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Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaner 2021- Our Ultimate Selection!

Affiliate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commissions. Eventually, I may earn enough to buy a beer or two 🙂 

The cold weather is here and most of us have turned to our fireplaces, but regular use equates to a build-up of ash. Use this guide to find the Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaner in 2021. If you use pellet stoves, fire pits, wood burners, barbeques, ash will soon become a nuisance to get rid of.

There’s no getting around it, ash needs cleaning up regularly, but doing this with a brush and dustpan is very messy as the ash tends to fly everywhere. It’s also hazardous to breathe the dust caused by sweeping ash, but don’t despair as there’s an easy fix. You should buy an ash vacuum cleaner.     

Reasons to use an Ash Vacuum Cleaner

From a safety point of view, if you intend to vacuum ash then this is the safest way to do so, if hot embers got inside a regular vacuum cleaner they could melt the plastic material. If you use coal or wood to warm up your house, you will need to clear the resulting ash often. An ash vacuum will help to keep the fireplace area tidy so that the wood can burn efficiently and minimise smoky smells.


The best way to clean your fireplace easily and quickly is by using an ash cleaner. Here is a short summary of the reasons why ash vacuums are the best method to clean out soot and ash-   

  • These machines are safer to use when dealing with ash. The metal body is designed to cope with hot ash.
  • It eliminates the risk of an accidental house fire.
  • Designed to capture the dust caused by ash and contain it.
  • Extremely easy to assemble and operate.
  • Ash vacuums are budget-friendly and virtually all of them provide excellent performance. 
  • Extremely durable with a tough body that handles warm/hot embers instead of a standard vacuum made from plastic.

In this guide, I will give you plenty of handy tips to buy an ash vacuum cleaner that will suit your requirements. I will also shortlist our top recommendations based on performance, handling, affordability and durability. 


Why shouldn’t you use a standard vacuum cleaner to clear up ash?

Using a standard vacuum cleaner, made from plastic, to get rid of ash is a bad idea. Here are a few points why you should avoid doing this:

  • As already mentioned, a normal vacuum cleaner cannot handle warm or hot ash, which would melt the plastic.
  • The risk of fire increases when a normal vacuum is used to clean ash because the plastic could melt if hot ash is present.
  • You’d also need to be careful when cleaning ash that appears to be cold as it might be hiding embers that can remain hot for many hours after the fire was extinguished.  
  • A standard vacuum is not equipped with adequate filtration made to contain ash. Ash is different from dust and other dirt because it is very fine and travels to the machine’s motor very fast. A special type of multi-layered filter is built into ash vacuums so that it can deal with these finer particles.  

Things to lookout for when buying an ash vacuum cleaner

Be sure to check for the following features when considering an ash vacuum.


Lengthy power cable

If you’re purchasing an ash vacuum you should make sure that it comes with a long electric cable. You’ll have to move it about to get into all the nooks of your fireplace and the last thing you need is a short cable that stops you dead in your tracks. Preferably you should opt for a machine with a retractable cable so that it can be extended to the desired length.

It should be heat-resistant

This feature goes without say and is essential to the integrity of an ash vacuum cleaner. The machine should be lined with metal to withstand any hot coals drawn into the canister. The majority of ash vacuums are made from metal but I’ve come across cheap models that come up short. I’ll keep you away from inferior units and steer you to the best performing ash vacuums- keep reading to see our shortlist further down. 

A Lengthy hose

A long hose is equally as important as a long electric cord. A hose with good length will make tasks easier as you’ll be able to reach better into corners and small gaps. A shorter hose is harder to work with and it can’t easily access areas that are difficult to reach such as the gaps behind the wood-burning stove. 


Robust crevice tool

Ash can be troublesome to clean effective owing to the fine particles that can easily float away into the air, for this reason, you should ensure that your chosen model is supplied with a strong aluminium crevice tool that can get into corners and confined spaces. 

Easy to handle

A machine that is easy to move around is the keystone to cleaning ash effectively, especially when trying to vacuum it from confined areas. Ensure that the machine can be lifted with ease and has a comfortable handle.  

How big is the canister?

A sizeable canister is much more convenient as it reduces frequent trips to the garbage can to empty out the ash. I’ve summarised a list of ash vacuums with decent sized canisters that can collect plenty of ash without requiring you to stop partway through cleaning.

Strong motor

A powerful motor makes sure that nothing is left behind. It delivers strong suction that is needed to catch the fine particles as well as lumps of coal. The sweet spot is an ash vacuum with a strong motor that runs quietly.  



Some ash vacuums don’t include wheels or castors, so wherever possible you should get one that includes them. When it gathers inside your canister, Ash can become heavy thus, it’s a good idea to choose a model with wheel for easier transportation and disposal.  

Canister level indicator

Once the canister is filled up to the max, the machine should indicate when it requires emptying. There’s normally an LED indicator to show the canister’s capacity without the need to open the machine and check.  

Filtration system

Ash vacuums are equipped with the highest grade of filtration available. You should go for a model with double or triple filtration and a HEPA filter. The first stage is a metal filter that catches ash dust, the second stage is a cloth filter housed at the top of the canister to trap dirt. The third stage is a HEPA filter that catches allergens and fine dust particles and keeps it from getting to the motor.   

It’s also worth looking for a model with filters that can be cleaned with ease and preferably are washable. Ash is incredibly messy and you always want your filters to perform optimally.  


The convenience of an Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Once you buy an ash vacuum you’ll find it incredibly useful especially if you regularly burn wood and charcoal on the barbeque, fireplace or log burner. It will extract ash residue quickly and is vastly better than trying to use a brush, broom or shovel. During use, the vacuum is designed not to stir up the dust.

How much Ash needs cleaning?

It’s important to gauge the amount of ash that you need to remove on a regular basis, this will give you an indication on the type and size of ash vacuum to buy. For example, if you need a machine to clean your barbeque grill and nothing else then a smaller model would be adequate. You can even get away with using a compact ash vacuum to clean your pellet stove.    

