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The Best Toy Vacuum Cleaner For Kids: It Turned Out To Be Great Fun

My son likes to watch and mimic what I do when I’m vacuuming the floors. I often find him trying to play with the vacuum cleaner which he’s nearly broken because it’s too big for him. As his birthday was coming up, I decided to do some research for a toy vacuum that I could buy as a birthday gift.

After a lot of research, I decided to buy the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum which imitates the sounds and suction of a real vacuum. I wasn’t too sure whether a toy vacuum cleaner would be a good gift idea and if my son would actually play with it. Nonetheless, I purchased the toy and crossed my fingers that the choice of gift wouldn’t backfire.


When his birthday finally came round I waited in anticipation to see if the gift would be well received. The smile on his face said it all. I had struck gold. He wouldn’t put the toy vacuum down and it soon took the top spot for favourite toy.

The best feature about the Dyson Ball upright Toy vacuum is that it’s a miniature version of the real thing and it looks just like the real one. If it wasn’t for the size difference I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. My son enjoys whizzing the machine through the house, playing with the adjustments and pretending to clean, little does he know he’s secretly training to be my housecleaning minion in a few years.

The Dyson Ball upright Toy cleverly imitates the cyclone action using the multi-coloured balls inside the transparent canister. This contributes to the fun and makes my son feel like he’s getting involved with the housework.


The toy vacuum also manoeuvres in a similar way to the real one and is fitted with actual suction at the base of the vacuum so it can lift tiny pieces of paper or small beads. There is a detachable dirt bin at the rear so that kids can remove and empty it out ready for the next “cleaning” session.

This type of toy can contribute to developing the child’s social skills. I noticed that whenever my son brought out his toy vacuum he would automatically get positive interactions with family and friends curious to know more about his gadget. He lets his friends play with the toy Dyson and it encourages him to share the fun.

The toy Dyson Ball vacuum keeps my son occupied for hours on end. Personally, I prefer for him to play with a toy like this and learn some life skills rather than watching endless hours of t.v. This alone makes the small investment of an educational toy worth buying.


The Dyson toy has a switch and a button that control the cyclone canister, suction and sound. The button at the top of the machine turns on the cyclone and the multi-colored beads start to swirl around inside the transparent canister. My son really enjoys watching the beads dancing around the chamber.

The switch found at the bottom of the machine activates the suction and sound. The compact toy vacuum is a perfect size for young children over 3 years old. It is also lightweight to ensure that little people can handle toy machine and play with it easier.

Dyson Toy looks like a Real Vacuum Cleaner

As mentioned before the Dyson toy resembles the real thing thanks to the attention to detail. The toy is designed by Casdon toy manufacturer and even uses the same colour scheme found on real Dyson vacuum cleaners. My son can’t tell the difference and this obviously makes my life much easier because I can take out the real vacuum and not worry about him crying to have a go at vacuuming. He simply brings out the mini Dyson and off he goes!

He enjoys pretending to clean the house and his favourite areas to vacuum are the living room and his sister’s bedroom. He must think that his own room is clean enough to not bother with the Dyson toy.


If you’re considering buying the Dyson Ball Toy vacuum cleaner for your child or children, but are not sure if they’ll enjoy playing with this unique toy, I’d highly recommend trying it out. I’ll be honest that I had my reservations but it actually turned out to be a great toy.

Why you should buy the Toy Dyson Ball

Below is a summary of the features your child will enjoy when playing with the Dyson toy:

  • The suction power for the Dyson toy can lift tiny pieces of paper or small polystyrene beads.
  • The design of this toy is a spitting image of the real Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. Your child won’t be able to tell the difference except that the toy is small enough to play with.
  • The toy’s lightweight and compactness stop injury during play time. There is zero risk of the toy falling on top of children.
  • The cyclone canister, with swirling beads, is an entertaining feature that engages the child.
  • The Dyson toy simulates the movement of a real Dyson and steers around corners and between obstacles like a real machine. It keeps kids entertained whilst teaching them how to problem solve.
  • The suction from the bottom of the toy vacuum is a good way of showing children the effect of moving the vacuum across the floor.
  • The Dyson toy imitates the machine sound of a real vacuum to give children the closest experience of using an actual vacuum cleaner.
  • There is a detachable back behind the toy to empty debris.
  • It’s easy to store away.
Toy Vacuum- Dyson Ball Vacuum

Where can you buy the Toy Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner?




The Toy Dyson Ball might not be the usual Barbie doll or transformer figurine but it’s a unique toy which turned out to be great entertainment for my son and his friends.

It combines playfulness and skill building. Most importantly, I don’t need to worry about my son crying to use my actual vacuum cleaner whenever I need to do house cleaning.

Are you considering buying the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum Cleaner or have you already bought one for your child? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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