Eufy robot vacuum cleaners are some of the most cutting-edge. The company is renowned for fitting its robots with features that enhance automation and convenience. The latest Eufy Robovac G10 Hybrid is a clear example of the brand’s endeavour to squeeze as many functions into a robot vacuum. This gadget is a vacuum-mop combo and the mop feature is a much-needed addition in most households. Now you can clean (and mop) your home in less time.

The G10 Hybrid is packed full of features and in this review, we’ll go through each of its capabilities to help you decide whether this is the right robot vacuum for your needs. For starters, this unit is a cleaver vacuum mop that gets the job done twice as fast as similar robots. It’s faster and thorough at keeping dirt off your floors.

The navigation is one of the best we’ve seen on a robot, and the smartphone app provides even better ways to link in with your robot. The slimline profile allows it to travel into the gaps beneath couches, tables and cabinets to clean up accumulated dust. One of the G10’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t perform as good on carpets as it does on hard flooring.

It quickly analyses the surrounding area and avoids stair edges or ledges with the help of the latest drop-sensing and proximity sensors and as such, you don’t need to worry about the robot falling off stair cliffs.


The Anker company make some of the best-looking robot vacuums out there and the Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is no exception. We like the futuristic look and slim profile of the unit. The cover is designed using tempered glass, it looks cool and also adds a layer of protection from scratches and pets. The robot is very quiet when it goes about its business, it produces just 55dB of noise meaning that it won’t interrupt you. It’s also compatible with voice devices like Google Assistant and Alexa so that you can conveniently control it with voice prompts.

To set up the Eufy RoboVac, simply connect the robot to your home WiFi network through the Eufy app and it’s good to go! The robot cleans for 1 hour 20 minutes on a full charge, which is a good amount of time when you take into account that it can clean in half the time of other robots. When the battery is running low the Robovac will promptly return to its charging station to juice up.

The Eufy RoboVac G10 provides a great set of advanced functions that are easy to use. The only thing that I would like to see is a performance improvement on thick carpets with the next model.

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Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid Feature Summary

  • Hybrid robot: Can vacuum and mop
  • Can be linked to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to control with voice prompts
  • Smart Dynamic Navigation system
  • 2000Pa of strong suction
  • Product weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Operation noise: 55dB
  • Scratch-proof temper glass cover
  • Affordable robot
  • Battery time: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Guarantee: 1 Year Warranty

Suction Power

The RoboVac G10’s suction power is impressive. It generates 2,000-Pa of suction power which puts it on par with high-performance premium robots that cost considerably more money. There’s plenty of suction power available and as a result, the Robovac can pick up both large and small debris as well as persistent dust.


Operating Noise Output

As mentioned previously, the G10 is a quiet machine. The manufacturer has even stated that the Robovac disturbs dust and not people.

The machine has been smartly designed to vacuum virtually silently. It outputs a mere 55 decibels of noise, and as such, you can forget that it’s in the same room as you. The robot hums and buzzes gently as it works its way around your home. If you happen to be at home while the robot is cleaning you can talk on the phone, listen to music or watch t.v. without interruptions.

Protective Surface

Pets can often try to claw or fight robot vacuums whenever the machine ventures into their space, even when the sole purpose of the robot is to clean up the pet’s mess. The G10 Hybrid is coated with tempered glass at the top of the machine to protect it from animal scratches or when it cleans underneath furniture.

Hybrid 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop

The main feature that set apart the G10 Hybrid from most of its rivals is the additional mopping function. Not only can this gadget vacuum and mop, but it can also do both tasks at the same time. How cool is that? To do this, the robot uses the front of its body to vacuum and the back to mop with a damp cloth. Water is drawn from the water tank and automatically applied to the cloth to give your hard floors a much-needed mop if you’d rather not do it yourself

Similar to other 2-in-1 robot vacuum mops, the Robovac G10 is not a complete mopping solution. It will not wipe away dried food particles which are more difficult to remove.


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How Good is the Gyro Navigation?

The navigation system inside the G10 is ahead of the curve. The robot provides you with a map of the area around it and smartly steers around obstructions. You can view a digital map on your smartphone.

Rather than using random patterns, the robot works out the most resourceful route so that it can clean efficiently and in the least amount of time. The result is optimum use of the battery and more cleaning coverage with a single charge.