Bigger machines are required for jobs such as cleaning ash from log burners and fireplaces as they tend to accumulate a large build-up of ash and bigger pieces debris. A smaller unit might struggle to clean effectively or even clog up if tasked to remove large pieces of debris and embers. For these bigger jobs, you should buy a robust ash vacuum with a sizeable filtration area.  


So without further ado let’s take a look at our favourite ash vacuum cleaners available right now. I’ve summarised the features and the benefits for each unit to give you a clearer picture of what to expect from your chosen product.


The Cougar+ Ash Vacuum takes the top spot and is the crème de la crème of ash cleaners. This model is designed to remove ash from pellet stoves, fire pits, log burners, fireplaces and barbeque stands. The unique filtration system extracts and traps minute particles whilst keeping the motor free from clogs. This unit is extremely hard-wearing and can cope with challenging tasks and hot coals. 


The metal material is lined throughout the machine and, once shut, is 100% sealed to ensure that ash doesn’t escape back into the atmosphere. It can lift warm and cold ash and can even extract wet ash using the same filter. The hose measures 5 ft and provides enough length to get right around your wood stove and fireplace. The machine weighs 17 pounds / 7.7 kg and is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre  

The motor is incredibly efficient and delivers a powerful airflow (90 CFM) to remove ash at a rapid rate. The Cougar+ cleaner is made to pick up fine ash flawlessly. It does exactly what it says on the tin and performs impressively without letting a single ash particle escape into the air. If you want a unit that captures and holds all the ash inside its canister then this is the best ash vacuum that you can buy. There isn’t a better vacuum out there that removes ash like this machine.     


  • Quieter to operate than alternative models.
  • It can pick up warm, dry and wet coal in one go.
  • It’s easy to assemble and clean.
  • It has the best filters that money can buy. There’s an inner and outer filter.
  • The machine is energy efficient and utilises lower power (6 amps).


  • It doesn’t have wheels or castor which isn’t ideal for big clean ups
  • The electric cable could be a bit longer.

Where Can I Buy the Cougar + Ash Vacuum Cleaner?


Shop-Vac is a strong brand that has been manufacturing heavy-duty vacuums for many decades. Their Shop-vac ash vacuum cleaner is no exception. It has a minimalist design for stress-free usage. It’s so easy that you won’t really need to look at the instructions to use it.    


HEPA filters are fitted as standard and provide an extensive dirt capturing system for the tinniest ash particles. The machine is equipped with a thermal protection system that extends the lifetime of the unit and a stainless steel body that is long lasting.

You will find a metal hose measuring 4-ft as well as a metal crevice tool and nozzle attachment. The compact body holds a surprising 5-gallons of ash making it the perfect machine for big tasks.  


  • The Shop-Vac and its accessories are made with durable materials
  • It can vacuum dry and wet ash particles. 
  • HEPA filters come as standard.
  • Large 5–gallon capacity for bigger jobs.


  • It doesn’t have castors or wheels so you will need to lift it around.

Where Can I Buy the Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner?


The Powersmith Ash vacuum excels at clearing up your fireplace, pellet stove, barbeque and any other areas plagued with ash. Thankfully, the machine is equipped with wheels for convenient manoeuvrability. It can be used a regular vacuum cleaner around the house as a result of the well-thought design.    

The machine can pack a decent amount of ash inside the canister, 3-Gallons to be specific. The Powersmith vacuum has got another hidden trick up its sleeve. The powerful motor is rated at 10 amps and as a result, it can be transformed into a leaf blower and the long electric cable measures 16-ft so that the machine can be used outdoors.


This unit is a great all-rounder, not only does it clean ash but it also comes with attachments for regular use to clean other areas of your home. The filter is washable for repeated use and lower maintenance costs.

There is a lot of power inside the Powersmith ash vacuum. Don’t worry if the machine stops suddenly during use, this is just the thermal protective function kicking in so that the motor doesn’t overheat. This shouldn’t happen often and is likely to happen if the machine is running for prolonged periods of time when using attachments because they restrict the airflow, which then heats the motor quicker. When the unit cools down to a sufficient level it will be ready to continue. The thermal protection is also there to protect the motor from the hot airflow caused by warm ash which heats up the machine faster. This is completely okay and will ensure that your ash vacuum has a longer lifespan.



  • The machine can be transform from vacuum to blower.
  • Convenient long 16-ft electric cable 
  • Lightweight unit weighs just 9 lbs.
  • Powerful 10-amp motor provides better suction.


  • The hose length could be longer.
  • Not as energy efficient as alternative ash vacuums.

Where Can I Buy the PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum Cleaner?


The Snow Joe Ash cleaner is an unassuming vacuum perfectly designed for smaller tasks. The dual filtration system guarantees proficient picking up of ash. The minimalist design is similar to a bucket and the machine can be stored conveniently in your garage or garden shed.    

This is one of smallest ash vacuum cleaners on our shortlist and is easy to lift between rooms thanks to the ergonomic handle. It can cope with vacuuming ash on a regular basis and cleaning up after the family barbeque. The filters can be cleaned with little hassle and are reusable.


Despite its compact body, the Snow Joe ash vacuum can pack up to 4.8 gallons of dirt inside its canister. It can be used for longer periods without the worry of constantly emptying it partway through cleaning.

The 4-amp motor isn’t as powerful as the models further up this list but it is more than sufficient for minor routine tasks. There is a small window to assess the airway and ensure that it remains free from blockages. There is enough power to clean your pellet stove without fuss and the cable and hose are long enough to reach awkward areas.     

Though the suction isn’t as powerful as alternative machines there’s enough there to deal with ash and clean it up thoroughly. The filters capture ash extremely well and none of the residue escapes back into the air. The Snow Joe cleaner is a distinct machine that is ideally suited for pellet stove owners who use their stove daily, its certainly a vacuum cleaner to consider.


Even just keeping the machine turned on, whilst the nozzle is aimed at the stove, will catch plenty of particles floating around. It’s a doddle to empty the canister but be sure to do this in the trash can outdoors. Overall, the Snow Joe ash vacuum cleaner is an affordable unit with a great capacity and dual filtration system.         


  • Minimalist design for hassle-free use.
  • Has a convenient window to check for clogs.
  • The dual filters trap more ash and dust. 


