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iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

This is the future of house cleaning. Nowadays when I visit a relative or friend it’s not unusual to find a robot vacuum whizzing through their house clearing carpets, rugs and hard floors whilst we catch up. The biggest advantage when you buy a robot vacuum cleaner is never needing to worry about cleaning your floors after a busy day or at the weekend when you want to chill out.

The iRobot Roomba 650 robot is a diligent vacuum that you can set up in your home and let it do the rest whilst you relax or get on with your day. It’s that simple.

The Roomba was one of the first robot vacuums on the market, there’s the assurance that iRobot has been designing high-performance cleaning appliances for a long time. The ergonomic design allows it to reach underneath furniture, sofas and beds thanks to the slim body height which pitches the Roomba 650 at just 3.6 inches tall.

The Roomba robot vacuum features a unique 3 stage cleaning system designed to lift all types of dirt including animal hair, spilt food, dust and anything else in its way.


What I love about the Roomba 650 is that you can stay on top of daily floor cleaning with very little effort. The machine can be programmed to clean around your schedule so it does not get in the way. I find that it works best when programmed to clean during the day when nobody is at home. I enjoy coming home to fresh clean carpets every day. Trust me, the novelty of a machine cleaning up after you will not wear off anytime soon.

Here are some features that you can look forward to when you buy the Roomba 650 robot vacuum:

  • It is equipped with a feature called iAdapt Navigation which houses various sensors that adapt to your home’s environment even when furniture is rearranged.
  • Roomba 650 is easy to schedule up to 7 programs per week, or simply manually press the CLEAN button and off it goes.
  • Never worry about charging the machine because it docks and recharges automatically when it detects a low battery.
  • Roomba 650 is capable of adjusting to different floor types automatically including rugs, carpets, tiled floors, hardwood and laminate.
  • A 3-Stage cleaning system comes as standard. Dirt is agitated, brushed and sucked up efficiently from carpets and hard floors.


Clever Design

Roomba 650’s low profile body gives it the distinct advantage to reach underneath areas that would normally be difficult to reach. Do you ever get put off moving your sofas to reach the dust that gathers behind them? Roomba will keep on top of this on a daily basis to stop dust from accumulating.

Another bonus about purchasing a Roomba 650 is that you will be supplied with Virtual Walls. The technology helps to create boundaries for the robot vacuum cleaner so that it stays within the confines that you set up.


The Roomba robot features a spinning side brush that sweeps wall edges and corners with great efficiency.

Roomba 650 is Easy to Get Started

The one-button operation lets the Roomba vacuum start cleaning immediately with no delays. You can always create a convenient cleaning schedule later. The iRobot Roomba 650 can be pre-set to clean up to 7 times every week.

How Powerful is the Roomba 650?

Okay, now that we know about the arsenal of features packed inside the Roomba 650 how did it actually perform in a real-life situation? My household is busy. I have a dog (Haimish) and messy kids (husband included). I wasn’t sure if the Roomba 650 robot could keep up and keep on top of the mess.

My dog, Haimish, sheds hair everywhere which can be a mammoth task to get rid of from my carpets and rugs. I thought the best case scenario would be the Roomba cleaning some of the hair then I would go over the rest with a full-sized vacuum.

roomba-650-robot-vacuum cleaner

Surprisingly the first time I turned on the Roomba robot it sucked up all of Haimish’s hairs like a champ and now my carpets are hair-free every time I get back home. The way I see it if Roomba 650’s suction power can eliminate stubborn pet hair it can take on any type of dirt.

Maintaining the Roomba 650

Maintaining the Roomba 650 is much easier than cleaning the floors yourself. The machine collects dirt from the rear, so what you need to do is inspect the rear regularly and remove hair that might accumulate on the filter. Doing this will ensure that the Roomba robot doesn’t lose its suction power. I would also recommend washing the filter every week (takes less than 5 minutes).

The very fact that the Roomba 650 robot can clean hard to reach areas will mean that it collects a lot of unsightly dirt, dust and hair that you couldn’t normally clean with a full-sized vacuum. It’s astonishing to see the heaps of dirt collected on the first few cleanups, I kept asking myself where all that dirt was hiding. After several cleaning rounds the mess calms down.

 roomba 650 robot vacuum


What to watch out for with Roomba 650

Overall the Roomba 650 is a superb high-performance vacuum cleaner but I think you already get that impression. I‘ll point out a few things that could be improved so that you can get a balanced review. It could do with a larger dirt bin as seen on rival machines such as the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79.   

The cleaning patterns should be optimised to avoid Roomba 650 going over the same areas more than once. It doesn’t appear to follow a predictable pattern although, in its defence, my floors are always spotless. Kudos to iRobot Roomba 650!

He occasionally gets stuck between furniture and objects lying around. Make sure that your floors are clear of obstacles before sending him off to clean.

Roomba 650 Product Rating

The iRobot Roomba 650 is a machine that is highly favoured by the majority of robot vacuum owners.

The machine scores a very high: 8.8 / 10 

Where to Buy the Roomba 650


If you’re looking for a premium mid-range robot vacuum cleaner that won’t cost you a fortune then the iRobot Roomba 650 is a suitable choice. The machine is built to last and scored plenty of positive ratings from happy customers.

irobot roomba 650 robot

I’ll summarize the review with some helpful advice and guidelines for the Roomba 650:

  • Give the Roomba a bit of time to adapt to your home’s surroundings. Keep a watchful eye on the machine when it’s turned on for the first time to make sure it doesn’t get stuck somewhere.
  • Clean the dirt bin regularly to prevent loss of suction power.
  • I would recommend that he doesn’t vacuum sticky substances i.e. porridge, dog excrement or vomit to avoid damaging the machine.
  • Ensure that the charging dock is secure against a wall to avoid the Roomba knocking it over.
  • Keep lose cables and electric cords off the floor whilst Roomba 650 is hard at work.

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