How Long Does The Robot Run?

The G10 robot has one of the best battery running times. It delivers 1 hour 20 minutes of fade-free cleaning on a full battery, this reduces down to 40 minutes if the robot boosts the power to Max mode. The robot squeezes as much power from the battery as possible and improves its efficiency with the use of Gyro navigation.


Automatic Recharging & Resume

The Robovac has another trick up its sleeve. Whenever the battery drops to 20%, it swiftly returns back to the docking station to recharge. Charging time is between 3-4 hours which is quite decent when we take into account the running time versus charging time.

Once the battery is topped up, the robot does not need to await further instructions. Instead, it springs back to life and picks up from the exact point that it stopped when the battery was running low. This is a great feature that we often see only in premium models which cost twice as much.

Better On Hard Floors

Surprisingly, even with the high-powered 2,000-Pa suction, the G10 Hybrid is not great on carpets. Eufy recommends using the robot mainly on hard flooring. It kind of makes sense since the robot combines vacuuming with mopping, and carpets are not meant to be mopped.

Rather than using a roller brush to agitate stubborn dirt, the G10 relies on suction power to clean floors, therefore, would not be practical for thick carpets. Eufy has alternative models that are designed to clean both carpets and hard flooring but we would not recommend the G10 for this.

No Virtual Barriers or Boundary Strips

Another drawback that we discovered is that the Robovac Hybrid does not come with boundary strips to stop the robot from going into rooms that are off-limits. Additionally, you cannot set up virtual barriers using the smartphone app.

This isn’t a problem if you want the robot to clean every room, however, if there’s a room that you don’t want the robot to go into, you will need to ensure that the door to that room is shut (if there is one).


The Water Tank is Small

The water tank inside the G10 is smaller than we’d like, therefore, it will need to be refilled more often which kind of takes away the convenience of the mop feature. It’s a minor setback but maybe we’ll see an improvement in a future model. It would be a feat of engineering if Anker figured out how to make the water tank bigger inside such a portable machine.

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It Cleans in Half the Time of Other Robots

Gyro navigation is smart! It ensures that the G10 takes advantage of the most efficient cleaning patterns and as such, it can clean twice as fast as other robots. A routine that would normally take an hour can be completed in just 30 mins.

Eufy Robovac G10 User Feedback

Users have reported that the Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is lightweight yet powerful. Pet owners have stated that the robot exceeds expectations when cleaning up pet hair. Allergy sufferers have also benefited from the powerful 2000-Pa suction that seems to alleviate dust mites and other allergens. Some users have even gone as far as stating that the robot performed well on both hard flooring and carpets.

One of the favorite features on this unit is automatic recharge and resume, users love how the robot remembers where it left off and how it can continue from there. The sleek design and quieter performance have also received high praises. The mop attachment is easy to connect to the robot and generally, most users were satisfied with the results.

Users did advise that objects in the rooms such as kids toys, socks, shoelaces, etc need to be cleared or else the robot’s suction power will suck them up. Most users stated that the setup process was straightforward and connecting with the robot through the smartphone app was intuitive and user-friendly.

Users were also impressed by the scheduling capabilities that allowed them to vacuum daily or as often as they’d like by simply pressing a few buttons. Dirt disposal is extremely quick as the tray can be detached quickly after each use. Most users stated that they would recommend this model to friends and family.

See Eufy Robovac G10 in Action


  • Clever navigation that helps the robot to clean in half the time.
  • Automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is low.
  • Smart home compatible.
  • The top of the robot is designed with scratch-proof tempered glass.
  • Affordable price.
  • The G10 is slim and lightweight.
  • It runs silently and never interrupts you.


  • Not the best robot for thick carpets.
  • Setup can be temperamental.


The Eufy Robovac G10 Hybrid provides users with a good balance between affordability and a versatile combo unit that offers both vacuuming and mopping. The only improvements that I would like to see would be better performance on thicker carpets/rugs and the capability to set up virtual barriers to keep the robot away from rooms that are out of bounds.

Having said that, it would be hard, if not impossible, to find a better combo robot at such a low cost that offers the high performance features found on the Robovac G10 Hybrid.

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