  • Lower suction power than the alternatives.
  • No wheels at the base of the machine.

Where Can I Buy the SNOW JOE ASHJ201Ash Vacuum Cleaner?

5. BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner

The BACOENG ASH200L ash vacuum provides you with a budget-friendly solution to clean cold ash from log burners, fireplaces and other areas that ash accumulates. It comes with a strong motor and a range of nozzles and accessories to make sure that easier cleaning is carried out thoroughly. Seamlessly use the machine inside your home as well as outdoors to remove ash from barbeque grills and fire pits.  

HEPA filters are fitted to catch the tiniest ash molecules and an additional filter bag that can be washed. The BACOENG vacuum collects small ash particles and sucks any surplus dust wandering in the air. The filter works quickly to keep the motor clean and free from blockages to ensure a longer lifespan.       


If your flu is in need of clearing out and has built up years of ash and soot then it’s time to consider buying the BACOENG ash vacuum to take care of the mess. This unit is generously powerful and will leave nothing behind. The appliance is easy to assemble and even easier to use, simply fit the wheels at the base and you’re good to go!

Here is a quick summary of the handy features included with the BACOENG ash vacuum-

  • This model can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks in addition to ash cleaning you can use it for regular vacuuming throughout the house.
  • The 2 stage filter stops fine ash particles from travelling back into the air and protects the motor from clogging up with dirt and ash.   
  • There is an indicator that shows you when the canister is full and needs emptying.
  • The unit is powered by a 10-amp motor with inbuilt heat protection to protect the machine from damage and keeps you safe.
  • The hose is lined with metal for added durability and it measures 5-ft / 1.5 metres. The electric cord is an impressive 15-ft/ 4.5 meters so that you can benefit from an extended cleaning range.
  • Amongst the accessories, you will find an aluminium suction tube, extension wands, a bendable metal suction hose, and a crevice and upholstery nozzle to help eliminate ash speedily.

Where Can I Buy the BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner?

(6.) Vacmaster – Ash Vacuum 6 Gallon 8 Amp (EATC608S)

If cleaning ash seems to be a never-ending battle then maybe it’s time that you got yourself the Vacmaster Ash vacuum which is equipped with a powerful 8 Amp motor for great suction. It runs quieter than rival appliances and is fitted with wheels for better handling.

You’ll also find integrated holders to store your hose and attachments conveniently. The Vacmaster is best used to eliminate tiny ash grains and cold ash from pellet stoves, fireplaces, barbecues and any other areas that accumulate ash.


What sets apart the Vacmaster ash vacuum from the competition is the LED light that is provided. The light can be clipped onto the wand or nozzle to brighten up the dark corners of your fireplace and clean it better. It comes with a bendable aluminium hose measuring 4 ft to improve the reach into awkward areas. The metal canister is hard-wearing and designed to cope with up to 6 gallons of ash.  

If you’re looking for a low cost ash vacuum that performs better than the alternatives then the Vacmaster cleaner might just be the machine for you. It is made from high quality materials and feels like it will provide many years of happy ash cleaning and with a dependable brand such as Vacmaster I’m confident that performance will never fade.    

Below is a summary of the benefits to be expected from the Vacmaster Ash vacuum:

  • It’s equipped with an 8-Amp motor which provides adequate power to remove ash efficiently.
  • The motor is comfortably quieter than alternative models
  • Unlike other ash vacuums the Vacmaster is fitted with wheels at the base to improve the handling.
  • Integrated storage for the hose and attachments so that ash cleaning is never slowed down or delayed.
  • An LED light that can be attached to the wand or hose to give you better visibility of dark areas.
  • The crevice tool and wand are made from aluminium and are extremely durable.

Where Can I Buy the Vacmaster Ash Vacuum (EATC608S)?

(7). Porter-Cable Wet/Dry Ash Vacuum

The last model on our list is the Porter-Cable ash vacuum cleaner. This portable machine can pick up to 4 gallons of ash and houses a 4 peak horsepower motor suitable for collecting cold ash. Its compactness makes it the perfect unit for regular use throughout the seasons- use it in winter to pick up ash from fireplaces, wood burners and pellet stoves or use it in summer to clean up the outdoor grill after family barbeques.  

The Porter-Cable ash vacuum can lift wet or dry ash without fuss and performs remarkably when considering its portable size. It comes with 2 filters- a cartridge filter and pre-filter to catch minute ash particles that are a nuisance to clean. You’ll also find a long metal hose and extension wand to improve cleaning efficiency.  


This model will thoroughly extract soot from the fireplace without the risk of ash residue escaping back into the room, to make this possible the unit utilises a sturdy bag that effectively traps dust inside the canister once caught. You won’t have the problem of dust flying everywhere during use.

If you use a pellet stove, primo grill or a smoker regularly and want to get rid of the resulting fine ash then you’ll want to consider the Porter-Cable ash vacuum, it’s the ideal solution for removing cold ash.

Overall, the Porter-Cable unit is a great affordable ash vacuum that is compact enough for homes with storage issues. It delivers brilliant suction and is lightweight to move around with ease. I also like that it runs quietly (I hate loud motors).


Benefits of the Porter-Cable Ash Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Ergonomic flip-up handle to lift the unit with ease.
  • There is onboard storage for the hose.
  • The 2-stage filter effectively traps dust and ash grains and prevents them from escaping back into the air.

Where Can I Buy the PorterCable Wet/Dry Ash Vacuum?


Hopefully our shortlist has given you a clearer picture of the right type of vacuum cleaner to buy for ash. If you want to keep your pellet stove or fireplace free from ash I’d highly recommend investing in an ash vacuum. Make sure you clean the new appliance and filter regularly to guarantee longevity. 

I’ve put together a few tips to keep your fireplace tidy the stress-free way:


Burn the correct fuel

Burning green wood isn’t the best choice because it doesn’t provide a clean burn. It’s not healthy because it results in a lot of smoke. For a cleaner fireplace you are better off with seasoned wood as it ignites better and produces ash that is easier to clean up.   

