Dirty pond stressing you out? This pond vacuum cleaners buyers guide for 2019 has all the information needed to speed up the removal of muck and algae to get your lagoon crystal clear in record time! The best thing is that you don’t need to disturb the fish whilst you clean their aquatic sanctuary.

It’s amazing to think that manufacturers have modified the conventional vacuum cleaner so that it can clean out the watering hole in your backyard. A pond vacuum is a handy appliance that saves you the hassle of draining out your entire lagoon just so that you clean it. You can remove sludge, algae, leaves and dirt whilst the body of water remains where it is.

Pond vacuums are versatile machines capable of cleaning small and large ponds, fish ponds and green ponds. The leading appliances are powerful enough to cope with most situations and will remove built-up debris effectively and thoroughly.


Just like a normal vacuum, a pond cleaner works in a similar manner and is very easy to operate. You should ensure that you buy a pond vacuum with the right tools for the job- most come with additional nozzles, extension cables, collection bags and transparent tubes for easier visibility.

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What Should You Consider When Buying a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Installing a pond in your backyard is a great idea and adds to the garden’s appeal, however, owning a water feature means that you need to maintain it so that it remains looking at its best. It should be cleaned regularly to stop debris and muck from accumulating and contaminating the water.


The cost of hiring a professional cleaner to purify your pond is not cheap especially when it’s a task that needs to be done often. The best affordable solution is to get your own pond vacuum that can be used when duty calls.

Before buying a pond vacuum you should consider the below factors to ensure that you get the most out of your new appliance:

  • Don’t waste your time looking at models from cheaper inferior brands. Stick to brands that specialise in pond cleaning units such as Oase or Matala.
  • Pond cleaning is better with a lightweight and portable machine to ensure that the task is carried quicker and with less effort. Make sure that you check the weight of the machine prior to purchase. Ideally, you want an appliance that weighs around 25 pounds or less. Always go for a machine with a longer cord to improve the cleaning range.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a nozzle. There are various types available including specially adapted nozzles that can get in between rocks and suck up hidden algae. Depending on the brand and model you go for, you should be supplied with a kit of accessories to deal with muck and sludge effectively.
  • How long are the handle and tube? Remember that you need them to be long enough to reach corners and the other end of the pond without you physically needing to get into the water.
  • What type of collection bag does the machine come with? You get the choice of a disposable or reusable bag or both. Disposable bags are quicker to use as you simply need to detach and throw them away whereas reusable bags need to be cleaned out when the job is done to stop dead leaves from rotting inside the bag.
  • Check the product description to ensure that your chosen model is the right one for your pond or pool. Some come with a 2-chamber design to improve suction power, other models are equipped with a dual pump system to run for extended times without pausing for a break.
  • How big is the collection bag? You want the biggest possible sized bag that doesn’t add bulk or compromise performance. A bigger bag reduces the frequency of dirt disposal.
  • Alway get a machine that doesn’t require a complicated setup. The recommended pond vacuums in our shortlist are all easy to get started and are a joy to use.

Using and Maintaining Your New Pond Vacuum

Owning or installing a pond or pool enhances the appeal of your home and often increases your estate’s worth. A water feature is a fun addition that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Regular maintenance of your beloved watering hole is vital in keeping it healthy and looking its best.

Investing in a pond vacuum cleaner will help you eliminate dirt such as dead leaves, sludge and muck that has settled at the bottom of the pond. It will remove hidden bacteria that can’t normally be spotted. The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the pond- some users clean their watering holes monthly or weekly. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for recommended maintenance intervals and best practices.

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Below is a quick summary of handy suggestions of how to use your pond vacuum optimally-

  • Depending on the model you buy, you should be able to open the handle ring to widen the range of suction. If you’d prefer a higher rate of focused suction close the ring.
  • Always position the tank of the machine at a higher level than the hose to imp