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Best Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner: The Next Generation Portable Vacuum

In this review, I’d like to test drive Dyson’s newest offering- the cordless V10. It hasn’t been long since the V8 graced us with its presence and quickly became a household favourite. Dyson has now taken cordless vacuums to the next level with a completely redesigned machine.

The Dyson V10 Absolute is equipped with a higher battery capacity that delivers 60 minutes operating time, there is an updated digital motor, a bigger dirt bin and redesigned accessories that enhance your house cleaning experience. All of this is innovation can be enjoyed without the hassle of a cord.

James Dyson recently announced that he will stop making corded vacuums and the V10 is the machine that will allow him to do this.


At the moment, the V10 has received a strong reception whilst consumers get accustomed to the machine but I want to put the hype to one side and concentrate on the product’s features and determine whether it is a marked improvement over the previous V8 to justify the $699 cost. 

Dyson V10 Features

  • 2 cleaning heads are provided with the V10. One head is adapted for hard floors and the other for carpets.
  • The upgraded digital motor inside the machine provides a 20% increase in power compared to the V8.
  • The cordless vacuum is fitted with 14 cyclones that separate dust and allergens from the air and traps them inside the bin.
  • The nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery gives up to an hour running time.
  • A complete unit filter system catches 99.9% of allergens and cleans the air.
  • The new design aligns the cyclone, bin and motor horizontally rather than vertically and in doing so, generates 20% increased suction over the cordless V8.
  • It features 3 different cleaning modes to handle any type of floor.
  • Additional accessories are provided for a complete cleaning solution including high reaching areas, car interiors and stairs.



  • Longer battery life that lasts up to 1 hour.
  • High cleaning performance on both carpets and hard floors.
  • HEPA filtration system comes as standard and is handy for allergy sufferers.
  • The new design features a bigger dirt bin compared to the cordless V8.
  • The improved specs and bigger bin don’t impact the machine’s weight which is less than 7 pounds / 3.17 KG.


  • The V10 is a pricier machine.
  • The Batteries can’t be swapped.



Dyson V10 Absolute Performance

The V10 is 20% more powerful than the V8 (a vacuum that is already quite powerful). It is debatable whether the V10 can completely replace a corded vacuum cleaner but this depends on several factors, primary the battery life.

The cordless V10 is hugely versatile and easy to navigate meaning that I can vacuum my entire 3 bedroomed house, including 2 flights of stairs, cleaning furniture and drapes in about 30 mins.

The V10 does eliminate the need to use a corded vacuum cleaner as a backup and personally I think it is the right move for Dyson to phase out their corded machines.

Powerful V10 Digital Motor

The new V10 digital motor isn’t an upgrade of the previous one, it’s a totally redesigned digital motor with greater efficiency.

The key difference is aligning its position horizontally rather than vertically. The engineers did this for 2 reasons.

#1. The new alignment allows for better airflow as it travels between the cleaning head and the motor.

#2. The alignment is more efficient because the air is travelling in a straight line. This meant that the engineers could harness 20% more power without the need of increasing the size of the digital motor and the weight of the machine.


The V10 Bin is Bigger

The new machine design enabled a clever way to increase the bin size without compromising usability or weight. The new V10 bin has a capacity of 0.77 litres compared to the V8 which has 0.53 litres. This equates to about a 40% size improvement, for less frequent bin emptying and more cleaning.

The new design does mean that the bin requires emptying from the front instead of the base of the machine. If you already own a Dyson V8 you might be used to the old emptying system but it won’t take you long to get familiar with the new design.


The V10 maintains a similar mechanism used on the V8 that assists with ejecting dirt from the bin.

Upgraded impeller

Another improvement to the internal system is the impeller fan that has been modified to rotate up to 125,000rpm at the maximum setting. The higher airflow results in enhanced cleaning performance.

Better Battery


Another noteworthy improvement is the new battery which houses 7 nickel-cobalt-aluminium batteries that power the machine for up to 1 hour whilst maintaining high suction power.

Each battery cell operates at 25.2 volts and 525 watts which is higher than the V8 battery cells that operate at 21.6 volts and 400 watts.

Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium batteries can reserve more energy than a standard lithium-ion battery which means longer running times and a longer lifespan.

Better Power Output

The enhancements and efficiencies will result in improved power with noticeably cleaner floors. The improvements add about 150 air watts when the V10 is turned up to the maximum setting.

When comparing the V10 to a corded Dyson vacuum you will notice that there’s a difference of about 50 airs watts. Corded Dyson machines generate over 200 air watts of suction power. As mentioned before, the V10 is a move in the right direction and the machine is helping to catch up with the power of corded vacuums.

V10 has 3 Different Power Modes

Prior to V10, it predecessors only featured 2 power settings- standard mode and maximum mode. The V10 is now designed with 3 different power settings with an extra setting that deep cleans high-pile carpets.

Dyson V10 Cyclone Power

The Dyson V10 motor is equipped with 14 cyclones that force tiny particles to stay trapped in the bin. These Cyclones play a big part in providing a complete filtration system that extracts 99.9% of allergens from the air.

What Tools Do You Get?

Dyson is generous with the range of accessories provided with the V10 to provide a total cleaning solution. You are given 6 attachments.


Attachments included are:

  • A torque drive cleaner for carpets.
  • A soft roller cleaning head for vacuuming hard floors.
  • Combination tool.
  • Crevice tool for tight gaps.
  • A mini-motorized brush for vacuuming dust and hair off fabric furniture.
  • Soft dusting brush for cleaning delicate surfaces, keyboards, lampshades or chandeliers.

V10 Floor Cleaning Performance

Similar to the Dyson V8, the V10 absolute is provided with 2 cleaning heads- one for hard flooring and the other for carpets.

The Torque Drive Cleaner is adapted to deliver better cleaning of carpets and rugs. The soft roller head is designed for hard floor i.e. tiles, vinyl, laminate and wooden floors.


Both attachments are a valuable addition to the V10 and utilise its power to suck up big piles of dirt.

Performance is strong on both heads although the soft roller can leave behind bigger chunks of dirt on the first sweep but subsequently sucks it up on the return sweep. 

Dyson V10 Attachments

  • Soft roller cleaner head
  • Torque drive cleaner
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool

Dyson-Cyclone-V10-absolute-wall-mountDyson V10 Product Specs

  • Brush roll on/off: No
  • Wall Mount Charger: 7-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery
  • Charger: Wall Mount Charger
  • Charge time: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Battery Runtime: 1 hour
  • Net Weight: 5.9 pounds / 2.68 KG
  • Shipping Weight: 13.27 pounds / 6.02 KG
  • Cleaning Path: 10.1″/ 25.7 cm
  • Overall length: 49.2″/ 125 cm
  • Battery indicator: Yes
  • Filter type: Lifetime washable filter
  • Dirt bin capacity: 0.2 gallons / 0.757 litres
  • Air Watts: 150 AW
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Warranty: 2 years

Dyson V10 Customer Feedback

The early customer response has been favourable with praise received for the cordless V10’s impressive cleaning performance on carpets.

Customers are satisfied with the improved features and increased bin capacity whilst keeping the weight of the machine just as light as previous models.

Cordless convenience is the biggest benefit here. The earliest cordless Dyson could only run for up to 20 minutes but the new Dyson V10 gives you 300% more runtime.


A longer battery and increased suction power lets users focus more time on areas that are harder to reach without worrying about the battery running out. This is evident from the strong customer ratings.

Product Rating: 8/10  

Where can I buy the Dyson V10?

The Bottom Line

The Cordless V10 has allowed the Dyson Company to narrow the gap between cordless and corded vacuum cleaners.

The suction power is almost comparable and one would wonder if there’s a need to have a corded machine laying around.

Is the Dyson V10 Absolute the best battery powered vacuum cleaner? At the moment it is leading the race by miles and its closing in on its corded equivalents.


The bigger bin, improved battery life and airflow efficiency are all welcome additions. Plus you get all of this fitted inside a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner.

The V10 might be pricier than its rivals but the cost can be justified by the impressive performance from a cordless machine, it is a great addition to any household. Are you considering buying the Dyson V10 absolute or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below.


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