Clean the fireplace often

Don’t wait until the fireplace looks dirty before cleaning because by then the ash would have accumulated and will start sticking to the fireplace- it is harder to clean when it gets to this stage. Keep on top of the mess and you’ll achieve a clean burn much easier. In addition to cleaning the ash, make sure that you clean the log grates and the inward chambers of the firebox.      

Mix liquid hand wash and salt for stubborn dirt

Your ash vacuum will do a good job removing virtually all of ash lurking in your fireplace but it might not be capable of removing ingrained ash deposits. There is an easy way to deal with this stubborn mess though, simply mix some regular hand wash with salt and stir until it creates a thick paste, spread the paste over the ash deposits and let it work for a minimum of 15 minutes, then scrub it off easily.      



I hope this guide has bought you closer to finding the best fireplace ash vacuum cleaner for 2021. You will notice that ash vacuums don’t generally come with wheels or castors, but we’ve managed to source a few models that include a wheelbase.

Our selection contains the highest performing vacuums with filtration that captures the smallest ash grains without spreading dust to other parts of the room. Ash is a powdery mess that becomes a challenge to remove with the wrong tools, buy an ash vacuum cleaner to take the hassle out of this task.  

Are you considering buying one of the fireplace ash vacuum cleaners from our list or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.


Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners for Charcoal Barbecue Grills 2021

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners for Charcoal Barbecue Grills 2021

Grilling is definitely one of the best ways to cook your food especially when the sun comes out. It also gives us something to do during isolation whilst we’ve been told to stay at home. Grilling using charcoal brings a special aroma and flavor to your food and makes meat extra tasty.

My mouth just waters at the thought of seared steaks and barbecued chicken. Yum! Grilling is popular in most households but the problem we have to face afterwards is the ash from the charcoal used. In this review, we have put together the best hot ash vacuum cleaners for charcoal barbecue grills in 2021. 

These vacuums might look like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, however, they serve a distinct purpose which is to pick up warm and cold ash around your household as well as outside- a task that would almost certainly damage a standard vacuum cleaner.

The warm ash vacuum is designed to remove ash from fireplaces, pellet stoves, barbecue grills, or an old-fashioned pizza oven. It has a heat resistant metallic case to withstand high temperatures.

There are a few important things you must remember before choosing the perfect hot ash vacuum cleaner for your needs. 


The first thing is the material. It must be heat resistant since we are dealing with fire here. The material must be made fireproof since glowing embers can stay hot for days. This is the most important part because if the material is made of plastic or rubber this may cause fire or even an explosion to your vacuum cleaner. To avoid accidents we have to make sure that even the hose is heat resistant and hard-wearing because we might collect warm, cold or even wet ash.

Size, Weight & Capacity

The second thing is the size, weight & capacity. The size matters here because if you are living in a household with limited storage you would fare better with a compact ash vacuum for added convenience. Also, most grills are in the backyard therefore you have to carry your ash vacuum from one place to another so the weight also matters.

Lastly, who would want to add to their workload by constantly disposing of ash from their vacuum due to full capacity? No one right? So you must also consider an ash vacuum with decent capacity, therefore, minimizing trips to the trash can. 


The third thing is the Filtration. A good ash vacuum must filter even the smallest bit of dirt. Having excellent filtration provides you lesser maintenance costs and maximizes the lifespan of your Ash Vacuum to its fullest by keeping it running at an optimum level.


The fourth thing is of course the budget. There are a lot of great ash vacuums out there but we must also consider what is the most economical. Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get something much cheaper but with excellent quality? 

There are still a few things that we must consider when buying a hot ash vacuum cleaner like the power cord, hose and suction power but these are some of the features we will look at for each model on our shortlist as we go along.

So here is the top 7 list of the best hot ash vacuum cleaners for charcoal barbecue grills in 2020. Take a seat and choose your best option in the list below.

1). Cougar+ Ash Vacuum Cleaner 


If you’re looking for the highest performance ash vacuum you should seriously consider the Cougar+ vacuum. This model is the best performing ash vacuum currently available. With this model you can clean ash from barbecue grills, multi-fuel stoves, fireplaces as well as pellet stoves. The patented filter system is designed to suck up micro-particles of ash without causing damage to the motor. 

The filters are coated with a fibreglass material that keeps the motor shielded from fine ash particles and also prevents the ash from blowing back into the room or the surrounding air. The device feels robust and is hard-wearing for tough tasks.     

The Cougar+ ash vacuum comes with a sealed system inside its metal exterior and as a result, once the ash is picked up it’s not coming back out. A big advantage of this machine is that it can simultaneously suck up warm ash as well as wet ash without needing to swap filters. The machine weighs around 17 pounds and is equipped with a 5-ft hose.   


The motor is designed to deliver an energy-saving airflow speed of 90 CFM with a water lift capacity of 55” to make light work of ash removal without causing further mess. The machine is user-friendly and doesn’t need to be opened to clean the filters. It comes with a generous set of accessories including a crevice tool, mini extension wand, mini round brush tool, horse hair brush, mini oval brush tool, vented cuff & pellet hose, bent metal nozzle and a kit bag to store your accessories.      

The manufacturer is so confident about the reliability of the Cougar+ vacuum that they provide a 10 year limited warranty as standard. If the machine breakdowns or encounters motor problems or product defects then all you need to do is get in touch with the customer services team and they’ll arrange a replacement or repair. 


Where Can You Buy the Cougar+ Ash Vacuum?

2). PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum


Second on our list is the PowerSmith ash vacuum cleaner. This model delivers a thorough clean and is versatile enough to clean all types of ash from wood stoves to fire pits. It has a wheelbase that makes it easy for you to move it from the house to your grilling area outside. It contains a washable filter, which cuts down the cost of purchasing replacement filters. The filter can handle warm and cool ash, and it filters even the finest particles.

One advantage to the PowerSmith is that it comes with additional user-friendly features such as casters and a 16-foot cord. It can also be used indoors. The motor provides 10amps of power, but it still makes less noise than other models. The PowerSmith never exceeds over 79 dB meaning it is powerful, yet it operates at a lower noise level. It has an ash capacity of 3 gallons.

