It’s not every day that you use a snowblower, but when the time calls for it, getting the right power tool will make a difference between a fast and efficient snow-blowing experience and a terrible tough snow situation. 

In this review we will take a detailed look at the Poulan Pro Snowblower Model Pr241, basically helping you to decide whether or not it is the right snow blower for your needs as well as your budget.

Before that, let us know first how snowblower works and what benefit can you get from these awesome machines.

What is Snowblower?


If you’re expecting 24 inches of snowfall or more, and it’s wet and heavy stuff, you want to start thinking of buying a snowblower.

 Snowblowers are powerful snow-eating monsters that will move all the white snow stuff from your driveway and walkways to your yard or lawn, helping you to get to your car and walk through your home safely.

To elaborate, snow blowers are common in areas that experience frequent snowfall in winter. In certain ways, they vary, but all snow blowers are machines that are driven through snow and ice, ejecting the snow and ice as they pass, and then discharging them through a chute. 

Their objective is to clear the path as they work. They can be used during snow season to clear walkways, driveways, steps, porches, decks, and any other area we need to use. All snow blowers have a source of power that drives them.

A gas-powered engine is used for larger devices, and they have few but powerful benefits:

  • They’re more efficient and powerful than snow blowers with electric power. 
  • They can manage heavier snow more efficiently.
  • No electrical cord gets in the way.
  • They come in a range of sizes – from 12 inches to over four feet in length.
  • Most of the gas snow blower models are self-propelled.

About Poulan Pro PR241 Gas Snow Blower


The PR241 is a proudly American-made snow blower that is accompanied by a proud history of more than seven decades as part of Poulan Pro’s line of outdoor equipment. 

This snow blower is driven by a four-cycle motor and has a two-cycle operating system that at a prevailing rate pushes the snow around. At least that’s what the manufacturer says to be part of this instrument, so let’s take a closer look to try to determine its real value.

Poulan Pro PR241 Features

Since the Poulan Pro PR241 has a gasoline engine, it is strong and reliable when it comes to clearing snow, and that they’ll stand up for at least a few snow seasons. 

Gas engines should therefore be able to survive the harshest winter temperatures, which ensures that an assisted start feature must be included.

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We know that we can rely on Poulan for well-built outdoor products, and the PR241 does not disappoint. You can easily recognize the overall planning, the emphasis on quality components, and the professional workmanship that goes into this snowblower.

It is clear that consistency and attention to detail also go into all of their products, from the serrated steel that was introduced for the ribbon auger construction to the auger housing that is bolted in place instead of being welded. Poulan continues to pave the way for its innovative use of the new technology.

Poulan-Pro-PR241-Snow Blower-electric-start

Electric Start 

There’s an electric starter function, so on those cold sub-zero mornings, you won’t be charging your car. Only plug the starter into your power outlet and at the click of a button, the snow thrower fires up. 

There is also a  pull-start option for milder weather.

Let’s Appreciate its Adjustable Skid Shoes

If you are operating on an uneven surface or tearing through a dense sheet of ice, having flexible skid shoes is very useful. The shoes control how far the snow blower’s bottom is from the ground. 

Not only does it make the equipment more effective, but it also stops the bottom of the snowblower from bringing any damage or scratches to the surface that is being cleared. Instead of steel, Poulan also fitted the PR241 with plastic shoes, further minimizing the risk of any damage.


This isn’t one of the largest snow blowers you’re going to come. The Poulan ProPR241 weighs about 240 pounds and measures 35 inches deep by 28.5 inches wide and 52.25 inches long. 

It is big enough to get the job done and lightweight enough to conveniently hide away until the winter season is over.

Its efficiency in Clearing Snow

Poulan-Pro-PR241-Snow Blower-on-the-action

The wider the clearance path is, the easier you can clean all the snow and ice away. It weighs 24 inches of the intake clearance chute, slicing an incredible path through the snow. It is also 23 inches long, so you won’t have any problems tearing through several inches at a time. 

The PR241 also uses a 2-stage blowing system where the 12-inch auger blades tear into the snow, moving it to the 12-inch impeller blades where it is mixed with air until the chute is blown out. The combination of air and snow helps the machine to suck up the snow more easily so you can deal with fewer clogs.

Its Powerful Tires

Poulan-Pro-PR241-Snow Blower-powerful-wheels

Its 13-inch tires are specifically built for snow and ice with deeper treads that can both hold the snow and do not slip on the ice, ensuring the stability you need to find your way out safely.

