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What Is The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors And Carpets?

When I first heard about robot vacuums I wasn’t sure if they could clean as thoroughly as my standard sized machines. After testing a few robot cleaners my reservations were put to rest. Despite their portable size, they work incredibly well and the best part is that they require very little help from you except when emptying the dirt bin (which takes less than a minute).

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Cleaning for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor

Pure Clean Smart robot vacuum cleaner is a portable machine that introduces a lot of convenience to daily cleaning around your home.

This clever robot is designed for hard flooring and carpets and cleans them diligently.

The nifty navigation allows the robot to adapt to its surroundings and choose the best setting for the relevant floor type.

Pet owners will be glad to know that the PureClean robot cleaner has been updated to suck up pet hair more efficiently thanks to the brushless design and powerful suction that stops the machine from clogging up with pet hair.

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PureClean Low Profile Design

The PureClean vacuum has a slim profile that lets it reach awkward areas which are harder to reach with bigger vacuum cleaners. The slim 2.9” low profile allows it to travel under furniture, bed frames and sofas with relative ease. Dirt and dust will not remain hidden for long once PureClean gets to work.


PureClean Robot Vacuum helps Allergy sufferers

If you suffer from airborne allergies you should consider purchasing the PureClean robot. Not only will it keep your home clean but it’s fitted with HEPA filters which clean the air, catch dust particles and keep dirt sealed in the dirt bin.


Clever Rotating Brushes

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean vacuum is equipped with automatic side sweeping brushes that widen the cleaning range of the machine. The brushes rotate to sweep up stubborn dirt, keeping your floors consistently clean.

After a long and a hectic day, vacuuming is usually at the bottom of most people’s list of priorities. A good solution is to invest in a robot cleaner that can routinely tidy up either whilst you’re out for the day or at a time that suits you best. This is the reason why I love owning a robot vacuum because I don’t have to put off cleaning for another day, I look forward to coming back to a house with immaculate floors.

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Assembling the PureClean Robot

The robot is packaged and presented really well. Setting it up can be done in minimal time as the machine comes almost completely assembled. The entire body is intact except for the small legs that take a few seconds to attach.

You’ll also need to remove a bit of material in the battery area (placed there to stop the robot from turning on accidentally) and some material in the filter area to get the machine fully operational. Overall it took no more than five minutes to unbox the PureClean vacuum and get it working. Thankfully the battery was fully charged so it could start cleaning straight out the box!

Now that we know the PureClean robot’s capabilities how did it do when put to the test? I wasn’t too sure if the robot would live up to its claims given the machine’s low price point.

My home has a mixture of wooden floors, tiles and carpets. I own a dog and our household is generally very busy with kids running around etc.

PureClean Carpet Performance

After the short assembly, I turned on the manual setting and I watched it go to work. It started in the living room which is carpeted, has 2 large couches, a bookshelf, coffee table and t.v. stand occupying the area. The robot navigated in a linear pattern following the easiest routes through the room. Whenever it knocked into furniture it rotated to change direction and continued.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and carpets

At first the cleaning pattern looked random but upon close inspection of the room afterwards, the carpet looked fresh with no visible dirt left behind. Typical it will take about 45 minutes for the robotic vacuum to clean a medium sized room that is very messy.


Pureclean Wooden Floors Performance

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner low profile

The next room I observed the PureClean robot was in the Kitchen. The room is large and open with a table and chairs in one corner. The floors are wooden and generally get messy quite quick due to the high amount of activity.

The robot had very little issues sweeping and sucking up dirt from the wooden floors.

It avoided knocking into the kitchen furniture and left the floors immaculately clean. The robotic cleaner couldn’t lift up food stains but neither could my standard sized Dyson. No issues there.


Pureclean Tiled Floors Performance

The next room to be put to the test was the bathroom. Again, the room is an open space with the usual items i.e. a roll-top bathtub, wet area, toilet and sink. The floor is tiled throughout and the PureClean robot cleaned the floor better than my attempt with a larger vacuum.

Usually, I leave behind hair or fluff but this vacuum took care of it all. It had a little trouble getting into the confined space around the toilet but overall the results were impressive.

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Pureclean Bedroom Performance

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robotic Auto Home Cleaning for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor

Our main bedroom is carpeted and contains a dresser, kingsize bed, freestanding mirror, and a closet in each alcove.

I was worried as this is the most cluttered room. Surprising this didn’t seem to deter the PureClean robot. It worked its way around the room with methodical precision then continued underneath the bed frame to clean the dust that I would normally struggle to reach with a larger vacuum.

It knocked into the mirror and dresser a few times but it promptly corrected itself and continued. The room actually looked cleaner than my attempts and put me to shame once again.


Other Useful PureClean Information

I like that the machine noise is low. The sound from the vacuum is hardly noticeable and much quieter than my larger vacuum. I can leave it cleaning downstairs and go to bed without it disturbing my sleep. I switched it on whilst watching a movie in the same room and didn’t struggle to hear the sounds from the t.v.

PureClean Robot Auto Home Cleaning for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor

It struggles a little bit to switch from hard floors to carpets but coped okay vice versa. It’s nothing major really.

When recharging, the battery takes 4 hours to fully charge.

This little machine sucks up a lot of dirt and it’s clearly evident when you detach the filter. It catches everything.

When the battery is about to die the PureClean vacuum gives out an audible warning sound to alert you that it needs charging. Great feature.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a charging dock but at this price level, I wasn’t expecting to find one include. Simply plug it in. I’m also pleasantly surprised that HEPA filtration was included at this price.

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PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Clean Carpet Hardwood Floor


Product Rating

The low price point and strong cleaning performance make the PureClean Robotic vacuum a popular choice.

Score: 8/10 

 Where can you buy the Pure Clean Smart robot vacuum?


PureClean Smart Robot Features:

  • 3-in-1 robot: It sweeps, vacuums and dusts.
  • Adaptable and efficient robotic floor cleaning.
  • Clever route navigation that familiarizes to the surrounding environment.
  • The slim profile has the advantage of cleaning hard-to-reach areas beneath furniture.
  • Cliff sensors to avoid stair edges. A Bumper Housing is fitted for protection.
  • PureClean robot can adapt to different floor types including laminate, wooden floors, tiles low and high pile carpets.
  • Quick bin-emptying feature for easy dirt disposal.
  • Automatic start and one-touch operation.
  • 3 cleaning configurations: Edge, Spiral and Auto/Random.
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery.
  • Twin Spinning Side Brush to pick up dirt.
  • Suitable for most homes ranging from large houses to small apartments.


PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robotic Auto Home CleaningPureClean Box Contents:

  • PureClean Smart Robot Vacuum
  • Rechargeable Battery x 1
  • Charging / Power Adapter
  • Removable Brushes x 2
  • Washable Dust Filter


PureClean Smart Robot Technical Specs:

  • Dirt Bin Capacity: 0.2 Litres
  • Battery Type: Ni-MH 14.4V, 850mAh
  • Battery Charging Time: 4 Hours
  • Robot Vacuum running time: 55 Minutes
  • Power: 110/220V
  • Measurements (L x W x H): 11.0’’ x 11.0’’ x 2.9’’ -inches


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