It is also capable of being converted into a leaf blower to blow away messy leaves from your garden or backyard. The Powersmith can handle any task, whether you are cleaning up the charcoal ash from your grill or the dust in your garage. This ash vacuum rates among the best of the best, and is priced affordably to suit most budgets. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. 


Where Can You Buy the PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum?

3). Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner


The third on our list is the Shop-Vac ash vacuum cleaner. This model is ideal for the messiest jobs including cleaning ash from your multi-fuel stove, fireplace, barbecue or fire pit without spreading dust. This shop-vac vacuum can only pick up cold ash but it does this task extremely well.

Whenever you’re considering to buy an ash vacuum always think about the safety element. A benefit of the Shop-Vac 4041200 it that it’s fitted with a thermal protective device. The main unit attached to the robust vinyl covered flexible lock-on steel hose with a metal intake nozzle, which is very important. It is also installed with an aluminum deflector. 

For the filtration, it is installed with an efficient HEPA cartridge filter that stops ultra fine dust and resists clogging. The best part is, it has a 2 stage filtration system that stops ash from discharging out the exhaust. The machines weighs 13 pounds and the capacity is 5 gallons. It has a corded power source with 120 volts. I like the fact that this model is budget-friendly and comes with a 2-year warranty.


Where Can You Buy the Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum?

4). Snow Joe ASHJ201


The fourth on our list is the Snow Joe AshJ201. This ash vacuum has a 4.8 gallon capacity designed for cold ash from wood and multi-fuel stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, fire pits and BBQ grills. 

The Snow Joe Ash J201 is very easy to operate. All you need to do is place the vacuum’s aluminum intake nozzle into the pile of cold ash then turn on the appliance. The 4-amp motor is powerful enough to deliver up to 500 W of strong suction power with an airflow of 42.3 cubic feet per minute. That’s a lot of power!

As we have discussed earlier, the machine’s dirt-holding capacity is also one of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect ash vacuum which is why the Snow Joe Ash Vacuum is one of our top contenders. It comes with a bigger metal canister that’s capable of containing up to 4.8 gallons of ash. This provides you with plenty of uninterrupted cleaning time without frequently stopping to empty the container. The machine weighs 8.8 lbs.

Another good thing about the Snow Joe ash vacuum is its efficient filtration system. It is designed with a dual filtration system and you get your money’s worth as the system comes with a fine-dust filter and a coarse-dust pre-filter. It successfully catches dust each and every time and traps it inside the sealed canister whilst sucking up the ash. The benefit of using Snow Joe is that it stops ash from escaping back into the atmosphere once it’s drawn into the machine..


Not only does the Snow Joe put a stop to dust circulating around your household but it is also a solid cleaning tool for outdoor areas including your barbecue grill. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty with customer assistance.

Where Can You Buy the Snow Joe AshJ201 Ash Vacuum?

5). Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 


The fifth on the list is the Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum. If you’re in the habit of hosting large barbecue parties (like me) then this is the perfect machine thanks to it’s larger capacity for bigger cleaning jobs.

The robust motor is on par with commercial appliances for large-scale challenging jobs. Not only do you get heaps of power at your disposal but you also get the benefit of the machine’s versatility to perform different types of jobs including picking up wet mess. The appliance might appear to be heavy but it’s actually very lightweight and easy to maintain. You will find a sturdy handle to carry it from one area to the next. You can easily lift it from indoors to outdoors to clean that messy grill.

In addition to cleaning dry and wet mess it can also transform from a vacuum to powerful blower. That’s good value for money. Assembling the machine for first-time use is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. There’s a huge user-friendly power switch and waterproofing to ensure safer usage.

The Stanley SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum has a 14-kPa with airflow at 75-CFM. It comes with a good range of accessories such as a 1-1/4 inch wide by 6 foot long hose, two extension wands, a crevice nozzle, 10-inch floor nozzle, cartridge filter and dust bag. There are plenty of tools to help with virtually any task, however, the downside is that the machine is a little bit loud according to other users. Although it may be louder to operate than it rivals it is still an ideal high-capacity vacuum that’s priced affordably and it also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Where Can You Buy the Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum?

6). BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Double Stage Filtration System


Next up is the BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner which features double stage filter technology for a comprehensive ash cleaning experience. The machine can vacuum cold ash from your outdoor barbecue grill, multi-fuel stove or fireplace and it completes tasks to a remarkable standard. To catch the smallest dust particles the appliance is fitted with a reusable HEPA filter as well as a washable filter bag.

The benefit of using the BACOENG ash vacuum is that the filtration technology found inside the machine operates at a fast speed so that the motor is protected from clogging up with ash or dust. The HEPA filtration also help to purify the surrounding air and helps you to avoid breathing in dust particles. I’d highly recommend this model for those with asthma or dust allergies.

The tank houses a 10-amp motor equipped with a mechanism that prevents overheating which is a great benefit for intense ash cleaning tasks. The canister is also big enough to clean big areas without needing stop frequently to empty the tank or change the filter.

The long 15-foot cable length found on this ash vacuum is perfect for using it around the house or outside without using extension cords. The hose is also made from metal to increase durability. It has onboard storage to hold the provided accessories such as the 3 extension wands, a crevice tool, and an upholstery nozzle. 

Overall, the BACOENG 5.3-Gallon ash vacuum cleaner is perfect for those that are after a user-friendly appliance that delivers quality and performance at the same time.


Where Can You Buy the BACOENG 5.3-Gallon Ash Vacuum Cleaner?

7). TACKLIFE 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner


Last but not least is the TACKLIFE 800W ash vacuum cleaner. Although this model is at the bottom of our list that doesn’t it compromises on performance. You will benefit from a reliable machine at an affordable price. It comes with a dual filtration system designed from a non-woven filter belt to prevent clogging.

In addition to vacuuming, the TACKLIFE ash cleaner can also be used as a blower to clear away debris from the garden. The machine can also pick up warm ash and can sustain temperatures up to 104°F(40°C) thanks to the metal canister and metal hose which are both heat resistant.

It is also quiet to operate and powerful at the same time. You can use this ash vacuum to pick up cold ash from wood burners, multi-fuel stove, fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and barbecue grills. 

