  • Controls are integrated directly into the spray gun
  • 4 different nozzle tips provided
  • The extra-long 30-foot hose extends its reach.
  • Additional accessories are included

PSI 3200 PSI | Machine Dimensions 24.2 x 18.9 x 35.5 in | Machine Weight 62 lbs


What Do We Think?

The Generac Speed Wash 7122 pressure washer system is a highly-capable and flexible solution for those of you that are looking for a machine that can perform multiple outdoor jobs. It comes with a generous set of accessories and can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. Here, you will find a good balance between power and versatility.

Where Can I Buy Generac SpeedWash 7122 Pressure Washer System

7. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Pressure Washer

The Simpson Cleaning PS3228 Power Shot pressure washer is robust and solidly built. It comes with a compressor that provides 3300 PSI, 2.5 GPM of power for demanding exterior jobs that would take a lot more effort and time with a standard pressure washer.


The machine is adaptable to virtually any task including washing fences, concrete, driveways, removing mildew and graffiti. This level of flexible cleaning is made possible by the 5 different spray nozzle tips that come with the unit.

The pump inside this pressure washer is extremely reliable and is built for longevity even under strenuous conditions. You will get many years of trouble-free usage and hardly any maintenance required to run the Simpson Cleaning Power Shot pressure washer owing to its robust build quality.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • Powerful water pressure. 3300 PSI, 2.5 GPM
  • Lengthy 25-foot hose
  • Comes with 5 different spray nozzle tips
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Fitted with a powerful commercial engine

PSI 3300 PSI | Machine Dimensions 34 x 21 x 24 in | Machine Weight 83.2 lbs


What Do We Think?

The Simpson Cleaning Power Shot pressure washer brings with it strong, reliable performance and the flexibility to handle intense exterior cleaning tasks. It’s suitable for industrial-scale usage or for extensive domestic jobs that require a powerful machine to clean stubborn dirt.

Where Can I Buy SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Pressure Washer

8. PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

The Power Boss gas pressure washer is a high performer yet it’s agile enough to handle extensive domestic work as well as commercial projects. It’s equipped with a compressor that delivers 3100 PSI, 2.4 GPM to strip away years of dirt from neglected surfaces and revive dirty pavements and fences.


The hose measures 25-foot, therefore, helps the machine to adapt to different cleaning situations thanks to extensive reach. The robust build helps to sustain high pressure for long periods of time without compromising performance or shelf life. There are 4 exchangeable spray nozzles to provide a precise level of cleaning on various surfaces that might require higher or lower pressure levels and coverage.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • 3100 PSI, 2.4 GPM water pressure
  • Powerful, trouble-free pump
  • 4 spray nozzle tips for different tasks
  • Long 25-foot hose
  • Integrated 1-gallon tank for cleaning fluid

PSI 3100 PSI | Machine Dimensions 24 x 22.5 x 20.5 in | Machine Weight 62 lbs


What Do We Think?

The PowerBoss gas pressure washer is an efficient machine that maintains a high output of water pressure each and every time it’s needed. PowerBoss does what it says on the tin and certainly lives up to the hype, therefore, if you’re after a powerful pressure washer that gets through difficult jobs quickly and effectively then the PowerBoss is a reliable choice.

Where Can I Buy PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

9. Duromax XP3100PWT Gas Powered Pressure Washer

The Duromax XP3100PWT is a hard-wearing gas powered pressure washer that delivers plenty of water pressure and is adaptable for home use as well as commercial purposes.


If you’re wondering how much pressure is available there’s 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM to be exact. You can tackle challenging dirt such as removing mildew accumulated overs months or even years. There are 6 different spray nozzles to clean various surfaces with the right amount of pressure and precision.

The steel frame is extremely robust, it guards the engine and lets you move the machine easier thanks to the integrated handle found on the upright cart.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • Strong water pressure of 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for extra protection and intense usage
  • 6 different spray nozzle tips
  • On-board storage for accessories
  • Fast-changing connectors

PSI 3100 PSI | Machine Dimensions 24 x 20 x 39 in | Machine Weight 75 lbs


What Do We Think?

The Duromax gas powered pressure washer is made for easier handling and user-friendliness whilst maintaining a high level of performance and water pressure.

Where Can I Buy Duromax XP3100PWT Gas Powered Pressure Washer

10. STANLEY SXPW2823 Pressure Washer

The Stanley SXPW2823 is a gas pressure washer made for comfortable usage, easier handling and strong performance. Stanley is a household brand that is renowned for manufacturing reliable appliances.


The water pressure is slightly lower than most of the models on our shortlist, however there’s plenty of power here for huge domestic tasks or smaller commercial jobs. The user-friendly spray gun ensures that this gas pressure washer feels pleasant even during extended use.

There are 4 different spray nozzles for precision cleaning that ranges from a focused turbo nozzle for the powerful water jets to a wide 40-degree spray for bigger areas.