Steering Capacity 


For snow blowers, having power steering ranks very highly as far as ease-of-maneuverability goes. You will find yourself trying to get a snowblower around corners and into difficult spaces without power steering. 

With power steering, you can quickly steer the snowblower with an easy twist to the lever. The speed of the wheels is controlled by the power steering, slowing one down to turn the machine. And the power steering control wand is mounted on the comfort grip handle, wrap-around, loop handles, allowing you one-handed steering control.

Of course its Power

The Poulan Pro PR241 is a 2-stage, 208cc gas-powered engine with 9.5 feet-pound torque which generates enough power for both the snow-throwing actions and the power-assisted wheels, giving you the strength you need to blast even on steep hills through the snow and ice.

Detailed Specifications:

  • 0.71 gallons Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 208cc Powerful Engine
  • 9.5 pounds per foot Engine Gross Torque
  • Friction Disc Drive System
  • 6 speeds Forward Transmission
  • 1-speed Reverse Transmission
  • 24 inches Working Width
  • 23 inches Intake Height
  • 12 inches Auger Diameter
  • 12 inches Impeller Diameter
  • Electric Start Type
  • Remote Chute Rotation & Deflector
  • 13 x 4 inches Front Tire Size

Accessories Included

The user manual, an oil-filling funnel, an oil-drainage tube/pipe, a spark plug wrench, and two shearing bolts for modifying the front augers are included with each Poulan Pro PR241 unit sold.

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How to Operate the Poulan Pro Snowblower

Make sure the fuel shut-off valve is in the ‘OPEN’ position before starting the engine. 

The Poulan Pro PR241 includes a 120 Volt A.C. Electric starter and a recoil starter as well. The electric starter has a three-wire power cord and a plug designed to operate at 120 A.C. volt household current.

Poulan Pro PR241 Electric Starter

1. Put the safety ignition key into the ignition starter slot until it clicks, keeping the key not to turn. 
2. Switch the “ON” button
3. Switch the choke control to the “Full” position.  
4. Press the primer 3 times. 
5. Attach the power cable to the engine. 
6. Plug a three-hole-grounded 120 Volt A.C. receptacle into the other end of the power cord. 
7. When the engine starts, push the starter button. 
8. Release the starter button as soon as the engine starts and slowly move the choke control to the ‘OFF’. 
9. Detach the power cord from the receptacle first and then from the engine.

Poulan Pro PR241 Recoil Starter

1. Put the safety ignition key into the ignition starter slot until it clicks, keeping the key not to turn. 
2. Switch the “ON” button
3. Rotate the choke control to the “Full” position.  
4. Press the primer 3 times. 
5. Quickly pull the recoil starter handle, making sure the starter rope doesn’t snap back. 

Release the recoil starter handle when the engine starts and move the choke control to the “OFF” position slowly.

Poulan Pro PR241 Pros

  • Control aided wheels are not on all snow blowers in the Poulan Pro PR241. If you’re blowing down steep inclines, this is both a time-saver and a back-saver. 
  • The reverse speed of the PR241 comes in very handy when you’re maneuvering backward or around tight spots.   
  • The Poulan Pro PR421 includes a funnel and pipe for filling and draining the oil, a spark plug wrench, and two additional auger shearing bolts for the auger. 
  • All the buttons, switches, and levers, including the gas and oil covers, are glove-friendly, so you’re not going to be fumbling around trying to adjust them. 
  • The handle adapts to four different positions, making it suitable for individuals of different heights. 
  • Thanks to the redesigned ribbon auger and the efficient discharge chute, which makes Poulan Pro a very powerful and easy unit to use. 
  • It’s a very durable snow blower that can be used for any snow type under all weather conditions. 
  • The functionality of this snow blower has been enhanced to increase comfort while in action.

Poulan Pro PR241 Cons

  • It doesn’t come with a headlight, but it is not necessary.
  • Assembly is required like most other snow blowers

The Final Verdict

With Poulan Pro Snowblower PR241 you get the strength of a 2-stage, 208cc engine with plenty of torque to get the task done easily. And, with six forward speeds and reverse and other amazing features, you’ll be able to get it done even better. 

With its electric-start push-button, motor-assisted wheels, and power steering, it almost even runs by itself so you’ve definitely got yourself a winner. In fact, this model is included on our best snow blower list.

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