Lastly, it has a flexible hose, that makes the vacuum easy to reach awkward corners of your fireplace or stove, as well as making it more accessible to clean the remnants from ash trays and underneath grates whilst avoiding the spread of dust.


Where Can You Buy the TACKLIFE 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner?


Best Ash VacuumsDry ashWet ashCold ashWarm ashHot ash
1. Cougar+ Ash Vacuum A0500YesNoYesYesNo
2.PowerSmith PAVC102 Ash VacuumYesNoYesYesNo
3. Shop-Vac 4041300 Ash VacuumYesNoYesNoNo
4. Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash VacuumYesNoYesNoNo
5. Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum YesNoYesNoNo
6.BACOENG Ash Vacuum CleanerYesNoYesNoNo
7. TACKLIFE Ash Vacuum PVC03AYesNoYesYesNo

Ash Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect ash vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be difficult now that we’ve provided you with our leading recommendations. To simplify things even further I’ve put together a guide that is easy to follow. It will answer any of the questions that you might have.

There are a few important things to consider before settling on your choice of an ash vacuum cleaner and we’ve also got some recommendations of how to recycle your ash and put it to good use.

​​​​​Don’t Worry About Complicated Terms

HEPA Filtering

What is a HEPA filter? It means High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter but has been abbreviated to HEPA filter. For a filter to reach the HEPA standard it needs to meet some strict filtration requirements. To be given the HEPA seal of approval, the filter needs to be able to extract more than 99.7% of particles that are larger than 0.3 micrometres. Overall, a HEPA filter’s performance is superior to a standard filter.

I’d recommend an ash vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration because ash particles are smaller than ordinary dust, however, HEPA models, tend to be pricier than standard models.

What is Peak Horsepower (PHP)?

The term “horsepower” inside a vacuum should not be confused with a car’s horsepower. PHP is a common term that you’ll come across when looking at various vacuum cleaners and is used to calculate the output of the machine’s motor but this should not be confused with the operational horsepower. Don’t worry too much about this as it’s more of a technical term than a performance benchmark.

Things You Should Know About Before Choosing An Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Before buying your new ash vacuum cleaner it will help massively to know the kind of features to look out for. We’ve briefly discussed some of the features earlier on in this review. It’s always tempting to go for some of the more familiar brands, however, they might not always offer everything that you need or might even be surplus to your requirements. To help you decide, here are a few things to consider.

Capacity versus Portability and Storage

The models that we’ve shortlisted come with a good amount capacity, therefore, you can use them multiple times before emptying is required. Certain models have a lower capacity in favour of portability, but the trade-off is that you’ll need to empty them more often.

If you buy a machine with a larger capacity, you be sacrificing the conveniences of a compactness, therefore, you might struggle moving it around between different rooms or from your indoor wood stove to the outdoor grill. You will need to find a happy medium between capacity and portability, however, if storage is not an issue and if you’re happy to handle a bigger machine then going for a larger capacity shouldn’t be an issue.

What About Power?

There’s no doubt that the power of an ash vacuum is a key requirement to consider when deciding which one to get. Vacuuming ash comes with its challenges and it’s important to buy a machine that can carry out the task effectively. As a rule of thumb, you should look for models with a 5-10 amp motor. I’d stay away from appliances with less power than that.

Length of Cord & Hose 

Let’s suppose that you find and buy your perfect ash vacuum cleaner. It gets delivered and you unbox it to find a shiny new machine with all the capacity and power that you need. You promptly connect the machine to the power socket only to discover that the power cable and hose are not long enough to reach your wood stove or grill. To avoid this, be sure to check that the hose and power cord are long enough for your room dimensions.

What About The Noise Level?

Ash vacuums tend to be noisy to operate and that includes some of the popular brands. It’s worth thinking about the noise level so that you don’t annoy the neighbors when cleaning your grill outside.

Obviously, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a vacuum cleaner that is too loud. The good thing is that ash vacuum cleaners are being constantly improved by manufacturers to operate at a lower noise level.

A good example is the Bacoeng ash vacuum which has been designed with noise-reducing technology, therefore, providing the convenience of listening to music or chatting to people without the interruption of a noisy vacuum cleaner.

Your ears will thank you for a choosing a quieter ash vacuum cleaner.

Cold or Warm Ash?

It’s never recommended to vacuum ash immediately after a fire has gone out. Doing so could potentially damage the internal mechanisms of your vacuum cleaner and could even burn the appliance’s filter.

We’ve looked at ash vacuums that are capable of picking up warm ash because of the robust canister and hose that are made from metal, however, most models are designed to pick up cold ash only.

You will need to wait for a while after the fire has extinguished to give enough time for the ash to cool down before you can take out your ash vacuum to clean the stove, fireplace or grill.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a warranty even if you’re purchasing a reliable product. You want the peace of mind that comes with a warranty just in case something goes wrong.

The majority of ash vacuums come with a 1-year warranty, therefore, support and aftercare are at hand whenever they’re needed as long as it’s within the 1-year time frame. Sometimes it might not even be a problem with the machine but with a defective accessory. Either way, you want to make sure that you’re covered.

I’d recommend choosing a model with a 2-year warranty at the very least. It should cover any problems that could be a result of a faulty appliance. A good level of warranty means that you will save money in the long term by avoiding expensive repairs.

Can I Recycle Ash?

Before you rush to the bin to empty out the ash from your canister, did you know that ash can be put to good use? There are several things worth keeping the remnants of ash for. Surprisingly , ash can be handy inside the house as well as outdoors. Below are several reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty to host another barbecue party:

Enrich Garden Soil

Did you know that ash remnants from logs can enrich soil and certain plants with various nutrients and boost their health? The nutrients found in ash can accelerate healthy growing, however, this doesn’t apply to all plants. Be sure to research whether your plants are ash-lovers before scattering ash on them.

Yes, You Can Clean Your Glasses with Ash!

When I heard that ash could clean glasses I found it hard to believe until I tested it out for myself. What you need to do is sprinkle some ash to a damp cloth or mix it into a bit of warm water to form a paste. This will work wonders and is a cost-effective way of keeping your glass ware clean. In addition to glass, ash can clean cutlery as well as oil stains.