Benefits of this Pressure Washer

  • Water pressure of 2800 PSI, 2.3 GPM
  • 4 different spray nozzle tips for various tasks
  • Intuitive spray gun made for comfortable use
  • Lengthy 25-foot hose
  • Overhead cam engine to turn on the machine easier

PSI 2800 PSI | Machine Dimensions 25.5 x 24 x 21.8 in | Machine Weight 70 lbs


What Do We Think?

The Stanley SXPW2823 gas pressure washer is adaptable and designed with user-friendliness as a priority. The water pressure is not as powerful as alternative models, however, there’s still plenty of power available. This machine is ideal for domestic users that might not require some of the more robust machines on our list but still want access to a powerful machine instead of a standard model.

Where Can I Buy STANLEY SXPW2823 Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide

How to use a Gas Pressure Washer

Although gas pressure washers look bulky and complicated to operate, they are actually quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. Before you switch on your gas pressure washer there are some easy steps to follow to ensure that you get it right every time regardless of the type of the appliance you decide to buy. The first thing you need to do is set it up properly. Make sure that it’s on an even surface and ensure that the filters are dirt-free.

Attach one end of the hose to the water source and the other side of the hose to the pressure washer’s inlet valve. Now you need to attach the high-pressure hose to the machine’s water outlet. Attach the spray gun to the other side of the pressure hose, then connect your preferred nozzle to your spray gun.

Open the water supply and press the spray gun’s trigger to expel any excess air from the machine. At this point, you’re fully prepared to turn on the pressure washer. The fuel valve might need to be opened, however, you might find that this has already been done for you. Assess its position before you start. Open the choke by shifting it to the left, then shift the throttle to the left as well so that it’s completely open.


Use the activation system to switch on the engine and the machine will begin the process of starting up. The rest of the steps should be performed with great care now that the appliance is active. Grasp the spray gun steadily in your hands, point it somewhere safe and press the trigger to release the pressure.

At this point, you should lower the trigger and pull the recoil found on the machine’s engine. The last thing you need to do is close the choke by shifting it to the left. After this stage, you’re good to go and can start cleaning. It’s as easy as that.

What Type of Gas Is Needed for a Pressure Washer?

The majority of gas pressure washers are capable of using different varieties of gas similar to any other mini gas-powered appliance. You should follow the recommended guidelines when looking for the optimum fuel for your gas pressure washer, as different fuels will provide various levels of performance and can affect the shelf life of your machine.


Generally, when looking for a suitable type of fuel for your appliance, you should always use unleaded gasoline with a higher octane content. A fuel with a minimum of 87 octane is adequate, however, you should ensure that it’s clean and safe for your machine.

If your gas pressure washer is used often, then it’s alright to use gasoline that contains 10% ethanol, however, any fuel with a higher percentage of ethanol should not be used. If they are long intervals between the usage of your pressure washer, the ethanol could end up damaging the internal components of your machine, therefore, you should consider purchasing ethanol-free gasoline for gas pressure washers that are used infrequently.

Extra Tips When Using a Gas Pressure Washer

As mentioned before, gas pressure washers are very easy to use, all you need to do is stick to a few easy guidelines and you should be a pro in no time. The majority of models operate in the same style, however, it’s always advisable to look at the instruction guide for your chosen model before switching it on to make sure that you don’t skip any important steps that are bespoke to that particular appliance.


Before you get started you should observe the sheer power that a gas pressure washer delivers. If you were to hold the tip nearer than 12 inches from the surface you could risk damaging the area that you’re trying to clean. Always maintain a steady position when using the spray nozzle and hold it at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the dirt you’re removing at high pressure is blown in the opposite direction from you.

When spraying ensure that you do so evenly using a side to side motion. Try not to keep the spray nozzle in any single area for too long. When applying a detergent, it should be sprayed on uniformly and left to soak for a minimum of 3-5 minutes then rinse it off. Make sure you don’t leave the soap solution for too long that it dries up.


To keep your pressure washer running at its best be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidance for removing remnants of detergent out of the machine’s system. Not all models work in the same way when it comes to flushing out the system, therefore, reading the user guide is a good way to master your pressure washer’s system.

Handy Tip

Using a gas pressure washer is one of the most effective ways to clean external environments as opposed to a typical garden hose, however, the extra power makes it an increased safety risk. Ensure that you wear the proper safety gear such as protective footwear and goggles.



Gas pressure washers offer higher cleaning performance over electrical pressure washers and as a result, these units are ideal for demanding domestic tasks and industrial-scale cleaning projects. They are suitable for commercial cleaning businesses and have enough power to strip away the toughest stains including graffiti. Gas pressure washers are much heavier than electric units, however, they are usually mounted to a cart for easier maneuverability.

Are you considering buying a high-performance gas powered pressure washer for outdoor cleaning or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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