Get Rid of Slugs 

Did you know that ash is a great deterrent for slugs? If you’ve got a persistent slug problem simply sprinkle some ash to the problematic areas. It’s as simple as that.


That concludes our review of the best ash vacuum cleaners for charcoal barbecue grills. Our selection of ash vacuum cleaners ensures that there’s a choice to suit all budgets and cleaning requirements no matter how challenging the task might be.

When choosing the right equipment for your needs always remember the four qualities that we must consider before buying one i.e. your budget, filtration, quality of materials as well as size, weight and capacity. My top choice is definitely the Cougar+ model thanks to its sheer power and speed of cleaning to get tasks completed in record time.

However, your choice will entirely depend on how you intend to use it and whether its cold ash that you need to clean or if you need the machine to pick up wet or warm ash as well. I hope that we’ve helped to narrow your search. If there is any further clarification needed please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners Buyers Guide and Reviews 2021- How To Buy The Best One!

The by-product of a warm cosy fire is messy ash that spreads everywhere. Here, you will find the best ash vacuum cleaners buyers guide and reviews for 2021. If you enjoy a summer barbecue or lighting up your fireplace when it gets nippy, you will need to consider buying an ash vacuum to eliminate soot and ash with minimum fuss.

These ash-busting appliances are equipped with unique filters and suction power that never fades, to ensure that tiny dust particles are picked up effectively. When using an ash vacuum you can be assured that it will speedily suck up a substantial amount of ash residue and leave your fireplace, grill or barbeque with gleaming results.     


Let’s admit it, barbequing with the family is a great joy. The thought of tasty chargrilled meat leaves me salivating, however the drawback is the cleaning up after the meat has been devoured.

Ash is a nuisance, it gets everywhere if left to gather. It’s better to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Ash loves to hide in the nooks of your grill and fireplace which is why it’s a bad idea to rely on a brush and dustpan to clean it. For this job, you need an ash vacuum to ease the burden.     

An ash cleaning machine is a handy purchase for your wood burning stove or fireplace, keep reading to discover some of the great benefits it will afford you around your home. We will delve into the features to look out for when making your selection and also recommend the crème de la crème of top-rated ash vacuums.

In addition to cleaning to your fireplaces and barbeque stands you can use your ash vacuums to clean up residual ash from fire pits and pellet stoves. Your new appliance will make sure that ash doesn’t go flying everywhere during cleaning and it will massively cut down on the time it takes to clear up.  


Most users will opt for an ash vacuum because of the convenience- it takes away the arduous effort of eliminating soot and it gets through tasks quickly. Another big advantage of using one is that it prevents your clothing from attracting ash stains which, in most cases, are impossible to wash out. Start using a top-rated ash vacuum cleaner to keep your fire areas immaculate and performing at their best.  

I’ve sourced the cream of the crop and shortlisted a great range of ash vacuums available right now. Our summary will save you time and point you in the right direction when searching for the best machine in a sea of endless lists. Simply click the link below for our leading recommendations.

Recommended Reading: Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaners

What sets apart an Ash Vacuum?

Ash vacuums might look like a regular vacuum cleaner but they are some key differences that make them unique to a standard unit. They are specially adapted to suck up fine ash dust which is different to regular dust- for this type of job the machine needs specialised HEPA filters to catch minute particles and stop them from escaping or getting to vital parts of the machine. You can also use certain units as shop vacuums to pick up smaller dust such as drywall dust.   


The collection tanks are made from metal and the hoses are impervious to heat and as a result, most models can pick up warm/hot coals without the risk of causing a fire. I would always advise waiting until the ash is cold before cleaning it up.

Vacuuming hot coals shouldn’t be a common practice as this could shorten the life of your vacuum cleaner. Although most ash vacuums are designed to deal with higher temperatures it’s best not to constantly push them to their limits to ensure that they remain performing at their best for many years.    

The regular use of an ash vacuum will also optimise the performance of your fireplace, grill or pellet stove. They can achieve a cleaner burn when kept free from ash.


Perhaps you’ve heard about ash vacuums before and liked the idea of eliminating ash quick and easy or maybe this is your first time coming across them. Whatever the case, you’re thinking of buying one and want to do your due diligence. You’ve come to the right place!

There are tonnes of practical ash vacuums currently on offer but there are also just as many inferior products out there that are not worth the money. To ease the process of finding the best ash cleaner, for your requirements, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Throughout this article, you will find helpful links that will take you straight to the ash vacuum best suited for you. I’ve taken into account performance, quality, power, convenience and cost, and summarised the best possible units available.


Can an Ash Vacuum Cope With Hot Ashes?

It’s crucial to know if your ash vacuum can handle hot ash (some don’t) to take away the risk of an accidental fire. Some ash vacuums can only clean up cooled down ashes, therefore, you will need to let the fire die down and wait until the next day before cleaning the ash as the embers can stay warm long after the fired has been put out.

If your ash vacuum can only deal with cold ash this isn’t a major problem even if you light a fire daily, simply vacuum the ash shortly before igniting your next fire on the following day.

Ash vacuum cleaners that can tolerate hot ash are designed with a special tank which can absorb the heat, however, the temperature should not exceed 122°F or 50°C. That means you shouldn’t attempt to vacuum ashes while they’re still burning.

Recommended Reading: Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaners


Why an Ash Vacuum Cleaner is best for your Barbeque Stand, Fire Pit & Pellet Stove

I would highly advise against trying to use your standard vacuum to clean up ash. This is a mistake that could end up costing you money and even your safety. A normal vacuum cleaner is usually designed from a plastic material that is not fire-proof whereas most ash vacuums are made to handle the heat. As mentioned earlier, ash, even when cool, can still contain hot embers hidden in the pile. Don’t take the risk of using a regular vacuum.

The next reason why it’s a bad idea to use a normal vacuum for ash is the damage it can cause to the interior components of your machine. Ash particles are much smaller than regular dust and can rapidly infiltrate your normal vacuum’s filtration system and travel directly to the motor. This would soon spell the end of your vacuum and cost you more money to replace.


Ash vacuums are a great investment and can speedily complete tasks that would otherwise be messy and arduous. They are portable and budget-friendly too. The remnants of charcoal, after the family party, is unsightly ash residue but with an ash vacuum, you can have this cleaned up in no time at all.

Where Can You Use An Ash Vacuum?

By now, you already know that an ash vacuum can be used in any area that results in a build-up of ash. Places such as your fireplace, barbeque grill, pellet stove, fire pit, wood burning stove and coal fire can all benefit from the cleaning effects of an ash vacuum.

Certain models can be used to clean the soot from the base of your chimney but I wouldn’t go further beyond that. It’s best to leave Chimney cleaning to the professionals. A Chimney sweep, done properly, avoids the risk of a fire.


Ash Vacuum filtration

Ash vacuums need to be equipped with the best possible filters. High-grade machines are equipped with HEPA filters as standard. As mentioned earlier, this type of filter is necessary to capture ash particles that are smaller than regular dust. The HEPA filter will ensure that the ash doesn’t escape back into the air once caught.

You can rest assured that dust clouds will not fly out of your new appliance whilst you’re cleaning up the ash.

How BIG are Ash Vacuums?

In the world of vacuum cleaners size matters and ash vacuums are no exception. Thankfully the majority of these models are compact but can still suck up a substantial amount of ash. Many of the standard size vacuums should be adequate for your needs unless your fireplace is exceptionally bigger than the conventional size.


Aim for a capacity between 4 to 6 Gallons or 18 to 25 litres and you should be okay. This capacity is large enough to perform multiple tasks in one go but if you decide to buy a smaller ash vacuum, it just means that you’ll be emptying it more frequently than the larger-sized models.

Which is the Best Ash Vacuum?

We’ve searched the market and found the best performance ash vacuums from brands such as SHOP-VAC, PowerSmith, Vacmaster. The heavy lifting has been done for you and all you need to do is select a suitable appliance from our shortlist. Simply click the link below and get yours today.

Recommended Reading: Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaners

Ash Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

I hope that you’ve found the information provided in this article to be helpful in making your decision when it comes to buying an ash vacuum cleaner. Before we conclude I would like to highlight some important functions that should be taken into account prior to purchasing your new machine and also explain some of terminology that you will come across when making your selection. In addition to this I’ll also provide some helpful tips of useful ways to recycle the collected ash.


Important Functions To Consider When Choosing An Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure you take your time when choosing a suitable ash vacuum. We’ve found that the big brands provide remarkable models, however, you should still know what those functions mean to you and how they will affect your cleaning regime.

To help you make the best choice, I’ve summarised 3 primary functions to keep a note of during your purchasing decision.

Capacity or Compactness?

Some ash cleaners contain great capacities and as a result, you can use them several times before they need to be emptied. Some of them are smaller therefore, will require more frequent emptying usually after a couple of tasks. A bigger model won’t need to be emptied out as often but it might not necessarily be the best choice for you. How so?


If you buy an ash vacuum with a larger capacity, the trade-off is that it won’t be portable, therefore, it might become a burden to move between rooms or from the pellet stove indoors to the outdoor grill. You’re better off deciding beforehand whether portability is more of a priority over longer intervals between emptying or vice versa. The best approach to this scenario is checking the weight of the appliance and its dimensions.

Suction Power

Unquestionably, a key feature that determines a vacuum cleaners effectiveness is its suction power and this couldn’t be more important when eliminating ash. Always check the motor’s power when scrolling through the specs. The criterion for any ash vacuum is a motor with a minimum of 5 to 10 amps of power. Don’t settle for anything less!

Hose and Power Cable Measurements

The last thing you want to discover, when your new ash vacuum cleaner arrives, is that the power cable and hose are too short to reach your stove or fireplace. Even if it’s a great performing machine, the convenience is compromised if it can’t reach the areas it needs to clean. Avoid short cables and hoses. Be sure to assess the length of the power cable and hose and match them to the dimensions of the room sizes around the house.


Recommended Reading: Best Fireplace Ash Vacuum Cleaners

Demystifying Confusing Terminology

HEPA Filters

HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters. This type of filter is commonly found in premium vacuum cleaners but for ash vacuums, it’s a necessity. It’s a special type of filter different from the alternatives. For a filter to be classified as HEPA-grade it should be capable of extracting more than 99.7% of particles that are bigger than 0.3 micrometres and as a result, HEPA filters are superior to regular filters.


PHP stands for peak horsepower. The wording implies that the vacuum cleaner has tonnes of power inside but in reality, PHP is just the wording used to calculate the output of a motor and not the functional horsepower. This isn’t as important as it might suggest and nothing to worry about. Check the amps instead, as mentioned earlier, the motor should come with a minimum of 5 to 10 amps of power.

Can I Recycle Ash?

The most obvious thing to do with ash is to chuck it in the garbage can but before you do that did you know that ash can be useful? Keep reading to discover some of the great things ash can do for you. Whether it’s indoors or outside, ash can be resourceful and here are some of the ways it can be used.


To enrich garden soil

The ashy remnants from firewood are nutrient-rich and can revitalise your garden soil and strengthen some of your plants. The nutrients can promote growth and healthy plant life, however, not all crops take well to ash scatterings. I would advise that you research whether your specific plants can absorb ash nutrients before scattering them.

Ash is great on glassware

You might not believe me but ash is actually brilliant at cleaning your glassware and utensils and it leaves gleaming results. All you need to do is add some ash to a wet cloth or stir it into some warm water until it forms into a paste. It can also get rid of oil stains.

Ash can combat slugs

If slugs are an issue around your home you can easily get rid of them with a bit of ash. Simply scatter some ash in the areas where they commonly congregate and slugs will soon be deterred.

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To Conclude

We’ve come to the end of our best ash vacuum cleaners buyers guide and Reviews for 2021. I hope this guide has highlighted the importance of these unique appliances when dealing with ash. Once you’ve got a better picture of what to look out for head on over to our shortlist of recommended appliances to see which machine best suits your needs.

Are you considering buying a fireplace ash vacuum cleaner or do you already own one? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Our List of the Best Domestic Appliances

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